Reviews For Of Bookshelves and Baby Carriers

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2019 10:27 PM · For: Chapter 5

I’m back for the fifth of your prize reviews!


Okay Remus: “That outcome being that Remus is never going to get to date Sirius, and will probably die alone.” This is very relatable but also very hilarious considering the fact that Remus is the most lovable person in the world and Sirius has clearly recognized this fact. I understand all his concerns about his health problems, though, but I mean, it’s worked out for his ‘friendship’ with Sirius so far, hasn’t it? (Also I can’t remember if I’ve said this in previous reviews, but I think you did a really good job translating Remus’s lycanthropy into a good non-magical parallel version.)


THE REST OF THIS CHAPTER HAD ME SMILING LIKE MAD. LITERALLY THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH. I smiled so much at their adorable text messages and Remus’s admiration of Sirius in a crop top (which is literally so fashionable I can’t relate) and Remus’s general flustered state and Sirius’s efforts towards improving his health and SIRIUS ASKING REMUS OUT. AND REMUS ACCEPTING. This whole chapter was just a perfect bundle of happiness, and I was delighted the whole time.


I am in love with your portrayal of Remus and Sirius in this story. Remus is this constantly-overthinking, comfortably-but-not-quite-fashionably-dressed, hilarious character, and Sirius is wonderfully confident (except when asking Remus out apparently haha) and loyal to his friends and loving. And I just. I love them so much?? You’ve created such good characters here.


And the “3 months later” scene!! Oh my god it was so cute, seeing Remus and Sirius so familiar with dating each other now. And also the fact that Harry could say Remus’s name! (Sort of, at least.) It was adorable. I want to hug baby Harry. My favorite thing about the ending is that Sirius didn’t mind whatsoever the limitations that Remus’s body has, and he’s more than happy to go along with anything Remus needs health-wise.


These two are so in love. They’re going to be great parents to Harry.


Congratulations on finishing your multi-chap!! I’m so happy and grateful that you submitted this for my challenge. <3




Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2019 10:05 PM · For: Chapter 4

Hey, Kayla! <3


So um. It just occurred to me recently that I never finished your prize reviews from winning my challenge like a year ago. I checked my review document and I’ve only completed three of them, I’m so sorry! So I’ll be completing them now; it’s taken me a while to get here (schoolwork can go die) but it’s better late than never, right? I owe you four more, so this is review four out of seven.


(I am so sorry.)


I’m so so excited to be finishing this story! This is also my 700th review, which I think is fitting because I love this story very, very much. I’m a little nervous because you said that this is the sad chapter, but it will ultimately be okay because chapter five will be a happy one, right? (Fingers crossed.)


So. Having read the chapter now, all I can say is that my feelings are a mess. Because it made me imagine what would have happened if Sirius had gotten to take care of baby Harry in the books, and how he would’ve coped with losing his best friend. And I feel like this scene that you’ve written is exactly how it would have happened (if they were all muggles, of course). Like my heart hurt for Sirius. I felt for him. And the fact that he loves baby Harry so much and that they both miss James? It’s so so heartbreaking you did such a good job with that.


I love Remus’s advice though. I love that he was trying to be tactful and respectful while telling Sirius that he needed to also take care of himself. Also now that Sirius has outright stated his feelings for Remus, now Remus can potentially be that support system that Sirius needs?? Maybe Remus can take care of cute baby Harry while Sirius takes some time alone?


Okay but also that movie scene was so cute! My heart was all warm and fuzzy while I read that bit. I love these two together so so much.


I can’t wait to read the next chapter! <3




Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 21 May 2019 10:34 PM · For: Chapter 4

Hi Kayla, here for our swap!!


Okay, sad chapter, I'm bracing myself for this. This starts off so nice and fluffy though - it's almost like being lulled into a false sense of security. Like, even though Remus is fully in denial of the fact that Sirius could like him, they're obviously getting closer and spending more time together. 


Ahh, ok, now we're at the sad part. That's such a scene for Remus to walk in on, but he really does handle it admirably (despite how awkward he feels in his own head). Admittedly, the 'you're not his dad?' was... perhaps not the *best* time to ask that question, but it gets Sirius talking, which is ultimately a good thing. I kind of had a feeling that James and Lily were most likely dead in this AU, but it doesn't make it any less heartbreaking - especially when Sirius is delivering it like this and we see just how hard losing them has hit him. And Sirius is putting himself under SO much pressure to dedicate his whole life to Harry in the aftermath of losing James and Lily, which is admirable, but Remus is right - if he doesn't take care of himself as well, he's not going to be able to take care of Harry either. He needs to heal.


I also really appreciate that you've put Remus in this place of advocating for Sirius to see someone; I feel like there's often a tendency in romance fics for the solution to be a sort of 'I'll heal you' type of hero-complex mindset, which is... not really a healthy or realistic way of processing things, especially things as big as coping with the grieving that comes with losing James and Lily. Romantic partners are great for a lot of things, but they shouldn't be therapists and a person's sole source of emotional support. The fact that Remus recognizes that and advocates for Sirius to talk to someone other than him is a really good thing, as is the fact that he stays with Sirius and just watches a film with him - sometimes, that silent company is just the best thing you can be for someone else.


But now that we've discussed the Sad things, there's also the important revelation that Sirius likes him! (Well, it's a revelation to Remus - it was not a revelation to me.) Which hopefully bodes positively for a happy ending to this fic in the next chapter? Please? These two deserve all the happiness in the damn world and they're so good together.


Another wonderful chapter, Kayla - I'm excited to see how you wrap this story up in the next chapter!



Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 09 May 2019 01:34 AM · For: Chapter 1

Hey Kayla! I am back to spread some more love!

I think my favourite speaker when it comes to Wolfstar is Remus because of just how sweet, nervous and socially awkward he is. And you personify him perfectly!!When he first lays eyes on Sirius I thought that was so sweet!  How he was all dismissive and then “you” jaw drop ...mind goes fuzzy guy ...can’t compute HAHAHA His inner thoughts when he is (inwardly) calling Sirius: Mr Godly Beauty or Hot Dad and cursing himself after thinking it too is just so hilarious and adorable!  I had to laugh (out loud too) when he wanted to punch himself. When he was watching Sirius and Harry and got caught it was so cute that Sirius Winked at him (very flirty and a very Sirius thing to do) and he just got all red faced and embarrassed and ran away.  He is so indoubt about himself that even when Sirius gives him an opening to introduce himself or say ANYTHING other than “have a good day” he fails miserably.  I was literally talking at my phone “he wanted your name stupid shy boy!!!!” xD 

I will be continuing this story <3

You write a very good Sirius Black too! I just love how you write them both!

Great writing



Name: Noelle Zingarella (Signed) · Date: 07 May 2019 05:47 PM · For: Chapter 3

Hi! I’m here for April 2019 CTF.


The way you write Sirius and Remus interacting with each other continues to be totally adorable. I love all of Remus’s mental asides, how he’s always berating himself and assuming that there is no way that Sirius is interested in him—even though it’s obvious to the reader that Sirius very much is interested in Remus. Your characterization is spot on, and they are totally recognizable even in this modern AU setting.


I also love how Sirius is so active in his pursuit of Remus—apparently he’s been back to the bookstore when Remus isn’t there; he asks Remus to join him at the park; he asks for the phone number, etc. They are dancing around their attraction, trying to feel each other out and the awkwardness mixed with excitement is palpable in your dialogue.


The matching sunglasses for Sirius and Harry are super cute without being totally over the top. I like how Harry is able to play in the sand by himself, but then interrupts the adults to demand a ride on the swings. I also like that Harry wants Remus to stay and seems to like him—children are usually an excellent judge of character—sometimes more so than adults are.


Sirius is being pretty obvious about his intentions regarding Remus I think—texting him a sparkly pink heart…I wonder when they’ll meet next and what Sirius has in mind.


Great chapter!




Name: Noelle Zingarella (Signed) · Date: 05 May 2019 09:14 PM · For: Chapter 1

Hi! I’m here for April 2019 CTF. I wanted to come back to chapter one, since I reviewed a later chapter earlier in this game.


Ummm, this story is too cute for words! I love how you keep up Remus’s litany of how hot Sirius is and all the ways that Remus has embarrassed himself in front of this Hot Dad. Also, your writing style captures the humor of the situation but also tells me how much you care about Remus as a character. He’s so hard on himself all the time, and you show us that, but I feel that he is in good hands with you.


I liked the set up of Sirius taking baby Harry out, getting caught in the rain, and then hanging out in the used bookstore. It’s the sort of thing I remember fondly when I only had one or two kids to haul around. I like how Remus thinks that baby Harry is totally adorable—even though it probably means that Hot Dad is married, or otherwise taken. (It’s been my experience that Dads in public places with cute kids get waaayyyy more attention than Moms in public places with cute kids…but I digress…)


It was so cute how Remus is instantly tongue-tied and barely manages to do his job of helping a customer find books. And Sirius is so cool and easy that it’s hard to tell at first if he is likewise interested in Remus. It was totally in character I thought that Remus then retreats to the back of the store, but then he has to do his duty by his job and shlep the books upstairs. Of course he would go against his doctors orders and carry the heavy books upstairs by himself AND refuse any help from Sirius. And this concern that Sirius shows is the first indication we have that he might be similarly interested in Remus.


I love how Remus is watching Sirius and Harry and trying not to be a creep at the same time. And the part where Sirius winks at Remus was so adorable—especially how flustered Remus then gets.


It looks like Sirius is not sure that his interest in reciprocated, which was a nice twist since we’ve been reading for the whole chapter about how hot Remus thinks Sirius is. I hope that he will need another book soon

Name: Chemical_Pixie (Signed) · Date: 04 May 2019 12:28 PM · For: Chapter 3

Kayla! Here for CTF goodness!


This chapter has all the awkwardness. All the fluffiness. All the swooning. Seriously, how do you manage to craft all these feel-good and yet jittery and panicky feelings of a crush into one coherent thought?! You write Remus's point of view incredibly well by that. His determination to not think about Sirius. His busy list of errands. His physical limitations and his budgetary restrictions. And then you physically drop Sirius in the middle of Remus's determination and then it goes directly into shreds. I just... wow. That is some awesome writing!


Sirius and Remus's interaction throughout the chapter is adorable. There were a few times I wanted to cringe at the awkwardness, but I think that aspect of a getting to know you relationship is natural, and both of them seem to be steering through that emotional mess okay. Since I have a vague sense of their backstories, I know that they'll be totally supportive of each other, but both guys aren't were I am yet, and it's kind of frustrating (in a good way) because I just know they'd be a killer couple!


Harry is absolutely adorable in this chapter, bringing the much needed comic relief. I have a feeling he's going to be the instigator of Remus and Sirius's relationship because his toddler self has impeccable timing (I think that kind of goes away when he's older, but that was Harry-raised-by-the-Dursely's-Harry. I think Harry-raised-by-Wolfstar is going to have some more game and an awesome fashion sense--matching sunglasses? Omg. Swooning. That's the greatest.)


Kayla, another great chapter! I've realized there are only two chapters left. Why? No!!! But I'm so stoked to read them.


[But for now, most likely it's off to jail, lol.]

Name: Noelle Zingarella (Signed) · Date: 01 May 2019 02:39 AM · For: Chapter 2

Hi! I’m here for April 2019 CTF.


This chapter was so sweet! I like how you shifted Remus and Sirius to a modern setting, but you managed to keep their personalities in tact. It seems perfect to me that Remus would push himself too hard at work and also beat himself up over making a fool of himself in front of a cute stranger. I thought the image of Remus laid up on the couch, alone, watching horror films and eating granola bars was on point.


I adored the lines “Maybe his life is kind of sad and boring. So sue him.” very much. 


The thought of him calling Peter to complain and gain sympathy—and maybe a movie watching buddy—was amusing. I’m sorry Remus spent another day alone, but it was nice to see him taking care of himself for once.


The interaction between Remus and Sirius had a good balance of flirting, tension, embarrassment—nicely done. It’s interesting that Remus notices Sirius’s change of emotion over the Hindu book and then assumes that Sirius isn’t interested in him after all. My guess is that something about the book, or Harry’s reaction to it, reminded Sirius of his dead friends. 


Also, the idea of Sirius wearing Harry in a baby carrier is too cute for words.


All I can say at the  end, is that I hope that Sirius and Harry will need another books soon.


Nice job!




Name: Chemical_Pixie (Signed) · Date: 01 May 2019 02:26 AM · For: Chapter 2

Kayla! Here for Ctf!


The beginning of this chapter has me grinning from ear to ear. Remus is so endearing, pining over Sirius, internally berating himself over his awkwardness in the shop from the other day. I like how he texts Peter to vent a little bit. But also... Remus is not feeling very well, so I'm a little worried about that. I'm glad that he calls off and takes care of himself.


But my excitement grows when Sirius and Harry return to the bookstore. Remus is so surprised, but I'm not in the slightest because I ship them so much (and your tags might have had something to do with it, lol). Their chemistry just flies off the screen! Sirius is so confident, and I love how he includes Harry in his flirting, ahahaha. Way to use a baby to your advantage, Sirius! And Remus's reactions are priceless.


The scene with them looking up Hinduism make some redflags go off: why? I had a feeling the Potter's might have been Hindu... and then Harry's reaction and Sirius's sudden sadness, oh no... holding back tears, now Kayla! The mood change was swift and incredibly effective. Even though I know this is for a very heartbreaking reason, I love how you ended this chapter. I just want to keep reading (but I probably have to go to jail first)


Fantastic chapter. You bet I'll be back soon for more! :D 

Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 28 Apr 2019 11:54 PM · For: Chapter 3

Hi Kayla, here for our swap! I’ve missed this story and figured it was high time I came back to it. :)




Ahem, now that that’s out of the way, I suppose I should make the rest of this review at least somewhat more coherent. The fact that Sirius runs into him at the grocery store is great, and I love that they’ve finally met somewhere outside of the bookstore, even if it *was* entirely on accident. But naturally, Remus has spent all this time convincing himself that Sirius is both out of his league and probably taken and/or straight that it’s only natural that Sirius would have to be the one to make the first move here.


Gah, I forgot how much I love your Remus’ internal monologue. Like, he just said yes to Sirius before thinking about it, and then has to literally give himself a pep talk in order to not explode, haha.


(Actually nope I’m not done with the gushing incoherence over cuteness, Harry is my favorite tiny human and ‘swawbees’ has me in a whole ass puddle all over again.)


I love the idea of Sirius and Remus and Harry hanging out on the playground, and I LOVE how Sirius immediately gives Remus shit for literally being named Wolf Wolf. But at least he recognizes that he has no room to talk? (Plugging Sirius and Remus into Muggle AUs is hilarious because you’re either forced to completely ignore how ridiculous their names sound in comparison to normal names or confront it head-on - the latter is always infinitely more entertaining.)


But the mutual understanding between the two of them when Remus explains his backstory is really good and really important - as fun as the sillier moments are, these instances are where relationships (both fictional and otherwise) are built, and the fact that Sirius gets it but doesn’t push it is a really good sign.


Also EL OH EL at Remus being like ‘I don’t have a pen’  - what decade are you in, my friend? But ahhhhhhh the sparkly pink heart, Remus you’re an entire ass idiot for not realizing that Sirius fancies you by this point.


Anyways, as usual, this was a delight and I adore all of these characters. I’m also terrified that the next chapter is described as the Sad Chapter, but I’ll probably be back to read and review it soon enough nonetheless.



Name: Chemical_Pixie (Signed) · Date: 28 Apr 2019 10:32 PM · For: Chapter 1

Kayla! Here for CTF!


I love this opening chapter so much! Remus is such a loveable, bumbling idiot, and I absolutely love his characterization! Sure, he's got some wit and a decently brilliant mind, but for him to be near absolute pieces over seeing Sirius, coming in from the rain with a baby strapped to his chest, I mean, this is the meet cute that's DYING to happen! And then Remus proceeds to screw it up in almost every possible way. Oh no, poor Remus!!!


And Sirius. Okay, I know that he's not Harry's parent, obviously, but I have a feeling like Sirius is his guardian, which makes me wonder how you offed James and Lily in this wonderful AU. Totally heartbreaking (but with a promising, uplighting premise of a beautiful Wolfstar pairing!). And can I say that Sirius appears kind of hot in this chapter? No wonder Remus is a hot mess, lololol. I think I would be, too, but alas, I think Sirius would be out of my league for, er, different reasons, lol.


The most cringeworthy moment is when Sirius introduces himself and Remus just fails. So badly. Omg. But I cannot judge him because that's so relatable, lol (oh dear, I think you're finding out quite a bit about me in this review, ahaha). But I'm dying for the next chapter already!!!


Also, the setting of a bookshop is absolutely spectacular; I really hope Sirius comes back soon!


And Harry is the cutest baby in the world, and he should have been raised by Sirius in canon. <3333

Name: crestwood (Signed) · Date: 04 Feb 2019 11:21 PM · For: Chapter 1

Hi Kayla!! It’s been ages since I’ve read your work, and I am so excited to be back to it.

This is so different than I what I’ve come to expect from you, but I love it. I’ve been known to adore fluffy romance as much as I do the sad stuff, so I’m very here for this gear you’ve slipped into.

I love Remus working at a bookstore, it seems like the sort of cute thing he’d do. I’m so glad that he is immediately smitten with Sirius, because it let’s us skip right into the good stuff! (pining)

I love that Sirius is taking care of Harry and it’s especially nice to see the dramatic irony in Remus thinking he’s his kid even though we all know it isn’t. I just love how Remus is in general, too.

All of the parenthetical asides are SO good - Remus’ inner monologue is amazing and funny and relatable.

Harry is melting my heart and so is Sirius’ wink omg. Also, I can absolutely picture him wearing a Ramones shirt and Docs, honestly I can’t really imagine him wearing anything else.

Sirius is obviously trying to spark up a conversation multiple times in this story and of course Remus is too shy and insecure to even register it! It’s frustrating, but in a good way :) It makes it so that when he finally does come around to realizing that he’s actually reading these things right (yeah, he was totally disappointed dude) that I’m gonna cry and be happy forever. Such a good chapter to start, and I’m extremely excited to see that you’ve gone and finished this already so I can see how it all goes without having to wait!! I'm happy you decided to step out of your comfort zone and give a Muggle AU a chance because you're really good at writing them. Thank you so much for the swap, this was such a good read!



Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 29 Jan 2019 11:07 PM · For: Chapter 2

Alright I’m back with a very very last minute menagerie review!


So little baby Harry is absolutely the cutest thing ever, I love how excited he gets about the bookstore and everything at all times. Cute baby noises are the best.


Ooh okay so I was curious about why Sirius was so intent on finding books about Hinduism, but I think the author’s note really helped explain that. So basically, Sirius seems like he’s trying to learn more about James’ religion - and, as a byproduct, Harry’s? As a result of this chapter, I’m starting to lean more towards the inclination that James and Lily are dead at this point and Sirius has custody, which would explain why a) Sirius has him all the time, b) he’s trying to learn about the religion so that he can teach Harry about his culture when he’s a little older, and c) he gets oddly sad when Harry makes the comment about his appa. 


And if that’s the case, can I just say how much I appreciate Sirius being the rockstar of a stand-in dad that he is? First of all, he’s just so good with Harry and I love the way he talks to him - ‘ “Book," Sirius says to him patiently. "With a K, mate." ‘ - and also he’s trying to make sure Harry stays connected with his parents and the world that they (or James, at least) came from.


I love that Sirius’ response to Remus’ name is just like “So I'm not the only one of us with a weird name” because I can definitely imagine that being a thing in the Muggle world, because there aren’t quite as many bizarre names. And I love that Remus’ explanation for going back to his first name again was getting into Classics - that makes a lot of sense and totally fits with his whole bookstore vibe as well. 


But ohhhhhhh Remus, sweet boy, you’re absolutely SO oblivious to how much Sirius is flirting with you. Honestly, at this rate, Sirius is probably going to have to show up with a neon sign or something and even then, Remus STILL might not get it.


I probably won’t make it back for another chapter before the menagerie closes, but I’ll definitely be back for more of this story very soon!!



Written for the Magical Menagerie event and January RvG

Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 29 Jan 2019 06:44 PM · For: Chapter 1

Hi Kayla! First of all, congrats on finishing this story! Second of all, idk why I’m just now realising that this is a Muggle AU but HECK YES I AM HERE FOR THIS.


So just like, first of all, all of Remus’ narration is INCREDIBLE. Seriously, he had me laughing to myself the entire time I was reading this, particularly on the nickname transition from Mr Godlike Beauty to Hot Dad where he’s just internally smacking himself every time he uses the new nickname, and is just convincing himself that he’s made an absolute fool out of himself. Which like, maybe he’s been a little awkward, but he’s definitely being ten times harder on himself in his head than necessary. 


And SIRIUS. He’s just so cheeky and I love that he falls somewhere between that bad-boy vibe with the way he’s dressed and the tattoos and piercings, and being a dedicated dad with constantly encouraging Harry and genuinely caring about him. (Which begs the question of what Sirius’ actual role is in Harry’s life - did something still happen to James and Lily in this universe that caused him to get custody, is he just babysitting, or is Harry actually *his* kid in some way? I suppose that’s a question that’ll get answered in an upcoming chapter!)


But lol, it is very obvious (except not to Remus, apparently) that Sirius already likes him, at least a little bit, between the obvious smirk/wink thing and the fact that he made sure Remus knew his name and was disappointed that no further interaction happened there. (Side note: “As in the star. Not the adjective.” is perfect omg.)


I’m so excited to keep reading this - this first chapter was excellent!!



Written for the Magical Menagerie event and January RvG

Name: M C Crocker (Signed) · Date: 29 Jan 2019 09:11 AM · For: Chapter 1

I typically do not ship Wolfstar but I do appreciate some of the Wolfstar stories and this one certainly caught my attention.  


This was absolutely adorable. This made me all giddy and fuzzy inside.  I love your pacing in this story and I love how you just pull me into your story in an instant.  I love that you gave Harry brown skin, I always love those kinds of small details.  


You have certainly caused me to be curious about what Remus' condition is in this story seeing as this is a Muggle AU but I'm sure you will give more details in later chapters.  I adore the voice you are giving Remus how he keeps calling Sirius all of these unique nicknames.  I think my favorite was "hot dad" particularly when Remus keeps telling himself no and geting upset with himself for the user of that name.  The asides are very amusing to me and makes me smile it just adds a lot of fun quirkiness to the story and Remus as a character here in this story.


While I know that Sirius is just a god father, I adore how great of a godfather he is to the little guy.  It just melts my heart and makes me smile.  Of course the end of the chapter gutted me some.  Sirius was dissapointed becuase Remus didn't give Sirius his own name.  It's soo sweet, it is clear that Sirius is interested in Remus even through Remus is not aware of it as he is so exeedinly worried about not leaving a bad impression with Mr. Godlike Beauty.  At least Remus has a name which should help with the nicknames.


Honestly, a wonderful job, this first chapter sets up a wonderful promise of a great story ahead.


- A Magical Menagerie Review

Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 27 Jan 2019 08:11 PM · For: Chapter 5

Kayla!  Here for RvG and the Magical Menagerie.




And also, congratulations on finishing your first multi-chaptered story in ages!  I'm proud of you - I know exactly what it feels like not to be able to finish what you're writing, and I'm really happy you managed it today!


I feel like me and your Remus would be excellent friends, but also maybe not too helpful for each other.  The overthinking thing is definitely something that I can sympathise with him on, and maybe Peter's right that he's overthinking too much, but try telling anxiety that and actually having it work (if there's a way that it does work, let me know?).  I'm with Remus on the hot chocolate over coffee choice, too.


Remus's distraction when he sees Sirius wearing a crop top needs photographing and framing, honestly.


I was so, so glad to see Sirius arriving without Harry - not that Harry isn't adorable, of course, but because it meant that he'd taken Remus's suggestions on board.  That conversation was so important for them to have had in the past, and I'm really glad that Sirius took Remus's advice and actually tried to get help - and that he's starting to acknowledge the ways that he's been struggling, and that he needs to face up to things in his past.  But also that part of his speech is confirming that he doesn't want Remus to fix him, because that's so important.


That woman rushing into the bookshop and looking for such a niche book made me laugh, though - I've definitely witnessed people in that state of desperation when essay deadlines are looming (and I've been close to it myself once or twice, too).


There was something so special and good about Remus and Sirius being so honest with each other before they actually try anything resembling a relationship.  It sets a really good precedent for them going forward, and I loved seeing that.


The ending was amazing!  I'm so happy that they got their happy ending, finally (and I did, too, woo!) and the line about the way that Harry just reaches up naturally to hold Remus's hand, which shows just how easily he's fitted into Sirius and Harry's lives, is adorable and perfect.


Sian :)

Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 27 Jan 2019 07:11 PM · For: Chapter 4

Hey Kayla!  RvG and Menagerie :) 


I should have known that you couldn't write a Wolfstar without some angst and sadness, shouldn't I?  The summary for this chapter had me worried enough, and it was definitely a rollercoaster to read.  I loved the opening of this chapter, and the easy way that Remus and Sirius are starting to spend more time together, just because they want to, because they like each other, and the way that they're getting closer.  You managed to capture that progression in a couple of lines, and it really set us up for things getting more serious in this chapter - even if you did decide to go and smash my heart into little pieces.  Again.


(Honestly, why haven't I learnt by now???)


Although of course Remus still hadn't broached the whole 'Whose is the baby?' subject with Sirius, which is kind of a big elephant chilling in the room with them.  When I realised he hadn't tackled it (and to be fair, I can understand why it would be hard to bring up) I could sense that things were going to come to a head here, and I wasn't far wrong.


The elation of being asked over to see Sirius and then the way that it all came crashing down, ugh.  MY HEART.


The image of Sirius just sobbing with Harry sleeping against him is so sad.  I thought Remus actually dealt with it all really well, all things considered - it's not like he was prepared for a conversation to go along those lines, but he gave Sirius some really good advice.  Babies definitely pick up on moods and emotions, and he has to look after himself before he can really look after Harry.  But the way that Sirius was so desperate to prove he was coping and not wanting to let James and Lily down was just heartbreaking - perfectly in character, but heartbreaking.  I need my happy ending!


Sian :)

Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 27 Jan 2019 06:55 PM · For: Chapter 3

Kayla <3 RvG and Menagerie, etc. etc.


I honestly don't know how each chapter of this story somehow manages to be more perfect and adorable than the last one, but guess what?  You've managed it.  This chapter was so cute and fun to read and I kind of want to spend the next few days just reading fluffy, modern Muggle AU Wolfstar to take a break from you breaking our hearts with the rest of your writing.


(Please don't break my heart with this story.  Pleeeasssee!!)


Remus trying to convince himself not to like Sirius, and then that Sirius wasn't straight, and then that he shouldn't be thinking that because there's no way that Sirius would be interested in him anyway - that poor guy.  His internal monologue was so fun to read and there are so many lines from this that I loved, but it would end up in me just quoting the whole story back at you.  I kind of sympathise with Peter a little bit (and that NEVER happens) in the amount he must have had to hear about this mythical Sirius xD


And they run into each other at the supermarket!  And Harry and Sirius are wearing MATCHING SUNGLASSES!  That's both adorable and a little bit heart-breaking, because it just makes me imagine what a great godfather Sirius would have been if he hadn't ended up in Azkaban and could have actually looked after Harry properly.


There was so much flirting in this chapter and it was so fun to read, and see the two of them getting to know each other more - the way that they click, with Remus not feeling pressured to share things he's not comfortable about yet, and just feeling comfortable (and simultaneously on edge) in Sirius's company.  But seriously, he needs to learn to spit out a question and just pluck up some of that Gryffindor courage to find out exactly what the situation is with Sirius and baby Harry and the relationship status.


Baby Harry melts my heart every chapter <3


Sian :)

Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 27 Jan 2019 06:38 PM · For: Chapter 2

Hi Kayla!  Here for RvG and the Menagerie.


I forgot to mention this in my last review, but I'm really intrigued by the way that you have Remus and Sirius meeting here, without any of the context of having known each other before.  Since Sirius is with Harry, I'm assuming that he and James are (were?) friends and Remus is friends with Peter - and even though I don't much like Peter, and I know you don't much like him either, I'm glad you included him.  Remus needs at least one friend to moan to about making a fool of himself in front of cute guys, right?


I felt sorry for Remus at the start of this chapter, but I think your choice to replace his lycanthropy with a chronic illness of sorts works really well - unfortunately those invisible disabilities tend to be stigmatised even more than visible ones, a lot of the time.


And Sirius came back looking for him!  There was definitely a blush on his cheeks when he let that slip - and even though he came up with a pretty good excuse to cover for it, there's no mistaking the fact that he likes Remus.  If only Remus would actually realise that and let himself believe it.


Ugh, this was just SO GOOD.  The sadness that came over Sirius when he was reminded of James and Lily, and Harry's obliviousness to what's happened, and then the little glances and moments shared between him and Remus.  This is so fluffy and fun and I love it.


Sian :)

Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 27 Jan 2019 06:27 PM · For: Chapter 1

Kayla!  Here for RvG and the Magical Menagerie!


I honestly thought that I'd at least reviewed SOME of the chapters of this story, rather than just lurking, but apparently not, so here we go.




Honestly, it's only the first chapter and I'm not sure that I can handle it already.  I know you're going slightly out of your comfort zone here by writing a modern Muggle AU, but if you ever feel like doing this again, then I can confirm you'll have at least one reader for it.


It's no surprise that you've managed to capture both Remus and Sirius's characters perfectly here - I mean, come on, when don't you? - but I really loved seeing the way that you transferred them to a Muggle setting.  Remus working in a bookshop is a very Remus thing to do, and I suspect (from a few details that you slipped in here) that you've replaced his lycanthropy with some form of chronic illness that he struggles with, and that's going to make life difficult and unusual for someone his age.


Sirius, too - with his black skinny jeans and earrings and tattooed arms.  And his confidence - that's so Sirius.  Plus he walks in with a baby Harry strapped to his chest!  I mean, come on.  That isn't fair - I suspect I'd be with Remus on the reaction to that.


Baby Harry is possibly the most adorable character I've ever read, and maybe your new thing should just be writing him interacting with different members of the Order.  Just a suggestion, if Sirius ever gets on your nerves ;) 


The disappointment at the end!  Argh, Sirius was definitely disappointed, and Remus was being his usual self-deprecating self and not noticing the MASSIVE HINTS that Sirius was flirting with him from when he walked into the shop.  I mean, I can kind of see why Remus would think that, with him having a baby, but STILL.  Sort it out, you two!


Sian :)

Name: LadyMarauder (Signed) · Date: 27 Jan 2019 03:48 PM · For: Chapter 5

You've completed this! Although it's a great achievement and all that, I'm sad there's no fluffy Sirius and Remus anymore. I'm terrible at writing this ship (which btw I've never really been into before until recently), so you'll just have to write more. There's no other choice I'm afraid :) 


Anyway, could this have been any cuter and fluffier if it tried? I actually LOVED this so much, I can't even tell you. It started with the crop top, because of course Sirius Black has a crop top. He also knows how good he looks in it too. I was pleased to see that he'd taken Remus's advice and gone to see a therapist. The panicky and teary customer looking for the wallpaper book really was brilliant and defused the serious and awkward moment well - also, it's a real article? Amazing attention to detail there!


I loved the 3 months later section at the end as it is full of hope and happiness, which is exactly how it should have ended. They're both flawed and a little bit damaged, but the ending gives them a lot of positives to look forward too. I liked that Sirius is doing better every day and that Remus has slotted so well into Harry's life too. All in, this was an adorable, sweet story and I've loved reading it. 


Tasha xxx

For Menagerie and RvG -Team Red    

Name: LadyMarauder (Signed) · Date: 27 Jan 2019 03:46 PM · For: Chapter 4

I called it and I really wish I'd got it wrong. I was really hoping that Sirius was simply Harry's babysitter while James and Lily worked, but obviously that wasn't going to happen, I knew it. My little heart can't take so much cuteness and then was just SO SAD when he was explaining what happened and his eyes were welling up. I can't bare it. Although, I do like that in your version of Sirius's story, he didn't get chucked in prison for something he didn't do and could raise Harry himself rather than going to his racists aunt's. 


The moment where Remus let himself in and watched Sirius and Harry dozing was possibly the cutest thing ever. Fluffy, fluff! Also, Remus gave him some super helpful advice about looking after his own mental health that I found myself almost applauding when he was done. This really was written so well - kids definitely pick up on mood, so Remus was spot on there!


Also, Sirius admitted he fancies Remus - well of course he does! I'm looking forward to finding out if they ever get a baby-free date, bless them, it seems like something they both need!


Tasha - For Menagerie and RvG - Team red x

Name: LadyMarauder (Signed) · Date: 27 Jan 2019 03:44 PM · For: Chapter 3

Ohmygosh!!! This was the CUTEST thing I've ever read! The whole date was so adorable, but Remus couldn't seem to relax for like a second, bless him. It was obvious Sirius wanted to ask him to hang out even before he said it. I wonder if he's been pining for Remus as he has for him? Ha!


The park and picnic date all seemed to happen quite organically though and nothing seemed forced. Like there was no life story given within the first five minutes, giving them the time to get to know each other properly. Well, that bit about Sirius pushing him on the swings made me laugh, they're such dorks, honestly!


Even though Remus is dying to find out all about baby Harry and the story about him being a single dad, at least he knows that Sirius is interested in him like he is. Remus is the most awkward guy ever, he's so terrified he's going to make a fool of himself, he just ends up acting even more awkward, bless him. Oh and Harry's getting attached to Remus already - he didn't want him to leave. Babies do have a talent for making you feel really guilty about leaving and Harry seems to have it down to an art! It seems like they're going to make a really sweet - dare I say it - family, one day.


Tasha - For Magical Menagerie and RvG Team red xxx

Name: LadyMarauder (Signed) · Date: 27 Jan 2019 03:41 PM · For: Chapter 2

I was wondering how you were going to write Remus's lycanthrope as something Muggle and I liked what you did here and left it ambiguous. I felt sad that he was so lonely, just watching horror films on his own for a couple of days. I know some people love to do that and just be in their own company, but I just wanted to hug him here, especially when Pete couldn't come and hang out. I love that the others are being brought into this too. I always get a kick out of seeing other characters crop up in AUs.


Ohhh and Sirius and Harry came by and Remus wasn't there - how cute! It's so fluffy and lovely already and they know nothing about each other yet. It's so adorable.


Also, I love how you bring other cultures into your stories, it's a really interesting aspect to Marauders-centric stories. This one is especially cool as it tells a lot about the characters without necessarily just saying they are a particular religion, or culture. I liked how Harry instantly recognised the book cover. Though Sirius's forced smile makes me think sad things... like are Lily and James dead and Sirius raising Harry? Please don't make me cry, Kayla, I can't take it!!


Tasha xxx

For Menagerie and RvG Team red.


Name: LadyMarauder (Signed) · Date: 27 Jan 2019 03:37 PM · For: Chapter 1

Ok so I've been meaning to stop by and read this for ages and since you've updated and completed this, I thought I'd binge read and review! Well, this was about the most adorable thing ever. Poor Remus getting all flustered at the sign of a very pretty face and mop of dark hair drenched by the rain, how very dramatic. Not to mention the little baby, so cute - and IT'S HARRY!! It was hilarious how Remus kept fleeing at the sight of Sirius and getting all embarrassed, he's so awkward and totally relatable. I loved "on the other hand... people" - this is correct, always! Those nicknames - utterly brilliant. Mr Godlike Beauty was a particular highlight. 


I loved the setting of this in a bookstore, it's just so Remus, even though he does seem a little fed up. The fact that Sirius told Remus his name as he left makes me think he already likes him a little, because that generally doesn't happen really. I liked his little explanation about his name too, just in case he didn't get it. So I think they're going to meet again sooooon! Love it.


Tasha - For Menagerie and RvG -Team red.

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