Reviews For an elf and a reindeer walk into a bar

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 09 Mar 2020 12:02 AM · For: that sounds like the set-up to a bad joke


I am a huuuge fan of chatfics, and I think you really nailed this one! You do the chaos of Marauders + Lily & Co. very, very well, which made me smile the whole way through! It was SO adorable and fluffy, and I appreciated it for not having an ounce of angst -- sometimes, stories just wanna be happy fluffballs, and they don’t need that agonizing conflict! :P Something else I particularly enjoyed was how everyone in this fic texts using that lowercase aesthetic; as someone who also texts with all lowercase letters, I get irrationally furious when there’s just like one person in a group chat ruining it with their auto-capitalize haha.

Lily loves her cat! I too love her cat! <3

The idea of the twinning onesies is the absolute cutest. It took me an embarrassingly long time to get the connection between an elf and a reindeer -- I was just kinda imagining a Legolas paired with a Rudolph and wondering how they were related, BUT I figured it out eventually! And that’s just the most adorable image ever, and those two truly deserved to make out with each other at 12:03am.

THE ONGOING BET MADE ME THE HAPPIEST. Truly, James and Lily are the MOST oblivious, and I love them dearly. It’s absolutely hilarious how there’s a running history of these friends placing bets on one another’s romantic entanglements, I adore it!


Congratulations on your nomination!




Author's Response:

hi eva! <3


this was my first attempt at a full chatfic, and i seriously had SO much fun with that. this definitely turned out to be a fluffball lol


also yes i send all my texts in all lowercase so naturally all my characters write in lowercase, it's so much more aesthetically pleasing that way


hahahaha legolas and rudolph that is such a wacky pairing and i love it so much :P


haha yes these two are the most oblivious little idiots and their friends have absolutely been seeing all the signs for months now, and it takes onesies and a christmas party for the two of them to finally come to that realisation themselves


thank you for reading/reviewing!! <3

Name: RonsGirlFriday (Signed) · Date: 01 Mar 2020 12:53 AM · For: that sounds like the set-up to a bad joke

Hi Taylor! Here for CMDC Round 3!

Literally never read a chatfic before, but I’m so happy that it’s a thing. It’s like 21st century epistolary literature, and when the dialogue is good enough it tells the story by itself, which is why I think the Best Dialogue FROG nomination is so well deserved for this. We don’t need description because I can picture everyone and their reactions so clearly in my mind based on their texts alone.

1000 points for Gilderoy Lockhart and his pretentious hair swoop.

I got to the beginning of the second group chat and realized what was up with the group name and was just lololing. And had an actual out-loud cackling fit when I saw Sirius had changed Lily’s name again.

I can never not see Peter as a total bro after reading “Ho ho ho motherfuckers” and the beer cans on the tree.

I’m happy for James and Lily that they can be those people who can pull off the onesies so well that random people are buying them shots. If I’d ever worn a onesie out to a bar (even when I was in college) people would have been like, “Ma’am, please leave, we have standards” (even if the place did not have standards and was during a time when wearing onesies out had already become a thing).

Ahahaha Pete missed everything because he passed out after the pregaming. Amazing.

True story, please?? You have my attention.

Awesome fic! <3



Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 29 Feb 2020 04:33 PM · For: that sounds like the set-up to a bad joke

Hello again!


So I've only read a few chatfics before, but it probably won't surprise you that I loved this one.  A Marauders AU always makes me smile, but it was so fun to read one in this format with the way that we got to see all the different characters reactions and responses to events.  I thought you also did a great job of capturing the events in this story with each character only making short comments in the group chats - there weren't any long essays explaining what had been happening, but you still did a great job of showing what was happening and I felt like I could picture it all.


I loved the way that you used the group chats and private messages to build up this bigger picture of the characters.  And even the way that you used the title of the main group chat to drive the story forward, so we knew that all of their friends were waiting for (and betting on) James and Lily getting together.  It made me laugh that neither James nor Lily had worked out what was happening with the changing name of the group chat until the very end.  And the detail with Sirius constantly changing Lily's name really made me laugh too.  I loved the way that came full circle at the end with Lily sticking with her name and James changing his to match.


Also - how cute (and clueless) are they?  They're literally organising matching outfits to the Christmas party and still don't seem to realise that they're head over heels for each other, or that the others feel the same way.  It's no wonder their friends are betting on them, to be honest!  And I really want to know where the elf and reindeer costumes inspiration came from, because that has to be one hell of a story :P


This was so cute and fluffy and I thought you did a great job of capturing all the individual voices in this story and showing the way that the different characters play off each other.  And James and Lily are as adorable as ever in this!


Sian :)

Name: MuggleMaybe (Signed) · Date: 29 Feb 2020 04:22 AM · For: that sounds like the set-up to a bad joke

here for round 3 of CMDC


Taylor, thank you so much for this story!? I really needed something light and fun and I clicked on this and then **BONUS POINTS** it was a text fic, and also adorable. I am so immensely satisfied.


Also. How is this based on a true story? WANT DEETS.


So, valid content. Here we go :P 

Of coure, the first thing I noticed was the structre of the story. I love a good text/chat fic. I realy liked the interweaving of these different conversations. Of course the things Lily says to the full group are different from what she says to her girls, and that is again different from what she says to James. I especailly loved the private messages between Lily and James because it gave their friendship a sense of history. Like, if this was written in a different way I can imagine it being super slowburn friends to lovers, and it's really clever the way you communicated that so succintly here.


Also the use of the attachments! I am sooo impressed by how smoothly you communcated what each attachment was. I always got enough information but it never felt forced.Really, really well done. And that also added to the humor because it created this sense of anticipation and the results wer always different than I expected. (Except when it was the jily make out, and i wouldn't ave wanted anything else then!)


You characterization is so good. SO GOOD. My primary reaction is envy. Even these little thing like the different ways the characters swear and type is so spot on. I loved Lily correcting her typo. And Remus being generally quieter than the others.


In terms of best humor, I can definitely see why this was nominated. The characters all have so much playfulness between them, it's really fun and creates a real sense of closeness but also many opportunities for in-jokes based on canon. And the names Sirius kept giving Lily were so funny too! And the betting - great dramatic irony there. I was waiting for James and Lily to figure it out. Cute little idiots, aren't they? :P 


This story made me sentimental for undergrad, it has such college vibes. *wipes tear* And yeah, I enjoyed this SO MUCH! Please never stop writing light hearted things, we need them <3 <3 <3


xoxo Renee

Author's Response:

lolllll all the details are pretty much in this story, the level to which this is based on a true story is actually kind of embarassing, i'm actually a disaster :P


chatfics are so fun, i've really fallen in love with writing them. there's so much that can be said about characters by the way they communicate in text messages and the things they say to different people, and it also cuts out all the description, which is my least favourite part of writing :P just give me alllllll the dialogue.


i love these characters and they've definitely taken on a life of their own in my head, which makes giving them all these little stories so much fun. thanks for reading/reviewing, renee!! <3

Name: Noelle Zingarella (Signed) · Date: 27 Feb 2020 10:54 PM · For: that sounds like the set-up to a bad joke

Hi Taylor! I’m here for CMDC Round 3 :D


You did a great job using the chat fic format and teasing all the hilarious possibilities out of it. The arrangement and switching back and forth from private messages to group chats helped drive the story forward, and give it time to be funny.


My favorite part was the constant changing of the group chat, and how neither James nor Lily could figure out what it was about—that their friends were taking bets on when they would finally get together. Although, to be honest I’m pretty impressed that Lily was willing to wear an elf onsie for someone who she wasn’t even dating yet. I also had a good laugh over how Padfoot kept changing Lily’s name in the groupchat. She probably should use something else for her passcode.


The scene where James and Lily’s friends were taking video of James and Lily finally kissing was very funny; especially since they were protective enough to try to keep other people from also creating a digital record of the moment.


Nice work!




Author's Response:

hi noelle!


chatfics have quickly become one of my favourite types of stories to write - it's so fun to switch back and forth between all the conversations, as is coming up with all the nicknames and group chat tiles. and the whole we're-recording-this-but-not-letting-anyone-else do it is another detail pulled from the real-life version of this fic :P


thanks for reading!

Name: poppunkpadfoot (Signed) · Date: 21 Feb 2020 07:00 AM · For: that sounds like the set-up to a bad joke

taylor... HOW is this based on a true story, i have SO many questions right now.


oh yeah, and i'm here for va-lion-tines gift tag! happy (belated?) va-lion-tines day!


so, i'll admit - i'm not usually a fan of chat fics. however, i knew that if anyone could write a chat fic i'd actually enjoy it would be you! and i was right! this was really fun and cute, and you managed to communicate a lot without having a narrative around the dialogue.


every single character in this story is... such a freakin dork lmao, its very endearing. i mean, james and lily are the biggest dorks of course - i mean, coordinating onesies! and also the whole being-totally-oblivious-to-each-other's-obvious-feelings situation - but all the others are dorks too. i mean, what with them all betting on when their friends will sort their shit out.


but it's amazing how well you characterized them all considering they're just texting! it was usually really easy to tell who was saying what even if i skipped over the usernames. i loved sirius's mischevious antics (he gave lily some pretty bold names lmao), remus's sarcasm, and lily and james's....... everything hahahaaa. oh and i LOVED james giving a whole SPEECH about how he's been pining after lily.


this was just a really fun story, i always enjoy your portrayal of these characters so much and i think you're such a natural at these humourous modern-day aus!


great work!



Author's Response:

yeahhhhh i really do get myself into the strangest situations. the sheer degree to which some of these lines are more or less verbatim from my chat history is.... well. i'm a mess, and we'll leave it at that :P


lmao YES i strive to make everyone a massive dork, i'm glad i've succeeded. but also yeah coordinating onesies are definitely the peak of dorkiness.


somehow i swear all these characters have such strong personalities in my head and it makes it so easy to translate into their text messages :P


thanks for reading/reviewing, kayla <3

Name: abhorsen (Signed) · Date: 16 Feb 2020 01:29 AM · For: that sounds like the set-up to a bad joke

hey taylor, here with a va-lion-tine!

i'm in love with this story (and would totally group podfic it if you wanted haha)

it's just so adorable?

i love sirius's use of highkey, i strongly believe that things should be referred to as "highkey" more often (and by more often i mean between 3 and 17 times a day) (or more or less, just the range needs to be between an odd number and an odd number) (why? because now we're at t-3 hours and i don't wanna clean my living room)

i think the thing i really love about your dialogue in general is that like a lot of it is stuff i can see myself saying or do regularly say, and it makes it so so easy to get into what the characters are saying and feeling

another thing i love (i was going to say the other thing i love but lbr why am i gonna limit myself like that) is how openly their friends just fucking tease them and they're there like

"no there is nothing to see here do not be silly"
"i am not getting incredibly jealous and defensive about you called another dude attractive what is this joke thing you speak of i have never heard of it"
"i just don't understand why he'd react like that, what could it possibly MEAN"

like lily, sweetie, the vast majority of the time that someone reacts like that to "god isn't X a dreamboat" it is because they want you to fuck them and not think about other people you know this but think that your situation is magically somehow very unusual, much different

i promise that it is not, character taylor made up who cannot hear me because of what the word "character" means

i'm momentarily done with my rant and am going back to the story now

although also i love the "lemme just wait until i'm drunk i'll definitely do it then" yeah okay

(also i love the group message titles omg)


so technicalllllly didn't marlene probably win since they were probably kissing before midnight?? i mean it doesn't super matter clearly just saying

lily how are you waiting two hours fuck breakfast go now!! unless she's anxious and avoiding it because mary is right and james has no idea how to phrase things to not make them terrifying

like come on james

you're better than this

(aren't you?? maybe you're not, idfk)

i legit love how they needle at each other, though, imo true love really is just snarky comments like "i don't know what i see in you", i feel like love that was only sincere would be strange and off putting because come the fuck on

anyway amazing job you are the queen of jily <3

Author's Response:

ahhh this should def be a group podfic at some point, chatfic podfics are so great


highkey is a very good word and definitely deserves to be used as much as possible in whatever suitable odd number ranges exist


lol lily know exactly what is happening but is also deciding to act oblivious because she's a mess and in denial and doesn't want to let her get her hopes up but also ma'am stop lying to yourself (the ma'am here is me. this was me. present taylor can recognise past taylor's stupid.)


the 'let me wait until i'm drunk' is also me, this story really is just the encapsulation of all the ways in which i am a dumbass


i think technically it started at like 3 minutes past midnight?? idk


also lmao yeah james needs to learn to phrase things better, my ex-boyfriend needed to learn how to phrase things better, he is just as much of a dumbass as i am


but of course they needle at each other they would not be jily without it <3

Name: TidalDragon (Signed) · Date: 01 Jan 2020 04:22 AM · For: that sounds like the set-up to a bad joke

Howdy Taylor! I don't remember ever reading a chat-fic before so this one immediately jumped out at me from your AP.


And I need to read more chat-fics. Or at least yours because it was both hilarious, classic Jily, and did an awesome job maintaining the distinct personalities of each person while letting other shed light on some character traits/behavior rather than any direct commentary outside DMs. On that note, I like the realism of the DM inclusion. Though we know where this endgame is going it's good to see Lily's behind the scenes reaction(s). And I feel like I definitely know why she's not changing that password. -wink-


On another note, I want to know where you fit into this true story. Lulz.


Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response:

hi kevin!


i love writing chatfics so much - mostly bc it's an excuse to only write dialogue and that's kind of my fave part of writing anyways. and lol yes what goes down in the dms behind the group messages is always important to see the real reactions to things - always gotta get that unfiltered commentary from somewhere. :P


lol, i am lily in this story. this whole thing literally happened, to the point that i more or less directly quoted some of the conversations in this fic from my chat history, haha.


thanks for reading!

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 27 Dec 2019 07:24 PM · For: that sounds like the set-up to a bad joke

Taylor!!! :D :D :D

I'm here for your wishlist! (I feel like I should've got here ages ago, but better late than never... :P) And I couldn't skip a Christmas themed (well, sort of?) Jily, could I? :D

This was awesome! Just brilliant! I mean, you are the Jily queen so why am I surprised? Anyway, I loved it so much!

I will admit, I took a little to understand the meaning of the group chat title... but much less than Prongs, at least! :P Of course they would be betting on them getting together, why wouldn't they? :P

The chat format was so much fun! And as always you captured all of them so well! And, oh my Merlin, Lockhart! That was hilarious! :P

They are going to a party with matching costumes, and they are having dinner together, but they are clearly not dating... yes, sure, Lily... :P

And so typical Sirius with the username changes! Ahahah! Have I ever told you you are a genius? :D

they all find it enDEERing ;) You need to write a whole fic consisting of deer puns only! :P

this seems like the setup for a dumb christmas joke // an elf and a reindeer walk into a bar... oh, my! Yes, it does!

And of corse poor Peter would fall asleep and miss it all! :P

This was absolutely delightful, just like any Jily you gift us with! I love it so much! And I love you! <3

Happy holidays and the biggest snowball hug ever!


Author's Response:

hi chiara! yes, christmas + jily are two of my fave things <3


haha the title was def meant to be a little cryptic at first, but the meaning surfaces after a while. of course they all bet on the two of them. :P and yes, this is definitely a date and the two of them are just intentionally being oblivious


omg don't tempt me i'll totally write a whole fic about deer puns i could totally do it


and yes, poor peter!


thanks for reading <3

Name: Ineke (Signed) · Date: 15 Dec 2019 10:46 PM · For: that sounds like the set-up to a bad joke

TAYLOOORRRR! I’m here to leave you a gift for the holidays and whatever happens I hope you’ll have a splendid one! And I hope you cats won’t ruin any christmas decorations you might have up as cats wont do. Anyway, in typical me-fashion I’m gon review this chatfic I haven’t read before yet so be prepared for lots of yelling and screaming and… whatever else happens.


SO FIRST OF ALL. That group name is ominous as hell. Is it a bet? Is it riding on Jily getting together? I need to know man. Way to build up the suspense. And curiosity. AND THANK YOU PRONGS FOR MENTIONING THE WEIRDNESS OF THE GROUPCHAT NAME. THANK YOU. I SUPPORT YOU MAN. 


omg sirius is savage as hell. I mean, dont worry about the name, like what in the world, that’d make me even more curious (also if my cat can go away so i can type properly thatd be grand fleur)


HOW DOES HE TAKE THAT LYING DOWN? I COULD NOT? Like ok sure Im def nothing like James is but for real tho how can he ignore it and just go back to the original topic? Also I’m a tiny bit sad I cant see the attachment bc damnit man. Is it somewhere or not


ooooooh this is a groupchat with more than just the marauders in there! I did not see that coming. I legit thought this was a marauder chat bc of remus winning some kind of bet or whatever it is about. Interesting turn of events there. ALSO IF HES HOT I NEED TO SEE A PIC TAYLOR WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME


damn dorcas is judgy. 


IH MY GOD LOCKHART? WHAT KIND OF TURN OF EVENTS IS THIS? I DID NOT EXPECT THIS TO HAPPEN? I fully agree with dorcas now by the way just saying. also who made lily’s name like that? sirius? … yes it was sirius god the guy is obv HAHAHA HE HACKED HER PHONE she should change her password tbh, maybe face recognition


LILY THROWS A BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR HER CAT? This is brilliant. absolutely brillant. i’d never even think of doing it for my cat good god. also why dont james and sirius believe shes gon change her password is it like so obv are we getting a reason for it so many questions omg AND THERE WE GO. A REASON.


loool loving lilys reaction to dorcas, really a solid a+ reaction there. excellent answer. and she keeps on going with the excellent returns. I love her.




was it all a joke srsly lily why would you do this to me this is so rude oh my god

peter pls go away that is just gross

im kinda siding with james here lily unless u go like saying u feel sorry for whoever hes married to am i being to rude here


marlene be like obv hes into you and hes a boy ofc he gon be like this y u so stupid and those theories are the truth lil, but also excellent points there from both lily and marlene. truly excellent.


OMG HAHAHA EVEN THEIR PARENTS THINK THEYRE TOGETHER? That is ultimate level. truly ultimate.




(meanwhile my cat is laying on my arm this is not helping)




what on earth did lily do that night that almost got them killed


and i doubt lilys gon tell him off when drunk


remus u can just leave the library and study somewhere else mate ALSO WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS BET ABOUT OMG


sirius is an idiot


IM FEELING U JAMES. IM FEELING U. I NEED TO KNOW TOO. marlene u dont need to be threathening


sirius i love u for that name its hilarious even tho id ne lily reaction wise. also excellent way to shut them up also yes moony for switching locations HAHAHA AT SIRIUS BEING ANNOYED ABOUT JAMES LOCKING THE DOOR




excellent comeback again lily






its prob v wise that peter is sleeping it all off


omg james the puns really




marlene ur savage


poor peter




james being mature yasssss


is that a taylor swift reference


love the girl support here


that is so cute and yaaaaaas james for not wanting it to be like it went bc yknow drunk




lol lily already reads him perfectly




excellent comment james



also this was excellent if this wasnt obv enough i love this and i truly need the pics

Author's Response:

ineke hiiiiiiii


lol yes my cats regularly try to fight my christmas tree when it's up.


hehe the group chat name is ominous af, and for exactly the reason you'd expect. and sirius is just completely savage.


re: the lockhart thing - to keep this story as true to the real events they were inspired by, there was a very important conversation in a big group chat where the topic was a hot new manager at a place we all worked (and turns out despite being pretty he was kind of dumb and annoying) and lockhart felt like the most accurate hp comparison to use for the situation, lol.


also lmao literally EVERYONE thinks they should be together. and once you get the parents shipping, it's all over.


the attachments are imaginary and don't exist anywhere but also honestly most of the real life versions probably still live on my phone somewhere.


lmao the night they almost got killed just involved a LOT of alcohol and trying to hit up multiple parties in one night. can confirm from experience that making a 32oz drink that is a solid 50/50 vodka mix is a deathly mixture.


ooh ok so that particular drink mix is... i believe vodka, strawberry lemonade powerade, and sprite. someone got me hooked on it for a while in school.


background wolfstar is always a thing, and yes omg everyone knows this is a date but lily and james


deer puns are a necessity, for sure.


lol yes of course, couldn't resist the chance for a taylor swift reference


hehe yes all of this was based on a true story. like, literally, all of it. :P


thanks for reading/reviewing!!

Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 11 Dec 2019 11:13 PM · For: that sounds like the set-up to a bad joke

Happy Wishlist Season Taylor!

First of all, the format (the group message the PMs) made reading this extra amazing. You did a great job at weaving an entire story through text (which is essentially strictly dialogue) plus you happened to use over seven-thousand words, which is a huge feat. This looks like it was one heck of a project to undertake, but I'm glad did because this was fabulous -- thanks for writing it. 

The inter-character banter is TO DIE FOR, but your banter and character interactions are always the bet so there was really no surprise there. You have a great sense of humor and it always seems to shine through not only your characters, but in your general writing as well. So, banter aside (even if it is fantastic), there were other elements like the way screen names were being changed (SNOGGED A HOUSE ELF ONCE! ;_; ) and, of course, the overall mystery of the group chat name added a lot of that specific type of humor as well. Speaking of the mystery of the group chat, the entire premise of betting on Lily and James and labelling the group chat accordigly was my favorite. I cried.  :P You got an A++ in humor. 


And, of course, the whole story of how James and Lily got together was adorable. The fact that Sirius framed a photo of the two kissing was sweet and funny. The reindeer onesie bit killed me. You know, part of my favorite interaction in this (besides nearly all of them, of course) were the ones between James and Lily, specifically when James was acting like an adorable idiot and Lily was fake-annoyed with him. (There were a lot of those instances, but, just for the sake of giving an example, in the end,) 

So, this was amazing, if you couldn't tell by my ramble. I loved every second of it. 




Author's Response:

hi rumpels!!


i love writing dialogue, so chatfics are like candy for me - they're basically all my fave things about fic writing without all the parts i struggle with (aka description, lol)


an a++ in humor from you, the absolute queen of writing stories that are so funny i laugh out loud the entire time, is the highest compliment. <333


omg that would make such a good, chaotic marauders fic and i really want to write it now. i have so many other things i *also* need to write, but wow, the pure chaotic potential of that one is SO appealing.


i'm so glad you enjoyed this story!! (and, thank you for my incredibly cool advent calendar of gifts this year, it was awesome)

Name: grumpy cat (Signed) · Date: 08 Dec 2019 05:57 PM · For: that sounds like the set-up to a bad joke

11/10 i would read a follow up fic :D


no, but really, even if the whole...onesie a bit weird hahah this story is like, too adorable and cute for that to matter. so i'm just filing the onesie thing under 'cute'. it did make for the absolutely gold, fabulous, whatever amazing word you want to call lily and james' usernames at the end. has a thing for reindeers apparently and snogged an elf once almost made me choke. just sayin' ^_^


up until now, i've never read a chatfic before so i was really impressed by the way you managed to keep everyone's voices (texts...dms? lol) distinct (so much that at one point, about halfway through, i didn't even have to look at the username to know who's, er, texting).


and wow, i just. james is like this adorable puppy who is also hot. idk how i've concluded that he's hot just from the chat thing, but he is. and lily *_* i liked how she's aware that the 'just friends' thing isn't really a real thing. when you have to explain to people that you're just friends, it's obvious that there's something more involved. and the fact that their whole group of friends bet on them was funny, but i loved how even their parents think they're dating hah :D


idk, i'm a sucker for friends-to-lovers. and the fact that it wasn't even a little bit awkward the next day for them (even though lily had a smol freakout because james really needs to learn how to phrase messages in a way that doesn't seem ominous) just warmed my poor lil' heart *_*



Author's Response:

the onesie thing is so weird. truly, would've never come up with the concept if it hadn't literally happened to me lol.


i've gotten really attached to chatfics and trying to build character's voices only through their dialogue, so you'll definitely see more of them from me!


lol james is definitely hot, i'm glad that came through via text :P but yeah, when you have literally everyone around you telling you that you should date, no amount of obliviousness can get you to completely deny that one


and lol yeah james needs to not sound quite so ominous (although that was also part of the true story, like that's literally the text i got the next day, and it was just like ...... dude)


thanks for reading <3

Name: Crimson Quill (Signed) · Date: 05 Dec 2019 04:20 PM · For: that sounds like the set-up to a bad joke


hi taylor!

here for holiday gifting

this is honestly the fic that everyone needs to read right now. i honestly loved every minute of it that i was almost sad there wasn't more. it has put a big smile on my face because everyone is ill in my household for the last week.


i love how it is so clear what there personalities are. i think it can be hard when you don't have that inner monologue to get that same connection with the reader but i think you got through so much of their personalities and relationships through their chat that you don't really even need anything else. i was such a funny piece, they feel so believable as friends. i could totally buy these characters as real like you could just showing me and say it was some of your friends. i wouldn't know that everything was just written by one person.


i love that you can take this couple that born in '60 and just adapt them into some many different settings including those modern ones. you write them as timeless characters and i don't know. i feel like  old characters in modern times annoys me sometimes but i love how fresh and updated to make them. my favourite part of the story is just all these little details that you have in the chat. i love love love that they change the name of the group chat in line with their bet. james and lily barely question their weird titles.


annnd sirius changing lily's name all the time. it was so much fun! i love the discussion about lily's cat too! cat's birthday as a password. AMAZING. i know you said that this was based on a true story so i can totally see all aspects of your personality in this fic but i really like that is creeping in, it's so perfectly you especially taylor swift reference(s)


JAMES AND LILY ARE MAYBE THE CUTEST YOU'VE EVER MADE THEM. i'm not sure that is possible?? no, it is! i love how awkward it was between them in that getting together stage but the mark of a great couple is how silly they are together. you're right, this fic is super silly but it's also so much fun. everyone should be reading this. 


Abbi xx


Author's Response:

hi abbi! i'm so glad this fic made you smile :)


haha i think part of that is that some of this dialogue *is* pulled from some of my friends? like, there are parts of this fic that are like, verbatim from group chats of mine in 2015, lol. and james and lily have become such timeless characters in my head, which makes it so easy to slot them into all these weird scenarios. and lol yeah james and lily definitely just... didn't really question the group chat names and they maybe should've, lol.


the lily's cat password thing definitely comes from the fact that everyone knew my phone password bc it was my dog's name lol.


ahh i'm so glad you love them and this fic <3 thanks for reading!!

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