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Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 21 Mar 2020 06:03 PM · For: Chapter 1

Hi, Sam, dear! Here for March Hufflepuff review swap! <3

I had a lot of fun reading this first chapter! :D Poor Percy... I've never been the biggest fan of Percy, to be honest, but I think you and Melanie are converting me... :P


Of course Percy would be the kind of person who gets annoyed if someone breaks his working routine... :P I love the way he tried to dismiss the woman and how shocked he was when she just didn't let him... :P (Was that Audrey? I have a feeling she is, and now I'm very curious to know how she's going to become a constant presence in his life... also, if she is Audrey, I love that she is a Squib! Squibs don't get enough visibility, so I always love stories where they play a major role!) I also absolutely loved how he used a random passerby as an excuse to run away! That bit was way too funny, I loved it! :P

The dinner at the Weasleys made me sad... :( I mean, I guess I'm grateful that Percy made up with the family, but at the same time you can just tell that things aren't perfect... Percy accepted his mother's embrace, which he found simultaneously too tight and indescribably distant. Wow, this line! It's so powerful!

And then the questions about who he's going to bring along... why do families do that? Can't a person be single in peace? (Okay... this is not our dear Percy's case... and now I'm sort of curious about how the various members of the family would react if the were aware of the actual issue... which I'm sure you will deal with at some point... because you are still working on this story, are you not? :P)

The scene with Oliver was just adorable! I'm already liking those two! The teasing, the comfiness... they have such a lovely relationship and you can just tell that they love each other a lot! This scene really made me smile! <3 <3 <3

Such a lovely first chapter! I hope you'll have more up soon! I'm really curious to see where this story will go! :D

Snowball hug, my dear!


Name: CheekyTorah-Lex (Signed) · Date: 27 Jan 2020 06:51 AM · For: Chapter 1

Hey there! Here for another review for round 1


Ahhhhh! I cannot wait for more of this! I really enjoy your characters, Percy is so very stuffy but also relaxed when in the company of Oliver someone he feels comfortable and at home with. I really liked how you described his view of visiting his family after feeling like the odd Weasley out his whole life and then the mess with his betrayal. Even though it’s been six years, he still feels out of place in his family. Even if most or all of that is in his head it’s something he feels and that’s real to him.

I think that is a very relatable feeling and that Percy becomes a much more relatable character when you bring these small pieces to light. I also like how you describe Molly Weasley she is very much a mum, and she wants to see all her children happy and paired off. I think that’s a normal parental desire, but I think he worries about her pressure for him to find a wife means she wouldn’t accept him for him. As what appears to be a gay possibly Bi sexual man.


Excited for more so I’m subscribing 

Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 02 Dec 2019 03:19 PM · For: Chapter 1

Happy Wishlist Season, Sam! It's been a while since I've come bouncing around your AP! 


I wonder what the Squib woman is looking for. I love that instead of asking, "is there anyone who can help me with [whatever issue she's having]" so that she can be redirected to a department that could help her, she is insisting on having Percy check for departments that don't exist. I can see her questioning him all day about variously named possible departments and asking him to run a query to check all day. Lucky for him, he made an escape. Still, I cna't help but wonder what the woman actually needed.


You've aptly titled the story, what with the encounter with his family at the Burrow -- he really is the odd Weasley out and the awkwardness and uncertainty shows. I also feel increadibly terrible that Percy doesn''t feel right about just telling his family about Oliver. I mean, Percy x Oliver is an amazingly adorable ship and they are even more incredibly adorable here so.... I get it though, Percy has always seemed very conservative about himself and I can see why he's hesitant to come out to a family who he feels estranged from. I do hope that he does come out when he's ready. 


I think you managed to capture Percy's neurotic tendancies. He's so uptight, it's both charming, adorable, and just the slightest bit on the annoying side but that's what I love about him :P.  And Oliver seems to settle that part of him, balance him, if you will, which makes them EVEN MORE CUTE OMG. Which means I'm hoping that this is soething that is going to be continued because I want...NEED more of this cuteness! Will Percy bring Oliver to the wedding? Will the Squib play into any further importance and will Percy redeem himself from 'Percy is an entitled prat' status?! SAM. I. NEED. MORE. PLEASE. (and thank you)





Name: grumpy cat (Signed) · Date: 01 Dec 2019 09:49 PM · For: Chapter 1

hey hey sam, i'm here with a smol gift for you!


first - you made me almost choke on my tea with the line 'she did not seem to be on her way'. so congrats, you almost killed me with your writing, woohoo :P but really, that whole exchange and the introduction of aud into percy's life had me cackling, it was so great. both funny but also showed percy's (slightly haha) irritable side. i can't wait to see/read more of aud!! you better continue this story, it's been decreed by grumpy cat that you must. so there.


and then the dinner at the burrow. hm. i'm not sure if percy is right that he needs to lie to his family, but one can almost never be sure how they're going to react to his coming out. i'd like to think they'd be normal, accepting, comforting if he needs comfort, but families are complicated and often surprising in both good and bad ways :I i liked how you also touched upon the fact that there still, even after six years, seems to be a certain level of....doubt? uncertainty? about percy and him being a part of the family. it's sad but i think it's also realistic.


i loved the scene with oliver at the end because with him, you show us a side of percy that's fun, loving, just...relaxed, i feel is the right word ^_^ and i think that shows just how much oliver manages to make him feel better about himself, his life, basically everything. it's sweet, even if he does sound a tiny little bit entitled :P


*makes grabby hands at the next chapter*



Name: RonsGirlFriday (Signed) · Date: 18 Nov 2019 06:16 AM · For: Chapter 1


RAAAAAAVE. All the love for this Percy fic.

You've nailed his personality, abrupt, dry, insecure, uncertain, but with a heart.

I laughed when the woman says, "How about the Squib Liaison Office?" and he says, "How about it?"

He is both a tragic character and a comical one, and he deserves some levity, which is why I really enjoyed his banter with Oliver at the very end.

I also really enjoyed how this addressed the issue of how members of the LGBT community have to do all this emotional labor to conceal their true selves.

Name: VaguelyCreativeName (Signed) · Date: 30 Oct 2019 05:57 PM · For: Chapter 1

Hey Sam, I’m here for our swap!


I absolutely loved this chapter, and I’m really excited to see what happens next! I’ve always thought Percy was such an interesting character because he’s got a coming-of-age story different from all the other young characters we see in the books, with a believable identity crisis – he turns his back on his family driven by the wrong ideals, and although he comes back in the end, that’s going to affect him for the rest of his life, probably. And I loved how you’ve portrayed him – in that opening bit with Aud, he seems very much like the bossy, self-assured, entitled teenager we’ve seen in the books, but when interacting with his family, you show us all of his insecurities, that he feels he can never fulfil his family’s expectations again is constantly afraid of letting them down, and my heart just goes out to him.

Six years later and every time they saw each other she still seemed to need to convince herself that he was a part of the family. He lowered his eyes and excused himself from her gaze, ducking into the kitchen. There was always something to be done, and never enough that he could do.” This line in particular hits hard, and again “Happiness through assimilation, through the achieving of standards” really stood out to me.


But I also love that you ended the chapter on a happier note, and that you show us how Oliver’s helping Percy to be the best he can be, and how he makes Percy aware of his flaws without dragging him down! This was a brilliant first chapter, and I’m eager to find out how both Percy’s relationship with Oliver and with Aud will develop!




Name: magpie (Signed) · Date: 25 Oct 2019 05:35 AM · For: Chapter 1
Hey there! Have been wanting to read something of yours, and I could not resist a Percy/Oliver story. (An aside: I’m currently typing this from my phone. I switched its keyboard language to French last week, and then switched it back to English, but it seems I’ve messed up the quotation marks because they keep doing those little arrows, so I guess they will be appearing here?)
« This woman wouldn’t be waved away. Further interaction was required. » This particular line made chuckle. Percy has always struck me as the kind of person who wouldn’t do well in a customer service job ??” which is like, very me.
« How about it?» Screaming! I’m living for Percy’s dry humor.
I think you done such a great job at illustrating Percy’s relationship with Molly in a short space, with subtle descriptions that have big impact. From you wrote about the hug ??” « simultaneously too tight and indescribably distant » ??” to how Molly says his name « as a confirmation », you concisely get across her maternal love and her conflict of knowing little about her son’s private life.
« He still needed to work out which version of what his family wanted to hear... » Percy! The whole paragraph that follows is a brilliant breakdown of his feelings, shining a new light on his behavior in the first section. Percy’s grown bitter because he can’t express himself to his family ??” the group of people that he should feel absolutely comfortable with. And it doesn’t look like that problem will be solved anytime soon, not when Molly’s « nice lady » comment reveals her implicit heteronormativity and pushes Percy deeper into his figurative shell. I’M SAD (and impressed at how you wrote this messy, relatable situation.)
« Home was where Oliver was » Aw love that

« ‘Give her my best, will you?’ » Ahh. I loved Oliver and Percy’s interactions at the end and I could honestly read a hundred chapters more.

I’m learning from the other reviews that the woman from the beginning is Aud ??” and let me repeat their praises: I love that you’ve not only made her a Squib but tall. It’s such an unexpected take on her character, and I’m intensely intrigued to see she and Percy evolve over the rest of the story. Hopefully Percy can be relieved of his myriad pressures and finally lighten up?

Name: apondinabluebox (Signed) · Date: 04 Sep 2019 09:23 AM · For: Chapter 1

Saaaaaam! I’m so, so excited that you’ve posted this story because I remember being immediately seized by the Oliver/Percy/Aud relationship when I first read it on HPFF, if my memory serves correctly, and I’ve always been curious about your headcanon for those three since.

And oh my god, it was absolutely worth the years of waiting. <3

(Like. Literally, years. Please don’t wait quite so long to post the second chapter because oops I’m now overly invested in these characters, and that’s actually a testament to your skill because even in such a short chapter, you’ve interwoven a level of detail into those characters’ thoughts and actions that despite the fact I haven’t seen much of Aud and Oliver yet, they’ve left an impact.)

I’m sure others have commented on this too, but I love that your Aud is a Squib. It’s something we rarely see in canon generally, and I’ve never seen her written in this way. I love that she hasn’t let it define her or what she can and can’t do — like we saw in the books with Filch and those Kwikspell readers desperate for even a little magic — and it shows that she has so much confidence and self-belief, and it’s so lovely to see characters being written that are aspirational for readers.

Oliver is such a fun contrast. He’s making jokes about Percy’s future wife (is this foreshadowing, by the way? Will we see Aud at Ginny and Harry’s wedding? I MUST KNOW) and he isn’t afraid to point it out to Percy when he’s being an entitled prat again. It shows how much Oliver has matured since their Hogwarts days from the Quidditch obsession to what we see now.


I mean, Percy’s demeanour towards Aud, while ostentatiously rude, isn’t that different from the behaviour we saw in the books. Hopefully with Oliver and Aud in his life, he’ll figure out a way to be nice, but he’s also a politician, so... :P

But those interactions with his family — that emotional distance from Molly, that conflict about having to achieve certain standards to succeed at fitting in, the feeling that happiness is only acceptable when it looks a certain way — oof. Part of me really hopes that Percy’s perspective is distorted because he’s so worried about coming out, but as I’ve learnt from WIGOWY, this wouldn’t be a Sam story if the characters didn’t get heartbroken at some point.

(Sidenote: if you don’t mind slight Britpicking — feel free to skip this paragraph — quarter to eight is extremely late. If they’re still preparing potatoes then, the evening meal probably won’t be served until at least 8:30pm, and the only time I know people eat at that hour is because of a special occasion or a work schedule that doesn’t conform with the Monday to Friday 9–5. Most families I know have their tea at about 6-7ish, shortly after they get home from work, because lunch is usually around 12–1.)

All in all, I’m so, so happy you’ve posted this fic and I really want to know more about these incredible characters because they’re so uniquely written compared to most portrayals — certainly in Aud’s case — and I love them and I want to know all your headcanon and what happens when Percy and Aud meet again, because I so badly want to see her reaction to him literally abandoning his job to avoid interacting with her... I’m sure she’ll do the opposite of what I would’ve, and I need to know if my theory is correct. Chapter two ASAP, please!! <3

Author's Response:

omg thank you so much.

It's so flattering that you have been interested in reading this over all that time when it was just an idea. I know how ridiculously long it's been. I really feel that, and wish I could have more reliable of a writing schedule and not be so muse-driven. It's also sweet that you remembered the other little story these folks appear in, which even I kind of forget about sometimes XD

As far as Oliver being more chill, part of the reason for that is that's how I see his character overall - super SUPER intense about quidditch, and chill in most other areas of life because he used all of his unchill up on Quidditch. But we really never saw that side of him in the series, because Harry pretty much only interacted with him in the context of Quidditch.

haha at you avoiding talking about Percy. I'd say I heaped a lot of angst into that one, but I feel it's naturally a part of him, not my doing. As far as heartbreak, you might be a bit safer than WIGOWY? That story had really intense ups and downs, and I think this story stays close to center a bit more? The contrast being that this story starts off with a bunch of transparent angst and baggage. But with this one what you see is more what you get, I guess? Potentially less emotional whiplash.

Thanks for the note about time! My eating habits are wack and I don't do a lot of normal social dinner type things, so yeah I made up a number and you're right to point out it doesn't make much sense.

Thank you so much for your review again! I can't say how much it means to have people so interested in this story, especially when it is just such a small taste so far. Much love!

Name: shadowkat678 (Signed) · Date: 31 Aug 2019 01:42 PM · For: Chapter 1

Hi, Sam! Here for team Huffleclaw and the Puff-a-Claw-polypse!

Starting from the top I loved the humor you put into that first interaction, even though Percy was being somewhat of an ass. (They really do need a department for squibs.) The second section's interactions were somewhat sad. It is clear that Percy feels out of place in his family, for multiple reasons. It's sad that he would have to prepare himself just to be with family, but I can't blame him for it. Not that the Weasley's are bad, but his personality is just so different from the rest of his family that it makes sense that he'd have trouble talking and interacting with them.

Then comes the gay thing. I can't see either of his parents taking issue with this, but I understand why he may be apprehensive. I gotta say this is the first time I've seen this pairing, and without understanding exactly why, I love it.


Great story! I look foward to seeing more. :)



Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 17 Aug 2019 11:46 PM · For: Chapter 1

Yay Sam I'm so glad you're writing this!  I've been hearing about your Oliver/Percy headcanon for probably years and am so excited to see it materialize in a story - and a multichap story, at that!


I loved Percy's first interaction with (I assume) Audrey, who is a Squib and is totally Not Here For the way squibs are treated by magical society, and I'm interested to see how you explore that. The dry humor of your narration is also amazing, and how what Percy expects of this situation is very much not what happens.


(Less important, but as someone who's quite tall, I also really appreciate that Audrey is tall. :P Ok maybe she's just wearing heels, but maybe not.)


There's so much to unpack about that scene when Percy visits the Burrow for dinner. The way he really doesn't feel like he fits in even after all the time that's passed is heartbreaking. He even feels that distance in the way Mrs Weasley hugs him - and that alone says a lot :( I do understand why he would feel distant from everyone, after all that happened and the fact that part of him probably assumes guilt for Fred's death since he was talking to Fred at the time he died, but it's so sad to see. And the fact that he thinks his family won't accept him when they hear about his relationship with Oliver - it's really sad that Percy thinks he has to hide that from everyone.


From what we see of Percy and Oliver in this chapter though, they seem really cute together and I love the way they tease one another. I really enjoyed Oliver putting Percy in his place about being arrogant (in a loving way of course)


So I'm really interested to see how Audrey will end up fitting into this! I love your characterization of Percy in this, btw - he still outwardly gives off the impression of being entitled and a bit stuck up and into rule following and tradition, but in his personal life and this side of him that he doesn't show to many people, is a little more laid back and less traditional.


This is a great first chapter - looking forward to more!

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 16 Aug 2019 02:53 PM · For: Chapter 1



I love this story to pieces already! I love all the characters (to a ridiculous degree, considering the five minutes that I’ve known them all, but that’s just a testament to how well you write them), I love your vision for this story, I love the little bits of humor that crop up in the witty dialogue/narration, I LOVE EVERYTHING. I am so excited for this Percy/Oliver (and to see how Aud joins their lives)!


I’m gonna beg for chapter two real quick here, because I want to know more about Aud and about Percy/Oliver and about all the little things about them that no one would have thought of before except you. Seriously, though, basically every time you present one of your headcanons to me, my brain automatically goes, “Yes, canon!” I mean, an Audrey who’s a Squib? Percy meeting Audrey while he’s in a long-term, devoted relationship to Oliver?? Yes pleaaasee, why wouldn’t all this be canon? You just have such an amazing way of taking canon and making it a million times more interesting and compelling, you know what I mean? :P


Can we talk about how quietly funny this story is?? Like the exchange where Percy is desperately trying to make Audrey move on is so so funny. Audrey is so forthright with what she needs, even to complete strangers, and the fact that Percy thought he could get rid of her is funny now, reading this again hahaha. Also “She did not seem to be on her way” made me crack up laughing; I love your sense of humor so much. :P


Tsk, tsk, Percy, hiding behind a coworker. BE SOCIAL. SHE WILL EVENTUALLY BE ANOTHER LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. (But it’s okay, I totally understand the desire to just not talk to other human beings.


I remember that you showed me some parts from your notes about Percy going to meet his family, and it was just as heartbreaking reading that section now. From the moment Molly hugs Percy, and it doesn’t feel quite right, to when Percy’s conception of happiness is much, much more bittersweet than you’d expect, I just wanted to sit here and wallow in the feels. Because Molly definitely doesn’t intentionally do this to him; she still clearly loves him but holds a slight distrust for his betrayal of the family when he was younger. And that’s just heartbreaking. And the fact that he won’t feel happy fitting in with his family, yet Molly is totally unaware of this, makes me really sad too. <3




I’m so so happy that you’ve posted this! I hope to see moree.




Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 12 Aug 2019 08:44 AM · For: Chapter 1

Hey Sam! Sneaking in here before I start dissertation work for the day to (hopefully) grab the first review on this!


Do I need to tell you how excited I am that you're writing a new story again? Well, I'm very excited, even if you know that already. And it's Oliver/Percy/Audrey which I'm so intrigued by - I know you've shipped Oliver and Percy together for ages so I'm looking forward to seeing you write them and seeing how Audrey plays into that dynamic as well.


Percy was so awkward at the beginning of this chapter - he's definitely not the most obvious people person I've ever seen but I think you captured his character so well. And the introduction to Audrey was brilliant - I love the way that we get to see Percy in this seemingly innocuous moment but knowing that the two will get married in canon, it's a pretty significant meeting.


Audrey seems awesome to start off with here, as well. I've never read a version in which she's a Squib before so that already caught my attention, but I loved how proud she was to be herself, and didn't care who overheard her declarations. I get the feeling she's not going to give up so easily on the fact that the Ministry has very little provision for Squibs, and I don't think Percy is going to be able to run away every time.


The scene at the Burrow was interesting but a little bittersweet to read. I've always thought that Percy would struggle feeling like he's part of the family again after he left during the war, and that there'd be a time of adjustment in his parents getting used to him being around again, and trusting him. It was so sad to see that in action, though, six years after the war. And it's heartbreaking that he doesn't feel like he can be himself in front of his family, and admit that he's already in a relationship with Oliver. I really want to think of the Weasleys as people who'd be accepting no matter what, and that it's more of Percy's own fears holding him back, but I'm really worried that you're going to play around with that more and that some of the family might not accept him properly when they learn that he's been dating Oliver for so long.


The Oliver and Percy scene at the end of this chapter was so cute! I have all the questions - how long have they been together? Who knows about them? I'm shipping them already and I really can't wait to see more of them and their dynamic in this story!


Sian :)

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