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Name: Noelle Zingarella (Signed) · Date: 31 Dec 2019 10:53 PM · For: Afternoon Delight Pie

Hi Madi! I’m here for the Rager :D


Wow—a lot has sure happened to Jenna in the last six years! I love the way you tick off the list of crazy events in her life, and also the way the list ticks down to the present day of the story. It really pulled me in.


And boy is today going to be a tough day for Jenna! Nothing like your ex walking into your work and trapping you there, is there? It’d be nice if one of her coworkers would just deal with him, but I guess then we wouldn’t have a story ;)


I am laughing over the ex-lover pie!! Please make this recipe as a writers journal post—it’s hysterical.


All the adorable themed pie names are so homey! And the banter between Jenna and her coworkers is snappy and fun. Even if they are pressuring her a little wee bit.


Even though this meeting between Jenna and Dr. Pomatter started out sort of awkward they seemed pretty comfortable with each other by the time he left. I can see why they would have been together in the first place—even though there was apparently a wife in the picture?? I am curious to know if the wife is still around—and what’s going to happen when he comes back through town…


This first chapter is fun and sparkling :D





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