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Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 12 May 2017 09:21 AM · [Report This]
Story:The Last Time Chapter: Chapter 1

Amy!  You've been so great helping to encourage posting on the archives and I couldn't resist dropping by and leaving you a quick review :)


Fred and George!  More importantly, happy Fred and George!


I seem to have read so many stories about these characters lately that makes me tear up that it's actually really nice to read a story that makes me smile.


These two always seem to be such difficult characters to write, to me, because while I love them and their humour, it's just so hard for me to manage to capture that and put it into words.  You didn't have that problem here at all - the characterisation of both of them (even though this story was only - what? 500 words?) was so perfect.  I thought you captured their personalities really well, and you managed to inject their humour and how close they are - and always have and will be, in spite of Fred's death - so well in this piece.


The shop seemed like such a perfect place for this reunion to take place.  It was so sad to read that George hadn't been able to go back there since the war because of the memories it brought back to him of Fred, but at the same time it was the best place for them to be reunited - and he could only be dead because he was in the shop.  It tied in so well together.


Ah, so many feels when I read about the way that they just hugged and held onto each other and didn't want to let go! <3


The joke was slightly bad but it made me laugh and it fit so well with their humour.  It was brilliant to see them still laughing and joking together after all these years and everything that's happened.  This was so lovely to read!


Sian :)

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 03 Nov 2016 02:20 AM · [Report This]
Story:The Last Time Chapter: Chapter 1

Aaaammmyyy! ♥


Is this story going to make me cry?!




Omg no, this is not okay. I can't believe George hadn't visited the shop since the war, that's so sad :( Pulling this out because I love it: He knew Fred would come back to life and kick his butt if he let the shop get boring. The 'drop-dead gorgeous' joke is so great too! So many feels, but it was still so lovely. They're together again in the end. Bittersweet. Wahh.


Hope you're enjoying your day! ♥ B

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