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Name: juls (Signed) · Date: 16 Sep 2018 12:12 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Black Christmas Chapter: Chapter 1

Just as fabulous as the first (or, actually the second, as this one was the first.)

Baby Tonks made me smile with Narcissa and Andromeda just being regular sisters in that moment. I enjoyed their closeness. There was always something to me about Narcissa and how she wasn't as bigoted as the other Blacks towards Muggleborns. (I've even written her that way, so it was heartening to see it in your story, too.)

Thanks for the great read!


Author's Response:

Aww, thank you so much! I'm so happy you decided to check out this one as well! :)

Baby Tonks is just adorable, isn't she? And yes, I agree that Narcissa wasn't as bigoted as the rest of the family... or at least, I've always thought that she valued family bonds more than she valued Pureblood ideology and that she would still feel affection for her sister, despite her marrying someone "unworthy".

Glad you enjoyed this too! Thank you for another lovely review!


Name: Nix (Signed) · Date: 19 Apr 2018 07:54 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Black Christmas Chapter: Chapter 1

Hi! Here for our review swap! 


I loved this! I love how Andromeda wanted to see her family for Christmas, even though she must have know they disapproved of her and her choice in husband. I loved the mother/son spat between Sirius and Walburga and the "brotherly love" between Sirius and Regulus. The way they all act towards each other is very realistic without being too over the top. And in my head, the Blacks are always over the top, lol.


I'm so happy Orion did let Andromeda and Ted inside, and was at least civil with Ted. He was the only one who gave the poor man the time of day, curious to know more about muggles and what they do since they don't have magic or goblins. I loved Narcissa's reaction to seeing her sister and her baby neice. I love that she didn't seem to care about her sister marrying a muggleborn and was just really happy to see her. That totally goes with my headcanon and made me smile when I read that. 


Cygnus and Bellatrix were super rude. Especially Cygnus for making his family leave in the middle of dinner. It's his own daughter he's disgusted with (and her husband and child) and instead of being happy to see her, he won't even speak to her. And what about Druella? Was she happy to see her middle daughter or was she as disgusted as her husband? I'm very curious to know more on the inner workings of the Black family. 


I also enjoyed the ending with Walburga about to let into her husband and the thought of Sirius and Regulus sneaking off to open their Christmas presents while their parents fight. This was such a cute little one-shot! Thanks so much for doing the review swap with me! I found a few other stories on your page I'm interested in reading so you may hear from me again at some point.



Author's Response:

Hey, there, Nix! :)

I'm glad you enjoyed this little story. I'm glad you liked the idea of Andromeda wanting to see her family for Christmas and all the dynamics in the Black family. Yes, they are always over the top... :D

For some reason, I like to imagine Orion as slightly more tolerant than other members of the family. I had fun imagining him being curious about Muggles in a Arthur sort of way, but with that Pureblood disgust and sense of superiority... he is an interesting man. :P As for Cissy, I've always believed that all she truly cared about was her family and not ideology so much, so I truly think that she would be happy to see her sister again, despite her disresputable marriage. :P

Cygnus and Bellatrix are the worst. As for Druella, I think she would be somewhere in the middle? Like, she would still care about her daughter, but she wouldn't try to reconnect because... what would people think? Druella is all about keeping appearences. And she would never go against her husband, because that would be so improper. (Of course, all this is my personal interpretation).

I love children Sirius and Regulus. I'm so glad you found cute how they sneaked off to open presents while their parents fought. :P

Thank you so much for swapping and for leaving such a nice review! :D

Lots of love,


Name: pookha (Signed) · Date: 29 Sep 2017 10:10 PM · [Report This]
Story:A Black Christmas Chapter: Chapter 1

I've read this before and almost reviewed it then, and I'm not sure why I didn't. So I'm going to review it no for our review swap. Going to start off by saying tha I quite like the younger Regulus and Sirius, and the way they aren't quite oblivious to what's happening around them with the breakup of the family and tensions, but that Regulus has a different objective, the opening of presents.

Andromeda's characterization as someone who's trying to reconnect rang very true to what we know aobut her from the books and Ted's defense of the confusion about his parents was terrific. I think this is very much how that meeting would have gone, with Bella being belligerent, Narcissa being happy to see her niece (but keeping her opinions about Ted quiet for at least a night), and Andromeda trying reconciliation. 

What really drove this piece was the characterizations; you make them all believable and show their motivations through their actions and words. 


I really enjoyed reading this (or re-reading this, really).

Author's Response:

Hi, Pookha! Thank you for the swap! :)

I'm glad you liked Sirius and Regulus, I do love writing them as children. Why would Reg care about family drama when there are presents waiting for him under the Christmas tree? :P Glad you liked that, I thought it would be fun! :D

I'm glad you liked Andromeda trying to reconcile with her family and found her in character. And that you liked everyone else's characterization as well.

Thank you so much for the lovely review and for the swap, it's always so nice!



Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 03 Nov 2016 02:12 AM · [Report This]
Story:A Black Christmas Chapter: Chapter 1

Hey Chi!


I'm just transferring reviews :)

Okay one more then I'll go to bed, I promise! :P But I found this little Black one tucked away, it called to me. I couldn't say no!


Bianca... Read me...


I luuurve the Black family (as I'm sure you well know *ahem*) and I think your characterisation of ALL of them was perfect! I must say though, that was pretty brave of Andromeda to turn up! And poor Ted must have been so nervous! Omg Regulus is so cute, pretending he knows what a metamorphmagus is when he doesn't! Ha ha! I love how Narcissa was instantly taken by baby Dora, I feel like she's one of those girls who just completely cooed over babies and wanted nothing more than to be a mother herself ♥


Ha ha and that last line! You should write Regulus more! Oh Chi this was such a great piece, I bet every family get together at the Black house went this way! Their bickering and judging was spot on, but the whole story was still quite lighthearted, I loved it!


Love B ♥

Author's Response:

Thank you, B!

Love thee!

Name: Crumple-Horned Snorkack (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Nov 2016 06:29 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Black Christmas Chapter: Chapter 1

Greetings, Chiara. I am the Crumple-Horned Snorkack, and while I commonly dwell hidden in the forest far away from human eyes (particularly the Lovegoods), I have taken this day to venture out and read some fanfiction instead!

What a dysfunctional family Christmas! I can relate, as my family Christmases tend to involve all of us Snorkacks hiding from one another, so I can never tell who's even there at all because we all camouflage with the trees. But this one, with the Black Family, is about as messy as you can get. I did wonder how that would go over, with Andromeda bringing her Muggle-born husband to dinner with her uptight purist relatives, and I can't say I was surprised.

I like your characterisation of Sirius and Regulus in particular, how they kind of annoy each other just to be annoying - as any brother would do. One thing I also really liked was Narcissa - I LOVE the idea that she was really close with Andromeda (at least when they were growing up) and that scene when Narcissa was so happy to meet baby Nymphadora was just the cutest.

Walburga was much nicer than I expected she'd be, after all, she's most known for screeching about horrible Mudbloods from her picture frame in Grimmauld Place, but here was upset at Orion for driving Andromeda away in the end. I guess being proper and having fine etiquette was most important to her when she was alive, but by the time was just a dead portrait she didn't care anymore :p

I really enjoyed reading this one-shot! Lovely work! And now, I must depart to meet my best friend the Loch Ness Monster for tea.

Author's Response:

Hello, Snorkack! It's so lovely to see you around here too!

Thank you so much for the lovely review, I'm glad you enjoyed reading this story. Give Nessie my greetings. :D

Lots of love!!!

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