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Name: abhorsen (Signed) · Date: 01 Dec 2016 11:25 PM · Chapter: Chapter 1

So I never swam competitively, but I've always really liked to swim and "Keep on kicking, even if your arms fail" is just excellent on so many levels. (Also, it's actually really great life advice, too!)


And the narrator's desire to do something else and especially the implication that hypercompetitiveness isn't living life to its full potential even if there's a greater possibility of quantitative success is so genuine. I loved it.

Name: PaulaTheProkaryote (Signed) · Date: 21 Nov 2016 05:00 PM · Chapter: Chapter 1

I did competitive swimming when I was young (like before teenhood) and this reminds me a lot of that. I swear it conjured up the scent of the same chlorine pool I used to swim in. I like the phrase keep on kicking, even if your arms fail. Not for the literal use, but more of for life. And sometimes you just need a breather and a drink inside a coconut.

Author's Response:

i did competitive club swimming when I was 7/8/9 and loved it, but I used to come from an hour swim lesson to the race pool (my lesson pool/club has races but is only a 20m pool) and racing meant I missed youth group. Got to a point where I was tired of it (even though I was one of the top seeded) and quit instead of renewing my membership.

The smell of chlorine is the best! I love it! The pool is practically my home, and I love the smell of chlorine more then I probably should. :p

The phrase "keeping on kicking, even if your arms fail" is a phrase that my squad coaches yell at us specifically in Fly (I wonder why?) and ever since they started doing it I've taken it to heart and remember it every time I dive.

Coconut drinks are divine!

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