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Name: Noelle Zingarella (Signed) · Date: 29 Feb 2020 11:45 PM · For: War and Peace and Peace and War

Hi Paula! I’m here for CMDC Round 3 :D


I am afraid of roombas, even if they aren’t battle ones—so this story has high stakes to me from the beginning. I’m not surprised that Sirius is outmatched—those battle roombas mean business—don’t cross them dude!


I loved how you painted the seen—writing with seriousness about such a hilarious set up. The 1234 password for the garage (or so Sirius hopes it will be) is a nice touch.


I was as surprised as Sirius when he found his way to Remus’s house. I’m also highly amused that, while the world is ending around him, Sirius still has time to flirt—or at least attempt to flirt—with Remus.


The mortar and pestle coffee was excellent! With the roombas on the loose and the coffee machines (and presumably other ‘smart’ machines) in league with them, what else is there to do? At least Sirius will have a while to get to know Remus while he waits for coffee—and battle roombas.


Nice work!




Name: poppunkpadfoot (Signed) · Date: 29 Feb 2020 03:43 AM · For: War and Peace and Peace and War

Here for round 3 of CMDC!


This is kind of a joke-y premise, but by the end of this I found myself desperately wanting more tbh. Like, I want a longer one-shot, at least. There is... so much that's intriguing about this, and it was so well written? Like, right from the first paragraph there was some genuine tension, even as I was sort of bemused at Sirius running from a Roomba.


But what I think is really intriguing is that in the Harry Potter universe, they don't really use a lot of Muggle technology? So the idea of Muggle technology gaining sentience/going rogue and wizards ending up in a struggle against said technology is very unexpected. How did they get here?! What is a sentry bot?! What would happen if the roomba caught him?! But also this seems to be a modern day AU, so maybe the wizard-technology relationship was different in the first place? I don't know, but I WANT to know.


I loved that Sirius transitioned so quickly from "running for his life" to "actively flirting with the dude who saved him", it was just so funny. But I wanted him to be successful! I need MORE!


For real though, I had fun reading this and if you ever decide to expand it please let me know.



Name: TreacleTart (Signed) · Date: 02 Feb 2020 09:28 PM · For: War and Peace and Peace and War

Hey Paula!


I'm here to leave you a review for the CDMC event - Round 2 - Incantations!


This story was very amusing! I love the idea of a technological takeover, not just of the artificial intelligence sort, but of all electrical things.


Smooth Sirius....Go and drop your wand while in a battle to save your life. He can face Death Eaters without such calamitous results, but a Roomba is a whole new level of scary.


You provided a lot of fantastic images in this story. I had a good laugh at Sirius running away frantically with a Roomba chasing behind him. I also enjoyed Remus at the kitchen sink fighting to make coffee with his mutinous electric kettle. Way to use description effectively!


I had a good laugh at the line about Sirius having time to learn to flirt before the end of the world. Men are so singularly minded, I swear. Lol I do feel like that really fits into the version of Sirius I've built in my head though.


My only little bit of concrit is that there isn't more to this. I really want to know how the bots have risen up. What started it? How did they take over? How long did the takeover take? Clearly, there is still magic in the world, so is magic ineffective against the electrical machinery? Do Sirius and Remus escape and does Sirius ever learn how to flirt? I would love to see some more one-shots in this world. Maybe a prequel and a sequel? Pretty please!


And onto a little bit about the podfic...this was so great to listen to as a podfic! Emma has a very calm, even voice which I found made the story all the funnier because she was so mellow while reading about Sirius' near-death experience with a Roomba. I feel like I'd have been cracking up laughing trying to read it, so I commend her for being able to keep a straight face. The pace at which she reads is also really nice because it gives the lines enough time to land before moving on to the next one.


Great job to you both!



Name: MadiMalfoy (Signed) · Date: 02 Feb 2020 08:22 PM · For: War and Peace and Peace and War

Hey Paula! 


So I absolutely love this story that you wrote for Rumpels, because it is just so ludicrous and full of hilarity about roombas being so vicious and deadly to humans when really they just vacuum up our messes. [insert :joy: emoji here] The fact that a lot muggle technology is now controlled by dark magic is an idea that is equal parts terrifying and funny. Just because we don’t think about how things like roombas or coffee pots could be turned into deadly weapons ever. And then lovely Emma podficed this for you! Her australian accent and easy, measured pace of reading the story was very nice to listen to while following along with the text, and she does a great job adding the proper emotional inflection into Sirius and Remus’s dialogue bits. Her calming tone when reading the narrative bits is almost a contrast with the content of the text, which adds some more fun to the whole thing! You really know how to write Sirius and Remus in this odd AU context, Paula, and still make them have their canon suaveness or quietness, respectively, which I greatly enjoyed. Loved this story, and loved Emma’s podfic of it! :) 



Name: potionspartner (Signed) · Date: 27 Jan 2020 11:41 AM · For: War and Peace and Peace and War

Wow! This one came completely out of left field for me. I really wasn’t expected a Marauders versus Robots taking over the Earth. I know it’s supposed to be a bit of fun flirting while fight the demon robots on the side, but you’ve left me with so many questions and a story with so many possibilities.  Still I love the premise of a battle of magic versus technology.

The up and down garage door scene added some suspense to the situation. Relief, he gets in but horror as it goes back up, relief it goes back down and then more horror and the bot slips through. Nicely done increasing tension in the story.

Sirius is so cute. Here he was, literally a few seconds from death by Roomba, and now he’s focused on how to flirt with a virtual stranger (a good looking stranger.)  The room is exactly how I always imagined Remus’s living quarters where books were obviously more important that furniture and interior design. As long as the furniture was comfortable to sit (and read in) and the paint didn’t peel off the walls, it wasn’t a focus for him. By the way, why do the Lupin’s have a pet goat? 

I love how even the coffee pot has turned against humankind. (The “Dark” side really knows where to hit humans the hardest, don’t they?)

In some ways, I feel sorry for Remus. He has no idea what (or should we say who) is about to hit him. One this is for sure, it should be an interesting week and by the end, Remus will either be ready to kill Sirius or kiss him. 



Name: RonsGirlFriday (Signed) · Date: 29 Dec 2019 10:22 PM · For: War and Peace and Peace and War

Ha! My only complaint is that there is not MORE of this! I love this cheeky little romp where HP meets dystopian sci fi in a humorous way, where Sirius and Remus don't yet know each other, where even the coffee pots have joined the uprising! (This all reminded me, actually, of the episode in the most recent season of the X-Files where Mulder and Scully are at the mercy of all the electronics that have gone haywire and are out to kill them, even thermostats.) 

Name: Ineke (Signed) · Date: 22 Dec 2019 03:35 PM · For: War and Peace and Peace and War

Hiya Paula! I’m here to leave you a Holiday review <3 Hope you have a good one <3


Okay so what on earth is Sirius doing that he’s lying under a car and does not have his wand like what has he gotten up to. he terrified of a roomba? Also that is one of the most generic passwords ever oh my god.

he is terrified of a roomba isn’t he?

I am just crying with laughter at the moment.

Sentry bots? Where on earth is this story going?


a pet goat why does he have a pet goat what is this addendum goats are the biggest blockers ever.


PAULA WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS ENDING WHAT THE HELL I DONT AGREE WITH THIS? WHERE IS MY SEQUEL? I NEED MORE OF THIS? HOW IS THIS AN ENDING? PAULA! I NEED ANSWERS! wHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS STORY D: Do i need to CAMP OUT to get more? In any case this was hilarious but honestly i need more of this and i need more explanations and you CANNOT leave me hanging like this!

Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 05 Dec 2019 10:01 PM · For: War and Peace and Peace and War



First of all, the title and the chapter tile -- :D hahahahaha! That made my day in itself :P.  But the ACTION CHASE SCENE BETWEEN THE ROOMBA AND SIRIUS IS TOO GENIUS AND I ABSOLUTELY CAN'T. There's something distinctly hilarious about it, especially because the tone is written in such a serious (no pun intended) manner, which makes it freaking stunning. And it's a really well written action chase scene to boot so I'm a little over the moon with it. 




REMUS! They're so freakiing cute...headcanon says that they will fall in love and fight the war together and have lots of kisses. Speaking of war, A TECHNILOGICAL UPRISING WHERE EVEN THE COFFEE POTS JOIN THE CAUSE IS MY WORST NIGHTMARE! I NEED MY COFFEE POT. I love that they're having coffee together eeeeee.  I love that in the end Remus says that Sirius has to be out by the end of the week buuuuuuut that's plenty of time to fall in love so I'm not worried. 


THERE IS SO MUCH POTENTIAL IN THIS WORLD *.*. My mind is running wiild with the Marauders-era cast and the fight against technology. And how Sirius and Remus will fall in love and they'll meet James (who's obviously a war hero) and Peter and Lily and Snape and heck, idk, all the rest of the people along the way and what that will look like. THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS WONDERFUL GIFT I'M SO FULL OF SQUEE I MIGHT ACTUALLY EXPLODE WITH JOY. 




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