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Name: Aphoride (Signed) · Date: 27 Aug 2019 01:35 PM · For: morning dew

Heyyyyyyy it's me again! :D 


Eeeeeeeeeee they kissed! :P I gotta say, I guessed George was up to something - asking people if they've kissed is a veeery specific kinda question to ask anyone tbh, and Christmas is prime mistletoe time :P I'm glad though that they were both okay with it - and I loved Teddy's thought processes about it; boy he really overthinks things, doesn't he? Though it's sweet and only natural, really, especially with something as complicated emotionally as fake-dating. Poor guy - he seems to be really struggling with working out how he feels about her and how he should feel and everything. It's hard, but I love how you write it: it's exactly as confusing and as hesitant and as over-thinking as it is. 


Ahhhhh I'm glad Teddy and Hope are okay? (And boy does she know him better than he thinks she does, haha, because she absolutely pegged that kiss exactly right!) It's rough when your relationship with someone you love has been strained by someone else, even more so when one of you knows it but the other one doesn't - but I'm glad they're starting to pull back together, and, hopefully!, away from Bellatrix as well. I really wasn't expecting her to turn up as well, so her whole introduction was great and I really liked how she struggled with her emotions as well - though she's very different to Teddy: a lot more expressive, at least with him. 


I loved as well how generous Victoire is. She's so much like the kind of person I hope to be: generous, kind, outgoing, open-hearted, and I loved how you showed off both her generosity and her honesty in this, with her giving him presents. I liked how she emphasised to him that they weren't expensive, because he felt bad about not getting her something - she really does understand him and know him pretty well :P Poor Teddy, so oblivious :P 


I'm so so curious about what's going to go down after Christmas: Boxing Day, the rest of the holidays. I can't help but feel that there's got to be some kind of showdown with Bellatrix coming, even though Teddy and Hope are both adults and she shouldn't have such power of them still - it's a horrific testament to her manipulations that she does have it - and that there's got to be some kind of confrontation where Teddy and Victoire work out where and what they actually are (and then when they get together for real, because they're too cute together and too good for each other to not to). 


As always, your writing is fantastic and this was such a wonderful, emotional chapter and I loved it. 


Laura xx

Name: Aphoride (Signed) · Date: 27 Aug 2019 01:09 PM · For: how to live life?

Hey, it's me again! :) 


Awwww poor, poor Teddy! I'm glad he finally talked a bit about his family though with Victoire - it seems like while he says he's talked about it before, sometimes it's different talking about things to different people: people understand more or less, depending on their own background and things. And I liked how Victoire let  him talk when he wanted to - she didn't really ask too many questions, but just sort of... was there, really. Which sometimes, is really most of what you need. 


I actually really liked the exploration of his relationship with his family - it was a great contrast to the looks we get at Victoire's family, with the similar things (Nana Molly's previous racist comments v Bellatrix's fairly open racism) and the really, really different things. It was one of those things which is super sombre to read, because it's a horrible thing to do to someone, let alone someone you say you care about (like your niece and nephew), but you dealt with it so well and it was kinda nice to see him process it and address it out loud with getting support from Victoire, yk? A lot of stories people just suffer in silence, and it was a lovely thing to see a character reaching out in a non-destructive or aggressive way. 


I LOVE the whole thing of 'she feels like home'. It's such a beautiful, descriptive kind of line and it's just so so sweet. There's something so lovely about it and so true too - it's the perfect way to describe that kind of feeling; I can't think of any other way to describe it now, haha. 


The whole Bill-Teddy father-daughter's boyfriend chat was great :P Poor Teddy! He's not even actually dating Victoire and he still gets grilled :P Though I liked that it was a lot less 'if you hurt my daughter, I'll...' and a lot more 'want to understand why' kinda thing. It made it almost sweet in a strange kinda way? And a lot more sinister, haha, since that could so easily have gone wrong for him :P 


The baking! Omg so I love that they're both into baking? And Louis is actually kinda adorable, ahaha, poor thing - he only wanted to help! Teddy's gonna have to make it up to him :P And Victoire, actually, given he dumped her in it by saying Victoire would make something with Louis later :P Ahhh the classic flour all over your face thing... yk, one of my sisters gets something on her face every single time she cooks anything - no matter what it is. It's a remarkably ability and that whole section made me think of her :P 


The details in this chapter are so so good. Like, both this chapter and the last one are both just so full of all these brilliant, wonderful little details. The connection with how Victoire knows who Bellatrix is, the Korean middle names for the Delacour-Weasley children, all of the food-related details of the pancakes and the cakes (which have meant that now I really want cheesecake? :P), the mention of Fleur and Bill in his office (which I want to say is a reference to Branwen's stories about them? :P But I dun wanna impose on your own inspirations :P), Bill having to admit he can't tell his kids off about bad language, Teddy not liking plays. You have created such a rich, in-depth, layered world with this and I love it. It's so so realistic and it's just a wonderful treat to read :) 


Laura xx

Name: Aphoride (Signed) · Date: 27 Aug 2019 11:26 AM · For: dragon's breath

Omg so I'm actually the worst, I swear! I got like most of the way through posting the first review waaay waaaaay back in June or something, and then I lost it, real life just exploded on me, and it took a while to calm back down. But now it's super, super calm - and this was always on my radar of something I had to do, because it would have been super rude otherwise (and, yk, this is a great story, so I'd miss out as well), so here I am! :) 


My terribleness aside, this is such a great idea for a story? Like, most fake-dating prompts tend to be a bit more light-and-fluff, with a bit more planning for the fake-dating and a little less genuine mistake :P Poor Victoire, haha, she's so worked up about it and so thoughtful about how she doesn't want to disappoint her family - but I like how creative she is in finding solutions :P Teddy doesn't really seem to have any idea what he's got himself into :P 


One of the things I love most about all your writing is how well you write really complicated, damaged characters. Mental illness is hard to do and to do well and you really, really do: you write them so sensitively and so honestly, and they always feel so real and raw and grounded, yk. There's a tendency for a lot of portrayals of characters with mental illness to kinda be limited in their emotions and how they act, but you just get it so so right: Teddy bounces from one thing to another, and if he feels often apathetic, that's depression, but there's other things in there too. I love as well the glimpses of what he's like beyond the mental illness, if that makes sense: how he's really laidback, relaxed about things, how he's perhaps a bit nervous still about meeting her family; he's so rounded and everything, ugh, it's just so so good, yk? 


I was wondering as well who the aunt was - and Bellatrix sheesh. She's not exactly the kind of person you could ever describe as maternal or even, well, caring, really? :/ Poor Teddy... 


Also I like how it's kind of an inverted trope with Victoire 'rescuing' Teddy from spending the holidays alone and kinda introducing him to a different kind of family, with their own kind of craziness no doubt, but more caring and more friendly. 


(Also I just gotta say that Espresso Patronum is a brilliant name for a coffee shop, seriously? So good! ;D) 


Ahhhh they're so sweet together as well? Like, I know it's fake-dating (but we all know how that goes, right??? :P Well, hopefully at least!) but they have such a surprisingly healthy relationship already: Victoire doesn't push on his buttons or try to get him to talk about things he clearly doesn't want to, if he gets dragged into things its mostly because he lets her drag him into them (like, er, this whole fake-dating thing :P), and there's something super comfortable about their dynamic, yk, which contrasts so strongly with the spiky feel your writing gets when you mention Teddy's sister and aunt. 


Honestly, your writing is incredible. You have a real, real gift for drawing emotion out and imbedding it in your writing so much so that it's there in every word and you make your readers feel it with your characters. It's not even the big things, it's the little things: the anxiousness and nervousness and bitterness Teddy gets when he thinks about/talks about his family, the relaxation he feels when he's with Victoire, the kinda strange, wide-eyed tension when he meets Victoire's family for the first time (and gets the boyfriend bomb dropped on him). It's all so clear in your writing and I don't know how you do it but it's a real, real skill and you do it so so well. It brings everything you write to life, I swear. 


Laura xx

Name: belgian quaffle (Signed) · Date: 03 Aug 2019 03:31 PM · For: truly beautiful in some moments

Hi there! (Finally) here for the last part of our swap. I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to come back!!


Ohhh boy have you nailed that feeling between Christmas and New Years. Where there's nothing to do so time doesn't matter. What day is it? Oh who cares. NAILED. IT.


But it also kind of seems like Teddy's depresssion might be coming into play here as to why he personally may be so "meh" about things at that time. I have to imagine it's difficult for him to be hanging out with Victoire and her family, who despite their flaws, are still great and lovely, and for Teddy it must be tough to see what things could be like. It's nice that he and Victoire have each other; two souls who just seem to get each other.


Oh my god, TEDDY! You missed your moment, HE SHOULD HAVE KISSED HER. Ugh, I'm so disappointed. In him. FOR HER. She totally wanted him to, too. The disappointment in her eyes. GAHH.


I appreciated the awkwardness with Teddy meeting Ginny. Like it was a really nice touch (I think is the word I'm looking for). Like these are people he should know, and in another life, people he probably would know very well. And here he just rolls up with another family (granted, like in-laws, but still) and is like "and he is?" about his godfather. It was just the right about of awkwardness to really show how alienated Teddy has been with his aunt.


Ahhhh they did get a kiss!! And a midnight one at that. I love New Years chapters because you get that New Years kiss and it's SO GREAT, to die for, really (well, no not really, but i'm just so excited they've finally kissed). AND what happened right after. I hope they do start kissing more. They're just so cute.


AND OH MY GOD HELLO THERE! Teddy FINALLY got a clue. It was SO CUTE of him to apologize, very sweet, but I loved how Victoire was like, GOD TEDDY THANKS FOR FINALLY REALIZING. Anyway, this was SUCH a cute fic with an adorable ending! Great work on the fic, it's so absolutely lovely and congrats on finishing a fic!! That's such a great accomplishment, so awesome job on that as well!


Name: sibilant (Signed) · Date: 20 Jul 2019 12:08 AM · For: truly beautiful in some moments

Hey hey hey! Super excited to come back! I can't believe this is the end though?! I don't know how that fact escaped me haha, but I guess it makes sense considering the progression of the previous chapter, and where we've reached the story. I'm really looking forward to all the ends being tied together and to a fluffy and happy ending.


And boy, did you deliver. This was soooo cute. First off, I really loved that Teddy opened up about what his aunt did to him and through the novel; I think that was a really good plot/thematic device. I love the suggestion that sometimes stories make it easier to talk about things that are otherwise really difficult to express. I feel like stories are uniquely powerful though, so it's kind of a beautiful statement. (I may be reading into that but idk, that's definitely the statement I got out of it :P).


I also love their conversation about healthy relationships. It's so important and so good. I kind of wish Teddy might've mentioned that specifically as one reason why he suddenly realized he was so attracted to Victoire. I think I'm just thinking that before meeting her, he really had no model for what a healthy relationship looked like--and now he's seen so many, with her family, and finally found his way into one of his own, with someone who really seems to understand healthy relationships. I think there was an opportunity to sort of explicitly top off that implicit character arc--but I still got it, even though it wasn't explicitly stated.


I also really loved the depiction of him realizing that he likes her. I wish there had been hints of this earlier, but I totally get why there weren't. Like I said earlier, he had no models for healthy relationships--and abuse tends to repress someone emotionally. Plus, he's also a teen boy, so by default, he's kind of an idiot in denial heh :P 


I loved loved loved the ending with them admitting thier feelings to each other; there was a really nice sense of closure in it. And what a perfect ending line! This was such an adorable fluffy ending.


I do feel like there's some threads that remain untied; for example, I still really want more closure with Hope, and I really hoped for an actual meeting with Harry (which I feel like you insinuated sort of in the previous chapter but subtly mentioning Harry?).


Overall, this is an excellent fic. I do have a slight point of concrit (which you can obviously always ignore). There were some scenes that I just couldn't really place what the purpose of them was. The cardinal rule, for me, is that all scenes in the fic should either serve the characterization, the development of relationships, or serve the plot; if it doesn't do any of that, then it doesn't really belong in the fic because what motivation do the readers have to actually read it, right? There were a few scenes where I struggle to determine how they achieved that. For example, the scene describing how bored Teddy was. I struggled to find how that progressed the plot or the characters or the relationships forward; that might've been a good time for Teddy to reflect on his feelings for Victoire, or maybe bring up the clothes-making so it didn't feel so out of the blue later.


The scenes that did serve the plot/characters/relationships were really well done and helped me get actually emotionally invested so by the time I reached the end of the story there was a genuine emotionally payoff. But those other scenes just sort of floated around, and you definitely don't want floating scenes in your story. So that's just something to think about. IDK if that made sense at all hahaha :P


Home has been an incredibly emotional but wonderful ride! I feel like I've learned a lot about Teddy and his growth and discovery of happiness has just been so fulfilling. Thank you for requesting a review and sharing your story with me!


<3 Shreya

Author's Response:

This is nothing against you or anything, rather an observation of myself, but I'm genuinely so surprised when people actually like my fics, lmao. I don't have much faith in my own writing, and it shows. But seriously, thank you for your kind words, they really mean a lot to me, as this fic was really a labor of love! 


You're correct! There is something about stories that make it really easy to open up, probably because stories in the end give people who otherwise didn't know a better understanding of sensitive topics when done well, or at least starts the conversation if it was really bad. Books have no obligation to be good (cause you know, author's freedom and stuff), but good or bad, they do have their purpose. 


You make a good observation about how being abused can really set someone's understanding of their emotions back by a whole lot! I struggle to understand my own emotions and I now realize why Harry and Ginny's romance seemed so off to me. While it may be part of poor planning, I get now that Harry didn't have a great understanding of his own emotions either, which was why it sort of hit us all in the face in the sixth book. I actually have no idea if that's what J.K. Rowling meant but I don't think most readers care at this point, haha. 


This fic is really personal to me, but I have to say that I didn't spend as much time on it as I needed to (you see, I was on a time crunch to enter it into the Faking It challenge because I decided to enter a week before it ended), and that really brought down the quality of it. There are a few things I'd definitely change about this (inlcluding all that you've said, about meeting Harry and closing up Hope's arc thread more!) and I now see all of it, which is odd, because I've never been really great at reflecting on what needs to change and what I need to do better. I'm usually someone that throws stuff at the wall and see what sticks (which is not the greatest method of writing, really). 


It means so much to me that this Teddy means so much to you, as he means a lot to me in general, and every version of him I've written!


Thank you so much for your kind words, and thank you for reading and reviewing! xx

Name: sibilant (Signed) · Date: 18 Jul 2019 03:49 PM · For: morning dew

Hey there! Excited to come back to this story, so much to love in this chapter!


I loved how you described the Burrow as such a homey place; I'm sure that must mean a lot to Teddy considering what a genuine shitshow his own home is. I was actually sort of hoping/expecting to see Teddy deliberating on the Burrow more, possibly comparing it to his own home--I think part of the healing process is first identifying and naming that you're being abused and starting to see alternative models for what life can be--to identify that you deserve better. And idk, if I was in his place, I would be mopey and jealous that I didn't have a home like the Burrow.


I also really loved meeting all the Weasleys. There are indeed so many of them :P YAY FOR ALIVE FRED. I especially loved the conversation with Molly and Victoire. I think it would've been good for her to be mentioned earlier especially if she's supposedly very close to Victoire, but she didn't feel too out of the blue. She's super cool btw, I really like her :P and I love that Victoire talked about him a lot and the scene with Teddy overanalyzing that. That's also one of my favorite parts of the fake dating trope hehe.


Ah, Hope is here. I definitely didn't expect that (and I'm still a little bit confused about why she was invited? Is she friends with the Weasleys? Or was it because of Teddy?) Obviously you know my complicated feelings about Hope, with her being both an abuser and a victim of abuse. I think you showed both lights here very well. I sympathize with her because she's clearly shaken up and needs an excuse--and I hope that when she does escape, Teddy and her have a serious conversation about everything they went through and everything she did to him, because I feel like it's important to confront that. She isn't a bad person, but idk, I feel like Teddy shouldn't forgive her so easily? And for true healing, they need to actually talk about it and process it.


Anyways. Enough of that sadness.


MISTLETOE! I love mistletoe scenes. This is like Christmas fake dating to the max and I love it :P 


I also really loved the mention of Harry, and I can't wait for Teddy and Harry to actually talk to one another. I feel like we're growing closer and closer to a climax/resolution for this fic and I'm really looking forward to it! Teddy deserves a happy ending :D


Great chapter, per the usual! Thank you for sharing! 


<3 Shreya

Author's Response:

Hi Shreya! Nice to see you back here! :^)


Ooh, you're completely right though, I feel like that there is a genuine difference between his own home and the Burrow. I think that's something that would have contrasted well with how he grew up, and now I'm kind of angry at myself for not taking that chance. You win some you lose some I guess. 


I personally like Molly too! I have so many headcanons for her, but at this moment, I don't have too many good ideas as to what kind of stories I could write for her. So I just sort of shoved it all in here, and it shows, lol. 


A lot of people didn't expect Hope! I always intended for her to visit Teddy or something to apologize, but I never imagined that this is how it would have manifested. I mention it somewhere in the chapter, but Hope is friends with Molly, and that's how she ended up at the Burrow, haha. 


After your last review, I got a few more reviews on this story and I now see that Hope is garnering mixed feelings, haha. I seriously do think that Hope and Teddy have a chance of getting better together, and they really need to learn how to process their emotions healthily. I also heard from some people that Teddy needs to be the bigger person and forgive Hope, and also that Hope is genuinely a bitch. Which in the story, there is a lot to support both sides, haha. The truth is that Teddy was in the wrong for being at the Burrow without telling Hope, and Hope was wrong to say all that stuff to Teddy. I don't think Teddy's completely forgiven her for what she's said, but it's that whole thing of like "wait, she's my sister, I need to forgive her" running around in his mind too. 


Thanks for reading and reviewing! xx

Name: belgian quaffle (Signed) · Date: 17 Jul 2019 03:15 AM · For: morning dew

Hello agian! Back for more of our swap (sorry again it's taking me so long, things have gotten a bit hectic for me, a few things popped up very suddenly).


Awww I love the Weasley's. They're the perfect mix of embarrassing and loving. Molly telling Teddy that she thought Victoire liked Teddy even beforehand is so classic. Teddy is SUCH an overthinker. His inner monologue is kind of funny though because I can so clearly see him overthinking his feelings for Victoire and trying to feel out if she actually likes him.


WOW what an awkward moment when Hope just shows up at Christmas dinner. I like low key forgot that Teddy and her kind of knew this family somehow so I was a little confused about her just showing up until I remembered this. I'd be kind of pissed too if I were Hope and I found out my brother lied to me about why he wasn't coming home for Christmas but at the same time, she's said some pretty rough things to him, so I mean, Teddy's also totally in the right to be upset with her? Idk. they both seem like they need to work on their communication skills. And Bellatrix is still the worst, byeeeee


A MISTLETOE SCENE!! I LOVE THEM! This was great, PEAK christmas fake dating right here. I need liek 50 more of them to finish out the novel pleasee Another great chapter!


Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 13 Jul 2019 02:39 AM · For: truly beautiful in some moments

Aha, Red Velvet. I have such a soft spot for Joy because I watched her on that variety show, We Got Married? And she was adorable and sweet and so so funny. Also, she’s gorgeous! I’m like halfway in love with her. Also, I like how he puts his head on her shoulder! It’s not super common that stories write boys (men??? why am I so awkward using that word, I totally relate to Teddy) leaning on their (fake) girlfriend’s shoulder. And it’s really cute whenever it happens, so I’m glad I saw it in a fic!


You should’ve named the author for The Chase so I could’ve looked it up—I actually tried googling it, but there are numerous titles with that name haha. I was really curious about what story you were talking about, and so I wanted to see for myself. It sounds like it was based on a real novel, at least, given the complete wrath that Victoire is like hurling at the book. Was there a book that made you express all your feelings in this chapter, or am I completely wrong? :P I was actually a little surprised that this was the point when the two of them really realized they liked each other. It seems not that good for a relationship to solidify over a mutual hatred of something, haha, especially since Victoire was like really genuinely angry about the contents of the book.


I think one comment I have about this story is that Teddy and Victoire mostly bond over things that aren’t very positive. For instance, the big conversation a couple chapters ago when they were discussing racism and family members and such was a big moment, but it was also laced with a ton of bitterness. And this big conversation here was about them bonding about how a book expressed a relationship so terribly. I think if you added more positive extended conversations in their relationship, it would feel a lot better! Like, people who date have long and passionate conversations with each other about things that they genuinely love, or that they find funny, or things like that. It seems like Teddy’s only really had that experience with Molly so far, and possibly Soon-ok.


Speaking of Soon-ok, did Cho marry someone Korean? I was surprised by Soon-ok’s Korean name (at least I’m assuming she’s Cho’s daughter haha), since I’m pretty sure Cho was meant to be Chinese (though it’s a little hard to tell with her naming lol).


I thought the ending was so cute. I am really really glad that these two ended up together, and that Teddy could find a moment of happiness in his life!


Thank you for requesting from me :)



Author's Response:

I think you can tell I have such a soft spot for Yeri, omg. ...More men (I completely understand the whole thing about being weird about using that word! I had to stop myself from using the word 'boy/s' too much in my fics, lmao) should lean their heads on their girlfriend's shoulder, tbh. Be more affectionate! 


I find it kind of funny that you tried searching it up, but to be honest it's something I would've done. But to answer your question, 'The Chase' is not a real book, and I think you might be thinking of a different book because I don't know which one you're talking about, if there is one. Though, it has to be said, there are a lot of books like the one I described out there though.


I never even realized that though, omg. I get where you're coming from. There really should be more positive conversations between the both of them. I saw it as them more having the same values and standards for a relationship? That could have gotten completely skewed throughout the writing process. 


Honestly, I don't even know what to think of Cho's ethnicity at this point since her identity is more muddled than anything. She was written to be a Chinese character (I think) and that's what I think of her as. My idea was that she did marry someone Korean, or that maybe she adopted a girl with a Korean name. It could be either way, really. 


Thanks for reading and reviewing this monster of a fic! xx

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 13 Jul 2019 02:13 AM · For: morning dew

FRED IS ALIVE IN THIS UNIVERSE. I totally didn’t even register the fact until Teddy brought up the fact that there were people who were named after others who were still alive, and then I was like WHAT. I completely understand that this is not a story about Fred Weasley I, but it would completely make my life if we get another scene with Fred in it. :P Just kidding, haha, I just miss Fred lots.


Teddy is such a moper omg. Like he’s thinking about this situation with Victoire with the same seriousness and depression that he thinks about his relationship with his Auntie/sister with, and it’s just like, why does he do this haha. I feel like he has depression to some degree, which I think makes his general moods more understandable, but I’m not positive. And it’s that uncertainty that’s driving me a little crazy haha. Because my gut is telling me that he should work harder to not overthink things to the point of making himself so upset, but if he’s depressed and can’t help it, then that’s another story.


Hope is here??? Oh my goodness. What a plot twist. I’m really glad she got out of the house for Christmas, since her home situation sounds incredibly toxic, my goodness. I do wish Teddy forgave her, since she clearly feels really terrible about the things she said, and it seems like it’s the first time that this sort of thing has happened, but oh well.


Hahahaha mistletoe, gotta love that plot device. :P I love mistletoe kisses, and this was really cute! Everyone has the same reaction to these two omg; they’re all like “leave room for Jesus” which is so weird because I’ve literally never heard that phrase being used in real life before (except for the Rice Purity Test <__<).


Good k-pop plugs. :P They’re really funny to me since I see you talking about kpop a lot / retweeting a lot on my Twitter feed!



Author's Response:

Haha, yeah, Fred is alive in this fic. Bellatrix was alive, so I was like why the hell not? 


I'm not even going to fight that--Teddy is completely a moper! He overthinks most situations, and makes a fool of himself. Ah, there was specifically this quote I was thinking of, but I can't recall it. But either way, the gist of it was that whatever your first susbtantial relationships are (in his case parental and sibling) and what the nature of those relationships are will affect your future relationships and how you think about them. I think it's hard for him to seperate from the fact his relationship with Victoire is vastly different from what his relationship with Bellatrix and Hope are. And yes, to some extent that is his depression at work. It's something he's working on, but you know. Recovery is a zig-zaggy road. 


Once, I'd like to reiterate that Teddy holds grudges really well and is kind of petty, haha. I think he'll forgive Hope soon though. 


Really? It's something I've heard all the time! Maybe that's because I live in the deep south of America so those phrases are more common.


I'm not sure how you feel about me retweeting k-pop stuff all day every day, lmao. I'll try to tone it down a bit, but I don't know how well that'll go because I'm on twitter 24/7. 


Thank you for reading! xx

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 13 Jul 2019 01:55 AM · For: how to live life?

I WANT A CUTE KID TO WAKE ME UP BY JUMPING ON ME IN THE MORNING. I wanted to smack Teddy when he got annoyed with Louis later for barreling into their baking session and talking. Louis was so cute!!! The way he ran into Victoire’s legs!!!! The way he’s small enough to do that!!!!! He’s such an adorable child, I wanna squish him.


Speaking of which, I think that Teddy should work on being the bigger person when it comes to his younger sister. Obviously it’s going to be difficult, which I completely understand since I basically wither at the idea of confrontation, or even just interacting with a loved one after a particularly strong argument. However. As the oldest sibling I think he’s obligated to communicate with his younger sibling, and to make sure she grows up alright, especially in the absence of a proper parental figure. It’s a lot to ask, but I think the fact that his sister was the one who reached out first and apologized should’ve led to an immediate response from him, to her.


Andromeda is really terrible, though. Her texts were awful to read. (Sorry this review is very out of order.)


Teddy blanking on who Tori was and then thinking “Absolute dumbass energy” was the funniest thing hahaha. It was a nice talk, though, with Bill. And I’m sure that, to some degree, he was pulling stuff out of nowhere with that “she feels like home” line, because he had to sell the relationship, but I’m not entirely sure where it came from? He hasn’t really been close enough to her to say that yet, right?


Man, he and Victoire sure are cute though. I was smiling like crazy that entire baking scene.




The scene where they discuss racism sounded a little out of place, in my opinion. Mostly because East Asians face a different sort of racism, and the kind that was described didn’t feel quite right. Like there’s a lot of imitation and mockery and stereotyping, as opposed to genuine open malice for no apparent reason. The idea that Nana Molly’s poor behavior towards Fleur was racism and not just a distaste for French veela girls doesn’t feel right. I don’t know how to explain it, sorry, haha. I think a part of it was that it was all laid out in one conversation, as opposed to being gradually shown through different interactions and such.


Good chapter :)



Author's Response:

I wouldn't mind the whole a kid waking me up by jumping on me in the morning, but even then I feel like we have completely different views on children, haha. I would never be intentionally malicous towards them, but I do find that I have a bit of a short temper when it comes to them. Teddy's only human. 


Hm, I agree with you on a certain extent on Teddy having to be the better person here in this situation. I think he's justified in being angry at his sister, as she did say some pretty horrible things. I don't know if I touch on it too much, but it's hinted that Hope does happen to be one of his 'tormenters' in a way, I guess, because throughout their life, she does happen to take Bellatrix's side to gain her approval. That does put a strain on their relationship, and Teddy feels just a tiny bit uncomfortable letting go of his grudges. He's generally afraid of confrontation, but also very petty, haha. 


Yeah, that whole line was completely made up in his head. It needed to be believable, and I guess that was what he thought could describe his relationship. 


No, I completely understand what you mean. The lack of research upon the subject (I was going more on my own experiences in this matter--it's not even that I don't know what you're talking about, I've definitely gotten the mocking and stereotyping and imitation, if a little different from your own experiences--I just didn't elaborate too much on that) and not substantiating my points a bit better was what really killed it, I think (not in the good way). I'm sorry, I will do better next time. 


Thank you for your wonderful reviews! xx

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 13 Jul 2019 01:34 AM · For: dragon's breath

Heyy! I actually wondered if this was a spin-off from Glass at first, since he has the same at-home struggles with Andromeda in both, but then I realized that Glass!Teddy does not have a younger sister, and also you mentioned it at the end oops.


Okay, I’m very much in love with your faceclaim ideas! I do not know who you cast for Victoire (though I didn’t look super closely—but I could tell she was very pretty, which is quite suiting) but that’s Yoongi for Teddy, right? Which made the BTS references at the end a lot more amusing hahaha. Also, I know from your Twitter that you’re an avid fan of BTS, which made me smile a bit when I got to that part.


Something that I liked a lot was how much lighter the dialogue between Teddy and Victoire became as the chapter went on. At first, Teddy seemed a little closed off—and I knew exactly the kind of friendship he initially described between him and Victoire! Like how there are some friends you have where all that happens seems to be restricted to like laughs and games, and nothing much deeper, and so the idea of breaking that barrier into a stronger friendship always feels really awkward. But already at the end, they were joking around with each other, and AGREED TO FAKE DATE. YES.


Fake dating is the best trope.


Victoire is so, so cute hahaha I love her! I would never dare answer my parents’ questions of “hey you talk about this boy a lot, is he your boyfriend?” with a joking “yes” because then they would have my head, but I’m so glad that Bill and Fleur seem more than supportive! Also, I thought it was really cute how all three siblings have Korean names that start with M! Very cute!


You had a really good set-up in this first chapter. In the beginning, Teddy seemed like someone who had a great deal of trouble getting himself out of difficult moods, and I could still see a bit of that at the end. I hope this is something that he can work on, because it’s not healthy, living like that! I also hope that his relationship with his sister improves, because that’s super important.


Good chapter!



Author's Response:

Ooh, thank you! I'm really proud of my faceclaim for Victoire tbh. The model's name is Kim Sae Eun! And the BTS references! Oh god, I don't think I can go a story without making at least one reference because they're such a big part of my life! 


They're friendship in the beginning is restricted to small talk, but I'm pretty sure that barrier broke the moment Victoire invited him., Maybe not shatter all the way, but come on, that's clearly a big thing that would put a dent in it! 


Lmao, yeah, I totally get that. I'd never be able to joke around with my parents like that, but I think it just goes to show how comfortable she is with them! 


And as for Teddy and Hope--they get there. 


Thanks for reading! xx

Name: sibilant (Signed) · Date: 11 Jul 2019 11:44 PM · For: how to live life?

Hey hey! Back again for our review swap! <3 This chapter feels very familiar and I'm wondering if I validated it? I definitely remembering validating a chapter of Home that broke my heart, and this might've been it :P 


I'm going to focus on the positive parts first. Louis is so cute. I love how the Weasleys so easily embraced Teddy and welcomed him into their home; I get the sense that they'll continually be contrasted with Bellatrix and Hope, with one being a perfect example of what a real home should be like. This also really makes me hope that Teddy stops feeling like an outsider at some point.


I also really loved Bill's dad-ness and Victoire and Teddy's flirting. Like...that's so wholesome. And knowing that Teddy doesn't have a parental figure at all, I feel like Bill just perfectly fills that role. As for Victoire and Teddy--gosh, that boy needs some love in his life. And this is also my favorite part in a fake dating fic, when the characters start acting romantically even when there aren't people around...ahhhh. I love them so much :P Might die of the cuteness.


Also that brownie sounds delicious and I really want to baek now :P 


As for the slightly less positive aspects...I continue to be blown away with how you handle topics that are honestly so difficult to write about. I think you've perfectly captured the layers of emotion and conflict in abusive familial relationships. Teddy's relationship with Bellatrix is definitely one-dimensional because, uh, she's a bitch :P But his relationship with Hope is really interesting to me. Hope is definitely one of his abusers--but she's also a victim herself, having to deal with Bellatrix. So it's like, Teddy needs to focus on his health, but he also can't just let Hope, who is also a child, fend for herself? But also she keeps guilting him...My brain's in knots thinking about them, and I just kind of want Bellatrix to go away so that they can both heal and be happy.


Also I was slightly amused at Teddy's lack of a proper sleep schedule and poor eating habits and readiness to cry at any instant (because I highkey relate) but also none of those are healthy habits at all. And idk, maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I see all of those behaviors as manifestations of depression and anxiety, and I really really hope that he can find stability in the Weasleys and Victorie so that he can establish healthy habits. Part of what makes my heart hurt reading this fic is that Teddy is super young (and my age, too, so I feel pretty personal invested).


Yeah, tbh, I ship Teddy with happiness most. #MakeTeddyHappy2020 :P


This was a great chapter. THis story continues to be so deeply emotional, yet well balanced with humor.


Thank you for sharing, and thanks for swapping with me! 


<3 Shreya

Author's Response:

Not really sure why I've decided to respond to this review first, but here we are. I'll respond to your first review after this one, because this one has me particularly intrigued, mostly because you hit all the points that I was trying to make. (Also, yes, I'm pretty sure it was you who validated this chapter!)


Victoire's home practically is the opposite of Teddy's home, and it's pretty obvious from the way he comments on it! I think one day it will become his home, but he also has to stop thinking of himself as an outsider in the first place! Bill is very dad-ish, yes! I think he'd fit the role perfectly for Teddy, and he needs a caring parental figure in his life so bad, even if he himself is an adult. That support is invaluable, you know? 


I have made this brownie before and I can attest to you that it is delicious! Cheesecake and brownie, what could wrong? (The answer is nothing. Nothing could go wrong.)


I'm honestly surprised by the amount of people that have said that I handled this topic pretty sensitively! Of course, I always intend to deal with these topics sensitively, but at some parts throughout the fic I feel like I throw out these sorts of ideas with the subtlety of a brick. These matters are very important to me, but I don't know. But yeah. 


Teddy's relationship with Bellatrix is completely abusive and one-dimensional. More detail on that could have been added, but I think a lot of circumstances of story don't really allow for it, as Teddy is actively trying to recover from her and move on, so he tends not to think of her too much. He won't stop thinking about Hope though, exactly for reasons you've named. I also think it's really interesting that you've called Hope an abuser, which is oddly true in a way. Hope antagonizes Teddy a lot, but most it's out of self-preservation. It's still all really taxing and harmful to Teddy though. Unlike Bellatrix though, I think Hope has more hope (ha) for change in her horizons, and I think that it's possible to mend their relationship. Bellatrix doesn't go away by death, as I'm sure everyone wants her too, but Teddy and Hope will eventually have that chance to build a better relationship in a healthier environment though.


Ah, yes, these experiences are also experienced by me, lmfao. In this story, his sucky eating and sleep schedule is partly due to the fact that the major he chose is incredibly difficult to graduate with, and it's also partly due to depression and anxiety on some level, yes. I hint at it with the somewhat pessimistic lens he views life, the tiredness he feels from most social interactions, as well as the occasional apathy he feels in chapter four. I don't mention any of this explicitly though, it's just sort of supposed to be assumed. He's on his way to recovery, (as referenced by the fact that he does go to therapy, which is told in chapter three), and I think he'll learn to wane off those habits slowly.


Teddy deserves happiness! And I think he'll get there too, don't worry! 


Your thoughts were very helpful for me, and eased some of my festering doubt about this story. Thanks for swapping! xx

Name: belgian quaffle (Signed) · Date: 11 Jul 2019 03:03 AM · For: how to live life?

Hi there! Here for the first of our review swaps! Sorry about the wait!


lol so relatable to not even realize how messed up his sleep schedule is! I lvoe how naturally Teddy just seems to fit in with Victoire's family and how friednly and welcoming they are to him. It seems to be a stark contrast between Teddy's family. We got to see a bit more of how different they are at the end of this first section and see the issues Teddy's dealing with internally regarding his sister. He's definitely in a tough place there.


Bill being so classic overprotective dad was low key hilarious to me. He did it in the right way, I guess, which I think was why it was so funny. Like he just wants his daughter to be dating someone nice who treats her well but he totally understands that whoever she dates is her choice. Teddy's panic answer was great. 


Bellatrix remains THE WORST! A terrible aunt and guardian all around. No wonder Teddy has such inner turmoil. She remains terrible. I think it's good for Teddy to talk about it a little though, if he's ready for it, and good that he has Victoire to listen (except man, talk about packing the punches. imagine knowing that you were almost a part of this lovely extended family instead). It's great to see Teddy and Victoire grow closer in this chapter. There's so many different moments that we can see them getting closer and growing together, but nothing totally obvious. It seems so natural. Great chapter!


Name: sibilant (Signed) · Date: 06 Jul 2019 01:39 PM · For: dragon's breath

Hi there! I’m here, finally, with your requested review (it took me entirely too long, so sorry!)


I love stories that revolve around themes of family and fake dating is one of my absolute favorite tropes so this fic is shaping up to be like catnip for me haha. I feel so much for Teddy in this first chapter—his aunt is obviously abusive and his sister doesn’t help either : I really loved the way that you described his internal tension, with having to take care of Ellie but not wanting to. I wonder if he feels guilty about that, considering that she’s his little sister? (Or maybe he doesn’t? Either way, it says something really interesting about his character).


I also really loved the scene with Victoire and Teddy. I feel like Vic probably should’ve pried a little more—but I don’t think she knows too much about Teddy’s situation? I really loved when she was talking about her mother’s Korean food. It’s so clear that she’s very connected to her family and I absolutely loved the way that you portrayed Teddy’s jealousy of that. It felt really real and relatable. 


And the FAKE DATING. That’s such an awkward situation lmao but I also think it makes sense, considering how much Vic loves her family. I like that you didn’t try to force that situation to arise out of shame from her family, but simply out of love for her family. I feel like it again posits her family as a huge contrast to Teddy’s. I’m looking forward to learning more about your interpretation of the Wotters, and maybe even seeing how they’re fractured and not perfect, but can be fractured and not perfect in a way that complements Teddy’s fractures and imperfections.


I’m especially looking forward to Teddy and Harry meeting, because imo the happy ending in this fic would absolutely be Teddy being adopted by Harry! But I get the feeling it’s going to be a wild and sad ride up until that point haha. I’m excited for it though :D 


Thank you you for sharing this fic, and requesting a review! 


<3 Shreya

Name: down-in-flames (Signed) · Date: 05 Jul 2019 02:12 AM · For: dragon's breath

hi sunshine - here with your challenge review! (as a disclaimer, i’m only reviewing this chapter, but i’m going to read the whole thing for judging purposes.)


first of all, just out of curiosity, is this connected to glass at all, or is it just the same characters? I know some people tend to write everything in the same universe, whereas others (myself included) write the same characters in totally different universes. i’m thinking it’s the latter for this story, yeah? since teddy knows victoire from childhood in glass, and it seems that he only met her when he started uni in this fic. (hi i wrote this before reading your author's note, i feel like an idiot now)


but that being said, I can definitely see similarities in your characterization of teddy in glass and your characterization of teddy in this fic. he’s got a really rough family life, with a manipulative guardian figure who he wants nothing more than to get away from, and he’s just very reserved and timid on the whole. but he also seems more likely to stand up for himself than teddy does in glass, although part of that may be due to maturity and gaining a little more confidence as he’s grown up and gone away for school (and thus separated himself from his family life a little bit). also, the level of petty in occupying a table for longer than you wanted to purely because someone else was rude about wanting it even though you’ve got a test tomorrow is precisely my level of petty - I really relate to teddy on that one.


but victoire already seems kind of perfect for him, because she seems very different from his nervous, timid side - she’s high energy and a bit more extroverted, and even from this first chapter alone, it seems like she brings out a different side of him? they balance each other out, and it seems good. 


I also love that she so quickly offered to bring him home with her - it was timed right in the middle of teddy musing about how people just show sympathy and move on, so it shows victoire as being a bit different than that, because she actually *does* something to try to help him and to try to make his holiday better, instead of just brushing it off.


but lol at victoire’s joke about teddy being her boyfriend being taken seriously - also teddy’s whole thing about ‘i’ve not corrected them yet, it’s going to be awkward now because i’ve waited too long and the longer I wait the awkwarder it gets so i’m just not going to correct anyone’ is a mood. and their little conversation later makes it very obvious that they both - whether they know or are willing to acknowledge it or not - already sort of have feelings for each other, and I can only imagine that those will definitely continue to grow as the story goes on.


a wonderful first chapter, I can’t wait to read the rest! thanks for entering my challenge!



Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 29 Jun 2019 05:23 PM · For: morning dew

I was hoping in some Harry interaction, to be honest... I'm still not sure how much or how little familiar Teddy and Hope are with the Potters... they surelt have a lot of connections with the Weasleys, though. I wasn't expecting the Molly thing, and Hope turning up at the Burrow, at all.

I think Teddy and Victoire are super cute! It's pretty obvious that they like each other, and they should really talk it through before things get out of hand... but I also do understand Teddy's reluctance... getting into a relationship requires a lot of trust and I can see why it would be hard for him to trust someone at that level. (I don't think he should be worrying about academic committments, though... that shouldn't be an obstacle to sentiments...)

It was so nice to see Fred alive! <3 I wasn't expecting it, but why not, after all? :) The Weasleys must be a bit overwhelming, though. I don't envy poor Teddy, so many new people to meet at once, and all of them showing so much interest in him for no apparent reason... I would be so embarrassed... :/

Of course George would pull something up like the mistletoe... but the kiss was so sweet! I'm curious to know what's going on in Victoire's head, though. Teddy's perspective is a bit... narrow? He isn't the most observant of guys, which is okay, but it makes me super curious about what everyone else is thinking. :P

Another nice chapter. Thank you again for the swap :)

Snowball hug,


Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 29 Jun 2019 04:14 PM · For: how to live life?

Hi, dear! First review for our swap! :)

Okay, but... why insisting so much to obtain the custody of two children if you have no actual interest in them/their wellbeing/etc? Also, that's quite the coincidence, that Teddy and Victoire would meet by chance at university, without knowing each other, and discover much later that they have this "family connection". I wonder if this is going to turn up again at the Christmas gathering at the Burrow. What will Harry's reaction be at meeting his godson again after all this time? Will he try to take him and Hope away from Bellatrix? (Well, technically Teddy is already an adult and can't be taken away from anyone, but Hope is still minor, right?)

I love Louis! Children at that age are the cutest! Yeah, a bit annoying, maybe, but nonetheless... :P

Bill giving Teddy the "what are your intentions with my daughter" talk... that was funny (maybe not so much for poor Teddy... bet he's already regretting the whole fake-date idea... although maybe not... looks like he doesn't mind the proximity... :P) I can't believe he actually asked Bill if he thought Victoire was a good person?! In which reality is it normal to ask such a question to a father about his child? Especially during a conversation like that? I'm glad Bill didn't take it badly, but honestly, Teddy! I understand awkwardness around strangers, but this is taking it to a whole new level... :O

This was an interesting chapter. I'll move on to the next one now.

Thank you for swapping! :)


Name: crestwood (Signed) · Date: 28 Jun 2019 02:47 AM · For: how to live life?

Hey Sunshine! Here for the second part of our swap.

I laughed at Teddy’s little slip up at the beginning of the chapter. I always find it funny when people do things like that and apologize, drawing even more attention to it. 

Your description of the recipe made me suddenly crave a cheesecake, which is too bad, considering the fact that I’m lactose intolerant. But, regardless, I love when people incorporate descriptions of food in their writing. 

I love Louis so much - he is the cutest! I hope we get to see a lot more of him in this story! 

Thrilled to see Victoire already beginning to lowkey flirt with Teddy when there’s no reason to since no one is watching. This is my favorite stage of fake dating, by far. 

Teddy’s sudden flood of tears was actually sort of hard to read. I related a lot to not being the type to cry in front of people, but having those specific situations where you just kind of can’t avoid it and I know how that can make you feel. Excellent writing in that scene. 

The talk with Bill was also just exceptional. Especially ‘She feels like home’ - a line worthy of being made titular. 

Bellatrix is just as evil as I suspected she would be. Possibly worse. Teddy really must not have ever gotten much of a break. Reading that she won a custody battle just to behave like this is crushing, too. She didn’t even tell Teddy about it, ever. He would have been so much better off if she just hadn’t and I can practically imagine how he’d have grown up in the absence of all of this trauma. 

This story is so emotionally stirring, as I’ve come to expect from you. Great job with this one! I hope to be back soon. 



Name: crestwood (Signed) · Date: 28 Jun 2019 02:47 AM · For: dragon's breath

Hello Sunshine! Here for the first part of our swap. 

I love the first line of this, it sets the tone perfectly. Your Teddy in this story is definitely a glum guy, but as far as I can tell, he has plenty of reasons to be. You’re incredibly good at depicting these complicated family dynamics and I don’t know of anyone else writing such contentious families - it strikes me as something that’d be pretty difficult to balance the way you do. 

Bella is just awful, of course, but I think the most interesting piece of this argument that’s sprung out of Teddy’s decision is with his sister Hope. I’m not fully sure I’ve pinned down the nature of their relationship yet. They seem as though they do genuinely care for one another, even considering their harsh interaction to start this chapter. 

I’m a huge fan of this version of Victoire, she feels like just the person that could potentially loosen Teddy up. I think it was a good choice to make them, not completely strangers, but not know each other all that well - it sets up this Christmas at her place to be both slightly awkward and illuminating. 

Teddy is a good sport not to correct her parents about the fact that they aren’t dating without first checking with her. It’s also possible he was just too surprised to say much of anything. 

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a fake dating plot that wasn’t really planned by either of the people involved, but here we are. I’m excited to see where it goes! 

I’m not sure where I’d sort Teddy, but I do know that this version of him is so much more outspoken than Glass!Teddy. It’s like you’ve turned him up to eleven and I’m so here for it! 


Thank you for writing! 

Name: RoRoWeasley (Signed) · Date: 21 Jun 2019 09:38 PM · For: dragon's breath

Hi sunshine, I'm here (finally!) for our review swap!

This was a fun chapter! Muggle AUs are not usually my thing but you transferred everything over to our world really well. I'm sad that Teddy doesn't have a good relationship with his family - I'm guessing Remus and Tonks aren't around as we know? I gasped out loud rather loudly when Bellatrix popped up, even if it was just a mention! And Teddy has a sister? BLESS! 

Awww, Victoire is super sweet having Teddy over for the holidays. And Christmas at the Burrow? That's gonna be WILD! Their friendship is rather sweet and I'm looking forward to seeing their feelings develop! 

Haha, when Bill came into Teddy's room to invite him down for dinner I was totally expecting the Dad-Boyfriend talk XD 

Forehead kisses are the best, just saying *heart eyes* 

I really ship these two!!! xox

Name: you-make-me-wander (Signed) · Date: 20 Jun 2019 05:35 PM · For: morning dew

And back for Chapter 3, and once more doubling this for BvB's Blue Team!

Yes, they're at The Burrow. I've been waiting for this :D I can totally imagine how tiring it must be for boyfriends/girlfriends of anyone in the clan to be introduced to everyone else, plus being grilled for dating one of their own. It must be quite the experience, and I gotta say Teddy took it like a champ.

One thing that confused me though, was their interaction with George. Is George suspicious of Teddy's and Victoire's arrangement? Is that why he asked them if they had already kissed? Because that's not something that someone would ask to a couple who has supposedly been dating for some time and I guess I just found it a bit odd, despite the prank with the mistletoe at the end.

I was not expecting Hope to show up, so that was a nice surprise. While not planned, it was good for Teddy and Hope to discuss a couple of things that had been bothering them, and so now they're better for it. Although it's tragic, of course, that first Teddy and now Hope are being subjected to Bella's abuse and blackmail. I'm hoping they'll find a way to deal with it soon.

I'm rather enjoying the differences between the universe of your story and canon. Your approach is different, and interesting, and ties with things we already knew and took for granted from canon really well, so keep on going.

As for the questions you asked at the end of the chapter, I think they do seem plausible. I think a little more detail about how they were during the year they've known each other and their feelings would benefit the plot as the stor goes, but overall I'm liking what I'm reading :)

Feel free to snag an open slot on my request reviews thread whenever you update.


Name: you-make-me-wander (Signed) · Date: 20 Jun 2019 02:53 PM · For: how to live life?

Back for Chapter 2, and again doubling it for BvB's Blue Team.

To begin with, I liked how comfortably welcomed Teddy was into their household, so much so that Louis took a like to Teddy instantly. It was sweet that young Louis wanted to spend time with both Victoire and Teddy :)

His struggles with university life are funny to read and all to reminiscing of my own time studying. God knows we totally forego a steady schedule lol

On a more serious note, I can relate all too well with Teddy's struggle about Hope and family loyalty. It's even sadder to think of his meltdown somewhere that is unfamiliar to him, and with the family of his supposed girlfriend bound to notice that something about him is off, when it's something so personal. I'm hoping he will eventually open up with Victoire about everything, and that she can stand by him as he figures out some way to deal with it.

Also, Bill is just such a dad! I haven't read many fics with him, but the ones that I have usually portray him as the male version of his mother. Kind, funny, present and available to help in any way possible... It's sweet, and endearing, and exactly how I picture him! I absolutely loved his conversatin with Teddy, and I'm sure he was a little taken aback by what Teddy said about Victoire, but in no time Bill will see it with his own eyes, no doubt.

I'm glad that Teddy decided to confide in Victoire, and that he can open up with her about all the abuse he's been through. Also, it's good that you shed some light on how Teddy and Hope ended up under the care of Bellatrix and not Harry, since it's so different from canon.


Name: you-make-me-wander (Signed) · Date: 19 Jun 2019 10:35 AM · For: dragon's breath

Hey Sunshine. Here for your swap reviews ^^ I'll double them as reviews for BvB's Blue Team.

I'm always such a sucker for the fake dating trope, so thank you for suggesting this story. And as for Teddy and Victoire, I feel like they have great potential for me to like them as a couple, although I truly haven't read that many stories with them so far.

The fact that this story isn't  the traditional "they've known each other for ages when they realize they're in love" trope is also appealing to me, since I rather enjoy reading and writing things that are a little out of the norm :)

That said, I wasn't expecting Teddy to have been raised in such living conditions, and I can definitely understand why such a festive time of the year, like Christmas, would put him off.

It was nice of Victoire to invite him so Teddy wouldn't have to spend the holidays alone, but are they in a pickle now! I'm thinking Victoire already has feelings for him, given that she's talked plenty about Teddy with her parents and it wasn't apparently difficult to sell to her folks that she was dating him, even if she meant it unintentionally. And as for Teddy, I think he's aware of her and a bit smitten, yet unaware of his feelings for her at this stage (and hers for him).

Cannot wait for them to go spend time at The Burrow. I'm guessing por Teddy will have a much harder time sorting out that chaos than now at Shell Cottage ;p


Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 09 Jun 2019 09:15 PM · For: dragon's breath

Hi, dear! Here for our swap!

Well, this is an... interesting situation. :P I can't believe they are actually going along with it, but then again Teddy seems to already have a quite big infatuation with her, so... :P I can't even begin to imagine the mess that will be the Burrow... ahahah!

But poor Teddy... I can imagine that being raised by "Aunt Bellatrix" must not be funny (if she is anything like canon Bellatrix... and even if she isn't, you make it quite clear that she isn't easy to deal with...) It's so sad that he feels so out of place with his family. The fight with his sister was so sad, too. And his hate for Christmas... I mean, I sort of get it, it can be overwhelming, I guess... but the atmosphere of Christmas... it should be a time of happiness for everyone (religion aside, it's really not that much about religion at all, let's be honest)

I honestly have no idea where I would sort your Teddy... I feel like he's a bit Slytherin-ish, with all his hate for the world? Or maybe, it's a bit Gryffindor-ish as well... he's obviously extremely proud and the way he stood up to his family... but then, again, I feel like he's too reserved and quiet for a Gryffindor, so Slytherin, it is. :P

And well... I feel like his anger and pride are exactly what make him different from glass-Teddy, too? Like, glass-Teddy is sweeter and more pliable, more fragile, in a way. Although that might just be a age thing, he was a child in the chapters I read, and I guess glass-Teddy could easily grow up to be home-Teddy, so it's hard to say.

Anyway, this was an interesting start to your story, and surely an approach to fake dating that I'd never seen before (not that I've read that many fake dating fics before) so well done for the originality! And for the writing style, too! You have some truly pretty description and I feel like your writing have matured a lot since some of your previous stories I've read! Well done! ;)

Thank you so much for the swap and a huge snowball hug rolling your way!



Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 03 Jun 2019 11:50 AM · For: dragon's breath

Hi!  I'm here for our swap :)


I love a good fake dating story and I love Teddy/Victoire, so I was really intrigued to read this!  I've actually never read a story with Teddy and Victoire fake-dating before - probably because most of the time they've known each other for so long that it's kind of an inevitable thing that they willd date - but I thought it was an original couple to choose!


The opening scene gave us a really good picture of Teddy and his feelings towards his family and towards Christmas more generally, which I thought was a good set-up for the fact that he would end up going to Victoire's for Christmas instead, even though that wasn't really obvious from the beginning.  I also thought that you managed to hint at the difficult family situation and the (I'm guessing mostly emotional) abuse that's been taking place really well.  I couldn't blame Teddy for wanting to get out of it, not at all, but I feel sorry for him that he's so sure there'll be consequences for his decision not to spend Christmas at home later on.


I haven't read Glass, so I'm not sure if this is the same set-up as that, but I had a lot of questions about Teddy's family set-up with his sister and the Auntie (who later turned out to be Bellatrix) that he lived with.  There were a couple of moments in the opening sections when I felt a little like I was trying to piece that set-up together but I think it works if your intention is to show the way that Teddy tries to avoid dwelling on his family because it's such a difficult subject for him.  I would like to learn more about it in future chapters, though!


Victoire was so lovely!  Compared to Teddy she felt like a breath of fresh air, in her happiness and enthusiasm for life, despite the fact that she's just finished her course and exams and everything.  I loved the way that Teddy seemed a bit baffled by the fact that she was hanging around even when his flatmate wasn't there - it's pretty clear that she has feelings of some sort for him, even if she's not admitted it to herself yet.


Speaking of which, I thought the fact that Teddy and Victoire hadn't actually known each other that well for years - and that Teddy didn't really know her family - was really original too and I'm looking forward to seeing him being introduced to everyone!


Even though this is an AU, I really loved the way that you portrayed the Weasleys we got to see in this chapter.  They're definitely as warm and welcoming as I'd imagine and I thought you could see that in the way that Victoire talked so enthusiastically about Christmas and the fact she wanted to share a happy Christmas with Teddy, because she's had the privilege of them.  Then Bill and Fleur accepting him so easily into their home at Christmas, too.


The introduction to the family was kind of hilarious - I love how Victoire forgot to mention that she'd sarcastically agreed that Teddy was her boyfriend and then the two of them are landed in a fake-dating situation.  It was a really fun way for that to come about, neither of them really responsible - except in the way that they decided to go along with it - but I suspect Victoire's liked him for a while anyway, if she's been talking about him enough for her parents to assume he's her boyfriend anyway.


And they're spending part of Christmas day at the Burrow!  This is going to be fun to read!


Sian :)

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