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Name: sunshine_locks (Signed) · Date: 21 May 2018 11:42 PM · [Report This]
Story:spartan Chapter: drew

Okay so. I'm a dumbass that thought didn't realize there were any misspellings until you pointed them out lmao. 


Anyways, this story is interesting. I kind of appreciate you using Drew as your "voice," i guess, because she's usually the one that's hated on. 


The way you wrote this story was in such way that it sounded like as if you were actually writing a story, not dialogue. Which works in this case, because it adds to the characterization of Drew as kind of a dramatic person. 


I also totally agree with Percy; I felt that second hand embarassment so hard omg. Why would Drew do that??????? 


I'm intrigued as to anyone would burn Piper McLean's pictures, and the description of this story adds to that even more. 


Tiny but important thing: I love how "exaggeratied" you wrote Leo, if you get what I mean?? Like he's dramatic in the Drew sense of dramatic except he goes off on tangents rather than using details. 


I'm really sorry if you don't understand what the hell is going on in this review, I don't either. 

Name: facingthenorthwind (Signed) · Date: 21 May 2018 04:20 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:spartan Chapter: drew

eva, eva come closer, i have a secret to tell you. no, that's too close, back off just slightly. right. good. [whispers] i think this fic is Quite Good.

I know, it's a surprise. You may be thinking "but emma, you have literally never indicated to me in any way that you had even read this fic, let alone favourited it, let alone gushed extensively about it in increasingly incoherent ways". Despite all that, it is true. This is my favourite PJO fic ever.

So I confessed to you that I did not remember Drew from the books because it has been many years since I read them and I am but an old woman whose brain is but a sieve. That hasn't changed. BUT I do love her a LOT. The voice you've given her is absolutely perfect -- the wit in this is SO TOP NOTCH and Drew could cut a man (probably Leo) with her wit and also her cheekbones and I am HERE FOR IT. The framing of Leo transcribing her "trial" is genius and adds a delightful layer to the whole proceedings, because it gives us like...we get simultaneously two somewhat unreliable narrators at once, in both Drew and Leo. It's so interesting to see when their narration clashes.

I was yelling with joy pretty much from the first word but this bit is PERFECTION:  [As she begins snobbily repeating “It’s okay” to herself, I shall take the opportunity to describe the fashion choices of everyone in the room—]   DREW: No. No you shall not.


Also I loooove that she was like "feast your eyes, ladies" on the bikini-clad girls because 10/10 the lesbian gaze, i'm here for it. dudes don't look.

" Or something. I don’t watch Game of Thrones, so." This somehow perfectly encapsulates the beautiful and excellent voice you've given Drew -- I live for the dismissiveness and the Too Cool For You vibe she gives off. what a gift. Also the way she's like "Reyna hates me and I don't quite understand this feeling inside my chest right now. is it....loathing? is it.....a big honking crush?? nobody knows, and we will never find out". I just "I wanted to see something marr that perfect face" GODDD IT'S SO GOOD. 

I also ADORE the line about the layout of the camp. What r u doing, rick. And the way she's like "uhh I guess people were feeling...grief or something? there was some kind of major conflict in which multiple people died? and people were bummed about it? anyway i didn't care so i needed to find a way to turn it to my advantage".

The abrupt ending is BEAUTIFUL especially because like....Leo did NOT need to write all that down. And because of the framing device of the story, he's in charge of when things end, even if it's in the middle of a sentence. I love!!!!!! everything!!!! about this story!!!!! Everyone's voice is PERFECT, I can hear Annabeth in my head, and Leo and Drew of course, and long-suffering Chiron, and aaaah. It makes me want to reread this garbage franchise but anything will be a disappointment compared to this fic, so....I guess I can never read anything ever again. What a trying problem. 

[yells incoherently] EVA THIS IS THE BEST FIC EVER

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