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Name: Ineke (Signed) · Date: 29 Dec 2019 10:20 PM · For: Nuclear Love

HIYA KRIS as I said - it’s time to spread some holiday cheer here and I’m all for the Drastoria here!


‘as these things usually do’ yeah sure things usually start with that oh my god

okay, thats a nice way to set the setting, but also to get to know the char more. I can imagine it’s harder to brush things of like family after it might feel like youve already lost anything and cant deal with more so then you just bear it


oh daaamn i love the fact that she’s so against it all that she wouldve congratulated the person commiting the murder. daaang im here for it


well i can see why people would choose not to pick a side but there’s nothing wrong with fighting for what you believe in either


that is one beautiful sentence there, with the fact that scars are only skin deep, and the choice was never there to make after all, because there was none


i truly love the strength, i truly do


‘she’s not yet displayed signs that she speaks with the dead’ is it bad that i had to laugh at this?


i am with draco and wanting to bolt and of course lucius escaped azkaban, of course he did


i truly think the memories do make her stronger, even if they’re traumatising as hell. I don’t think forgetting would help in the slightest




that is a pretty good reason to be at the funeral tbh


ha alcohol sounds like a good plan on days like those


oh the grandmother rant is coming isnt it?


here we goooo




oh daaang this escalated real fast


truly a fair reason to go to draco, because those tales sounded dreadfully boring in my book


this dynamic between the two of them is everything to be honest


draco dated daphne?


ASTORIA IS A GRYFFINDOR I LIKE THIS, ALSO THE REBELLION? Im dead sure people like sirius would’ve loved her


okay that shagging truly was fast and full of need but also like avoiding all that hurts, but honestly, astoria, walking barefoot in snow is truly not the best idea


oh draco is genuinely curious. i wonder if hes gonna feel bad about asking about friends


HERE WE ARE THE LOOK OF HORROR i was right thank god and oh my god he reaches out damn man he has some compassion


oooh he lied about meeting someone damn the man is sly


i also did not expect dracos bedroom to be that light dang


draco being unsure oh my god i love that


he just gets her oh my god and he called her pretty dang


daamn draco a war hero? maybe a bit of a stretch indeed


draco does make a valid point re the touching but i doubt they can hold that up


draco talking about teddy is making me melt


daaamn shes truly lost when its about draco like she cant even focus on a conversation shes legit falling for him already


yeah no i get that daphne is worried but no not when he acts like that no def not i dont believe it




he is doing it on pu JESUS CHRIST KRIS


oh good god he has a right to be angry but survivors guilt is real and draco if u dont get that this means she truly cares about you and just doesnt wanna screw up then goddd



Name: sibilant (Signed) · Date: 07 Jun 2019 01:07 PM · For: Nuclear Love

HI KRIS! I’m here with your requested review and oh man, I’m so glad you requested this. I was glad that you dropped by my thread at all, but wow, I’m so glad I had a chance to review this! I can totally see why it won a FROG (congrats btw!) and it’s probably one of my favorite works of yours that I’ve read.


I’ve always been fascinated by Astoria as a characten; I think everyone has a slightly different interpretation of her, and this is one of the only ones I’ve read that actually made her a Gryffindor, which I thought to be a really unique choice. I’m curious about what motivated that—it made me think about how you’ve mentioned that you’re probably a Gryffindor secondary. And then I was thinking about your comments of how similar Slytherin and Gryffindor are, and I definitely saw that depicted in this fic. There’s an intense sense of loyalty in both, and I think that might be why Draco and Astoria understood one another so well?


Oh man, Draco and Astoria. Kris, I’m pracfically drowning in feelings right now. You’re so good at writing gritty romances like this, where both characters are at least a little messed up and where nothing really happens in the conventional order, but it’s all really a mess. (Actually, you’re good at writing messy things in general; I was comparing Astoria to Quinn a lot in my head and a little bit to Ethan too, and was struck by how similar they are in that they’re all explosive and angry and intense, and you’re so good st writing characters like that, where their tension and rage feels so well justified.) I really loved Astoria and Draco’s relationship for a number of reasons, but I think the major one to me was that I really see them as each other’s family.


I honestly saw this fic as both of them seeking families, after the war destroyed their own families. Sometimes in a literal sense (it seems like Astoria lost all of her friends, the people she really considers her family—though I have many thoughts about her relationship with her actual biological family) and sometimes in a figurative sense, in Draco’s case. I’ve always been drawn to stories about family of any kind, so that arc in the story made me really emotional. I loved how different their perspectives on family were. I felt that Draco was far more open to the idea of family, of finding a new family—I really loved him talking about Teddy. (That also felt like the first time Astoria really understood him?) And I loved that Astoria seemed to have a much more neutered perspective about family—possibly due to grief.


I think that’s why it made so much sense to me that Astoria wasn’t really that close to her actual family. I thought part of it was that she’s a Gryffindor so she fundamentally disagrees with her family (which was definitely communicated in the funeral scene), but by the time I got to the scene with Daphne, I had a different understanding. I think that in truth, Astoria could be close to her actual family, but her grief made it impossible for her to be close to anyone. I had chills when she told Daphne that she didn’t have anyone else, and I really felt so much of her pain, the isolation. What a powerful moment—and it made the following moment with Draco even sweeter and more tender.


I think that all I really wanted to see that I felt was missing was some closure with Astoria’s actual family. I thought that Daphne would’ve been really hurt when Astoria said she didn’t have anyone else because Daphne was there for her, and I was hoping to see some reconciliation there. I think that might be just me though; sisterly relationships are so important to me personally, so that’s why I had this kind of incomplete feeling walking away from this fic.


Astoria and Draco’s relationship though...oh man. I think my heart might explode from feels.


This was amazing. Thank you for sharing! 


<3 Shreya

Author's Response:



astoria as gryffindor - i really liked the idea of her being a sort of black sheep in her family (though not really because they are a way...which is difficult to see in nuclear love because astoria is in pain, she's suffering, all the guilt and anger she feels aren't channeled properly or dealt with so almost nothing besides that comes through)..and being friends with colin creevey, staying in the battle of hogwarts (lionheart is about astoria during the battle), talking her friends into staying as well - it all just amounted into this character i can't let go of. she's deeply broken, she's flawed and reckless and does things without thinking about them too much which she regrets afterward but still stays true to them, she's loyal....and i don't know, ultimately gryffindor seemed like the only logical choice for her house at the point where now i have difficulty imagining her anywhere else.


you're definitely right that i like writing messy characters, messy situations but i think that's because life is messy and definitely not perfect and people suffer, especially people who have lived through a war (i'm probably influenced by having been born during a war and having grown up around people who were affected by it a lot) - war leaves a trace and, unless you're a sociopath or a psychopath, there's no way to live through it and be great. so i've tried my best to write about astoria in that broken, guilty-feeling (both survivor's guilt and especially the guilt she feels for having talked her friends into staying as well) way. and draco is broken, too, but unlike astoria, he's much better at hiding his broken-ness and it helps that for him, things are a lot better than they were during the war in terms of not having to worry about his whole family getting killed, as opposed to astoria, who thinks of herself mostly in terms of her guilt and sadness. draco didn't lose his closest friends (i've always thought of crabbe and goyle as henchmen of sorts?) - instead, his family was saved, despite a lot of things being against them (both voldy and the ministry...) so i think of him as being more open to a friendship and/or a relationship than astoria and that's how he ends up being the first to admit he might be in love with her. the idea of him becoming close to teddy was always one of my favourite headcanons because teddy needs all the family he can get and draco needs it too :D


yes, she's close with her family in a way (after all, she goes to a death eater funeral for the sake of her mother!) but the way she's feeling, it's difficult for her to show it, it's too painful. so she distances herself from them. but nuclear love is mostly about draco and her so we see more of her family and their interactions in the sequel :P


thank you again for such a wonderful review!!



Name: Noelle Zingarella (Signed) · Date: 06 Jun 2019 10:05 PM · For: Nuclear Love

Hi Kris! I’m here from your forum request (and also for June 2019 RvG, team Red).


Oh my goodness, I LOVED this story!! I’m not even sure where to start. How about with Astoria herself: the fact that she’s a Gryffindor (whoot!), she’s tough, a surviver, she’s just going and going and going and afraid to stop because then she’ll have to deal with the fact that she bravely fought in a war way too young and a lot of her friends died. And she’s strong enough to keep going for a long time, but eventually she’s going to crack. And, even though she is strong and is putting up this “I don’t give a d— front” she’s actually all heart and is deeply disturbed by witnessing her friends’ deaths (and really the whole seventh year at Hogwarts). I want to hug her and shake her at the same time. (As a Gryffindor married to a Slytherin, I have to say that I think it is a great, if sometimes volatile, combination.)   :)


And your Draco! He’s so perfect—in control, except when he’s not. He’s also been scarred by everything he had to witness and do during the war, but the stakes were so high for him that I doubt he’s used to showing anyone his actual emotions. But he has a heart too, and it seems like it’s telling him to reach out to Astoria Greengrass for both of their good.


Your first line was stellar—I laughed out loud and had to stop for a minute before going on so that I could savor it fully. The idea of starting out a love story at a funeral is brilliant—especially a love story between these two particular people. I also adore that Astoria can’t stand the person who died, is only there to appease her mother, and promptly spends the gathering after the funeral getting completely drunk, threatening her grandmother at wandpoint, and having drunken sex with Draco Malfoy. It was brilliantly written and like watching a train wreck—I could not look away for a second. (P.S. all of your sexy scenes throughout this story were simply perfect.)


I want to hug Draco in the next scene on New Year’s Eve because he starts out trying to play it cool in the bar (yeah, right, he’s ‘meeting someone’) but then he’s the one in the morning who is asking if they can be friends. He’s obviously realized that she’s someone special and he doesn’t want to let her get away. And then he comes to see her at work and he really seems to get what she went through in the war and why she’s upset in a way that nobody else in her life does. The photo that Colin took was an excellent touch and made me weepy. I’m glad at the end of this scene that Astoria decides they can be friends. And I’m also glad that she stipulates the “no sex” rule, because I really want these two to develop a serious relationship and be together forever.


The letters are sooooo sweet and I’m not surprised that Astoria’s sister picks up on what’s going on. Of course Astoria is half in love with Draco, even if she doesn’t want to admit it to herself. The fact that Draco can’t produce a Patronus makes me sad, but I’m excited to think about Astoria teaching him. I hope that you’ll tell us what it is in a later story too. A vixen suits Astoria nicely.


I also adore that Astoria’s dad is some mob guy and that Astoria is his enforcer (actually Astoria in this story reminds me a bit of Miranda). I can picture her high on roughing up some gangster and going to Draco’s for a booty call. This whole scene was wonderful—the need and the raw emotions and Draco’s finally telling Astoria that he might be in love with her. But that’s too much for her—she doesn’t want to take the risk of losing someone else she loves. 


The final moment where Draco stops her from leaving and says that they need to be messed up and broken together was real and perfect. 


Please come back to my thread any time!! :D




Author's Response:

hey noelle, i'm finally getting around to doing some review responses :D


i think your summary of astoria's character and everything she's desperately trying to deal with is pretty spot on! my whole series about astoria (and draco) focuses pretty heavily on the effects that trauma can have on a person, the way that before a 'happily ever after' there has to be coping and dealing with everything...and that ultimately, there might never be a 'happily ever after', at least not in the fairy tale-ish sense because reality is not like that. and the effects of trying to do a good thing that ends up going very badly are serious, especially when you lose all your friends :I


with draco, it's different because things are much better for him now than they were before voldemort was killed and so, even though he's hurt and scarred and everything else, he still manages to find it in him to reach out, to comfort her in a way he seems to think is best and ultimately, to place a lot of importance in family - both in his relationship with teddy (and andromeda) and with astoria, who, when he falls in love (or starts falling in love with her) becomes his family in a way. and in the books, all he ever did was for his family (not counting the stupid kid/teenage-y rival stuff he had going with harry).


at this point, i have no idea how i originally thought up the whole greengrasses are criminals thing but now i can't imagine them or astoria in any other way haha - i'm glad you like that aspect of the story because it's always a bit hard when you're writing something unusual, to think of how people will respond to it. but honestly, the magical world has so much criminal-element potential that it seems like a very fun thing to explore. and astoria working for her dad gives her a perfect excuse to sometimes lash out at people and to generally keep herself busy which gives her less time to dwell on everything that happened.


i'm really glad you liked the story (and i'll probably come back with a sequel to this haha :P )



Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 03 Jun 2019 11:14 AM · For: Nuclear Love

Hi Kris!  Here for our swap!


I've been meaning to read this story for ages so I'm really glad to finally get the chance to - I've only heard brilliant things about it and it definitely didn't disappoint.  Draco and Astoria is a pairing I love reading because there's just so much that you can do with it - we know essentially nothing about Astoria and every iteration of this couple is so different.  But I really loved seeing your take on them and the different things that you've brought to their characters and relationship.


Even from the very first lines, your characterisation of Astoria comes through so strongly here.  There's never any telling involved, but I loved the way that the details about her family and her past were dotted throughout the story and we got to learn more about her as we read.  But even in the first few lines, her stance on the Death Eater members of her family - and just Death Eaters in general - is so clear and she stands out as a really strong, independent character who's got defined beliefs on right and wrong.


The funeral was such an intriguing scene to open this story with, as well.  It was really effective because it wasn't the funeral of someone we know well from the books or even really care about, and Astoria really mirrored our apathy towards her uncle.  But I really liked the way that it allowed us to see the rest of her family and the people that she's associating with, and Astoria's views on them as well.  I've always imagined the Greengrasses as a family who weren't actually Death Eaters, even if they showed sympathies on either side - people who were careful to sit on the fence enough to stay safe - and I liked seeing that version of her father here, too.  Plus the funeral was a great way to show the time that had passed between the end of the books and the start of this story, hinting at the things that had happened in the meantime.


Of course, I loved Astoria.  She's a character I've always imagined going against the Death Eaters and pureblood prejudices but I like how open she is about her allegiances, not only the fact that she was in Gryffindor and proud of that, but how much disgust she has generally for Death Eaters.  From the start of the story it seems like there's something more underlying that and I thought it was really effective that we get to find that out towards the end.


Also, I actually kind of liked how broken Astoria was in this story?  I know that sounds really weird and obviously it's not a good thing that she's in such a dark place and struggling so much with the effects of the war and the things that she's lived through, but it was really refreshing to see an Astoria who was struggling too.  I think most versions of the Draco/Astoria pairing have Astoria as someone who's more together and less wounded by the war and she ends up being a healing influence for Draco.  I really like seeing this version of them together, and you sum it up in the last line - they're both broken but I think there's a sense of hope in the way that'll allow them to grow and heal together.


I was shipping Draco and Astoria so much through this story!  The chemistry between them was really obvious from the beginning, the hints at the shared history from a time when life was simpler for both of them, and then the attraction between them - even if it's apparently fuelled by alcohol at first, it's definitely there.


The scene with Daphne was really interesting too, because of the way that she thought of Draco - not just necessarily as someone who's not good enough for Astoria, but someone who's going to hurt her sister and that's what she wants to prevent.  I think seeing an outside perspective of Draco was really interesting and I liked the way that played into seeing the relationship grow into something more.


The two of them as friends was adorable - I really liked the way that both of them have spent so long putting on a brave face and pretending that they're fine and yet they manage to let that guard down and be honest with each other.  Both of them are lonely, and seeing that friendship grow between them was so sweet and happy compared to the darkness that colours most of Astoria's thoughts and everything that's happened in the past few years.  I loved seeing Draco moving on from the war and trying to atone for his mistakes, as well, and I just loved the two of them together.  


Alexander Greengrass being a crime lord is so intriguing and honestly I'd love to read more about that, too!


Celebrating Astoria's birthday with just the two of them felt really in character and appropriate for the rest of this story and I could tell something was going to happen in that scene... I was expecting them to sleep together, but I wasn't expecting Draco to be the one to admit he was falling in love with Astoria first.  I actually really loved that, and her reaction to it - the way that she was trying to protect herself and him by leaving and running away from it.  You could really tell that's all she's been doing for the last few years, and the pain of finding out that she's holding herself responsible for her friends' deaths, because she persuaded them to stay and fight... ugh, that was so tragic and I'm glad that Draco responded the way that he did in that moment and she had someone to hold her and remind her that she wasn't alone and she wasn't the only one who was struggling.


I loved the way that you ended this story and I can't wait to read the sequel before your entry for my challenge!


Sian :)

Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 18 May 2019 09:41 AM · For: Nuclear Love

Hi! Finally, I could reach to your Astoria. Thank you for twittering your swap offer. As I recognized you wrote the ship, Draco and Astoria, I had a plan to stop by, however my real life prevented me from it. So it was a good timing you offered this review swap.

 I am jealous of your Astoria. She was sorted to Gryffindor House not Slytherin, nor Hufflepuff. (Me, Pottermore always sorted as a Hufflepuff. Haha.) Most of the authors I have read, wrote her as a Slytherin or a Hufflepuff. So your style of writing her is new to me. It's sad to imagine her friends died after she encouraged them to fight back at the battle of Hogwarts, the worse was that only she survived. You set Draco, who also had struggled to find his place after the war, to comfort her both mentally and physically (mainly from their needs) and to my surprise, they turned to be just twenties, how young! You wrote Astoria's youth and her desperate and chaotic state, drunken almost days with alcohol, which let her grandmum worry. I got relieved to know they stopped before the situation would get more serious.

 It's impressive to read the scene, Draco was present at Astoria's uncle's funeral to make sure he was dead after practicing Crucio against Draco. And then he tried to be her friend, which attracts the readers' attention. You used his smile effectively here and there, which indicates Astoria will come to like and love him more. 


 All in all, time passes gently and passionately between these two people, I read your story feeling like as if I could watch the film, your writing style is very artistic just like your dark arts you create. :) 



Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 24 Apr 2019 04:54 PM · For: Nuclear Love

Heya, Kris! I'm here for our review swap and April EvS! #TeamSilver


I love how all your universes tie together and that there are nods to lionheart in this, even though this was written first. Plus, being able to see a bit more of Alexander Greengrass [even just a brief glimpse] made me happy -- nutrality in the war may make him more guilty than if he had chosen a side. Also, the entire opening scene was an awesome glimpse into Pureblood society in your 'Verse.  I think that the cold behavior at the funeral (whether it be "putting on a face" or general disinterest, & only going because they're obligated to do so) says a lot about how the Pureblood society works. There seems to be a distinct lack of empathy for the man, especially from Astoria (but, of course, he was a Death Eater). 


Aye, and there's so much in what follows next! Obviously, as a former Death Eater, Draco Malfoy isn't exactly what Astoria is probably looking for in companionship, but as she said, he'll have to do given the rest of the company at the funeral. The pure amount of desperation and need in their snogging and then, erm, sexy time session is almost overwhelming (in a good way). I especially love that she needs to forcibly ignore his Dark Mark to do...what she wants to do -- as it's acting as a reminder of the people who slaughtered all of her friends, scarred her, and killed many, many innocent people. Which is why, once her needs are fulfilled, it totally makes sense that she'd just leave, not proud of what she'd done but needing it in the moment. And although I can't see Draco's perspective on this, contextually it seems like he needed it as much as she did. 


Understandably, Astoria wouldn't want to be alone with her thoughts on New Year's Eve, especially given that those thoughts are of the muder of all of her friends. Just as understandably, Draco's shocked when he learns about this after he opens his big mouth. You seemed pretty into it a month ago. The absolute cheek on him! Despite being virtual strangers, I love that they keep falling together in their lonliness, because they must be just as lonely as the other, with Astoria's friends being gone and Draco being a virutal outcast for being a former Death Eater. There are very few stories in which I can firmly say that I like Draco Malfoy, and yet you've done it here. I mean, it usually does come in stories post-war, with Astoria...there's sometihng incredibly attractive about the ship during this period -- all the regrets and angst mixed in. Besides, I mean, "I can be your friend." my heart just melted! I can't! 


I know I said it in lionheartbut I love that Astoria dad's a crimelord, doing his secret bidding. There's so much more I want to know about Alexander Greengrass -- I'm desperate! Also, I feel like the pair of them need to sit down and talk about what happened during the war...I think they'd' both benefit from getting to know each other a little better. Which, it appears that they may, in fact, do just that, and I'm estatic that they're going to be friends (even if it's "without beneifits"), haha! And the scene with Draco going on about Teddy is so sweet -- I'm happy to see that Astoria is realizing why Draco did what he'd done a bit. I can see how Daphne has concerns (she is his ex, after all, and he isa former death eater), but that whole bit with Astoria being able to summon her patronus because Draco makes her feel alive again, and the whole I'll teach you -- honestly it's a squee-fest. I'm sailing this ship.


Ahh when do we get to read the story about Astoria nearly being killed in the Balkias!? I'm ready! Ugh, this whole ending scene with Draco and Astoria celebrating Astoria's birthday together and the whole I think I'm falling in love with you is just perfect. Plus, the way that Astoria keeps resisting her feelings until she finally explodes and talks to him, and then they're going to be a mess and chaotic together...ahhh it's awesome! I love it so much! 


Another amazing job! Thanks for the swap!



Name: RoRoWeasley (Signed) · Date: 09 Apr 2019 06:01 AM · For: Nuclear Love

Ahhhh, starbuck, this was absolutely beautiful! 

It is wonderfully written, and I could feel the pain and self-loathing Astoria was experiencing. The chemistry and sexual tension between her and Draco is just bright and glorious! I loved how you showed their relationship developing over time, it didn't feel rushed and you can just feel the battle she's having inside herself. Got to love Draco for being persistent but also patient, he won my heart in this. 

Your Drastoria complement each other (I dig Astoria as a Gryffindor!) and the final line about them being chaotic and broken together was gorgeous! I loved this so much, thank you for sharing with me :) xox

Author's Response:

omg, i'm so glad you liked it!


i tried to sort of foreshadow the reveal that it was astoria who convinced her friends to fight in the battle of hogwarts and how much she hates herself for it but do it in a way that's not too obviou. so she's got a drinking problem or at least, she likes to get drunk to forget things and/or just so she doesn't have to deal with things, she also has casual sex with draco because she's feeling desperate, she loves the adrenaline of working for her father because it means she doesn't have to think too's little things that ultimately add up as to the reason why she's feeling like that. so i'm glad you could feel it with her! ^_^


thank you so much for the lovely review!

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 03 Apr 2019 06:15 AM · For: Nuclear Love

Hi Kristina! I'm here with your requested review!


Yep, good first line. I'm sold. Hooked. It's done.


This is such a strong beginning. Not only is your writing so lovely--really clear and distinct and engaging--but I love this introduction to the Greengrass family. It takes no time for me to get a grasp on the characters, and I love how strong they feel they need to be, despite those who would love to see the family crack under pressure, and those who are there to try and make a profit from her uncle's death.


The language you use throughout this piece is so dark and it really creates this haunting, bleak atmosphere that I'm really enjoying.


I am absolutely living for the tension between Astoria and Draco (their dialogue is so natural and realistic, too) and I'm secretly squealing throughout that scene because I absolutely love it omg. There's just so much emotion and passion in not only that scene but in the story so far! From a funeral to drunken sex at a party... it's just amazing. The club is also an extremely vibrant place - I loved reading about it!


I also love that Astoria was in Gryffindor! I'm not sure I've seen that take on her before, but I think it's great, and definitely believable!


"We've been in each other's orbit for years and I have no clue who Draco Malfoy actually is." How realistic is this?! I think everyone has come across this sort of person over the years, especially during their school years. I love how believable this is.


Man, I can't say I've ever been ooooverly attracted to Draco Malfoy, but you, madam, are changing my mind. Whew, I need a glass of water. I love how he seems to know what she wants, how he provides some relief from the stifling presence that is her family. And those little notes? Ahh I just want to hug him! And how he slowly becomes at the forefront of all of Astoria's thoughts, and how he's the first one she wants to tell about something that happened... It's just the cutest! I ship it so hard. I love this organically developed relationship.


I also love (there's a lot I love about this story :P) all the new names to bands and clubs and so on. I love hearing what other people come up with. It makes an already bright Wizarding World even more vibrant.


I've read many Astoria stories and I have to say that your characterisation is one of my favourites.


"Would you rather own a dragon or a sphinx?" Draaaaaagon! I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a certain dragon movie on in front of me right now :P




Ahh this was so amazing! I'm so happy I read it, I really, really enjoyed it. Your Astoria and Draco are so alive on the page (screen?) and I loved watching their relationship develop, and their tension and emotions were so tangible. I loved watching Astoria slowly let herself love and be happy, even if she'll never truly be so okay on the inside after all she's been through, but the story ended on such a hopeful note. I hope you write more of them in the future, and let me know when you do!

Author's Response:

hey bianca! i've finally found the time to properly respond to this...awesome and amazing review that made my day instead of just re-reading it when i'm feeling down (other people do this, right?).


i'm so so glad oyu like the first line! it's actually the thing that started this whole story - it came to me when i was watching medici: masters of florence - the series starts with a funeral and it just hit me....and then the story sort of just unrolled from there and accidentally became an 8k monster-story.


the greengrasses are people i would love to write more about, especially the criminal empire side of things because i just really liked the idea of them being neutral and dealing with everyone during the wizarding wars, with alexander being extremely smart and slytherin-y and managing to survive. the family is strong and then you have astoria who is strong in a different way that ultimately led to her being....a tiny bit (er, not so tiny) broken. and so she feels very distanced from her whole family, not just because they might not share her values, but because they don't let anything crack them and show they're hurt, whereas she's barely keeping it together, sometimes self-medicating with alcohol and so on. her grandmother lost her son and she doesn't even seem flustered.


haha, you really made me smile with not being attracted to draco....i did try my best to sort of keep the personality we know but also show he's changing. i didn't like him all that much up until the end of HBP and DH - even with JKR not going too much into malfoy family dynamics, what she did show us was really something i liked. they would literally do anything for each other, they all loved each other and they were all scared. and they might not have made the right choices but ultimately, at least narcissa and draco, tried better people. so having draco become close with teddy and andromeda was also something i wanted to incorporate, to show how much he cares for when he befriends (sort of) astoria, he wouldn't want to drive her away. and he's extremely good at reading people (he always knew how to best hurt someone <.<).


inventing new names and stuff for the wizarding world is one of my favourite things to do when i'm writing fanfics! the howler is a club i previously invented in the art of being nonchalant and at some point i decided to keep all of my stories (except edge of oblivion) in the same universe so i liked the idea of reusing it here. but in TAOBN i also made up a lot of other stuff (new bands, diagon alley shops, new brooms....) - it was very fun!


thank you for such a lovely review, it literally makes me warm and fuzzy inside <3

Name: Aphoride (Signed) · Date: 17 Mar 2019 07:41 AM · For: Nuclear Love

Heyyyy!! So super congratulations on your FROG for this story, first of all ;) It's super, super well deserved! 


One of the things which I love when people explore it in stories is the kind of trauma people go through after things like the wars in canon - for a long time in fic it was so rare to see something which actually portrayed anything like ptsd or trauma or struggling to cope with something difficult in a genuine, serious, thoughtful way, so it's so lovely to see a whole bunch of stories - including this one - bringing that out. And you just do it so so well. The way they're broken and how reckless Astoria is, how she doesn't think before doing things (like, er, Draco :P), how she's got so many self-destructive habits - the sniping at Draco about his Death Eater past, the drinking - how they just don't talk about the war and what happened, despite their friendship. It's so true to life and it's so sad, but I like how it ends without the issues being resolved, but with them almost resolving to try to deal with them. It's a bittersweet, hopeful sort of ending which I love. 


I love how you write Astoria and Draco and, well, all of her family. They all come across as such fully-formed, fascinating characters and I wanna know more about all of them. I like how they're involved in so much shady business, but her father didn't pick sides, how her mother is so loyal even to her murderer of a brother, how her grandmother's so cold and composed - obsessed with image - how Daphne cares, but is almost too blunt and too sensible for Astoria to cope with. There's such a brilliant dynamic between them all - all the Greengrasses - and it contrasts so well to the kind of relaxed, easy-going (ish) friendship/relationship she strikes up with Draco, where image is nothing and they can just be themselves, whoever they are and whatever that means. 


I lovelovelove your writing in this. The details omigosh. There are so many details and they're so precise and they bring this whole story to life so completely. It feels immersive, yk? Everything from the glimpses of the pureblood society - the obsession with image, the mentions of all those family ties - to the bits about the war and the aftermath of it - Draco getting the war hero award, helping to track down escaped Death Eaters, Astoria's friends and how they all died, how Astoria's uncle tortured Draco... it just, it creates this whole complete universe in itself, and it's so rich. The description is so beautiful and your dialogue is amazing - it's just so so good, really. 


I just gotta say as well that I love woods so like, describing Draco continuously as smelling like woods was somewhat distracting for me :P 


I really, really hope you write more in this universe because it's incredible. 


Laura xx

Name: you-make-me-wander (Signed) · Date: 15 Mar 2019 08:35 AM · For: Nuclear Love

Hey Kris. Here for your requested review!


Drastoria is one of those couples that I'd never given much attention to until I did, and I ship them so hard right now it's not even funny. I particularly liked that you portrayed both Draco and Astoria close to the way I see them, and how the story progressed naturally and so in tune to how I feel their connection really is and develops.

it's always hard to give feedback in regards to Astoria's characterization given that she's one of those characters e know practically nothing about, yet I'll say that how liked her strength despite the horrible things she's been through. Her voice is very present and her own, and I like that she doesn't take anyone's sh*t, not even Draco's. 


If you ever decide to write a follow-up on this story, hit me up. I'd love to read it :)



Author's Response:

hey susana :D


aw, yeah, i know what you mean - i love a good drastoria, it's one of my OTPs :P the progression of their relationship is definitely something i was...slightly worried about. but they're both lonely and end up needing each other that at the same time it didn't feel off while i was writing it :)


astoria is someone who would never just let things be. she's one of those people that would remove a scab before it heals just because it bothers her :P and it's often at her own expense but it also means she's like...someone who would break before she would bend - not sure how better to describe her. and all the horrible things she's been through haven't completely broken her yet but she does realise she can't quite deal with it on her own. so she lets draco into her life, against her judgement.


thanks for the lovely review!

Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 08 Mar 2019 09:30 PM · For: Nuclear Love

Hey Kris!

starting off the story with the funeral was a really strong way to introduce the characters and show the type of people they truly are.  The imagery you create surrounding the funeral really drew me in right away, and helped me feel like I really was there. 

You write a very strong Astoria and I feel like this is exactly how she would be. She knows her family so well, nothing they can pull would ever surprise her because she has them pegged to a T.  Their dynamic as a family is interesting and it explains a lot about her and why she would end up being the way she is.

the electric current between Astoria and Draco makes me happy, he truly does deserve to find passion, and love.  The poor kids been through a lot.  Reading about her first impressions of him really sound quite plausible, that even she felt herself to be better the Draco Malfoy, him being a (former) death eater and her feeling ashamed of the member of her family who was sworn to Voldemort.  

You are such a great writer! I love how you describe how she sees Draco, the magnitude that she feels towards him, I think that’s really such beautiful way to describe a budding romance no matter how it began. 

I loved that line “only the pretty gryffindor ones” LOVE IT okay... fan girl over here again.  Honestly this story is the one I should have nom’d unfortunately I only read it now! 

Reading about how they become friends and get to know each other on intimate levels without the need for physical intimacy was pure gold.  Sure they had slept together a couple times but the letters?! That is amazing.  I love that!

I love a good friends turn to lovers or maybe it’s lovers turn to friends then to both?  I’m not quite sure but their friendship, it was so great, and I love how despite her sister earning her that’s draco is bad news in the end it’s Astoria who believes she’s bad for Draco, that she will fuck him up.  And what he said to her honestly had me swooning.  

“I’m not letting you go. We’re going to be chaotic and messy and broken together.”

Best line ever! Like ever ever.  I love how you write Draco. And I love how she sees Draco.  That there is some amazing love.  Thank you for writing about how Astoria and Draco found love, I have a new appreciation for their love and I love her. 

Just in general she is such a real and great character.  I truly love how you write your MCs.  Honestly had I read this before TAOBN I probably would have nom’d this one. 

Amazing job. Amazing story. Amazing author ❤️

Name: adorably cute (Signed) · Date: 01 Mar 2019 06:02 PM · For: Nuclear Love

Hey Kris, here with your requested review!


So first, I wanted to say that I really really liked your characterizations of Draco and Astoria! I think they're really different than what I usually read of the two of them (and defintely different than how I usually picture the two of them). I thought it was definitely realistic though- the two of them seem definitely hardened from the war and it's made them a good match for each other. They're able to be their true selves with each other and not have to hide things!


Astoria as a crime lord is AMAZING! It's such a fun take, so interesting and unique. I would literally read a million things about her as a crime lord, just reigning over everything (and it's not only because i'm writing my own story about a crime lord, shameless self promo lol). 


The progression of Draco and Astoria's relationship seemed to flow so naturally and I thought you did really well with progressing it! It started off so heated but then how it calms down to friendship with such great banter was awesome. I loved this ending too, them giving into things again like they can't help it. But they know neither of them are perfect and that this may not be the easiest thing, but that the two of them are so good together. I love that one line about him not bringing out the best in her, but bringing out everything in her! I think that's so important and a really key line for the two of them! Great work Kris!


Author's Response:

hey sarah! :D


i'm so glad you thought that both of them were realistic (especially draco since he's a canon character and i worry about going OOC with those...astoria is a bit easier since she's basically an OC) - i wanted to portray them as people who really don't have it in them to pretend about stuff anymore, especially after the war and everything...because who has the energy for that after surviving something so horrible? that they allow each other to be kinda broken and still care about each other was a headcanon i've had for a long time and it's cool that other people think it's realistic :)


well, she's not a crime lord yet, more of a consigliere or something like that anyway, to her father. i've always loved the godfather and the idea of a criminal organisations in the wizarding world because you can do so much stuff with a black market and knockturn alley fascinated me ever since we first read about it in the chamber of secrets - it's basically one big black market (sort of) that the ministry knows about and seemingly i wanted to make the greengrass family people who weren't associated with either side but dealt with both and survived both wizarding wars (and even grindelwald before that) by being sneaky and criminal. so alexander, astoria's father, really hates that he has to go to his wife's brother's funeral but it was his own fault for marrying a rosier i guess hahah :P and astoria is in such a place in her life that the thrill of her father's job and the adventure gives her something to occupy her mind instead of wallowing in self pity all the time. and she finds out she's good at it...after i wrote this i was itching to just write about her job hhaha but i haven't had the time yet :P


thank you for this amazing review - i'm really glad you liked the story and their relationship!



Name: godslayer (Signed) · Date: 01 Mar 2019 05:19 PM · For: Nuclear Love

let me start this coherently:

Hi, I'm here for the EvS review battle (go Silver) and because it's not something you've posted until I've gone ahead and screamed about it for six hours straight.

I honestly didn't ship Drastoria that hard but... go off I guess. I literally learnt you were gonna be writing this from twitter and I started painting drastoria banners in my basement listening to drastoria mixtapes with drastoria pinterest boards in the background.

And yet here I am. Boutta cry over them.

Every single time you write something new, you outdo yourself Kris.

I really, honestly, love this entire thing. It’s just … gorgeous.

Personal faves include the first line,
“I want to run away from myself, not to be left alone”


& “I guess that means we can’t touch”

+ I love how Astoria is in Gryffindor and her house pride.

Just AHFGAKJFAS:FJA:OFPKAW this is so cute I nearly cried and as always, it’s beautiful.


Name: Downlow (Signed) · Date: 28 Feb 2019 10:21 PM · For: Nuclear Love

Hi Kris! Back for the swap :D


As usual, this is an amazing piece. First of all, I LOVE the face claims! I think they work better for the story. Secondly, I love what you've done with the characters. Daco's raggedness, Astoria's involvement in the war, her being a Gryffindor, the way she handles the aftermath, it's all perfect. I think this story is canon for me now. That's it. This is how they ended up with Scorpius <3


One interesting thing is that I've also incorporated Daphne and Astoria in the whole "Designer clothing" setting in one of my fics, so it seems we think alike :D


You prose and writing in general is amazing as always. I love how the scene and the words flow without breaking the mood of the story. It's amazing really because I can never pull that off. 


I really hope you write more of these in the post-war setting. What do you think Zabini, Marcus and them would have done? Would love to know your outlook. 


As always, it's lovely reading your stuff <3

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 22 Feb 2019 05:10 PM · For: Nuclear Love

Kris! :)

Here for our swap, dear! :)

Wow! This was such a rollercoaster! And your writing is just so good here! Your style is so lovely, captivating, with stunning descriptions... so, so good!

I felt so bad for Astoria, especially at the end, when she confesses her guilt for the friends she lost... like, it's not really her fault and it's the way survivors often feel, but I can see where she's coming from and it makes me so sad... :(

(Btw, I never saw Astoria sorted in Gryffindor and best friend with Colin Creevey... it's a little bit sad, too, but also kind of sweet...)

I felt so bad for Draco, too. While he has a lot of flaws, I can't blame him for his role in the war. I do believe that a lot of what he did, he did because of loyalty to his family. Also, he was only a kid who was trying to survive (and Astoria was probably not so different...) I love the idea that Narcissa and Andromeda reconciled after the war (it's my headcanon, too) and that Draco would be so fond of little Teddy (I so love that idea as well).

Their relationship... it's turbulent and it's crazy and it's perfect! I love how it all started so instinctive and then turned into a friendship and then turned into love. I can totally imagine it evolve that way! Draco doesn't bring out the best in me, he's addictive, absolutely intoxicating, he brings out everything in me, the good and the bad, the chaos, and he takes me in fully, without reservation, and I can't help myself but to let him accept me as I am. I love this line, it's so good and expresses their bond so well. And that final hug was just so emotional and... aww... I'm just so glad that they have each other because they so obviously need it!

I'm quite sure there are at least a thousand other things I should comment on, but I can't think of them right now and it's starting to get late and my mind is starting to feel too tired... but just know that this was so insanely good and that I loved reading it! Your characterization was absolutely delicious and your writing stunning! I loved every single word of this!

Thank you so much for the swap!

Snowball hug,


Name: crestwood (Signed) · Date: 01 Feb 2019 07:51 AM · For: Nuclear Love

Hello Kristina, here to leave the review that you requested on the forums!

I, um, have a lot to say about this, I hope you don’t mind if I stray all over the place here.

So, the prose immediately struck me as excellent. Really, you pulled me in from the first line, because honestly who wouldn’t be interested to see where you’re going after that?

You’ve dropped us into a very complicated scene from the very beginning. A funeral for a Death Eater, attended by someone who is glad he’s dead. The family dynamic is clear from the very beginning, as you introduce it through small details that give us a pretty good idea of where these people stand. Especially with the line - “Alexander Greengrass did not stay alive through two wars by doing something as absurd as choosing a side” - I mean, what a way to introduce a character.

I’m very intrigued by the assortment of people attending the service, and also by the fact that Astoria’s mother is related to a Rosier! Pureblood families do tend to overlap that way, lol.

I love how aggressively Astoria despises Death Eaters. That’s also my headcanon, but you’ve place her in Gryffindor, which I don’t believe I’ve ever seen before. It fits in very well with the way you’ve written her and the idea that being a Lion, she likely would have seen a good amount of housemates die in the Battle of Hogwarts. The way she insists that it’d be cowardly to forget the memories that have made her stronger. (or so she tells herself.)

You write her first encounter with Draco so well, by the end of the first scene I’m already rooting for them to get together despite not particularly shipping them usually. Your Draco is a delight, you can feel the ways he’s changed already in only a few years, but there is still plenty of who he is still there. Frankly, I understand why she went ahead with it in the first place.

The idea of mood enhancing fog actually made up stand up and take a second because I was floored. I felt like I should have come up with that with all the stuff I invent, considering like eighty percent of scenes I write take place in bars or clubs. But alas, that’s your genius at work, not mine :P

I also had to take a little bit to go get a water and sit with my thoughts after I read “My friends are dead” - just a showstopper of a line. The vulnerability of that line and her admission of loneliness are exactly why this story works so well. She’s clearly in a bit of a state here and Draco is being such a good listener and he’s charming and it’s helped along by a bit of alcohol - both of the times they get together so far have felt earned and plausible.

Astoria’s dad being a crime lord is just incredible. It’s nice to see some shady stuff that isn’t directly linked to Voldemort because there’s SO much room for corruption and law-breaking when magic is involved. The fact that she launders his money is just kind of...awesome? I’d read a story just about how she got caught up in all of that.

(Also, her being friends with Colin is something that I simply never knew I needed but now love)

Once we’re to the point of Draco sending one-liners through owl post I’m ready for the wedding, I totally recognise this ‘just friends’ thing where one or both people are so obviously in denial and you’ve nailed it on the head. I can’t claim that I didn’t tear up when Draco told her about Teddy. I never seem to be able to remember that they are related but wow, my heart.

I like Daphne’s scene with Astoria because her reaction is extremely reasonable because honestly it would sound ridiculous from the outside looking in. If I hadn’t been privy to their interactions I’d tell Astoria to run far away as well, so I get it. I also get why Astoria completely tunes out her sister. That was a great bit of conflict in which no one is totally wrong and you can see where both parties are coming from.

Astoria totally strikes me as the sort of person that wouldn’t announce their birthday ahead of time. The way they finally start to discuss the elephant in the room - “Because then I’d have to demonstrate a level of self-control that I don’t possess” is just perfect. Couldn’t have been any better. Despite this being only a chapter long, you’ve taken us on quite a journey with these two and, as you asked about how believable the progression of their relationship is, I have to say, every moment felt ripped from a story one of my friends might have told me. It was so realistic that this is one of those stories that afterward, you’re left with a bit of a ‘Well, what now?’ feeling because you just want your friend to call you next week and fill you in on how things are going.

Astoria’s characterization is wildly unique and very consistent. When she admits that she is the one to have convinced her friends to stay and fight and harbors that guilt so deeply, everything that happened throughout the entire story clicked into place perfectly. It all fits together and it all makes so much sense. You’ve really crafted a protagonist that feels very much alive, in the best way possible.

I...can’t really praise you enough. This is FROGS worthy writing through and through and I can’t find it in me to criticise a thing here. The ending line alone is one of my favorite things I’ve read in so long - “I’m not letting you go. We’re going to be chaotic and messy and broken together” - I’m so glad it ended there. That is the prose equivalent of an exclamation point if I’ve ever seen one. I am so glad you requested this, this is exactly the kind of thing I hoped my thread would introduce me to. Such beautiful writing, I’m floored. I feel like I could go on even longer, but I’ll end this rambling mess here. Feel absolutely free to come back and request another review for anything at all!



Author's Response:

oh my god joey


i literally teared up at your review, at work, in front of my coworkers and they actually asked me if everything was alright with it was an awkward situation but still omg, i can't thank you enough for this review - it's just so beautiful and i'm in awe that you thought so highly of this story and my writing. english is my second language and to be complimented on my prose is touching and wonderful and you actually made my whole day (which was going fairly bad up until i managed to read your review).


i'm really glad you thought everything fit well - i tried hard to drop little hints from the start that there is more to astoria's feelings and her trauma than what one could usually assume about someone who fought in the battle of hogwarts. the fact that she convinced her friends to stay and fight is something that she will most likely feel guilty about for the rest of her life and i really wanted to show how badly it affects her and her everyday life. she might get better over time, but the guilt will always be somewhere at the back of her mind. and she's definitely the type of person that would think and think about the guilt and her friends and just look for things to make her not think about them. working with her father, helping a crime lord and duelling other crime lords is the type of adrenaline filled work/activity that she would cherish just because of the fact that it doesn't allow her to think about her guilt for the time being. it's also why i think she would work well with draco - they're both feeling guilty and they're both broken so that last line was an endline i had in mind from the first time i started writing it (and the opening line as well because i thought it would be interesting to start a love story during a funeral for someone both of the protagonists hate). so i guess that besides this being a love story (kind of) i also wanted to explore astoria's character and her motivations and her guilt - i love that you think she's a good protagonist, and especially her relationship with draco - i don't really mention how much time passes between each of the parts of the story because somehow it didn't really fit well, and i thought that some people might feel as if they got together too quickly, so it's great to hear that their encounters/their relationship is believable.


thank you so much for this amazing and wonderful review, joey!!!



Name: juls (Signed) · Date: 25 Jan 2019 11:11 PM · For: Nuclear Love

Hey, Kris! I'm here to do a review for the Magical Menegerie 2019!!

“I’m not letting you go. We’re going to be chaotic and messy and broken together.”

I know that that is the last line of your story, but it is the best line ever in the whole wide fanfic world. True that. End of... you get the picture.

This story was fabulous! I'm writing through the total flumox that fills me, to say I love your characterizations of noth Astoria Greengrass and Draco Malfoy. I've always thought there was more to their story then just meeting up with everyone else at Platform nine and three quarters to send their tots off to Hogwarts.

I love their stark darkness to them. Their broken spirits. Their need to find their paths to happiness. That, in the end, because we know their story together does end in sadness, makes it all that more heart breaking and wretched.

I love the absolute slow burn, and how they went from bed buddies to falling in love. How it was Draco that said it first. He lost friends in the War also (if you call some of them <i>friends</i>) but he was still able to get beyond that to offer his friendship to her.

That, in the end, is what makes the best relationship. Friends (even if they'd slept together) before becoming actual lovers and a couple.

I'm still in awe of your story here, Kris. It's truly amazing and I love, love, love (I mean truly LOVE) it. You've made yourself a groupie.


Author's Response:

hey juls!


i already told you i loved your review but i'm finally getting a chance to answer it properly :P


so first of all i'm totally ignoring cursed child and there is no curse on my beloved astoria and draco suffered already too much so he doesn't need the love of his life to die on him so you can rest assured that if i write a sequel to this thing (which i would definitely love to do at some point) it's not going to be sad :D


i'm really glad you love draco and astoria and their relationship and its progress - i was worried about the believability of their relationship but i love that you think it's great!


thanks for the lovely review!

Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 13 Jan 2019 05:34 PM · For: Nuclear Love

Hi Kris!


I love your take on Astoria in this: so far from the rest of her family - what with being a Gryffindor, being friends with people like Colin Creevey, and participating in the final battle - but also still connected to them as well, because she works with for her father and is still in their world to an extent, going to funerals for Death Eaters and the like. And she’s messy and broken and very real - as is Draco.


The progression of their relationship is so natural as well - from just a drunken shag at a funeral where Astoria barely even wants to look at him, to their New Year’s Eve and Draco offering to be her friend, the building of the friendship itself, and then the last scene where Draco admits he’s in love with her. It honestly makes this piece feel way longer than it is - in a good way.


And the way you’ve written them, they’re SO good for each other. They’re both so broken in different ways, and they both force each other to face their problems and their fears, which is probably really good for both of them. In particular, I just really liked this line - “Draco doesn’t bring out the best in me, he’s addictive, absolutely intoxicating, he brings out everything in me, the good and the bad, the chaos, and he takes me in fully, without reservation, and I can’t help myself but to let him accept me as I am.”


And I liked how you ended this as well - it’s not a perfect, tied-with-a-bow ending, but given the mood of the story as a whole, leaving it at this point feels right. There’s definitely a strong hint that they’re going to be together after this, but it’s not laid out in stone either. Although, if you ever decide to write more of their story, I definitely wouldn’t be mad about it. ;)



Written for the Magical Menagerie event and January RvG

Author's Response:

hey taylor!


yeah, astoria's family (at least her mother's side - the rosiers and the rest of the death eater-y people since her father isn't interested in blood purity, only profit) is tough on her. she doesn't like them, she doesn't want to be a part of any of it but she still loves her mother, despite their differences, and after the war she pretty much doesn't have anyone else left except her family. so she tries to tolerate them but, uh, it doesn't really go well, as witnessed with her getting drunk at the funeral. i also really wanted to try and explore a gryffindor!astoria who fought in the battle of hogwarts and is broken because of everything instead of being cool and collected. i just thought that she would work well with draco.


i couldn't end this with a perfect ending with the way the both of them are portrayed but i also definitely didn't want to break them up totally :P so it's kinda bittersweet, like everything about them but i definitely plan on writing more about their relationship at some point in the future because i guess i really like broken characters :D


thanks for the lovely review!

Name: MrsDarcy (Signed) · Date: 03 Jan 2019 08:44 AM · For: Nuclear Love

Hi Kris


I really love your prose in this fic, it's exceptionally evocative and elegant. The way that we stay a lot inside Astoria's head is a great way to get closer to her as a character.


Ah, love that you're writing a minor character - I've never given Astoria much thought, but I really like this interpretation of her - also that she's a Gryffindor (!) I think you capture the despair of war really well, my heart breaks for her troubled memories and her dead friends. You really make me feel for her, without having to tell me she's traumatized, that her feelings are mixed towards Draco or that her relationship with her family is complicated. That drunken shag was super hot btw. and the last one very emotional. The way Draco helps her recover when no one else does makes me ship Drastoria to bits! 


Btw. "The Runaway Elves" and "Wicked Wands" are such cool band names


Overall, I loved everything about this one-shot, and I wish there was more. Also your artwork/graphic is amazing!!


- Beth 

Author's Response:

hey beth!


aww, thanks for the compliments - english is not my first language so i always feel warm and fuzzy inside when people say such nice things about my writing *_*


tbh, i always wanted to write a drastoria and well, i find her to be a really interesting character even with such limited information we have on her, she needed to be someone who would challenge draco, who would help him heal but also someone who draco would be able to help...i wanted her to be someone with whom he didn't have much contact during his school years and making her a gryffindor meant i had more story to add to her - staying behind and fighting in the battle of hogwarts, being friends with colin creevey, wanting to join the aurors but being rejected for her impulsive/reckless personality and ending up working for her father in his crime syndicate :O it all kind of added up to this woman i wanted to write about (and i still want to write more about her and draco!)


thank you for this lovely review!

Name: M C Crocker (Signed) · Date: 30 Dec 2018 09:00 PM · For: Nuclear Love

Hey dearest!  I wanted to swing by with a holiday review and I saw that this was new and that it had 0 reviews so I had to all the more come give this story some love.  In reading the story I realize that this was the one you were working on that you asked about the dating service on and that makes me smile.


You did a nice job of setting things up between Draco and Astoria, I am particularly fond of the last line about how they can be messy and broken together that is such a lovely sentiment particularly considering everything the characters went through.


Also, I am very intrigued by the idea of Astoria being a Gryffindor.  I thought she was Slytherin as almost every story I have read she has been in our house but her house probably is not official and so I like that you took a unique spin on things.  It made for a good read all the same.

Author's Response:

hey carrie :)


i'm not sure if astoria's house was ever official (and i haven't read or seen cursed child because i'm ignoring that particular part of the HP universe :P ) but i knew from the start that i didn't want to put her in slytherin and that draco needed someone who was quite different than who/what he was used to knowing during his school years. so making her a gryffindor made sense in my mind because it also offered the additional story of her staying behind and fighting, being friends with colin creevey and just tying her in with the events of the books.


that last line is honestly one of my favourites as well! it kinda summed up their friendship/relationship up until that point and set them up for the future (if i every end up writing more on them :) )


thanks for the lovely review!

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