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Name: tatapb (Signed) · Date: 18 Feb 2020 02:47 PM · For: November 27, 2016

Sup Branwen!

This was definitely an interesting read. I know this is a companion to another piece of yours (which I didn’t actually get to reading yet) but I thought it might be interesting to see what kind of information about the characters I could get just from the texts.

Gallagher Dedworth - whose name I have a lot of difficulty even IMAGINING how to pronounce - and Victoire are apparently snogging, which I’m all for. This is of course happening in spite of the fact that she’s obviously into Teddy Lupin (YIIIIIIIIISSSS)... or perhaps BECAUSE of it. There’s an unnatural amount of outgoing texts begging people not to tattle, which strikes me as open provocation for someone to do exactly that.

I like how Lexi Abbot just assumes that obviously they were pinching something from the greenhouses, which leads me to think that it had never occurred to her that they might be doing something else… which means them doing snogging is something of an absurdity as far as this story is going. Fred on the other hand, tends to oscillate between treating his cousin as a friend who can do whatever she wants and a sweet cousin who obviously can do no harm, both by pinching things and by snogging Gallaghers (omg, you couldn’t have picked a harder name to write even if you were trying, HOW do you survive when writing this fic?!)

Micah Higgings, who I’m assuming is a bloke, is totally on top of the fact that Victoire wants to be on top of Teddy Lupin and is the original captain of the ship I’m building for those two. Apparently, according to dear Lexi, our Teddy Lupin is also on board with this whole Vict being on top of him.

Can I just say I love Gallahuishiaser’s humour? It’s so dry and sassy, and Slytherin, I’m very much in love with it. He keeps dodging questions and I’m honestly not sure if they did in fact hook up or not, though I think Vic’s admission to Lexi about Potions seems the most honest reaction.

“micah: god fucking damnit you both suck

g.dedworth: well i dunno about both of us”

I legit laughed out loud.

“fred: anyway so I have a more serious question. do you guys think it would be more or less conspicuous if I just ran through the hallway swinging a battle axe over my head OR if I alternated between doing that and carrying it normally”

Same for this and every single bit of this conversation. They sound very much like the Marauders combined with Fred and George, which is rather brilliant. I love how they all bandy together and ponder the absurd prank as something serious and worthy of being entertained rather than just “oh, yes, Fred being Fred again” or “Fred, no!”.

“g.dedworth: please don't diminish our connection with such crass language


micah: yeah you definitely didn't fuck

LexA: wtf were you doing then

g.dedworth: finding love in a hopeless place”

Like… how can you NOT love the guy?! And also why did you give him such a difficult name omg. 

“g.dedworth: dunno, prob something like there being rumors that we're dating”

My soul is bleeding for the guy. If this were a fair world, that fake dating would lead to him and Vic having precious, super sassy babies. And honestly, since I don’t know Teddy, this has basically ended with me wanting to burn that ship and start building a new one for What’s-His-Name and Vic. As it is, I like to think there’s some reason why they’re far more suited to be friends and that he will be the godfather of all her children.

Overall hilarious read and a lot of insight into some of the characters.




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