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Story:Tengu and a Daughter of Ninja Chapter: Chapter 13 Friendship, Once-in-a-Lifetime

Hey there, here for the Prefect inter-house friendship challenge!

So I’ve read bits of this before from CTF and this chapter was just an interesting as I remember the rest to be! I love the idea of a house friendship being shown through a quidditch match, it’s fairly unusual. Normally there used to show rivalry and conflict between the houses so this was a nice change.

I love your characterisation of  Al and Scorpius too, because they’re both perfect examples other houses, yet they’re great friends. Again, it’s nice to see the two houses with arguably the biggest rivalry being friends. Even in just the small things, like practicing before the game, and then Scorpius being happy or Al when he caught the snitch even though it meant he lost. It really shows what it means to be a true friend.


This was a really nice piece to read, great job and thanks for entering the challenge! :)

Author's Response:

Thank you for setting the Prefect inter-house friendship challenge.

I feel happy to know you could catch my message through friendship between Albus and Scorpius.

I will be back to their friendship and rivalry after I complete the other fics. Writing about Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy is fun.  It was really fun to imagine the next generation friendship.  :)


Name: AlmaVK (Anonymous) · Date: 22 Aug 2017 06:12 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Tengu and a Daughter of Ninja Chapter: Chapter 12 Bridge Over Troubled Water

Hi :) thank you for entering my Fantastic Beast Challenge! The Forums still seem to be down with the new site, so I though I'd come here directly with the results. I had a total of seven very good entries, and the choice was hard.

1st prize: Fantastic good-night stories by Vilja
2nd prize: Serenity in Chaos by nott theodore
3rd prize: Harry Potter and Druidic Magic (Chapter 3 The Phoenix's Song) by StarFeather
Footesteps in the Forest by Dojh167
Seemed like a good idea at the time by melian
Forest by Rhaenyra
Tengu and a Daughter of Ninja (chapter 12) by StarFeather

Here is the graphic prize I made for you: http://imgur.com/Z2iBa4r
Reviews will be coming.

Author's Response:

 Thank you for leaving awesome graphics! With your story challenge, I could add one more episode to this story.

I really enjoyed writing for you story challenge. I hope you will enjoy writing and reading stories on the archives as well.

Name: Vilja (Signed) · Date: 24 Jun 2017 05:37 PM · [Report This]
Story:Tengu and a Daughter of Ninja Chapter: Chapter 6 The Secret of Kappa's Egg

Hi Kenny, So I continued to read you story, and I just stopped here to leave a review now that we are after the little accompanying piece you wrote for my challenge. I still love the idea that Draco is a potions teacher, and I was glad to see that this chapter would be about him.

“You’re a Potions Professor at Hogwarts, Mr. Malfoy. I heard the previous Headmaster, Dumbledore died from Voldemort’s curse. On which side did you stand during the Battle of Hogwarts?” Well, that’s a strange question to ask, I mean just plainly like that – poor Draco I imagine it must be still hard for him to face such things. But I think he answered well.

It’s especially good to compare this chapter to how Hana and Dogen are behaving towards Ron and Harry. I like that you leave the kappa thing open, like she promises to help, but we never now how that will turn out. I can decide whether I want him to succeed or not, I feel sorry for him being forced by a Death Eater to do this and I want no harm to him, but I would also want Ron and Harry to succeed in their mission.

“he didn’t donate them to the Ministry. He hid them somewhere instead” so typical! I love the character of Scamander, I really do, but that suitcase and all his love for beasts just make him so adorably insane.


I like that you have some Japanese in there (“Konichiwa”), and again you have a lot of lovely characters appearing in this chapter, like Hagrid, Scorpis, Albus, tc, it’s always good to know how they are doing whily Draco is after the Kappa eggs..

Author's Response:

 Hi, again. I really feel thankful for sparint time for this.

 I enjoyed writing the gap between Harry and Malfoy. The same old plot though, I really like both good side and bad side. Especially after battle of Hogwarts, I care about the process how people try to be nice each other like we do in Real World. I might put the things we experience nowadays into this story.


 And this chapter was a sort of challenge to introduce my country's atmosphere.  I think I've read HP fanfic based on Chinese aspect somewhere, but never read Japanese one. So I'm a little proud of this. Alas, it is not so popular. I hope more readers will stop by in the future.


Name: MuggleMaybe (Signed) · Date: 21 Jun 2017 09:31 PM · [Report This]
Story:Tengu and a Daughter of Ninja Chapter: Chapter 1 Dripping Wings

Transferred from HPFF


Hi Kenny! =) I'm here for Team Puff CTF


I've heard so much about this story, I'm excited to finally read it! 


oooh, suggesting Ginny travels for work because she doesn't love Albus is a really low blow! This makes me think Scorpius is quite like his father in your story. In the worst way.


And his father is a professor?? Professor Draco. Insanity! Very original idea though, I like it. I don't think I've ever encountered that idea before.


This scene in Potions class is so familiar. ;) like father like son, like mother like daughter! I wonder how old they are here. Is this first year? I think it is.


I LOVE that Ginny believes in being thrifty when possible, and that her and Harry's success (and Harry's wealth) didn't change her or her values. I just love that girl, she's so tough and kind and down to earth =)


I can totally see Hagrid loving that Albus looks so much like Harry. You write the characters so well, they feel just like they do in the book. Even the cucumber story feels so authentically Hagrid!


Oh, if Albus is trying out for Quidditch maybe he's older. Hmmm.


OH! TENGU! I spotted a thing from the title! Something tells me this is going to lead to major discoveries ;)


It's cute that Rose came to see Hagrid, too. I'd think Hagrid would ADORE Hermione's children because of everything Hermione did to help save Buckbeak. And she's a bit sassy for yelling at Albus for coming without her, when she's just done the same! haha


This is an interesting little prologue. Now I'm wondering if the rest of the story will be what Hagrid tells them?


Thanks for the read! =)


Author's Response:

Hi, Renee. You may be the first person who pointed out how mean Malfoy was around suggesting "Ginny doesn't love Albus" part.  Since Scorp felt he was not loved by Draco, the insult was born against Albus.


Yes, I enjoyed writing Draco as a professor who can't reject temptation into conspiracy.  He is too weak to be brave.

The scribbles on the book gave me a hint to set the story line. Thanks to Rowling!

I recognize again how greatly the previous forums influenced us. The plot was produced from story challenge hosted by Georginia and ... oh my... I forgot full name, sorry, mate. (sad...good old days...gone but the bright side, we built this wonderful community again!)


Sassy Rose yes, just like Hermione. But we love both, don't we?


Thank you for your awesome review again, Renee!

Name: ShazaLupin (Signed) · Date: 20 Jun 2017 10:52 AM · [Report This]
Story:Tengu and a Daughter of Ninja Chapter: Chapter 4: Freshwater Plimpies

Just doing some more moving around :) 


Hey there, here for CTF!

Ah, so I’m assuming they found out the information for whatever Draco needs it for then. And I should probably apologise for my reviews being all over the place and not making much sense. It’s a nice idea to corner Draco but I wonder why he never showed? Maybe he was thinking of ways to get the information to someone important.

Or he was talking to Neville lol. Huh, so maybe he doesn't have all the information he needs, I wonder if Rose was right then, about him just giving them good marks so he can be in their good books? 

Poor Scorpius, no friends, I do feel awfully sorry for him. He must be such a lonely child, I hope he’s happier by the end of this story. Although it annoys me that he goes with the other boys because of this when they’re clearly not very nice and he knows it. Oh well.

This was a great piece about Hagrid’s class, I think you’ve wrote the way he teaches perfectly. Especially about the girls walking away and him encouraging them to come forward to see the creatures.

Oh, well this is a surprise. I’m glad that he’s asking for help though. Maybe now they can make friends and he might be happier. And his father seems to be doing the same thing too, only with Rofl. I kind of hope it works out for them, as long as they’re the good guys lol.

Another great chapter, I'm loving this story so far!

Author's Response:

 Hi, again! That's totally okay with random reviews. I understand what Kevin created. Just have much fun with it.


The scene with Hagrid, and his class just popped in my mind. The visual image was created in the process of writing this chapter. It was really fun. I think I intend to write the communication among students and teachers more than angsty things or depression or horror. I need to practice writing various genres. In that mean, I might be inclined to Hufflepuff characteristics.


Congrats, late congratulations to you guys, victory at CTF!



Name: ShazaLupin (Signed) · Date: 20 Jun 2017 10:50 AM · [Report This]
Story:Tengu and a Daughter of Ninja Chapter: Chapter 2 Broken Heart

Hey there, just transfering reviews from CTF!

Hi there, here for CTF!

Wow, I can’t believe Draco is still going down the Pure-blood route. What a disgrace! You would think he would have learnt his lesson by now but apparently not. Aww, it’s cute that Rose used to write stories, and that Albus still remembers them. You really do write those two really well. She’s probably right about the essay’s though, I can see Draco being deliberately awkward and mean to them just because he can. 

Ah, well that explains a lot. I can see why he wouldn’t like Albus now, it must bring back a lot of dark memories for him. Although now I’m wondering who he could be working for as I assumed it was dark magic? I guess I’ll find out.

This is another side of Scorpius, luckily a nicer side to him and I think it makes a lot of sense for him to be like this. Imagine having your dad, who everyone knows was a bad person back when the war was going on, at Hogwarts. He probably felt like he had no choice but to attack back, it’s not a bad motto to attack first as kids can be so cruel. I also like how worried he seems to be for Draco, but I suppose it is his dad. I wonder if he plans to do anything about it?

Another great chapter, this is definitely a unique story!

- Shaza :)

Author's Response:

Hi, Shaza. Writing the kids is fun. I can write many episodes from my experiences. I tried to let Draco enter and his son would change him. If you go reading, you will find that.


I set the plot, good side and bad side between Malfoys and Potters. The start may be similar to the one written by J.K.Rowling, but I tried writing in a different way, very original one.

Thank you for you insight, again. I could see what I achieved in this chapter from your feedback very well.   :)

Name: melian (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2017 12:31 AM · [Report This]
Story:Tengu and a Daughter of Ninja Chapter: Chapter 1 Dripping Wings

Hi Kenny!!

This was I thought a really interesting start to a story. You've set the scene well - we know it's next-gen, we know it's going to be from the perspective of Albus Severus Potter, we know Draco Malfoy is the Potions professor, we know Hagrid is still in his hut in the lawns by the Forbidden Forest. And we know Malfoy is just as horrible to Albus as Snape was to Harry.

You notice I called Albus by his full name above. That was deliberate, because for some reason I think the Severus part is going to come into play in this story. Not sure why, but it's a feeling I get.

The essay Al was working on intrigues me as well. Why WOULD the Potions professor be setting an essay on a magical creature? Kappa parts aren't used in Potions as far as I know. The history given so far hasn't explained the Kappa yet either, but I'm sure it's coming. I liked the dip into Japanese magical history, to be honest. We don't see that sort of thing much in fanfic and it's really a shame that we don't. Then again, perhaps many fanfic writers don't have the required imagination. I'm not sure I do, for example.

Anyway I found this chapter really thought-provoking and very different from a lot of the next-gen stories you see out there, a lot of which have a feeling of same-ness to them. This didn't have that. Nice job!

Cheers Mel    

Author's Response:

Hi, melian. I really appreciated for sparing time for this. I guess you are very busy with your real life.


I'm honoured with your encouragement. You are a splendid author I respect. Your words really cheer me up.

Ha ha ha, Asian aspects, your words reminded me of your twittering about kangaroos and romance. I couldn't stop laughing at the picure, the book cover you posted there.

Sometimes, we need to exchange our differnt cultures and the way of seeing things. Hmm, I may post something related with the things you wrote in your review.

Thank you again for dropping your insight, melian!

Name: poppunkpadfoot (Signed) · Date: 17 Jun 2017 11:46 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Tengu and a Daughter of Ninja Chapter: Chapter 4: Freshwater Plimpies

Hey, Kenny :D


Oooh stuff is really picking up now! Malfoy seems to be making some progress in his Kappa hunt, and a friendship has started to develop between Albus and Scorpius.


Ugh! Flint sucks! It's just so cruel to hurt or torment animals, and that goes for magical creatures too. The poor grindylow. :( I'm glad Hagrid was able to help it, and that Scorpius stepped up to help him rather than really participating.


I was so excited to see Scorpius and Albus starting to become friends. Their whole conversation read very naturally to me, it communicated clearly how well they were getting along as well as their surprise that they were getting along so well and their hesitance about talking to each other. I was super bummed when Scorpius decided he didn't want to be friends with Albus after all, I really hope he'll change his mind.


And ooh, Scorpius told Albus, Rose and Hagrid about his father being threatened! That was an exciting development, now more people know what's going on, which is usually a sure sign that we're about to really get into some action! :D Too bad Scorpius regrets it.


I really enjoyed Rolf's description of his travels and of the Kappas he saw. And it was funny to see Malfoy make nice with Luna and even eat her Freshwater Plimpy Soup. I really enjoyed that whole end scene. (Although, I have to admit, I did find Rolf and Luna kissing like that in front of Malfoy a little out of character for Luna. That's really my only criticism here :) )


I'm really excited to see what happens next! Seems like stuff is about to get even more interesting!



Author's Response:

Hi, Kayla! Thank you for stopping by and my apologize for late reply.

I guess this chapter has so many packs of magical creature and kid things. I wondered if I should focus on children's POV or animosity between Harry and Malfoy.  I might have written much about magical creatures. It was fun to describe about them though. I respect many authors in the den can write angst or depression. I wish I could write like you guys.

I might pack so many adventures or action or fantasy scenes.  Me myself might be confused with all things. I wonder if readers here might feel bored with these descriptions. So your review let me confirm my writing style. Thank you for your long kind review and sparing time for this.

Name: sunshinedaisieswindmills (Signed) · Date: 11 Jun 2017 06:45 PM · [Report This]
Story:Tengu and a Daughter of Ninja Chapter: Chapter 2 Broken Heart

Hiya Kenny! 

Pardon me for reading this out of order, but I hear there's a flag around somewhere!

I have to say, despite not having read chapter 1 or 2, I picked up on the story pretty quickly! I think that means you've done a really solid job of keeping the information distributed throughout the chapters. Definitely makes it an easy read! 

I really love the premise of this story, or at least what I know of it so far, anyway. It's definitely interesting to see Draco as a professor at Hogwarts, it's certainly not something I would have expected from him! I do love how he's made his students write essays in the hopes of them finding the information for him. That is a VERY Draco thing to do. 

I also really like the dynamic you have between Scorpius and the Potter/Weasleys. Usually you see stories where they're all best friends and Scorpius is falling in love with either Albus or Rose, depending on the author. It's definitely refreshing to see some hostility between the two parties. I also really liked that you included some references to Scorpius being bullied because of his fathers actions during the war. I definitely haven't seen that in fic before, but I can definitely imagine it happening! 

Alright, I'm of for now! 


Hufflepuff CtF- Transferred for final exams!

Author's Response:

Hi, Katie. Long time no see. I enjoy seeing your creation via twitter. And I'll apologize for late replay. I really appreciate for dropping a review even for CTF activity.


I tried not to write something like Drarry many authors had written. I tried to make it different from them. So my conclusion was that Draco should be a professor at Hogwarts and he should be in the opposite side of Harry. And I wanted to write he would change himself for his son. If you come back to this story, you will find this chapter is the key to solve mystery.


 You did great, guys, Hufflepuffs!

Name: Dojh167 (Signed) · Date: 11 Jun 2017 06:00 PM · [Report This]
Story:Tengu and a Daughter of Ninja Chapter: Chapter 6 The Secret of Kappa's Egg

[Review Transferred from HPFF]


Hufflepuff CtF Review

Okay, so I just skipped one chapter this time! Let’s see if I can make a little more sense of this one now that I know a bit about what’s going on.

We get some more of Draco in this one. In the last chapter I read he seemed really snobby and didn’t like Rolf or want to see Ron, but in this one he seems a bit more complex. He is trying to do the right thing, or at least his version of the right thing which, like his mother before him, is what involved keeping his family safe.

I’m not sure why Draco needs the Kappas eggs, but because it is quite far into the story and his is the longest chapter, it looks like it is very important to the plot. I like at Draco and Scorpius seem to be very instrumental to the main storyline.

This story has such a fun feel to it - it is very much about familiar harry potter characters we love, but something about the adventure feels grander than that, as they travel the world and explore ancient myths and focus on different creatures.

Haha, for a second I though Ron Harry and Hermione were really going to work with dragons, but I guess this is their halloween celebration - how fun!

Hannah is a very interesting OC! I wonder if we'll get to see much more of her.

I really like this chapter because it balances the exciting action that is going on with Malfoy with the light hearted fun that is happening at the Halloween celebration, and overall it has a lot of energy and is fun to read.

Yikes, it looks like finding the eggs isn’t the end of the quest if someone else stole them! Oooh and now to the department of mysteries! This story is going all sort so of places and is very exciting.


Author's Response:

First of all, I'd like to apologize for late reply and thank you for your dedication for the forums.

Oh, you hit the deepest mysterious part of my story. I tried writing mystery, creating tapestry of complicated hints. I might do too much. I might try hard to be like J.K.Rowling.

Creating original story lines is fun and hard at the same time. I felt for them while challenging NaNo writing marathon.

People may lose interest reading Asian aspect, I guess most of readers of HP fandom are European. But it was really fun to mix Japanese dimension with European ones.

Oh, you think it has a lot of energy, Sam? I feel really happy to know it. Hmm... I might pack too much in one chapter. But I couldn't resist adding Scamanders in this.

Name: Dojh167 (Signed) · Date: 11 Jun 2017 05:58 PM · [Report This]
Story:Tengu and a Daughter of Ninja Chapter: Chapter 4: Freshwater Plimpies

[Review Transferred from HPFF. I did not transfer this one before because I know it is a messy jumle, but HC demands these things of me]


Hufflepuff CtF Review


I’m chill. =)

Jumping right in the middle of this story with absolutely no idea what’s going on in proper Capture the Flag fashion! XD

Okay, looks like we’re in next gen with Malfoy as DADA professor.Interesting choice!

Aww, I like how Neville lays out sandwiches for people. It is very welcoming in a Neville way, but also reminds me of Dumbledore’s similar hospitality, which tended to involve sweets.

Oh, Newt visited Japan. As always, I love how you incorporate elements of your own knowledge of home and culture into your stories =)

Okay, so Scorpius is reading about ninjas in a story. I wonder if that is their main appearance or if there are actually ninjas in this story!

Scorpius seems really cool in this. He’s smart and well rounded for sure. He doesn’t have the cruelty associated with his family, and he can’t even stand to see flobberworms mistreated. And he’s kind and helpful to Hagrid. People seem to be suspicious of that though, so I’m sure there’s a darker side of him seen in other chapters.

Oh nice, we get to see Hagrid teaching! I like that he gets to teach long after Harry’s day. I don’t remember, did Lupin teach about grindylows in Defense Against the Dark Arts? I think so. Still, it makes sense that those creatures could be taught about in both classes.

Yay, we finally get Luna and Rolf! I love them, and I think you write their eccentricities really well.

There was a lot of focus on magic creatures in this story, and I think that you write those really well. You find them interesting and it shows in your characters.

While I am curious what happens next (and before, haha) I will probably now be jumping to a totally different chapter! Wow, thanks for your patience with us crazy reviewers


Author's Response:

Hi, Sam. I'm honoured with your review. Your insight is always accurate. I appreciate for it even you did it for review battle on the forums. I wish I could find time to stop by yours as well.


This chapter was fun for writing. While writing the characters well known from HP books, I recognized how I loved Hagrid and Neville.  The descriptions around flobberworms and greenhouses, each scene came up naturally, It was not hard for me continue writing at all.

I'm happy to know you seemed to enjoy this chapter as well. 

Congrats, (Sorry late greeting and response), Hufflepuffs, the top of the world!

Name: Vilja (Signed) · Date: 09 Jun 2017 09:50 AM · starhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Tengu and a Daughter of Ninja Chapter: Chapter 2 Broken Heart

Hi Kenny :) I'm here for your Challenge reward reviews


Oh, you start this Chapter with Malfoy, but which Malfoy it is, hehe, Scorpius or Draco? - I like mystery, so well done getting me to guessing right away!


In this Chapter you give clever answers to the relationship between Albus Potter and Draco Malfoy. 

"Because Albus Potter was named after the deceased headmaster, Draco hated him."

"Draco owed a life debt to Harry Potter and couldn't disobey the man."

It reminds me of the relationship between Harry and Snape - I really loved that line in the original HP series, so I hope to find more backstory in this too.


I also like the storyline that concens Scorpius and his father. It must be hard for both of them to be in a teacher-student relationship. I can totally imagine McGonagall being worried that Draco would downgrade his son.


So we are getting into some action here. Draco being threatened by dark wizards and enlisting the help of Neville - just like old times :)

Author's Response:

Hi, Vilja. Thank you again for stopping by. As I know you like Remus, I hope you could enjoy Malfoy's part. I had struggle with writing the loser's mind. Thinking over the war, the winner and the loser, I thought, I could write something from one side's aspect and the other side's aspect. I enjoyed the gap.

This was my first challenge at NaNo. I suffered much time from agony that I couldn't write any more. I managed to finish this fic.

I enjoyed writing Neville. His specific academic field let me feel fun.

Name: Vilja (Signed) · Date: 09 Jun 2017 09:37 AM · starhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Tengu and a Daughter of Ninja Chapter: Chapter 1 Dripping Wings

Hi Kenny :) I'm here for your Challenge reward reviews


So this is an interesting start! I usually prefer stories that are canon-compliant (including CC), but in this case I can totally imagine that the AU you introduce makes sense - such as Albus and Scorpius being enemies, and Draco Malfoy being a teacher. In fact as CC is made up of alternate storylines, this could be just another time-travel universe - will we find out if that is the case? :)


I really loved the part when Albus looks up Kappa at his Fantastic Beasts book, and it is Harry's old book, so it has the scribble about Snape. That was long before Harry learned the truth about Snape, long before he named his son after Snape. Such a touching detail!


Fang II? Oh, what happened to Fang (I)? But I like that Hagrid is still there


I've been thinking a lot about what Tengu might mean. I guess I will figure out later, but it's in the title, and it appears in the text, and I either missed a clue, or I just somehow don't know. I looked up HP lexicon, where it say Tengu is "heavenly dog" in Japanese, plus there is a Quidditch team from Japan called Toyohashi Tengu. Anyway I'm excited to find out more about this.


I'll keep reading :)

Author's Response:

Hi, Vilja! Thank you for setting a wonderful challenge! I really enjoyed and am grateful for your prompt.


Reading your review, I remembered the motivation started with J.K.Rowling's book, Fantastic Beasts...while flipping a page, Kappa's page I happened to find Harry's scribble about Snape and I thought it might be fun to begin writing from there. I didn't think in that way, " it is Harry's old book, so it has the scribble about Snape. That was long before Harry learned the truth about Snape, long before he named his son after Snape. Such a touching detail!" so I enjoyed reading your review!


Tengu might be from foreigners from South-East Asia or European countries a long time ago. For our ancestors,  one foreiner's nose might look very long compared with their own noses. Then the legend was born, a long red nose of Tengu.


I hope you can come back reading fanfictions again between RL.   



Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 01 May 2017 09:50 PM · [Report This]
Story:Tengu and a Daughter of Ninja Chapter: Chapter 1 Dripping Wings

Hi Kenny! Transferring my review over :)

I've seen this story around so much but never read it! I'm so happy to find it's next gen, and I can't wait to read your characterisation of the kiddies :) Also I'm half reviewing this chapter and the last one, because I couldn't stop after just one! So I think it's interesting to see Draco as a teacher, I don't think I've ever read that before :) And aw, Fang II! Also it hardly surprises me that Hagrid and Albus get along so well. I love to think of Albus having tea with Hagrid, just like Harry used to.

It's so wonderful to see different cultures in a story, and I really love the story Albus used for his essay, even if it's sad. And it's fantastic (see what I did there?) to see beasts in the Potter world that weren't really in the books.

I like how you weaved the two stories together, so we see Albus and Rose as well as Shota and Saki. I'm looking forward to seeing where these two stories go :) 

I can't wait to find out more about this wonderful story world you've created! It's incredibly unique, and I'm totally invested. I don't know how it took me so long to read this, I'm really enjoying it! :)    

Author's Response:

Hi, victoria! I'm glad you thought of transferring review over. I'm struggling with Mojibake review at hpff right know, so I really appreciate for your kindness.  I really love the conversation between Hagrid and Harry, so I wanted to set the similar situation between Albus and Hagrid.

I'm glad you enjoyed this Aisan Beasts. The theme of the story challenges were the world around challenge and the fantastic beasts, so I chose my own country's folklore naturally.


The story about Shota and Sake, I got an inspiration from Scottish folklore, which I really enjoyed it.


I might have set this as OF at Harry Potter Universe, I'm not sure how to categorize this really.   I guess you are planning to write OF as well? Good luck on that!  :D

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