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Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 04 Feb 2020 06:30 PM · For: I'd Like to Solve a Murder

B!  I am so, so excited that you've posted the first chapter of this story, and also slightly sad that Eva beat me to the first review on it (why must sleep and work have to exist) but AHHHHHH they're back, and I'm so happy!


(Just to warn you, this review is going to be a lot of gushing, I hope you don't mind.)


Okay, so I loved the opening of this chapter - what a great way to start a story!  The way that the opening line tied in with the title was brilliant, and then of course we find out that Courtney's not talking about an actual murder, or even just musing about the fact that she wants to become a detective some day - she's playing a magical version of Cluedo.  Which is brilliant, and I loved your title for it (puns for the win, always).  But I just loved the way that you contrasted the seriousness of the title, the mysteriousness of the summary, and then the light-heartedness of the game and the others' frustration with Courtney for solving the mystery in it so quickly.  What a wonderful opening <3


I know that we've only really glimpsed Courtney in other stories, but you captured her so well in this chapter - I feel like I know her already, and I'm definitely already rooting for her.  She's playful and witty and pretty fierce, but she's also observant and picks up on things other people haven't noticed.  Her dynamic with the Marauders, and especially with James, was wonderful here - but what struck me most in the scene after the game is what happened to Serena.  It's really worrying that she's just gone missing and nobody at school seems to have paid it any attention - how haven't the teachers been asking questions?  Do they know something that they're not sharing with the students?


And Serena isn't the only one who's gone missing, which has just opened up a whole new mystery for us.  Is it Voldemort who's behind all of this, or is it something different?


I'm glad that Courtney's on the case, anyway - it's so exciting that she's going to try and solve a murder (though I have to hope Serena hasn't actually been murdered), and from the title, I have to hope that she'll have some success.  But I get the feeling that success might come at a cost - after all, this is the Marauders era, and Voldemort is flapping around killing people like he does, and her family is already going to end up more wrapped up in this than I would like... honestly, B, if you kill off one of my favourite characters (again!), I may never forgive you (joking - mostly :P).


The contrast between the scenes with Courtney and Harley was so heartbreaking.  He's really struggling at school, and while I'm glad that he has Regulus as a friend, I'm really worried about what he's going to get involved with, particularly at such a young age.  It was really interesting to see the Slytherins picking on him (not that I enjoyed it, of course).  I think we always get this impression of the Slytherins as an insular group that protect their own and only tend to direct their hatred and cruelty outwards, but Harley's in an even more vulnerable position than most people in the school, being forced to share a room with the rest of them and suffering through that bullying on such an incessant basis.  I can understand why he'd want to join the Death Eaters, if he sees that as a way to become powerful, to differentiate himself from his dad and protect himself from the bullying, but I just want to reach through the screen and stop him.  Not Harley!


And the final scene - oh my goodness.  I was all here for Finn coming home from his interesting job to have a nice evening with Brindley, and then... as soon as Brindley coughed, I felt like it couldn't be a good sign.  AND I WAS RIGHT.  Of course it couldn't be a common cold, not with everything else.  The mark from the curse is back and I'm so worried about her.  DON'T YOU DARE, I SAY.   Part of me wants to know if it's connected to Voldemort (because he would find their weak spots so easily), or if it's something else - Grindelwald, still, or someone else, something connected to the missing people and murders?  I want to know so that we can solve it and make sure Brindley doesn't die - please and thank you, B!


Sian :)

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 04 Feb 2020 01:34 AM · For: I'd Like to Solve a Murder



Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to post this review *right* when you uploaded the first chapter, but this is close enough, right? :P


Courtney’s co-existence with the Marauders is going to make this a doubly exciting experience! Right from the beginning, I know I’m going to love Courtney—she’s such a cheeky, snarky teenager! And she really enters this story with a bang, solving the wizarding version of Clue with just two turns having passed?? I would very much not like to play her in this game ahaha, though watching her kick the Marauders’ butts is quite the delight. ‘Auror You Enough?’ omfg I’m dying hahaha, I should have known you would manage to stick a pun in here. :P Please tell me this is foreshadowing for Courtney’s future career as the top Auror the wizarding world has ever known—she’s got it in her, I know it! I would love a scene with these kids playing Clue (or Auror You Enough, oops) and Courtney somehow guessing the perpetrator, location, and murder weapon before anyone even takes a turn.


Half-cousin.’ ‘Twice as cool’—To have the confidence of this fifteen-year-old girl would be a dream omggg, I love her. She has such an admirable attitude, what with her strolling around calling everyone “chief” and taking mysteries upon herself like nobody’s business. I have a feeling that she’s not quite mentally prepared yet for what she’s about to find; fifteen-year-olds are still quite young, and it’s possible she hasn’t realized the true extent of the building war yet. Please let her find Serena alive and well! I would like to see Anthony and Serena together at least once. <3


Regan, you spoilsport!! He’s quite the rule-follower, isn’t he? Based on the small glimpses we’ve gotten from him, I feel like he’s someone who perhaps isn’t the most emotionally attuned person, who is more aware of rules and school norms and such than the personal lives of his siblings. As funny as Courtney is around him, Regan seems to be quite serious…and considering Harley’s current state of mind, I don’t know if Regan has been watching over his little brother as much as he should be. Speaking of which, does Courtney check after Harley?? I’m so looking forward to seeing more dynamics between these siblings, I think it’ll be so fascinating!


STAY AWAY FROM HARLEY, YOU MONSTERS. Oh, the poor baby, I wanna fix his gift from Regulus for him, and give him a cup of tea to soothe him a bit. The idea that someone with such a sweet and dedicated soul could want to be a Death Eater! It kind of seems like he wants to be a Death Eater for the social aspect, so that the other boys won’t hurt him anymore, which is so so tragic. Please don’t follow in your father’s teenaged self’s footsteps, Harley, please please. <3


Oh my gosh when I saw Brindley at first, I was like :D which immediately became D: when she started coughing UP THAT BLACK STUFF. She seems as wonderful and beautiful and amazing as ever (I am beginning regain some of my complete adoration for her hahaha), and I don’t want her to be in harm’s way so soon!!




(I love this story already so much, and I am eagerly awaiting your next chapter! <3)


Much love,


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