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Name: abhorsen (Signed) · Date: 17 Mar 2017 05:16 AM · For: Carina

Heyyy, I'm here for BvB!


This is so good. You capture Tom perfectly. This shows a different side than the one Harry saw, for fairly obvious reasons, but while it's more human, it's no less chilling. The Voldemort we see in the books is a terrible person, his motivations and tactics are pretty far removed from what most of us face in our daily lives. This Voldemort, however, is all too real - he's the kind of nightmare people (especially women) actually encounter and date, and I think that those of us who have been in unhealthy relationships can recognize a glimmer of them in his possessiveness and idolization and entitledness. It's so creepy.


You did an amazing job with Carina, too. She felt a little removed from the reader in a lot of ways, especially at first, but it felt like that was kind of the point - Tom doesn't see her as a proper person, just an object, and that ends up meaning that the readers see her that way, too. As the story goes on, though, it becomes really clear that she's someone who's really, really damaged by traumatic things that happened to her. He's used that to get inside her head and make her responsible for his misdeeds rather than help her deal with her losses, and it's so creepy but so, so relatable.


Amazing job. <3

Name: Margaret (Signed) · Date: 16 Mar 2017 06:02 PM · For: Carina

This sounds interesting and likely DARK.


I really like the way you have Tom describe her. It seems characteristic somehow. And then that part about how they would both be alive forever. Yikes. That was sort of creepy. Especially when we know how he intends to gain immortality. And I'm now wondering if he expects her to commit murder in order to split her soul. That would be interesting.


It's also kind of interesting that he seems to WANT her around forever. Considering how much of a loner Tom Riddle is, that is intriguing.


I can imagine that new students in older years would be unusual at Hogwarts. There wouldn't usually be much reason. Even if a student's family moved to England, well, they are at boarding school anyway and only seem to go home for Christmas, Easter and the summer and with all the modes of transport in the wizarding world, they could probably find a way to get to other countries fairly quickly.


You would think her family moving back and forth would have made home education less convenient. Unless of course they wanted to prepare her for both the N.E.W.T.s. and whatever France's equivalent is so she would have qualifications relevant to wherever she chose to make her home. I would have thought that boarding school would be an easier choice if her parents were moving a lot though.


I really like your mention of the Knights. The shortened version makes a lot of sense as it is unlikely they'd use the full title in all circumstances and it makes it seem so normal, an ordinary part of their lives.


Oooh, I would have expected her to be in Slytherin, if only so that Tom had more contact with her. The fact that you have had her placed in Ravenclaw is interesting. I'm guessing you have a specific reason for that.


I like the way it sounds as if Abraxas's father is arranging his marriage. It makes sense considering how obsessed the purebloods are with maintaining their blood purity. Get their children married young so there is no danger they will meet anybody unsuitable.


I really like the way he speaks of "owning" her. It is exactly how I would expect him to feel about anybody he dated, as if they were property rather than an independent human being. And I love his general distaste for kissing. Again it fits his character. He is so aloof and looks down on most people so much that you wouldn't expect him to want to have too much physical contact with them.


Yikes! I had been wondering what had made her infamous, but to be honest, I was imagining something like a modelling career or something else that put her in the media at a young age. I DEFINITELY hadn't considered something like this. I wonder who DID attack them.


Hmm, that is even MORE intriguing. If the attackers, whether Muggle or wizard had not used their wands, how come the family did not overpower them. It would probably be easy for wizards to cast a spell that would disarm Muggles or just kill them with one wave of a wand. Perhaps they were asleep. Or drugged. Or perhaps there is something more to this. 


*grins at the reference to mock examinations* As a substitute teacher, I've had great fun with THAT term. Some schools in Ireland say "mocks", others say "pres" and it seems whichever term I use, the students are used to the other and get confused.


Yeah, a boggart sounds more like an O.W.L. level test than a N.E.W.T. one, but I see Carine's point. It's actually one of the things that has occurred to me, that that class could be really difficult for some students, especially like the year after Deathly Hallows when most of the students would have experienced torture or abuse or at least witnessed others experience those. I once used a boggart scene to reveal a character's background a little dramatically. It could be a very traumatic experience for somebody with PTSD or an anxiety disorder.


Poor, poor girl. Unless there is some major twist to come (like her being involved in the murders) losing her entire family must have been extremely traumatic. And now she is faced with Tom Riddle, who is unlikely to mean her well in the long term.


And her trauma has now been revealed. Poor girl. It's hardly surprising she's having nightmares.


There's dark humour in his reaction to her question as to whether he has seen his father die.


You haven't skipped a line between the second and third paragraph of section VIII, like you have between the others.


I LOVE your hints about the situation in France at the time. The idea that her family basically use Muggleborns as slaves and the Ministry turn a blind eye. It is always interesting to get hints as to the politics and history of other wizarding nations.


I'm now wondering if the character is really Carine or Corrine. It's not impossible a switch could have taken place.


And THAT explains what Carine never went away to school. 


OK, my thoughts of a switch were obviously mistaken.

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 19 Nov 2016 05:53 AM · For: Carina

***Transferred from HPFF***

Oh my God!!!
This was so behond perfect!!!
I have no words to comment this!!!
The way you dig inside Tom's personality, so deeply, so perfectly... And Carina is such a perfect character as well, so perfectly carved... I wish I could write a long and thoughtful review, but I'm just stunned and speechless...

This was supposed to be a belated birthday review, but I'm afraid it didn't work very well, I'm sorry... Just know that I think you are incredibly talented and that you did a magistral work on this!!!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!
Sending you tons of hugs and love!!!

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