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Story:Fifth Row at the Opera Chapter: Fifth Row at the Opera

Hi, again, me from Gryffindor Review Tag. I thought of dropping a review in your Amelia, but again, I chose here first. Because the title caught my eyes and I was curious to know you write a poem. (Sorry, I did some typos in the previous review. )


As one of musicians, I have the same experience as the one who performs in the audiences and as the audience. I sing songs, so I could understand how the singers use their body. Breathing is very important and you expressed the process beautifully.


And it's impressive you described the moment when the audiences listen to the song, how they react or prepare for it. Your words told us the tension between the artist and the listeners. I like it. I guess the first half was written about the beginning impact, perhaps crescendo. So the latter half of the spot, the exoression about decrescendo became conspicuous. Thank you for sharing a lovely poem.



Author's Response:

Thank you for stopping by to read this piece! I’m glad it resonated with you and felt authentic. I’m not a poet by any means so I’m thrilled to hear that this poem worked. 

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