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Story:From Fame to Infamy: The Tragedy of Six Objects Chapter: Chapter 2: 11th Century-Locket and Cup

Hey! I'm here from the review tag!

I don't read founders era fics very often, but this is really intriguing, and I like where you're taking it! 

So the creation of the sorting hat was very clever. I can imagine the four founders having this discussion and trying to decide how someone would objectively sort their students after they were gone. I like that they were so concerned about what would become of their school once they passed, and that they knew the importance of Hogwarts even then. Sometimes I think that people let their house define them a bit too much, but it's good that the four of them knew the important of the sorting and that it needed to be addressed. 

Salazar's characterisation is really quite chilling, he's so full of hatred - but he doesn't see it that way at all. He thinks that his house should be protected from the 'mud' and is protecting magic from these greedy and desparate muggles. It's good to know that he's alone in his ideology and that the other three don't share his beliefs. He mirrors a lot of the extremists of today who're worried about their race, but would rather let it die out than 'suffer' from multiculturalism. I really like how you made the link between 1000 years ago and today, because it shows that really - very little has changed. 

I love how Godric Gryffindor really does represent his house, being so chivalrous and jumping in to defend Helga. I think he's my favourite character so far, the way you've described him I can picture him very clearly in my mind! 

I can't wait to see what becomes of the founders after this! 





Author's Response:

Thanks for the review. This is my first founder's fiction and it's not really even that--only the first 2 chapters. I tried to have a bit of a "wrap up" connection at the end of each chapter. Some are better than others. 

The entire story is done (8 chapters-last one is in the queu) I hope you enjoy the rest of it. 

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Story:From Fame to Infamy: The Tragedy of Six Objects Chapter: Chapter 1: 11th Century-Locket, Diadem and Cup



This sounded so interesting! I'm very intrigued where you take this story! The time span is truly epic, so I'm expecting this to go in directions I couldn't even think of!


I really like how you've decided to build a story around the Horcruxes, and each of their stories. I hope through these objects, what you really do is tell the story of all the people they connect through time and space. I think that's one of the true magics of such old things.


I think you've got a great start, here! The origin story of three of the horcruxes, already! And I like how you chose such a momentous occassion as the grand opening of Hogwarts - a fitting start to an undertaking of epic proportions. I also like how you've shown the four Founders to still be excellent friends at this moment. Your characterisation really shows that they're still all in this together, and have a great love and respect for each other. I am curious to know if the next chapter will explore their splintering, or whether it will take a huge leap in time.


Great start!

Author's Response:

Thanks for writing (and reading.)  There are so many HP stories out there. I was trying to think of a character that not many people had written about. Then I wondered if an object could be a character which immediately led to the Horcruxes.  Each chapter includes at least two of them so you see how they are connected throughout the centuries. 

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