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Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 01 Jan 2019 10:07 AM · For: The Butterbeer Brigade

Happy New Year, Holly.


It's hilarious most of DA members agreed with Luna's idea, showing their skeptical attitude towards Nargles. I laughed a lot when I spotted each reaction of Neville. 


I suspect the two Slytherins are Malfoy's giant followers who did polyjuiced while Draco had to do his mission in the Room of Requirement. I like your plot they also joined in warding off Nargles. 


I also enjoyed how Luna had been consistent around the harm done by Nargles. Her theory must be right even if nobody fully believed it. I had the impression after reading your excellent work focused on her POV. 

Poor Hermione. She reluctantly performed magic to help the task and Snape found out the mess, which ended all participants had to take his detention.

 Totally a brilliant story with popular characters of HP fandom.



Author's Response: Thanks for the review, Kenny! I did intend for the Nargles to be real in this story, as you picked up on. But if no one really believes it but Luna, that's ok too, because they still had fun. :) I had fun writing this as a more light-hearted thing a group of friends get together to do. I like to think I managed to capture a little of the different characters, such as with Neville's reactions that you pointed out. I figured he'd be a little skeptical but also worried about there being a slight possibility. The two Slytherins were actually just random students in my mind who were sneaking off and not wanting to get caught, but it adds some fun to the story to imagine them as Crabbe and Goyle. I like that theory a lot! Holly

Name: dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap (Signed) · Date: 15 Aug 2018 02:55 PM · For: The Butterbeer Brigade

Quodpot Reveiw Match 3

Why he’d made it due on a Thursday, she couldn’t imagine. Perhaps the Nargles had hidden his lesson planner. 

He made it due on a Thursday because he’s a big old grump. Ha-ha! I’m loving this story so far. It’s just fun. I feel so airy reading it and being inside Luna’s head. 

I know it’s not as nice as this one I have, but I didn’t have enough time. 

I love that you know Luna is being completely sincere here. 

“You won’t allow it?” Ron asked incredulously. “Yeah, well, you’re not my mum, Hermione!”

The entire interaction between Ron and Hermione was gold. While it was short you really got to know who they are as characters. 

I thought your characterization was spot on here. Obviously Luna was the shining star but I enjoyed the introduction of Neville and how nervous he got when he thought the Nargles were going to steal his homework! And Ginny’s went missing! Silly Nargles. 

This story was fun to read because it was so lighthearted. I appreciate that you kept it light and showed all of the characters we have grown to love in a fun setting. They never get to have any fun! Why shouldn’t they break the rules a bit?

I didn’t think Snape would find them out but I did think Filch was going to make an appearance. I thought he would pop up as Ron tried to get Mrs. Norris to drink the butterbeer. I’m glad that didn’t happen to the poor kitty (even though she’s mean) but getting detention was still a downer-but totally worth it in my opinion! 

I also love the mention of SPEW. When SPEW is in a story you know it’s going to be good. Haha-wonderful job! 

Author's Response: This is definitely a fluff piece, and I'm glad you enjoyed the characters having fun! The entire HP series has a lot of serious and heavy moments and themes, but not every fanfic about it has to be that way too. The characters had to have more lighthearted moments to develop their friendships...and there are so many aspects to the world that are just fun and quirky. Luna obviously brings a bit more quirk to a story than many other characters. I think it's tough to write her, because it's easy to go overboard with zaniness or else to lose it too much. I wanted her to have some glimpses of self-awareness of how others see her (like knowing people may not believe her about the Nargles but not caring tooooo much because they'd still be helping out even if they just thought it was fun, or like suggesting people put the corks in their pockets instead) but still be unshaken in her beliefs (such as believing in the Nargles or thinking people a big reason people didn't like the corks because she didn't have time to make pretty necklaces). I especially appreciate your comments on characterization. I picture the characters a certain way, but it can be hard to get the feel of them from my head onto paper. Thank you for reviewing!

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