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Story:The Best Day of My Life Chapter: Chapter 1

Happy holidays!


Omfg I adored this. Of course I assumed that he was coming out to his parents, and I loved that it was something entirely different. As a pet person who has spent a lot of time nursing my sick dogs recently in particular, the animal hospital idea is just +1000. I adored how in tune they are with each other, and the fact that Scorpius was planning to propose to Albus that evening adds another dimension to literally pushing him to get talking to his parents over with.


Ahhh why isn't there more of this. <3 <3 

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Story:The Best Day of My Life Chapter: Chapter 1

***Transferred from HPFF***

Dearest Meg!
It's me, Katie's Purple Pygmy Puff, hopping around to leave thank you reviews to all OotP members for the Pass It Along Challenge!
And since we're on it, a good friend of mine (one who loves you dearly) asked me to send you her greetings and let you know how happy she is that things are brightening up for you and your family!

But enough with the pleasantries... Let's talk about the wonderful story you have here!
This was so adorable! Albus was so adorable... I loved his nervousness. The apocalyptic scenarios he came up with in his mind made me chuckle and roll my eyes at the same time. Funny thing, I thought it was all about telling them about his relationship with Scorp, even if I knew it didn't make sense, since they'd been a couple for so long. I didn't expect the point was starting a business, and I really liked it!

The closing scene, with Albus proposing to Scorpius, was just so sweet! And I loved that Scorp had planned on doing exactly the same, too sweet!!!

Last thing I wish to add, you always write the best closing lines, and this story is no exception! :)

Such a cute little story, and us Pygmy Puffs simply adore cuteness! Thank you so much for making me smile!

Tons of love, hugs, cuddles and kisses!
Chiara aka Katie's Purple Pygmy Puff

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Story:The Best Day of My Life Chapter: Chapter 1

*Transferred from HPFF*

ASDFLKJawlkfnakjdshkalf *can't stop grinning from ear to ear* I loved this so much!

The first half of this had me convinced that it was going to be a coming out story, and I loved the way you did that plot twist by just building up the suspense through Albus' nervousness and kind of exaggerated worry. I like the nod to his eleven-year-old self as well, because although Albus has grown up since then, the elements of his character that stood out in the epilogue are still evident even as an older character.

Scorpius is adorable, btw. I love that he's so kind and supportive... but still tricks Albus into going to talk to his parents :p

When he had that kind of panic moment about how his whole family would spiral into chaos and doom because of him, omg hahaha is it bad that I found it all hilarious, even though Albus is really worried? I'm a bad person :p Either way, I'm glad Ginny got him out of this worst-possible-scenario in his head and that he admitted his plans.

I love that they're planning to start an animal hospital! And how Harry and Ginny's main worries aren't about Scorpius, but about how their business will do and if it will work out when Albus and Scorpius both quit their original jobs. As parents Harry and Ginny do have their priorities sorted though, being concerned about the plan but still supportive. But Al and Scorpius' plan is really well thought out and they have all this stuff sorted already, which must have been nice to calm Al's parents down. I'm glad they were so supportive and just want Al to be happy in his career. You've got to do what you feel passionate about. I really liked that whole discussion. :)

It went so well, and Al and Scorpius are so happy! And THEN as if the end wasn't perfect enough, they get engaged!!! :D And Scorpius had been planning to ask the same question. Gah! I just can't handle how lovely it is! Wonderful job writing this!

Thanks for the swap! :D

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