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Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 15 Aug 2018 02:49 AM · For: you again

quodpot review Match 1


Hi, Eva. I stopped by to drop my thought for your great one-shot, I think it is rather a novel than an one- shot.


This is a story about reincarnation, right? From the start, it was a very thrilling read. Teddy as a werewolf and Victoire as a Veela, they were a wild pair, which is very new to me. I think I could learn how the soul mate fic works from your unique imagination.


Talking of "unique", the plot Lupin was a Korean, is also interesting. We only know the East Asian character in the HP world, Cho Chang.  You opened the new world for us with your imagination.


Your descriptions about the pair are also beautiful. Especially about her blonde hair, it's impressive like J.K.Rowling (Robert Galbraith) wrote about Robin's unmistakable hair in her story (Cormoran Strike series, the book 3, I think). 


How could you think of various stories, Eva? I really enjoyed reading your story, wishing "this time, please, prepare the happy ending for the pair",for the past Teddy and Victoire".


Then the last episode, I was surprised again. I thought nothing bad would happen to the pair. We know J.K.Rowling paired them, they should be happy in the end, but you prepared one more predicament for them. Teddy was sent to the jail! Awesome twists and turns!



Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 03 Jul 2018 07:40 PM · For: you again

EVA. I’m here for Chalices (again! Because I think literally all of your amazing stories have been nominated for something because they are all SO GOOD and worthy of awards)


I did not realize this was 17,000 words when I started reading, but the time just flew by as I read it, this was so absorbing! Omg, what an incredible story. I saw a Bollywood movie that dealt with this same theme, of the characters dying and then their reincarnations falling in love again, but I’d never seen a fanfic about it, nor had I expected to, and it totally blew me away. Each of the sections was absolutely amazing, and so different from one another while retaining so many of the same themes, and I loved that you kept these threads going between them like the subplots about egg thievery and Vic’s scarf. And other, less pleasant threads such as the racism that seems to follow Teddy around during all of his lives throughout history. No wonder he lashes out at the end – he’s been hearing various racist things directed at him for like 500 years.


It was also really clever how you revealed who the characters were, how in the first section they are just the veela and the werewolf, and then each successive section gives more away as to who they will be in the present, whether it’s just the first letter of their last name, or a very similar sounding name – anyway I thought that progression was very well thought out.


The setup of this is also really interesting in terms of the foreshadowing, which I think is the coolest part. Because of what happened to their previous incarnations, and because of all these dreams Victoire has in the beginning - which are actually memories of her previous life and they’ve all come to pass again, I was really worried Teddy and Victoire were going to die in some horrible way at the end (but at least together?) I just had this feeling that something was going to happen, which had been set up by all the other lives they had lived. And it wasn’t at all what I expected. Oh, and I appreciated Dom’s letter a lot, sometimes you just have to be direct haha.


The ending is actually quite hopeful, with that final dream – Teddy is getting help dealing with all his toxicity, and Vic seems to accept that there is something to the criticism of her and realizes that she needs to work on her own problems – they’re both taking steps towards healing. Which is good, because tbh they both really needed that.


(Sidenote: If I’m not mistaken, that’s totally the same Astoria as in your other fics. I recognized her by the F-bombs she kept dropping in every other sentence XD Cool that she became an Auror! And I can totally see where that rant came from about the woman who faced a hard choice.)


This is honestly such an amazing fic and I am still in awe of how you linked it all together into something so cohesive, telling this huge, sprawling story with such precision. You are such a talented writer. (I know I sound like a broken record but that doesn’t make it any less true!) Good luck in the Chalices!!!

Author's Response:



That's literally the best compliment ever, thank you so much!! I've never thought my stories (especially those centered around romances lmao) could be absorbing, so I'm just really relieved haha. Oooh, what's the Bollywood movie that you watched? I think I've gotten a few recommendations for Bollywood films and someone mentioned that one of them was a reincarnation film? So I'm curious to see if they're the same one or if there are multiple! Anyway that's a bit off-topic so I'll just go back to responding now haha. Thank you!! Every time someone notices the little threads I just want to dance a bit with excitement, it's so cool when people notice haha.


Eeeep thanks! It was actually really surprisingly hard coming up with names similar to Victoire Weasley and Teddy Lupin haha. At first I was originally going to do variations on Victoire and Teddy but then after having come up with "Victoria" and "Theodore" I was totally stumped on what other versions I could have. So then I decided to use their surnames for the second section instead haha.


Oof no, romances where they die in the end make me so unbelievably sad that I never could've written one ahaha. But yeah! In some ways I wish I could change the way I wrote the last section, but also there are some parts I like about it, and anyway it's up now so there's not much I can do. (I think this might be a problem but I'm probably not going to be editing stories to fit Future Me's standard whoops.)


Yay I'm glad you found it hopeful in the end! I think they both realize at this point that there's something wrong with both of them that they need to fix. And to them at the moment it's unclear if they'll ever sort out their issues and start interacting again.


(Yes that's definitely the same Astoria! Hahaha of course the swearing gave it away. I'm super excited every time someone notices this hehe.)


Thank you so so much!!!! *hugs* <3



Name: Unwritten Curse (Signed) · Date: 21 Jun 2018 11:01 PM · For: you again

Okay, it looks like we are on speaking terms after all. Thank you for that. :P


Seriously though, this story was STUNNING. I knew it would be, because you are an incredibly talented writer. This piece is no exception. I am totally overflowing with jealousy because your imagination is freaking out of this world, my dear.


First, can I please request that you expand the first reincarnation into a longer story? It was so intriguing. WHERE DID YOU COME UP WITH IT? The idea of a battle between the veela and the werewolf is fascinating, and the whole thing has this fairy tale vibe that is delicious. I love how they fight and crash through the trees and its only as they are injured and inches from death that their "love story" is told. It sounds heartbreaking and there is so much more to be explored that I am dying for an expanded story or a sequel or SOMETHING to satisfy my thirst for that iteration. Everything about that first story sang to me. I loved the little details you included about the village, about the werewolf's sister being ill and thinking the veela was an angel, about how he didn't fall for her charms like most men would, about their slow falling in love, how it turned to disgust before they burned to death. And the villagers seeing them as monsters. STUNNING. It was a fairy tale witch hunt. And I loved every minute of it.


I also adored the pickpocket reincarnation. The period details are STELLAR. How much research did you do to write this story? Even the details of what the passersby were wearing was great. I loved how you described the crowds, too--I could feel the bodies all crowded around and the energy and the electricity in the air. GAH. You know how to control a scene. And the easy way that "Lim" addressed her when he caught her pickpocketing him. I swear I was holding my breath that entire scene. Even though every iteration was so different, the way that "Teddy" talked to "Victoire" held so much tension and unspoken feeling. Their connection is undeniable, whether they are angry or conspiring or nervous; there is a passion between them that transcends lives. Sorry to repeat myself again, but it's DELICIOUS.


Okay, the third iteration. So much to love. First, I loved how Victoria got herself on the train by blackmailing Theodore. Her self-confidence was thrilling. And I love that it got her thrown into a smuggling operation where she was able to show her true Hufflepuff colors by helping out Theodore (who was genuinely doing the right thing even though he was technically breaking the law--did I mention how much I love the little details you throw in, like his comment about how he was doing the right thing despite it being illegal?). Theodore/Teddy/Lim/the werewolf always seems to be such a caring individual, no matter what situation he's thrown into. Like, when he's Lim, he's stealing... but eventually he wants to steal to free Westley from the life she's living. And as Theodore, he's trying to rescue a dragon. And in the final scene, when he's beating up the (terrible, disgusting, gross) man, he's doing it for Victoire, in a way, but also to defend himself and I CAN'T EVEN REALLY BE MAD AT HIM.


Speaking of the last reincarnation, the present-day one, I AM SO GENUINELY SAD FOR TEDDY. I don't even know how Victoire can be mad at him. Like, I get it, he beat a guy bloody and he clearly has some unresolved anger, but GIRL WHY DID YOU RUN AWAY? I'm glad Dominique sent her that letter, and I can clearly see that it's full of love despite how strongly it's worded. I loved how real this section was. Like, her family isn't afraid to tell her how much she screwed up, and that's the best thing they could do for her, because now she has the potential to change and (based on the final snippet) find her way back to Teddy and FINALLY be with him, like REALLY be with him. *sigh* That ending was perfect. It wasn't a happy, tied-in-a-bow ending, which would not have fit for this story--but it also wasn't them dying, which THANK YOU for that. After all they've been through in this story, they deserve hope for a better future.


The ONLY constructive crit that I can give you (I mean, I guess I can go back and be nitpicky if you REALLY want my to, but what's the fun in that when I so genuinely adored this story) is that I felt like the last section was a bit rushed. She was talking to Teddy, then at her internship, then it was done, then he was being arrested, then she was in Romania training dragons, then we get this letter. I think I just needed some time for these things to develop so that I could fully appreciate them. I hope that made sense.


BUT none of this is to take away from how beautiful this story is and how creative you are, my dear. I truly, truly mean that. I have ALL CAPS YELLED AT YOU so many times in this review because MY GOD YOU ARE A GENIUS.


The end.

Author's Response:

Hehehe. Hi Gina! <3


Oh my goodness, what're you even talking about?? Your writing is literally some of the most beautiful and breathtaking I've ever read in my life, and I'm almost crying over your review, I'm so so so flattered. THANK YOU SO MUCH. <3


Hahaha that's not the first request I'd gotten to expand the first section! And that makes me so happy and giddy, so thank you!! But I'm gonna be honest with you, I'm fresh out of ideas for that sort of era. I think each section being its own full-length chapter in itself allowed me to exhaust all of my ideas in each piece, so I'm just. Idea-less now haha. While I was coming up with it I actually didn't think it was super original, because a lot of enemy stories have been done before, especially stories involving werewolves in them! But oh my god you listing everything you loved about it (especially the bit about the fairytale vibe!!) just made me smile so so much, and I just want to give you a great big hug right now. THANK YOU AHHH.


I'm so happy you liked the pickpocket section!! I feel mildly embarrassed though because I didn't actually do much research haha. I just typed in "1920s London photos" or something similar in the search bar and then scrolled through this giant list of photos, and I scrutinized all the pieces of clothing until I figured I could describe them accurately haha. But I'm so so delighted that you felt a connection between them because I'm always so unsure about creating good chemistry between two characters (because like I have the romantic tendencies of a stick insect), so that just gave me so much happiness.


Hehe I'm glad you liked Victoria's confidence!! Confident girls are sexy as hell, amirite. But also I'm just reading your review of this section and I'm going like "how did you manage to describe this in a more interesting way than the actual story I wrote, how" like even your reviews are crazy good. But yes! Hufflepuffs for the win, Theodore off doing good but illegal things, Victoria being terrible but Hufflepuff-y nonetheless in the end, etc. (Wow I clearly know my own story so well, I almost typed "Victoire" in place of "Victoria" like five times.)


EVERYONE HAS SUCH DIFFERENT REACTIONS TO WHAT TEDDY DID. I'm just sitting here, enjoying myself thoroughly reading everyone's thoughts on what he did and why he did it and what it means for them. And Dominique is like the sister Victoire needs but certainly does not deserve lmao, like any familiy member who slaps sense into you is a good family member in my opinion. I'm not gonna lie, though, I definitely thought about killing these two at the end but then the cycle would've kept going and going and going and I was like "maybe I should give them a chance to break it" haha.


Your concrit makes a loooot of sense, and tbh I felt that a lot while I was writing it. In the end I stuck with it because the story was honestly getting so long, and so was that section in particular, and I couldn't figure out a good way to keep the pace a little more consistent. But next time I'll definitely plot better how to progress from one scene to the next without rushing!





Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2018 10:45 PM · For: you again

Hi Eva, I’m here with your review!!


Alright, so before we even get into the bulk of the actual review, I just want to say how floored I am with the level of detail that went into this one-shot. I mean, yeah, it’s 17k words so obviously there’s detail (lol), but the whole storyline was seriously so well thought-out and I loved the way that you were able to carry little details over from each interaction.


The way that this story spans over multiple eras and genres is just incredible, tbh. I love your descriptions in the battle scene between veelas and werewolves, the imagery of this vela flying over everything only to get tackled down and into this cave. And then to find out that this werewolf is also the same man she’s fallen in love with - you portray her inner struggles with connecting this hatred of werewolves she’s been taught by the other veela with what she knows of this man and the way he takes care of his sister.


The way you’ve used identities as a repeating pattern in this story is incredible. From using the werewolf association to Teddy and the veela association to Victoire in this first scene, to the way that you show Teddy’s struggles in each of these scenes with his ethnicity, is just phenomenal. It adds an extra dimension to the story and really helps to connect both of these characters with their past/future selves.


Ok, and then the second story was so interesting! I loved that image of Westley as a pickpocket in the midst of this crazy circus, and then Lim catching on to her game and forcing her to join his team. And they made such a great little team (even though I probably shouldn’t be rooting for thieves), and agh the ending of this section killed me so much because wow they died by the same bullet and I just don’t have words.


And the third story… I love Victoria here? Like, so much? For starters, the fact that she’s so willing to just casually blackmail the first man she sees, and then their Hufflepuff banter was fantastic - the whole ‘and if that’s not a Hufflepuff classic, I don’t know what is’ was just SO perfect. I also like that you’re gradually getting closer to their present-day names - Victoria and Theodore. Also I’m still laughing at ‘you are a fundamentally annoying person, but you kiss well.’


And then modern-day Teddy and Victoire is just… you’ve built such a beautifully complex dynamic between the two in such a sort span of time. I kind of like that, unlike the previous two stories, where it starts off complicated, you don’t really start to see the flaws in their relationship until later? Like it starts with Victoire’s nightmare and Teddy being the model boyfriend in response, but as the story progresses you start to see the imbalances in their relationship. Also, God I love Dominique Weasley in nearly everything but the amount of  sass you put into her letter to Victoire is truly next-level. 


I like the note you ended on as well - it’s hopeful but still kind of open-ended.


Also, I just feel like this title is so fitting to their relationship, because there’s at least some resentment towards each other in each individual story that, truly, by the end, if they were to each remember all of their past lives, “oh God, it’s you again” would definitely be their exact reaction.


Alright, this review got really long really fast, so I’m just going to end things here by saying that this was such a cool and interesting take on the whole soulmate trope and I thoroughly enjoyed reading all 17k words of it. <3



Author's Response:

Taylor! Hi! <3


I've heard so many good things about your writing (and I read that lovely one-shot that you posted in my review thread!) so I feel super humbled and flattered that you're saying such kind things about this! Thank you!! I really appreciate it. And I'm really happy but also kind of embarrassed that you complimented the details of the piece because aside from the dreams, eggs, and hair-covering I didn't plan out much. Most of my writing process is just a ridiculous amount of winging it haha.


Eeep I don't know what to say other than thank you! I'm super happy you liked my descriptions; a part of the credit goes to Bianca for telling me to use more of the sense of smell in my writing haha. Hehe and I love the way you put that, how she has trouble matching the two people in her mind. (Sidenote: I immediately fall in love with anyone who treats their siblings well, so I was really channeling myself through the veela there haha.)


AH thank you! (I keep saying that but I really, really mean it.) Your review is full of these beautiful analyses like this paragraph here about identity and it means so much to me that you thought so deeply about this! I really appreciate all of it. <3


As you can probably tell by the Ocean's 8 Heist Challenge I posted recently, I am super super obsessed with heists and a good theft story, so root for thieves all you want haha! I loved writing this section becaues YAY THIEVERY (no I swear I don't condone thievery, it's just a lot of fun to watch and think about haha). Also omg the same bullet death thing seems to be hitting people a lot harder than I'd originally intended, but I'd be lying if I said your reactions don't amuse me greatly haha.


Lmao the third section, I had to make them Hufflepuffs. (I mean, technically it's off-book canon that Teddy is a Hufflepuff like Tonks, but I love the idea of all the Weasley-Delacours being Hufflepuffs as well, especially with all of them being very, very different ahaha.) Anyway. I'm constantly very upset at the unfortunate lack of Hufflepuff representation in HP fics so this section was very self-indulgent haha. (Also thank you for listing your favorite quotes! I love it when people do that. <3)


Yayyy I love your insight about this fourth section and your analysis and everythinggg. Your entire review gives me life. AND SAME, I adore Dominique Weasley to the ends of the universe and back for literally no reason at all other than the fact that there's something about her character that just always exudes coolness. I'm so glad that you liked her here!!


That is literally the best statement about the title I've ever read hahaha.





Name: MadiMalfoy (Signed) · Date: 04 Jun 2018 01:28 AM · For: you again


Hi Eva! I’m finally getting around to everyone’s entries for my soulmate AU challenge, so here I am with yours! :)

So I have not read a Teddy/Victoire fic in AGES so I was excited that you chose them as your pairing!! You had the soulmate prompts where the pair’s reincarnations continue meeting throughout the years, with the random prompt as a dialogue of “So why did I have to punch that guy?”. I have read several fics that did the reincarnation thing, but you just blew it out of the water here! I loved that you broke them both down to their base attributes at first--full werewolf and full veela--before transitioning through the centuries until it becomes present-day Teddy & Victoire as the book (lightly) described them. The opening outright battles between the werewolves and veela really set the tone for the story, and having that set of Teddy & Victoire together in the shed dying together and furiously refusing to announce their feelings towards each other was phenomenal. 

You made each setting so unique with such a range of careers that they held that it really did feel like different stories all in one as the two main characters were the only same thing throughout the piece. What you also did very well was maintain some of the vital central characteristics of Teddy & Victoire, but still gave them enough of a change from setting to setting that they still felt very unique in each time. I also really enjoyed how you wrote “Today” Teddy & Victoire. With her brazenness and constant speech, and Teddy with his ridiculous fashion choices, and making him Korean. With a second readthrough, when Victoire sees Teddy at the British Ministry and asks him what caused him to do it, that whole scene is just wonderfully done. You also put the prompt quote into this scene, and it honestly just works so well here. I almost wished you had put it throughout the years, but after thinking on it, I think it has much more resonance just in this section as it really illustrates how Teddy is feeling not only about himself and his relationship with Victoire, but about how other people see him and treat him. This was such a well-written piece, I almost didn’t realize it was nearly a 17k one-shot lol. Great job all around, I’ll be posting the results later! :)

~MadiMalfoy x

Author's Response:

Hi Madi! Thank you so much for giving this story third place in your challenge, it means a lot. <3


Now that I think about it, neither have I! It's been so long since I've seen a Teddy/Victoire fic, so I don't even know why I ended up choosing this pairing hahaha. Thank you so much omg, I've only read one or two reincarnation fics I believe, but they were all beautifully written. It was such a fun challenge, so thank you for hosting it! I'm really glad you enjoyed the first section where they're a werewolf and a veela, and that you enjoyed the tradition throughout the centuries. The ending of the first section was a lot of fun to write, so I'm happy you liked it!


I just about expended all my brainpower writing this piece (it's the longest thing I've ever written and complete, I think? I know, I know, 17k is barely anything to some people, but omfg I am so bad at writing longer stories haha) and trying so desperately not to make things repetitive, so I'm really glad that you thought it was unique each time around. Korean Teddy is one of my favorite new headcanons (borrowed from Plums), and honestly I just love the idea of this gorgeous veela descendant dating someone with terrible fashion sense hahaha. Ooh yes the Ministry scene. You know, I actually considered having the quote appear multiple times, but I figured that it would lessen the impact and meaning each time it was said.


Thank you so so much. <3



Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 03 Jun 2018 02:30 PM · For: you again

Hi Eva!  Stopping by with the first of your challenge prize reviews!


I'm actually really glad that you asked me to read this as one of the reviews, because I've heard so many good things about it and it's great to get the chance to read. 


Also, how have you managed to make a story that's almost 17k seem like it's nowhere near that long when I read it?  That has to be a testament to your lovely writing style, and the fact that it's so easy to read your writing.


I love this story!  I think that this is probably the first soulmate story that I've read, and the first reincarnation story too, so you're breaking me into new things here.  But for my introduction to both was fantastic, and I'd happily read more if they were all this wonderful!


The opening story (?) was fantastic; even the information that you gave us regarding when it was set helped to achieve this almost fairy tale sense of time and place, as if we were delving into mythology with the story.  That was really clever, because it sets up the reincarnation/soulmates idea, in a way - after all, we see the stories in mythology repeated and adapted throughout history, so it fits with the idea that the pair of them here keep meeting throughout time and getting another chance at their story.


It was so interesting to see the werewolves pitted against the Veela in the opening section, rather than the traditional werewolf/vampire rivalry; it anchored the story firmly in the Harry Potter universe because we're familiar with both creatures through that.  I loved the way that you built up the history behind their rivalry, and the details about Veela rituals.  It gave the first story a really rich, magical feeling.


The fight scene was so intense and well-written!  I could picture that scene particularly vividly, and it was so nerve-wracking when the werewolf snatched the Veela out of the sky - I was already feeling sympathetic towards her because of the way that she'd been described as the worst Veela in history, and so she didn't fit in with the violent imagery ascribed to her peers.


And then we find out that the werewolf and Veela know each other - not only that, but they were in love when in their human forms!  That scene was so sad, especially when you showed us how their relationship had begun and how close they'd really become, spending time with Soo-ah when she was ill and stealing time with each other.  There was such a juxtaposition to how in love they had been and the way that they treated each other when they found out the truth.


Honestly, I kind of wanted to shake them and yell that they just need to get over their prejudices?  They knew that the other one was a good person, and loved them deep down, but they were just so blinded by the fact that they both belonged to two separate races (?) and had this historically fierce enmity that they couldn't move past it.


And then not only did they die, but they died never having reconciled, still holding onto their prejudices and hatred and bitterness.  That was heartbreaking to read.  I don't know if they would have survived had they accepted each other when they realised that the other was a werewolf/Veela, but it's still incredibly tragic that their love had to go up in flames like that (literally!).


The second story was so brilliant - I think of the four, it was probably my favourite.  I warmed to Westley straight away, because she was such a vivid and engaging character.  I know that I'm not meant to like pickpockets, but there's something so fun about reading about them :P


Your descriptions of Picadilly Circus were brilliant; I could really picture all of the scene there - the bright colours, the dizzying attractions and displays, the business and excitement.  After the isolation and sadness of the first story's ending, it was perfectly juxtaposed, bringing to life this really vibrant time and place where we get to see the characters again, on their second chance.


Westley and Lim teaming up was just adorable?  I don't know why I loved the two of them together so much or why this was my favourite version of them, but I think it's probably because of how well they worked together and the trust and understanding that was slowly building up between them.  Their adventures and heists seemed so fun and successful, and it was really fun to read about them exploring the different parts of London and seeing each in their own environment.


As soon as Lim suggested that they try house-breaking rather than pickpocketing, I had an immediate sense of foreboding - it just didn't seem like a good idea for them to stop doing something that had been so successful (and which also carried a much less severe penalty at the time, had they been caught).  But I never dreamed that he would be involved with the house and having the police there, waiting for her.


I BELIEVE YOU, LIM.  Honestly, I think him trying to convince her at the end that he cared for her and wanted her to have a better life was so heartbreaking - I genuinely think that he meant it, and he hadn't wanted her to be caught the way that he was.  Those final scenes as she escaped from the house and tried to evade capture were so intense, and yet at the same time it was all for nothing.  




The third section was really fun to read, as well - I haven't mentioned this before, but I really enjoyed the subtle shift in writing style for each section, to fit the period that it was set in and the characters there.  I think Victoria and Theodore were both more recognisable to us as the characters of Victoire and Teddy that we know from fic, and it was really interesting to see the way that the characters changed and also stayed the same throughout the years, in each of the chances they had together.


Even though in this third story, they only met and had the one day together, their chemistry was instantly obvious, and tied in really well with the theme of soulmates and them being reincarnated.  I loved the way that it started off with Victoria just taking the initiative and blackmailing him to make sure she could get onto the train, and he complies, only to be extremely indignant when he realises that she actually has no idea what's in his bag xD 


Their dialogue was so brilliant - again, their chemistry really shone through there, and I loved the way that they were opponents but managed to tease each other all the same (and the Hufflepuff love!) and get on with each other.  Even in the short time they had there, you could see them growing closer.


Of course a Hufflepuff journalist would manage to learn the names of the two men who had threatened their lives :P


Did you take inspiration for the kissing scene from Captain America: Winter Soldier?  It reminded me a little of that, except more... passionate.


And actually, while we're talking about the kissing scene - how cute were they?  I love the way that they decided to kiss as a distraction tactic to try and avoid being thrown off the train or getting into trouble with the authorities, and then found out that actually they quite liked kissing each other.  It was just so adorable to read the way that Theodore was obviously enjoying himself by stealing those little kisses, and it was really easy to see their potential to become a really happy, affectionate couple there.


(Also, bonus points to Theodore for telling her that she could say no and when to stop!)




This section really felt like they had the most potential for a happy ending out of the three so far and then they have to go and DIE and that is not fair.  Poor Victoria and Theodore.


Finally, the fourth story with Victoire and Teddy - I was so excited to read this, because they're a couple that I really enjoy reading fics about and they were just so cute and happy here.  Or apparently so, anyway.  I had a lot of hope for them as a couple this time, because they've had all these chances in the past and here they're actually together and seem to be happy, and it was really cute to read.


But of course, you couldn't let them have their happy ending here, could you?  *sobs*  


I was really shocked when I learnt that Teddy had not only punched someone but assaulted them to the point where he's arrested for the violence (side note: I loved the detail about the different coloured handcuffs for different crimes).  You captured Victoire's anxiety about him really well in that period when she didn't know where he was or what was happening to him, but then the confrontation when he explained why he'd done what he did was really intense and unexpected.  All of those emotions had definitely been simmering beneath the surface for a long time, and it's no wonder that they built up to the point that they kind of exploded out.


Actually, despite the fact that I was really rooting for these two to have their happily ever after as Victoire and Teddy, I loved the way that we got to see all of Victoire's flaws here.  She's still young, and I do have faith that she can change and grow, but there were a couple of instances in this section where she did keep across as very self-centred and privileged, without acknowledging any of that, and I can easily see how that would cause so many problems in their relationship, until Teddy reached the point where he couldn't stand it anymore.


Even though Dom's letter to her was very blunt and critical, I felt like it was really what Victoire needed at that point - it was so honest and she needed someone to be upfront with her, because sometimes that's the only way that you become aware of your own flaws and can start to work on them.  


At the same time, Teddy really doesn't seem like he's in the right place to be in a relationship with anyone, let alone Victoire.  There's a lot that's built up there and he's got to take some responsibility for allowing that to happen without addressing it, and even I'm not sure that the violence was really the best way to react to the guy's comments, either.


I loved the open ending, actually - it left a lot of room for different futures for the two of them.  There's a step forward in a way, because, you know, both Victoire and Teddy were alive at the end of it, but I think both of them have a lot to work out before they can be together - or even with other people.  It made me question, in a way, whether they're actually right for each other - in spite of the fact that they're drawn together throughout the years, there hasn't yet been a situation when they've been able to get it right.  I have hope, though, and especially with the dream that this story ended with, that maybe they can move forward and grow as people to eventually find each other again - and get it right this time.


And the dreams!  I loved the way that you used Victoire's dreams as a motif throughout this story, with her having these slightly prophetic dreams right before the ending of each section, and the dreams coming true: dying in flames, or the blooming blood from the bullet which was the roses, and the dream of a train.  By the time we see her as Victoire, she's learnt that the dreams mean something and starts to pay attention to them, so I have hope that the dream at the end shows that there's a scenario in the future when she and Teddy will work out, more equal than before.


The themes that you kept throughout this piece tied the individual stories together really nicely, too.  I think my favourite one was the thieving (why do I find that so fun to read about?), but also the eggs, and the fact that Victoire keeps covering her hair, so that the Veela/werewolf symbolism is threaded throughout the story.  You wrote all the motifs so well, and even though each section told a different version of their story, there was no doubt that these two were versions of the same people being given another chance at their story.


If you couldn't tell by this absolute monster of a review (I swear, I'm not trying to write one which is as long as the story itself), I absolutely loved this story - you really make the concepts your own in this piece, and tell Victoire and Teddy's story (stories) beautifully.  Thank you for asking me to read this!


Sian :)

Author's Response:

Sian omg <3


I'm just reading through your entire review again (it's 2:12 a.m. so please bear with me on any strangeness) and I want to cry from both happiness and gratitude. Your reviews are always so good but I can't believe you wrote me one that's over 2200 words, I'm still reeling. (That's actually only a little bit less than one of my chapters posted here omg.) And can I just say that I'm super relieved that this didn't feel tedious to read haha. The length was giving me so much grief while I was writing it, I was like, "Why is this GETTING LONGER." So thank you so much. <3


You need to go read more soulmate fics! And reincarnation fics! Reincarnation soulmate fics are designed to break your heart omg, I have yet to read a happy one. There are so many good ones out there though, you won't regret getting absorbed reading them haha.




Yeah no, I don't know what to call these sections either lmao. They're long enough to be chapters. Ahhh I'm so glad that you liked the tone of the first section! (Honestly I'm glad that the tone even came across in the first place.) Your analysis of mythology and its repetition through history is so, so cool, and I honestly love reading your reviews because you always manage to provide insight to like this ridiculous degree, it's so good.


I have to be honest, I totally wasn't thinking about the vampire/werewolf rivalry that is (actually quite) common in stories ahaha, so maybe I should've thought about that a little more. I was just thinking, "Wouldn't it be great if Teddy and Victoire started off the story hating each other? And -- oh, look, they're descended from a werewolf and a veela, respectively, so that's also cool." Thank you so much, though, I'm glad you enjoyed the details about the world! Worldbuilding gives me hives haha.


The not great at being what she is haha, which is later made super evident by the fact that she's super bad at bringing people along with her out of villages. Really, this entire sequence of events during the war just was not a good day for her. I knowww, they at least would've been able to die with some sort of closure in their heart if they weren't both prejudiced dummies. I had a lot of fun writing the veela's dream scene, though, ngl, because I always have such a huge fondness for younger sisters in stories. Ugh they totally should've sorted out their differences beforehand; I don't know if it would've made a difference in their survival, but mentally they would've felt better.




So many people like the second section as their favorite! (No worries, me too.) I actually had a lot of fun writing about a pickpocket?? So I'm really glad that you enjoyed reading it, and you and I can sit here and wonder about our questionable morals together haha. I don't even like pickpockets, like, my friend's mother almost got pickpocketed once in Italy and it was genuinely one of the scariest moments of my life even though it's just a pickpocket.


I am super bad at angst haha. Reading it always is hard because sometimes the angst just saturates the entire story, and it gets to the point where there's so much I can't even feel sad anymore. Imo angst should be handed out in small doses. (Also because I couldn't take writing more grim stuff when the previous section had just ended in a death scene, so really, I'm a wimp haha.) I'm so glad you liked the descriptions! I love circuses.


I HAD SO MUCH FUN WRITING ABOUT THEIR TEAMWORK. (Once again, why. Why did I enjoy writing the pickpocket scenes so much.) Their exploits were getting larger and bolder, drawing in bigger crowds, but then Lim jumped the gun and decided to steal enough money from his adopted grandfather and ruined everything. HE DIDN'T DO IT, BUT HE'S STILL A DUMMY. (Also I laughed really hard at your reaction to the ending of this section omg, thank you so much for that! <3)




YAYAY the style shifts came across! I'm so thankful. Writing characters with good chemistry is so harddd I honestly have no idea how to do it at all. I'm so happy that it seemed to work out well enough this time! (The dialogue for this section was such a pain to get out. I'm literally the opposite of someone who'd argue so...writing arguing scenes was not fun.)


Really, Victoria is pain in the butt, at least to Theodore ahaha. Also yes GO HUFFLEPUFF. Gotta give my House some representation, we're sorely lacking. Hahaha I'm so glad you enjoyed that bit about Victoria learning the names of the people who threatened them, the girl is seriously lacking in common sense. And we've already talked about this but nooo I've never watched Winter Soldier. The clip that Rose sent me of it was education, though.


Sorry!! But how would they reincarnate without deaths. ;D




Confession: I debated between making this ending super angsty or light and fluffy, and I decided to uh try to squish both in here haha. Sometimes I wonder if I made a mistake writing it this way, but what's done is done, and I'd rather not change stories once they're published. So sorry that the happiness died down rather quickly haha!


(Thank you for noticing the detail! I'm glad you liked it.) And omgg I loved your analysis in this because, just, it's so spot on. Victoire is acting fairly immature (I mean, she's only seventeen, so it's only fair, really), and Teddy, no matter what, shouldn't have beaten up anyone. And I think that given time to grow, the two can gradually become enough for one another, (or if they decide to date other people). I'm rooting for Teddy/Victoire, though, because they were one of my first OTPs haha. The open ending hopefully made sense as a fill-in-your-own-answer type of thing, where though I have one version planned out in my head, you guys have many more, and it's just so interesting to see.


THANK YOU FOR MENTIONING THE DREAMS. And the eggs. And the fact that Victoire keeps covering her hair. And for loving the thieving haha!


THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. I'm so tired so I don't want to check for Freudian Slips, but hopefully I haven't said anything too embarrassing haha. <3





Name: dreamgazer220 (Signed) · Date: 27 May 2018 09:56 PM · For: you again

Hello my darling! I've been meaning to read this for a while now, and bingo may have given me the perfect excuse. 

Each story on your AP continues to blow me away by your talent. Your descriptions and language are so lovely, and I loved how each section was a story within each other.  The tone changed over time, but I think it worked well with each story you were telling. Also, I love how you kept similar themes running through this to show their past selves; Teddy and Vic's love for eggs, for instance, or Victoire constantly covering her hair.

The veela and the werewolf story was a beautiful introduction to this piece. Stylistically, it was gorgeous, and I loved the mythology that you created behind the veela's coming of age rituals. It was so fascinating, and I loved that you kept the running theme of theivery in this as well; first Teddy as the boy stealing the eggs for his sister; then Westley being a mastery pickpocket; then Theodore smuggling an egg on the magical train. But I'm getting ahead of myself a bit here.  I loved how both the veela and the werewolf had their reasons for hating each other, and they lashed out at each other and fought; and the veela's snark was so great. I love how you managed to obtain their personalities throughout this, too; it must have been challenging, but you really pulled it off.

I think my favorite section was actually Westley and Lim, though I'm not sure why. I love the imagery of the circus, and the high profile people there; that Lim spotted her out of the crowd and how they always managed to find each other somehow. And that Lim convinced her to work for him; it was so great, and the details down to their suits and clothes in this piece was just amazing, really. They're always heartbreaking, and it's always tragic when the other has to watch the other die, and just, ugh. Also, I loved that you broke the sections up by giving us a time-frame of it in unconventional terms rather than going by months or years; it really added to the fairytale feel of this.

I was super excited when Victoria and Theodore kissed on the train, though! We sort of got a taste of it in the first section, but it was much more satisfying to have it happen in real time. And it was so clever, the way you changed their names over time and eventually landed us with Teddy and Victoire as we knew and loved them.  Enemies to lovers always make a great story, and this one is no different. It was definitely a twist when the thugs pushed the train over, though! I definitely wasn't expecting that, but at least they got to die together that time? Is that a thing I can say? XD ALSO, I loved how that was where we learned that they were both Hufflepuffs, because I mean, it's just the best house.  But you knew that already! 

And in the final section, with Teddy and Victoire as themselves, I loved how you tied everything together. How everything came in full circle, and that Victoire writes down her dreams of what I'm guessing are her past lives.  Teddy is so sweet and affectionate to her in this section, so it comes as a surprise that he has rage; but it fits into his other characters and in the letter that Dominique writes to Victoire. I was so shocked when Teddy came to be arrested, but I sort of don't blame him for beating that other guy up? Ugh. I'm glad he's getting the help that he needs, though.

AND I AM REALLY ANNOYED AT VICTOIRE FROM RUNNING AWAY FROM ALL OF THIS??? Like, I'm glad Dom called her out on it, but like? UGH. I liked the shout out to Uncle Charlie and that he works in a dragon sanctuary, that makes lot of sense to me.  

In the end, though, I'm glad Victoire is happy, and that Teddy is getting the help that he needs, without each other. Maybe that'll end the cycle of them dying on each other and they can live on with their lives.

Your writing, as always, is stunning and beautiful, and you did an amazing job with the prompts. I thought it was really clever how you had Teddy use the dialogue of 'So why did I have to punch that guy?' and it fit right in.

Ugh, this was really so great. Amazing job, and please keep writing beautiful stories ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response:

Jiillll <333


*cries* You are so so kind to me, thank you so so much. Ahh I don't know what to say other than thank you!! You keep leaving me these wonderful compliments and I could just cry from joy. And hehe I'm impressed that you caught two of the overarching symbols that kept repeating! I think you might be the first to get them haha. I think there's one more, if I'm remembering correctly, or maybe more, but tbh I've forgotten them haha. (My memory is so terrible omg.)


Oh wait you just brought up another one! Yeah you're right, I had thievery being a common theme here. These two run into the crime a lot in all their lives, unfortunately. I'm so so glad that you liked the introduction, it's always really nerve-wracking writing beginnings and I'm just super nervous about everything all the time haha. And I looove writing rivalries (I say, as though I hadn't just written my first rivalry fic less than a month ago) so I'm glad you did too! <3


Oooh that one's my favorite, too! Mostly because writing thieving minds was just a complete and utter thrill (seriously, I highly recommend it, I literally had so much fun writing it, it was very freeing), like, coming up with different strategies of stealing things was very fun! Of course I don't actually condone thievery, and I'm also pretty sure my strategies would fail on the spot, but it's still a lot of fun haha. I'm so glad you liked this section though; please excuse my random ramble about writing thieving scenes haha. And I'm also super glad you liked the framing of the sections!! I was really unsure about that, but I didn't want to calculate dates hehe.


THAT WAS MY FIRST EVER PROPER KISS SCENE AND I WAS SO NERVOUS. I was actually half-embarrassed while I wrote it because, like. How do people write kiss scenes?? Can't do it, nope. And omggg I love enemies to lovers so much, I couldn't resist it here. Hahaha that's true, at least they died while still allied at heart hehe. YES, HUFFLEPUFF REPRESENT. If I could stuff everyone in Next Gen in Hufflepuff, I would, but unfortunately some of them simply just don't belong in this house haha.


Victoire actually writes down her dreams that give her the future! (OH that was the other thing that I had throughout -- Victoire gets vaguely prophetic dreams, but it only solidifies in her current contemporary life. Like, in the first section, her dream ended in flames, and fire is how they died. And right before the house heist, she had a nightmare about red roses, which was supposed to represent the blood stains on their shirt. And in the train section, she had a dream about a train before coming here.) It's just a headcanon I have, that Victoire gets these vague, prophetic dreams that she can't quite figure out until they happen. But I'm so glad that you thought Teddy's actions fit into his other characters!! I'm glad he's getting help, too.


Honestly I don't blame her haha but yeah it's not too great of her to do that. These two definitely need to be away from each other and make themselves better before they can go on and be with other people again, yeah.


Thank you so so so much, Jill!! <333



Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 27 May 2018 04:13 PM · For: you again

O/ Hello again, Eva!


I really love the entire concept of the prompt you were given, where two people meet over and over again through reincarnation. It's a beautifully poetic idea and I really love the way that you used it to portray Teddy and Victoire and their past selves. Each was like a miniature store that together formed one longer tale and I found each to be extremely imaginative and fun to read about. One part of this that struck me the most was the way you labeled each reincarnation.


The tale between the werewolf and the veela (or far-past Teddy and Victoire) was absolutely satisfying. I love the high fantasy elements naturally brought into the story because of the lore between the werewolves and the veelas and it added something appreciatively mythical to the very brief skirmish between the two characters.  Speaking of, I'm quite fond of action scenes (specifically war/battle scenes) and this one was very well done.  Your word choice, especially, and the imagery created in phrases such as "the salty sharpness of sweat and grime" was exceptionally appealing. It added to that quick-paced flow you established as the veela swooped from the sky to attack the lone werewolf.


And perhaps my favorite part of this section was when the two realized who the other was, mid-fight and the implications that they had been romantically involved with one another -- enemies that were lovers before they realized they were meant to be enemies. I love the fallout that befell this, as he blames her for 'tricking' him into believing her normal and the entire juicy, drama-filled character exchange that follows. The somehow romantically tragic fate the two meet together was written in SUCH an amazing way, I loved every second of it. I don't think I would have been nearly as satisfied if that section ended in any other way.  


Speaking in a 'each section is a miniature story' type of way, that first section is probably my favorite story I've read this month. 


And, oh, I love circuses! The transitional element from being veela and werewolf to being Westly, pickpocket, and Lim, extortioner of said (and caught) and soon-to-be distractor for that pickpocket was fun. There was definitely a shift in tone to this next section, the whimsical nature drastically different from the hopelessness and despair of the first section. The partner and crime aspect was absolutely light-heartedly fun and I love the way the two worked together in this. (I'm fairly certain I would read and love an entire novel of just Lim and Westley working together with their pickpocketing :P.)


And then EVERYTHING TAKES A TURN and suddenly that dark and tragic and oh-so-magical feeling is back after a while and it's so beautiful. The feeling of betrayal and the run to get out and how they die together once again, "the bullet had gone through him-his heart-and pierced hers". Excuse me, but alkfjlkdjflkjldkjFLKJEOJ FASDNF ASDJF AL !! How it tied so perfectly into the first story was absolutely fantastic and I can only hope that we keep on the path of tragic romance as we go through the reincarnations because WHAT IS BETTER THAN TRAGIC ROMANCE, I ASK YOU? Nothing. 


I love how in the time of Victoria and Theodore that she blackmails him into pretending to be her fiance while they get their identities checked. That's hilarious and I think falls perfectly in line with some of the continual underlying characterization that you've been laying out for this character in her past lives.  The witty banter between them as she interrogates him about the contents of his bag was so much fun. I love character interactions and dialogue and you've yet to disappoint me with your characters' charm. 


Having the two brought together by fate once again, not necessarily liking one another but helping each other nonetheless was really interesting in this one. I really like the transition of the 'brought together' theme from one section to the next (where, in the first, they were romantically involved; the second they were strangers brought together and grew from there) and how in this one, in a different turn of events, they were brought together for a very brief period of time where Theodore is forced to help her onto the train and Victoria attempts to help him against the smugglers that are after him. Of course, then you brought that potential romantic interest in as the two kissed right before they met their tragic fate once again. 


And then we finally reach the contemporary era with Teddy and Victoire (and I have to compliment you on the way you've been switching writing styles to best fit each reincarnation). I love how adorably sweet you paint this relationship here -- they're awfully cute. But with the fluffy intermission aside, I have to say, once Teddy is being arrested and he and Victoire are having their conversation about how well Teddy has been controlling his temper but Teddy tells her it's always been there, just bottled up -- that whole bit of dialogue really opens things up, highlighted by the conflict. 


This ended a lot differently than I had initially expected, not that it's a bad thing at all. I actually found a delight in straying from the theme, but only just. As Teddy is consumed by the darkness within him and Victoire fled, leaving what she'd done and all the repercussions to simmer out on its own, they both did really meet an unpleasant end, so to say, though from the letter and the latter part of the dream, I think you've left it open for HOPE in the future. It's almost like there's potential for them to break the theme, but there's also a huge potential to meet a brutal fate should they get back together. 


Anyway, this was SO MUCH fun to read. I loved all of the different stories and how the two character were portrayed throughout their reincarnated selves. This was an absolute delight! 



Author's Response:

Hello again, Rumpels! <3


Me too! I love the concept of reincarnation fics so much! I feel like I was so lucky to get this prompt; it really wrote itself, I loved it so much. All of your compliments make me blush eep! *hugs* Thank you for that! Also I'm really happy you noticed (noticed is not the right word but I'm too sleepy to think of it) the titles of each reincarnation; I wanted it to be vague for ~atmospheric~ reasons but also because I'm lazy and didn't want to calculate the time periods exactly. (Shhh.)


Yay! I'm so happy you liked this first section! I loved writing this one, it was soo much fun depicting the battle scene. I think writing a werewolf/veela fight is easier for me than writing a human/human fight because, I mean, humans have all these extra limbs that you're supposed to be thinking about? While werewolves and veelas just, you know, claw at each other haha. I'm really glad you liked the descriptions, that's always amazing to hear, thank you! Hahaha I'm so glad that you found their non-closure deaths satisfying. And I absolutely love that you gravitated towards what might be the darkest section hehe, very in-character of you. <3


I love circuses too! Especially old-fashioned ones. (I read The Night Circus purely for the circus imagery. That's it. I can't remember anything about the storyline, which I feel like was fairly bland, but my goodness the circus was so breathtaking and beautiful I loved it.) Also I got the biggest thrill writing the thieving section, like, I should probably write a story where two partners-in-crime just go around stealing things. At the very least, I would thoroughly entertain myself haha.


YOUR REACTION TO THIS SECTION GAVE ME LIFE. Keyboard smashes make me exceedingly happy. I'm so so happy that you think it tied in well with the first section, and that you like the tragic romances!! (Confession: I actually don't like reading tragic romances but I love writing them, so there's that.)


Ahhh I'm so so relieved that you think Victoria's characterization is in line with everything else! One of the scariest parts about writing this was writing characters that were at their core the same person, but also...weren't. I didn't want Victoire to have the exact same personality across all four lives because that would be kind of boring (and impossible, I think, haha) but I also didn't want her to be entirely different each time. Oh my goodness thank you!! The dialogue in this section was so hard to write, and it gave me so much misery, and just. Thank you so much. <3


Yeah, each reincarnation is different in terms of the timeline of their romance! I'm so happy you brought that up.


Ack I'm so glad that the different styles are coming across!! It got to the point where I was just staring at my own writing like "....everything sounds the same I want to die." I think, with the contemporary Teddy/Victoire, they would be a super fluffy couple, all domestic and young and everything. But I think after that jarring realization for Victoire, it would take some time before they could, you know, see each other again, if they decided on it.


Also the last section gave me so much grief too. Like it felt random and out of place to me, and so I'm relieved that you at least seemed to like the changes made! And I agree, the ending's super open-ended right now.





Name: FoxPatronus (Anonymous) · Date: 26 May 2018 04:05 PM · For: you again


I really, really enjoyed this! It definitely didn't hurt that I am an absolute suckerfor a reincarnation fic, especially with soulmate overtones, but even if that hadn't been the case, I would still have really, really enjoyed it.

I love the way you changed the tone of the writing with each passing era, so that each vignette had not only a distinct plotline but also a distinct feeling to it. While there were definitely throughlines and themes that connected them all, you did a good job of separating the narratives so that each time I started a new section, I was excited to find out what was going to happen and found myself fully immersed in the new world. (First class worldbuilding for such short vignettes, by the way!)

The idea of the Veela/Werewolf war was very original, and it pulled me in right away. I loved it. It was the perfect way to start the story of with something really dynamic and get me invested in the main characters and what would become of them as they made their way through time.

I think the era I liked best was the Westley/Lim era, because I could vividly picture them both so well, along with their environments. I also loved this line in particular:

"To her luck, he was fully distracted, eyeing the woman in front of him with an appraisal she had come to recognize as dangerous."

I imagine most women and non-men would recognize the very look you're talking about, because we all learn to pick up on those certain subtle signals from men. And especially with the implication that some of her Veela counterparts had possibly turned to sex work to survive, she would be keenly aware that the borderline between admiration and predation is indeed very thin. That line stood out to me as being particularly relatable and realistic.

I really enjoyed how you took the parts of canon that you liked and took a carving knife to others and re-shaped them to fit your narrative. (Like Theodore Lee being an obvious homage to Newt Scamander, but also being his own unique character made to fill that niche.)

If I had any concrit at all, it would just be that there are some mild grammatical errors/typos (of which I only saw a handful, and if you want me to send you a message with the ones I caught I would certainly be happy to).  Other than that, I feel like the stories and characters were really well done, and it was a fun read! I expected to have to put it down and come back because of the length, but I found myself unable to walk away! (It's fine, the dirty dishes didn't go anywhere. ;) )

Thank you for sharing this story with us! I look forward to reading some more of your work.

Author's Response:

Hey! Thank you so much for leaving such a wonderful review. <3


See I've only ever read one reincarnation fic, but just from reading that one, I knew that I would adore them. (I, ah, may have slightly forgotten about the soulmate part while I was writing this, but that's okay, no one has to know.)


I'm so glad that the differences in tone and style were noticeable! With this one-shot being so long, I was 100% sure that people would get super bored if I wrote in the same style for all four reincarnations, and so I tried to make it different haha. I'm really glad that nothing was repetitive, and that nothing was too predictable (aside from the deaths, I gather), and that you liked the worldbuilding! I've never been complimented for my worldbuilding before, so I'm totally blushing and just flailing with happiness right now, thank you.


I don't know why, but I'm positive that the veelas and werewolves would've had some sort of major rivalry back in the day. That was the main reason I decided to have an entire reincarnation centered around this, I seized the opportunity (what with Victoire's great-grandmother being a veela and Teddy's father being a werewolf) and had a really strong rivalry going on haha. Also, so far, I have had votes for all four sections as being the ultimate favorite, and it just makes me giggle because I love seeing how different people are, and the different opinions everyone has. I'm really glad you liked the Westley/Lim section, though, because that was one of my favorites to write. Pickpocketing for the win! (Except not really. Totally not condoning pickpocketing here.)


Yeah, Westley definitely is familiar with the look she thought Lim had, though she got it wrong this time. But yeah, you're right, it's really common and nauseating to see this type of thing out in the world.


I'm really happy that Theodore didn't feel like a copycat of Newt; a bunch of people brought Newt up in reviews and I panicked a little because I actually didn't intend on basing Theodore off Newt, though I'm sure inspiration was subconsciously drawn from what I saw of the Fantastic Beasts movie haha. So thank you! And omg thank you for all the compliments, and for reading this monster all in one sitting hahaha. This was such a lovely review. <3



Name: Sleepingbagonthesofa (Signed) · Date: 25 May 2018 07:14 PM · For: you again

Ahh... I was not ready for this! I've been staring at a screen just trying to arrange my thoughts into something that makes sence as a review.

Right from the start you had me drawn in, and again and again for each and every meeting of the two. Each time I was absorbed into the story you have created and just hoped for a happy ending but alas...

Starting off with the war between Veelas and Werewolves. Your opening description (and all descriptions thereafter) were beautiful. It felt ainchent and poetic, fitting both the prompt and the era you were writing them in. You made it belivable that those two species would be at was and also that the two characters would have fallen for each other, despite their unknown differences. 

Theis really is the gem in this peice. It sets the scene wondefully and almsot explains why, on all the sections that follow, our series of main characters just can't seem to agree on anything despite clearly being destined for each other. It made sence that this was the case because of this war. 

I could have read a whole book just set in this time. (Infact I could have read a book version of any of the scenes you've given us.)

With each new era came a different feeling, one lighter and happier, then another more melodramatic and dark. The progression from an almost dark fairytail idea to the everyday struggles of the current Teddy and Victoire was natural, you didn't rush anything. 

It really helped the flow, as did the little recuring images throughout. By the end I found myself looking for each of them and getting all hapoy whenever an egg appeared. (Never thought I would be writing that in a review.)

I love that you've imagined Teddy and Victoire as a complicated, diffiucult couple. SO often they're pitched as the golden, happy pair with no problems but thats not the case, they seem real and flawed. They fight and fall out like all of their predecessors.

Vic is just a bit of a mess. Which is brilliant, I can't help but roll my eyes at some versions of her but here she was fantastically written. As is Teddy, you show him being more than the happy go lucky type many writers cast him as. 

I'm totally down for this. I just hope they worked it out in the end. They deserve it after centuries of near misses. 

Eva, your writing really is fantastic and I can't belive I'm only now reading some! Okay... I need to dive into some more of your work now because oh my gosh that was an epic read (I mean, both in length and quality. Wow!).

- Deni

Author's Response:

Hi Deni!


*flails* Thank you so much for your lovely, kind words! I'm so sorry that there never really was the happy ending you desired (I swear I wanted to make it happy but...reincarnation fics do not want to be happy lol) but I'm glad that you liked it anyway! <3


Oh my goodness thank you!! I'm so glad that the descriptions in the first section felt like it was from an older time, because I am, unfortunately, not good at writing old styles of writing lmao. At least I managed to get the feeling of the era across? But thank you hehe. Yay I'm really happy that the premise was believable, and that it set the pattern for the rest of the lives. (Also everyone seems to have really different opinions on which life is their favorite so that's super fun! I find it super amusing and interesting haha.)


AHHH you could've read a whole book of each life??? You're too kind omg. *hugs* And I'm so relieved that you thought the flow wasn't choppy! And ahahaha I actually laughed aloud when you mentioned searching for the egg in each life. My beta didn't notice it (she only noticed the scarf) so I was so delighted that you did!


I'm really glad that you like my Teddy/Victoire! Romance is uh not my strong suit. I actually really admire people who can write a good, humorous, fluffy Tedtoire (especially because I'm a sucker for tropes and cliches) but for some reason I never write things that I would enjoy reading. Why do I do this to myself? Idk lmao. And yes, Victoire needs to pull herself together, because she's disappointing everyone within her general vicinity haha. Ahhh thank you for liking these two! It means so much to me. (And yes, I'm sure these two did work it out. They both learned a lot from this.)


Thank you thank you thank you omg. <3 You're wayy too nice (though I can't promise that my other stories will be enjoyable haha).



Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 25 May 2018 03:31 PM · For: you again

Hello, lovely Eva!


I've been away from your AP for too long, so I'm here now to fix that (I actually read this two days ago, but then I was too tired to review... anyway, I'm here now!)


I loved this! So, so, so much! I love Ted/Victoire as a pairing, so I love that you chose them for the Soulmate challenge. And wow, I love how you worked with the prompt, exploring their troubled relationship through the centuries, it was absolutely fascinating. Also, your writing style was so lovely in this, your descriptions were just beautiful and there was just the perfect balance between description, dialogue and action, something I struggle with so much... I really loved it!


I loved the idea of the werewolves/veelas feud in the first section, and how they came from the two opposing groups (linking to their parentage, which is something I love as well). I also found absolutely sweet the story of his little sister and how Victoire (calling her that in absence of a name...) immediately got affectionate to the little girl. Their whole relationship in that first scene was so tragic and even more tragic was the way it all ended (actually, all the sections were sort of tragic, for a moment I feared that you would kill Victoire and Teddy in the end... at least they are still able to fix things... but I'm going too quickly...)


The story of Wesley and Lim was so tragic, too... I love the atmosphere you created for that one, with the Victorian setting, and the idea of the couple of thieves too smart for their own good... the development of their relationship here was so good, I love how it started with a failed mugging and a wary agreement and then turned into the deep complicity we see later. For a moment I thought that he'd actually betrayed her, but obviously things were more complex... the way they died was once again so tragic, but I loved how you wrote it.


The train scene was so much fun (or it would be if it didn't end in tragedy as well... can't you give those two a bit of respite? Siriusly?) I loved Theodore with his illegal egg and how protective he was of it. He reminded me of Newt and his suitcase. And he was a Hufflepuff, too! And Victoria as well (side note: for some reason I've sorted Victoire in Ravenclaw in my head, but I love the idea of her being a Puff! There aren't enough Puffs out there)! Their all exchange and all the events happening were just so ridicolous, and I had so much fun reading their section. Also... All in all, they were terrible people who lived disturbingly average lives. I loved this! I loved Daniel and Gary's characterization, so good!


The present bit... I loved how you interweaved it with your other stories in your universe, with Victoire's dreams and Astoria... I love when different stories merge together. I would have never imagined Teddy being violent (and ending up in jail for it) but I can sort of understand him? I mean, I'm not justifying what he did, but I suppose that when you repress certain emotions for too long you end up exploding, and I suppose being subjected to racist comments would make you irrationally angry... anyway, the whole situation saddens me... but, as I said above, at least they can still fix things.


This was such a great story, I loved reading it so much. I'm not sure if I made it justice with this review at all, but you are such a talented writer!


Love you loads!



Author's Response:

Hello, my charismatic Chiara! <3


I love you so much, seeing your reviews always brightens my day, and I'm always smiling at the end of it. Thank you for writing me such a lovely review!!


I love Teddy/Victoire, too!! They were actually one of my very first OTPs, so I have such a huge soft spot for them, and I was so thrilled to get the opportunity to write something that was such a huge part of my tween years hahaha. Thank you so much, I'm so so happy you liked it! I was so excited when I got my prompt because I love reincarnation soulmate AUs with all my heart, and I've never written one before! (Honestly, this challenge made me very happy hehe. Though the story itself turned out sadder than planned.)


Yes I'm so glad you got that! I think you're the first person to mention their parentage and how it connects to the veela/werewolf forms I picked for Victoire/Teddy (I probably should have given them names in this first section, right). I think it's the biggest loss in the world that Remus and Tonks died before Teddy could have a younger sister, because I am positive that he would have been the absolute best big brother in the world. I was sad when I wrote that Soo-ah died. And not gonna lie, I definitely considered killing Teddy and Victoire off in the last section, but then I figured they needed to break the curse somehow, right?


Ahhh thank you! This section was actually my favorite to write, just because I enjoyed writing the pickpocketing scenes and thieving scenes so much. (Maybe I have a hidden talent for criminal mastermindedness. But then again, maybe not, if I can only come up with these things after sitting here and staring at the wall for an hour haha.) Ooh, I'm glad you thought he betrayed her (that's such a strange thing to say but it's true) because I was actually worried that it was pretty obvious that he didn't betray her, and then Westley's hurt would've sounded silly.


(But Chiara, how are these two meant to live multiple reincarnations if they don't die tragic deaths?) You're not the first person to mention that Theodore was like Newt hahaha, I should actually go and finish the first Fantastic Beasts movie at some point. YES, PUFFS REPRESENT. I know a lot of people sort Victoire into Ravenclaw (I think Branwen does too?) but I desperately wanted more Puffs, so here we are haha. Daniel and Gary were a lot of fun to write. Stupid, dumb, dangerous men haha.


Yay!! No one else has connected everything together yet, so I'm so happy that you have. I don't want the stories to become too connected, where it gets to the point where everyone starts playing larger and larger roles in everyone else's stories, but I like small cameos here and there haha. Honestly, yeah, violence is very out-of-character for him. But I think when you start unhealthily swallowing your feelings, then it comes out in terrible ways, like you said. Teddy needs to get his stuff together, because his sudden violence is a huge problem, but yes, I agree. They can still fix things, and it's not the end.





Name: toomanycurls (Signed) · Date: 25 May 2018 02:40 PM · For: you again

Hi Eva!


I read this over the period of a few days and was really impressed with the diversity between each scene/era/character duo but also the commonality. But, for real, I need to know: have you read or seen Cloud Atlas? If not, watch or read it asap. The movie is pretty good (although I haven't read the book for comparison) but it your story has the same thread of soulmates meeting across multiple lifetimes and fate/life/their own mistakes keeping them apart. 


In the first section I was convinced your entire story was about that couple (uh, in a single lifetime :P) because their world and characters just seemed so well thought out that of course you'd be writing about them. I fell in love with the idea of veelas v werewolves as a better version of vampires/werewolves. The starcrossed lovers theme really struck home with neither of them realizing the other person was their enemy. AND WHAT IS WITH THE VEELAS STEALING MEN??? Are you going to write a one-shot or novel about that?? Also (sorry, this is jumpy, I read this last night and am going out of orer within each section) the fight and fall was just so intense! I kept cringing at the injuries and action because o.o it was really good and realistic sounding. 


When morning comes and their identities are revealed, I love how they went from people who used to love/trust each other to flat out enemies. I mean, if they didn't have a history then that would have been the only outcome but the inability to see past the other's creature status reminds me of how Ron reacts to finding out Lupin is a werewolf where his prejudice takes over his own actions and knowledge of the person. 


I'm so sad that 1. they died and 2. that they died hating each other. :( :( :( :( 


Next section!


I've never thought about the circus being for the rich but when they were first started + depending on the period, I could see any large entertainment expense being excessive for people. I really love seeing the thought process in the pickpocket caper. Did you do any firsthand research for this section? :P 


Oh man! I love it when the con gets conned. I've finished the section so I know it was a  bit of a set up on his part but I love her shock and disbelief. But it's pretty great to see his facade fall apart as well as he can't keep up the act very well. 


Having them pair up and Lim push Westley into further/new crime definitely gives their partnership a bit of an interesting twist. I'm really curious if their crime spree was just a business relationship or if there was a romantic Bonnie/Clyde aspect to it. 


I love the house break in scene but I'm torn if Westley should have suspected he might know the house (at least) if not have a strong connection to it. I always feel that's a common thing when someone suggests a house heist -- they live in or have lived in the house before. BUT I LOVE THE BETRAYAL AND THE HURT HERE. 


I just love this line: “I lied to you about a lot of things—my name, my employer, my purpose—but I promise to God that I am not lying when I say I never sold you out. You know, he would kill to have you.”


I can't really say why but it gives me the feeeeeeeeels. 


ALSO THE END OF THIS SECTION GOT TO ME WORSE THAN THE FIRST ONE. I think it's because they trusted each other, lost it after the robbery, and died with all that mistrust and hatred between them. 


Section three!!


ooh! I really like that not all the sections are about magical people. I mostly only commented on it in this section because it's about magical people so it reminded me that the last section was not.


Omggg, I love this section. The blackmail that kind of backfired but she keeps pushing it!! Ah! Theodore's indignation when he realized she didn't even know what he had/that it was illegal was perrrrrfect. Okay but 'Victoria' is being a little dense about Theo's child, lol. I guess care of magical creatures wasn't a thing then. 


I have to be real: I love their banter. 


“What do you mean ‘were’? Once a ’Puff, always a ’Puff.” -- nice hufflepuff propaganda. I just adore their Hufflepuff chat. 


I imagine it'd be very hard to aparate onto the roof of a moving vehicle. and of course she learned their names (a hufflepuff!journalist would :P)


You def stole the kissing idea out of Captain America: Winter Solider. (But if not, you're really good at hitting movie/lit references on accident)


What/!?!?!!! They jsut fell off the train? This is my least favorite death so far. 


section the next one! 


(also, sorry that my section analysis is getting shorter -- I'm having more of read and review versus already read and summarzing thoughts experience towards the end)




I love the part of relationshps where people are all "omg, we won't see each other for 3 minutes" or five days, whatever :P They are so cute together. I am glad I'm not the only person with a Weasley/Potter kid shopping the Ministry for a job. 


Relaxed parent Fleur is great. I feel like she'd either be very strict or super liberal. I have her as strict because it works for drama in one of my stories. 


1. I love that Victoire didn't do fantab as an auror and 2. what she said was kind of horrendous and I could see why it'd needle Astoria so much and 3. I love that she was just was a flop overall. 


:-o this Teddy being arrested is such a shock!!! I do feel bad for Victoire being caught not knowing where Teddy is for a few days but her confrontation was just so... scary. I mean, I get her anger but his explanation of “Have you ever considered that perhaps the anger has always been there, but I’ve just swallowed it all for the past year?” was kind of frightening. 


I mean, it makes it sound like he's always seething under the surface and has just been masking it. 


I can see where Victoire is very self centered and not super compassionate -- something I'm glad her sister called her out on and I'm glad they didn't die at the end. gah. I have so many emotions at this last section. Anyone would be upset by the racism (and I think not being able to see/understand that does paint V as pretty inconsiderate). 


Really amazing story! I love that it didn't end in an absoluate happy ending, in fact the ending is super open, but they've kind of broken the cycle. 

Author's Response:

Hi Rose!! <3


Oh, thank you so much!! Whoa I've never even heard of Cloud Atlas, but I'll definitely have to watch it now. I just googled it and it sounds like a more sophisticated version of my fic hahaha. Preparing myself for much sadness and possible tears, because I don't see any way this movie is not going to be sad lmao. But everything reincarnation-y came from the challenge prompt.


1 - Ahhh I'm so happy that you like the world that I made up! The werewolf/veela enmity was the first thing that leapt into my mind, so I just went and wrote a thing set way back when. (Also omg I didn't even think of vampires v. werewolves while I was writing this, why do I keep accidentally referencing things that I don't mean ACK.) YEP veelas are probably worse than werewolves in some ways because they lure people out of villages which is NOT GOOD. Oh my goodness I don't know if I have any further ideas about that, but if inspiration strikes me maybe I'll write a one-shot! Ooh I'm so glad! Though sometimes I feel like I totally missed the point of the challenge because, I focused too much on...not the romance lol.


Yeah, but at least Ron quickly came around with the knowledge that Remus was a werewolf. These two...are far stupider than that hahaha. I feel like I should be sad that you're sad but I'm happy that I managed to make you sad, y'know what I mean?


2 - Ah, see, history is not at all my strong suit, and the most research I did for this section was scrolling through a list of pretty pretty pictures from London in the 1920s. So it's entirely possible that the circus was not just for the rich, but for some reason I was quite convinced of the fact that everyone had to be rich (maybe because of how nicely people dressed in the photos, especially in the ones featuring a circus, but, again, it's possible that the clothes they wore were quite common), so this happened haha. Also LMAO. You know, I gotta be honest, I think being able to pickpocket would be a really cool skill to have, but also I hate pickpockets haha.


Their crime spree definitely wasn't just a business relationship (once again, I feel like I forgot the most important part of this story, the romance); they noticed each other because both are good-looking, attractive people, and from there, their partnership began. Bonnie/Clyde is such an interesting comparison to make, because it didn't occur to me, but YES! I love that idea in terms of Westley and Lim.


Wow is that a common idea, that people have lived in the house where they suggest heists? I had no idea whoops haha. Ahh thank you for pointing out the line that you liked! Those comments always make me really happy hehe.


3 - YAY I'm glad you like this section! It was one of the ones that gave me most grief while writing, not gonna lie, so this makes me happy! I am always very concerned about writing romance in general so I'm glad that their banter was okay! Also, of course hehe, my fics are severely lacking in Hufflepuff propaganda so I desperately needed to make up for it with this section. Yes lmao that's such a Hufflepuff thing to do haha.


WHAT. I've never watched Winter Soldier (...I've never watched any of the Captain Americas entirely, come to think of it, which is such a shameful admission on my end) so I don't know, but this makes me nervous haha. Why does this keep happening this is Not Good.


They didn't fall off the train, the train was forcefully derailed into the lake, where they both drowned haha.


4 - New relationships are very adorable! And yeah, Victoire's trying desperately to find a Ministry job, but it doesn't work out super well for her lol. Ooh, drama haha. I just really like the idea of Fleur being...not lax, exactly, because she still has high standards for her children, but when it comes down to it, she'll let them figure things out instead of locking them at home forever.


I'm glad you could see both sides of it! Like, um, Victoire was definitely in the wrong to be such an uncaring partner in the relationship, but also not good. (This was actually inspired by a video I watched about Asian men in the Western world and how they get really...possessive and stuff when it comes to their masculinity, because so much of their life has just been demeaning to them.)


Yay I'm so happy you liked the open ending. I wrote that first before writing the rest of the section hahaha, so I was worried it wouldn't fit in super well.





Name: sunshine_locks (Signed) · Date: 22 May 2018 07:57 PM · For: you again

 [Since the couple seems to be Teddy and Victoire, I’ll be referring to them as such for convenience. I get confused easily, haha... Also, this review is basically my thoughts as I read the story, not the story as a whole. That part’s at the end.]


The beginning of “you again” was so beautiful. I love the imagery that choose to use, and the bloody fight they’ve entangled themselves in.


(Can I say that the way you write is so nice and this is such a weird thing to be complimenting, but I’m in awe of your vocabulary?)


It really must’ve been heartbreaking to realize the person you love is on the other side of the battle, because like, it’s kind of that realization, “How could I be in love with someone who kept such secrets, who doesn’t believe in the validity of my own existence?” That makes no sense, but I hope you get what I’m trying to get at here.


I love how transitioned from the battle to a memory, it was almost seamless. I found the circumstances of how Teddy and Victoire met funny because how wild must it be to say to people, “I met my soulmate while he was trying to steal some eggs it’s nbd.” Lmao.


It was almost getting to be fluffy but then you brought in Soo-ah, who I’m already in love with, but it looks like she’s in really bad shape. She’s literally so sweet, calling Victoire an angel, even though Teddy doesn’t seem to agree.


I’m really liking how you kind of separated Werewolf!Teddy and Human!Teddy (I really hope I’m getting these names right), because the werewolf version is feral and unyielding while the human version just wants to give the world to his sister? Unreal. I’ve fallen for him already.


Omg. Why are they so cute already? STOP THIS MADNESS. The way Teddy smiles so genuinely and Victoire’s secret pride at this was so sweet.


Anddddd they’re back at the battle scene, the bittersweet feeling hitting Victoire at full force. I really do feel for the both of them. But there are bigger problems at hand right now, like the humans that literally want to kill them. It’s kind of chilling, how humans want to kill anything and everything that threaten them and their race.


I SCREAMED. I hate that their last words were words of pure anger, especially during a time of need. I suppose that since everything is out on the table now, they could be in each other’s presence a little more tolerably, however long that presence might last. I wonder if in their next reincarnation they’ll hold the same enmity for each other.


As I started part two, I appreciate the small references to the previous reincarnations, like continuities that occur regardless of the reincarnations. I also love how your vocabulary changes to fit the theme of the time period; it was a nice detail.


TEDDY YOU SLY SON OF A B***H. I am charmed by him. Consider me charmed. Why?? I find him so damn cute, and the smirk?? The smirk did it for me. And then the blush as he explains himself? I am D E C E A S E D.


Victoire seems to be as charmed as I am. I totally love how these two are both cons and recognize the game, and I think with the way that they are, they could be one of those BAMF couples. Well, if they get together.


I keep reading this part very quickly, and I’m always hit by the fact that these two are going to DIE. wHY. These two work so well together, and I love how they both work together seamlessly and they buffer what the other doesn’t have in skill, and they both just kind of make each other flourish.


So they’ve decided to pull a house heist. This whole thing reeks of bad luck. It just seems too convenient, that their downfall might be their ambition and arrogance.


That comment about East Asian brains? It angered me so much. As if Teddy doesn’t deserve love for he is, not for his smarts. Not to mentions, that’s hella offensive wtf. Of course, Teddy is smart, but it doesn’t mean everyone else is dumb. Being Asian doesn’t automatically make someone smart, hate to break it. Sorry, I went on a mini rant there.


OH MY GOD. MY HEART DROPPED. DO YOU HEAR ME? MY. HEART. DROPPED. That moment were Victoire genuinely thought Teddy gave her up; I felt so goddamn bad for her.


Well. Shit. Their death was so heart wrenching. Please stop with this torture.


Maybe the next part will be better.


Ooh, I love the journalist that Victoire is, it kinda reminds me of a muckraker. She just immediately goes to blackmailing, and somehow, always, Teddy seems to be charmed by this. 


I really like the little note where you say that the Wizarding World is slower than the Muggle world. 


Okay but wait why would Teddy play along? Is there something in that bag he actually has to hide? Is he the next Newt Scamander? Omg. 


HE IS!!! He called himself a father, and he’s so very like Newt in this way. 


I’m actually kind of angry on Teddy’s behalf, because he actually wants to save this animal, but all Victoire wants to do is to expose him, thereby exposing that poor animal. The animal doesn’t deserve this, and neither does Teddy, who is only trying to help!! Maybe Victoire will help him?? (I get heated over the strangest things, so don’t mind me.) 


I’m actually kinda feeling very offended by Victoire. “Who’s a man to judge her when his closest companions are animals?” BULLSHIT. My circle of friends do include animals, thank you very much. 


I found it kind of funny that the people that want to steal the egg have surprisingly boring lives lmao. Sounds like me!


Why. Bagging on Teddy’s ethnicity seems to be a common theme throughout. Ugh. 


HOLY SHIT. Teddy is so forward in this life, damn. Okay. It’s kind of hot. Victoire seems to think the same as well lmao. 


The conductor is so flustered. I would be the conductor too.






Nope nope nope I can’t deal with this.


Out of all the parts, I think I like the last one the best because of it’s domesticity. All of the other parts were always very hectic and action-packed. 


I really like the fact that their love for eggs always stays, it’s so sweet. I wonder if Victoire’s dreams mean something? Will they find out they are soulmates?????? Nah, maybe not. 


I’m kind of loving Fleur Delacour as a mother. She’s giving her daughter room to grow, which is always good to see in a parent.


????? What’s happening now?? Teddy always manages to get himself caught up in some screwed up shit. Like, he’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on, but then he does stuff that just doesn’t match up? Like, beat up someone because he was insulted.


I guess every time they’re reincarnated, they’re also destined to the same/similar fate too?


Okay, but to be fair, if someone told me racist shit like that, I’d have a fairly hard time restraining myself too. People are just so insensitive and rude these days, meanwhile, I am just living it up, bothering literally no one.


I read the letter, and omg Dominique is such a badass. She’s a good sister, but she also acknowledges Victoire’s flaws. Drag her!!! Sorry, but Victoire really just needed to be hit over the head once or twice and then she’ll gain back her senses.


I like the kind of really obvious symbolism you have going on, using Victoire’s dreams to signify future events. Dark colors: something terrifying, light colors: something good, etc. And is the wolf meant to signify Teddy’s faults? And the human his good side? I’m not sure on this one.


My thoughts overall:


One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s very impressive how this whole thing reads as a cohesive and continuous love story. Like in the first part, they “get to know” each other (I know that they were already lovers, but like we didn’t get many details about it), and in the second part, they become friends, and kind of start to love each other. In the third part, they’re kind of experimenting. I dunno if you meant for this to read like that, but it’s what I interpreted. The fourth part is like a culmination of all the bonding they’ve done in previous lives I guess.


At first I also gawked at the length because—what kind of story needs this many words to be told??? And now I understand it was all about the development in both their character and relationship.


So basically, this is the best thing ever. I love soulmate AU’s but I’m not really a big fan of Teddy/Victoire, for the same reasons I don’t like Scorpius/Rose. I feel like I already know their story, so it isn’t as fun reading them. But I liked this particular one because it put a new twist on a classic relationship and put a fresh perspective on it. I found myself really into it, and wondering what would happen next.


This review is like two days late, so I hope the longer (verrryyyyy long) review makes up for it!! (I counted this at 1602 words. Yikes.)



Author's Response:

THIS REVIEW MADE MY DAY. I love reviews where people respond like "real-time" to whatever's happening, it's so entertaining and funny and I love it so so much. Which reminds me, I should definitely do that more often, since I know I enjoy reading reviews like this so much.


Referring to them as Teddy/Victoire is a smart idea. I shall do the same, in case I confuse myself as well haha.


(the first section)


Ahh! Thank you so much! (I will take and treasure any compliments, even compliments about my vocabulary, so thank you hehe.) And, right? The emotional confusion of suddenly meeting the person you love, but on the other side of the battlefield, must have been really terrible for her. I'm so glad you thought the transition from the battle to the dream was smooth, I was really worried about that! Hahaha I know, it's definitely not the most glamorous way to meet your soulmate that will stick with you across the centuries lmao.


I love children, but because one did not come naturally in the love story of Teddy and Victoire, I of course had to...make one up. I'm happy you liked her! I had a lot of fun writing her. And no worries, you're totally fine with the names, I made it harder than necessary to identify who is who so I'll accept anything lmao. Both Teddys are technically the same person but it's just who they're with that really makes the person they are, you know what I mean? But I totally get what you're saying. (And omg this is the first time someone has fallen in love with my depiction of a character so I'm very happy right now!)


Yeah, I'm positive that if werewolves and veelas existed in the real world, humans would leap at the opportunity to destroy them all. But it does make for an unhappy ending. :(


(the second section)


I did try to keep some recurring symbols throughout this piece! I'm so glad you noticed them! YOUR REACTION TO TEDDY IS THE BEST EVER I just want to frame it and hang it on my wall. (Slightly off-topic, but as long as you don't drop the f-bomb, you don't have to censor your swears in reviews haha.) I agree that these two would have made a kickass couple if they'd sorted out their business and had actually, you know, gotten together lol. I loooved writing these two in this section, though. (Is it a problem that I enjoy writing about thieves so much. I feel like I should be mildly concern at my points of interest lol.)


Oof yeah arrogance and over-confidence is not always the best thing. Thank you for your comment on that section about East Asian brains! It's the one line I absolutely hate hate hate when it comes to Asians, it's faux-complimentary and demeaning all at once, and it diminishes our accomplishments, and ughh I just hate it so much. Which is why I included it hahaha. AH I'M SORRY YOUR HEART DROPPED but ngl I'm really enjoying these reactions.


(the third section)


Victoire is a very nosy muckraker in this section lmao. I HAVE TO BE HONEST WITH YOU, I have yet to finish watching the full Fantastic Beasts movie. And I was half-asleep the entire time I watched the first half, so my memory of it is very foggy. So I'm not sure what exactly Newt is like, but I'm very happy that Teddy resembles him in terms of personality here, because Newt is such an Iconic Hufflepuff that I can't just not respect him.


You are very right, Victoire really set herself up in the worst way possible here, targeting all the wrong people. Like, um, girl?? Do you not have better things to do??? It's okay lmao I love hearing people going on rants about various things my characters do so carry on! And I'm glad you liked the bit about the smugglers living mundane lives haha.


Yes he definitely is considerably more forward in this life than the other ones. IT WAS MY FIRST TIME WRITING A KISS SCENE SO I WAS KIND OF PANICKING. Especially because I literally cannot stand PDA in real life so writing people kissing was so embarrassing, I just wanted to curl up in a blanket. I would've been the conductor too lmao.


(the fourth section)


Yeah the beginning of this section is definitely calmer than the rest haha! And gotta pay homage to the one thing that led to their original meeting in their first life. Victoire's dreams were also a recurring theme throughout the various reincarnations (they were kind of subtle though), but basically they're kind of prophetic. Like, they're telling her things about her future. And I'm glad you like Fleur as a mother! I headcanon her as a very freeing parent, like, someone who lets her kids loose into the world so that they can learn about it.


I know, Teddy doesn't really seem like the type of person who could beat someone up. But also suppressing emotions for years and years and years always leads to really terrible outlets sometimes, and I think he lost it when the person threw that racist jibe at him. And it's definitely Teddy's fault for hurting the man, and for equating violence with power, and so he does need a lot of help, but Victoire is...kind of blind in that respect. I agree that she needs to be hit over the head with Dominique's critiques hahaha.




Thank you so much! I was so worried that this story would feel patched up and just a general mess, so I was soo nervous about posting this. Also because it's very long lmao. "What kind of story needs this many words to be told???" is a very good question tbh, while I was writing this I was like WHAT AM I DOING WHY AM I WRITING SO MUCH SHUT UP SHUT UP. I'm so glad you thought it was all worth it in the end!


I'm so so happy that you liked this story even though Teddy/Victoire may not be your thing. That made me so glad to hear! Thank you so much for leaving me such a long and fun review, I really really loved reading and responding to it! <3



Name: Pixileanin (Signed) · Date: 15 May 2018 02:28 PM · For: you again

Hi!  I’ve been wanting to read everyone’s Soulmate AU challenge entry, so I’m here to see what you did.  I’m not even that familiar with soulmate fics in general, so the whole genre is new to me, and I wouldn’t know an overused trope if it slapped me upside the head. So fair warning for any weirdness on my part.  :)

(a number of centuries ago, in a time of darkness)

Ok, so I’m all set up to time travel.  This seems like a long, long, long time to go back, but I’m gonna take the plunge.  We’re dealing with soulmates, after all. That’s supposed to be an ‘eternal’ thing, so, yeah.  Running with it.

I really liked the action of this scene. I could picture everything happening around this Veela, all the flying and the battle, and the scary werewolves.  I loved the way you described her sensing the war through the air, with all the scents and sounds while she was flying. I also loved the way you described that werewolf going up the tree to attack her, that was magnificent!

The landing of course broke something in each of them, and it wasn’t just body parts either. If the symbolism was supposed to be there, I love it. If it was a happy accident, I love it even more. Sometimes things like that just work out for the best.  Great words there, too.

Then we get to see what the big deal is all about. It doesn’t go into explaining the war, just that these two kinds of creatures are meant to fight each other, and have dual existences, and are supposed to hate each other, but in another form, they had fallen in love.  I was sad to see that these two weren’t able to see past that and come to any consensus. It felt like, in their last moments, they were still trying so hard to justify what they are to each other, that there was nothing wrong with werewolves and veelas fighting to the death, and that anything that could have happened between them had been destined to fail anyway, so why bother.  It was sad for me that the veela was just about to come to her senses right before she died… you wrote a real tragedy there.

(a little over a century ago, in a time of living)

Ah, okay this is a completely different setting.  Again, I loved the descriptions and the way she moved through the crowd, playing them and getting what she needed. Not that I condone pickpocketing, but I could really get into her character here.

It was a fun reveal that she was actually caught with her hands inside the backpack when he turned around.  HAHAHA! She thought she was being so sneaky, but then he had to admit to her that he’d been watching her the whole time, which I’m sure was embarrassing for HIM.  HAHAHAH! The whole setup made me smile. I enjoyed how this story isn’t just a mirror of the first story, and that we get to see different ‘people’ acting in different ways, but still resulting in the same, tragic ending.  

I liked reading about Westley and Lim together, master thieves, playing the crowds.  There was a lightness to this section that resonated with me. They’re living the life, doing the thing, and it all seemed so perfect and was going so well until…

Ok, let me back up here.  The heist in the house was really well-done.  I loved the details of putting the cloths over the dogs’ noses, and all the descriptions of her sneaking through the house.  I had NO CLUE how it was going to end, only a small inkling that it would go south at some point. Oh, but you did it again. I really liked these two, too.  :( The thought that she died with, that he betrayed her… that stung, because obviously he didn’t, but she didn’t have time to process the truth of it, only the initial gut reaction.  

So sad.  I’m a bit hurt by that.

(more than a half century ago, in a time of magical innovation)

Ok, so I was ready for this change.  I was ready to see how these scenarios lent themselves to where you led us next, so I was completely excited about the train and the journalist and the guy who happened to be famous… and the way she smacked herself in the face by blackmailing a guy who was so famous. I laughed at her for that.  I did.

I loved the humor that you brought to this duo.  From “Did you lay an egg?” to “That explains so much about you”, the dialogue was great.  This was, by far, my favorite section of your story. I adored the fast-paced action and the intrigue surrounding the egg, and the thieves that stole from the first thief, who only wanted to protect things, all great stuff.   Here’s where I noticed that each meeting between these two seemed to get shorter and shorter. It worked for the story, and it worked for the telling of it too. For two souls to meet over and over, it seems appropriate that the story would play out in a quicker tempo the next time around.  There’d be some sort of recognition going on between the two, under the hood, subconsciously, I guess. So as the first story took a while for the two humans to bond, and the second story took a while (but it seemed like a shorter while for some reason, even though time was fluid and the days were not spelled out, per se) this third section had them connecting within a very short time before they found themselves once again meeting their demise together.  

Poor things.  They’re catching on, though.

(today, in a time of now)

So I gather that Victoire has dreams about these past experiences, along with her Divination dreams, and they make her ill.  That would make sense. And also be a terrible curse at the same time. Goodness, what a way to live! So the story plays out differently here.  For one, nobody dies, and that seems to be a good sign. It’s an interesting way to show the different side of these characters. You’re highlighting her selfishness and her inability to care for others in their time of need without… what did her sister say… oh yes, a frying pan to the face.  (I honestly didn’t know that Hufflepuffs were into that) Her sister’s letter explains a lot of what has been going on that we didn’t get to see off screen. I loved that in each of these stories, we got to see a different side of these characters, who led practically different lives and were strangers to each other.

I really liked that you gave us hope in this last story.  The dream she had, where the wolf met her halfway, and where they each gave the other the respect they needed.  This bodes well for them, but Victoire knows, as she said to herself, that she has some work to do.

Wow.  I think you carried off the soulmate prompt really, really well here.  I didn’t see any bumps in the transitions, and you kept it interesting from beginning to end.  And it was SO CLEAN!!!


Bravo! This was indeed a monster of a story, but when you’re showing the path of eternal movement, it’s pretty difficult to get it all in only a few words.  It was great that you took your time and explored the concept fully, through incarnations and dreams and different versions of these characters. I really enjoyed reading your story, and I wish you the best in the challenge!



Author's Response:

Hi Pix! I already told you this, but I'm really thankful that you're going through and reading all the Soulmate AU entries. They're all phenomenal, and I think it's really amazing of you to do so. (Also, you have to read more soulmate AUs!! Soulmate fics are my jam. I was obsessed with them for such a long time oh my goodness. I'm sure AO3 or tumblr both have a crazy number of soulmate fics, for a good number of pairings, so go and check them out if you have time! They're all adorable.)


(a number of centuries ago, in a time of darkness)


Yes, this took place a long, long time ago hehe. I'm so glad you liked the action! It was really difficult to write, but Bianca gave me a bunch of good tips about using the senses to enhance the scene, so the credit definitely goes to her. And the symbolism upon their fall was definitely unintended hehe but I think it's so cool that you managed to read something like that out of my fic! I love it when readers add their own ideas to my stories, so I'm happy about that.


Honestly, yeah, if these two had just set aside their silly prejudices for a moment, they likely would have come to the clear-headed conclusion much, much faster... And they probably still would've died, but there at least would've been some sort of closure for them, you know? Thank you for your thoughts on this section, they made me so happy! <3


(a little over a century ago, in a time of living)


I feel like I should note that I don't condone pickpocketing ether haha. But it was actually a weird amount of fun to write her pickpocketing techniques?? Maybe I was a pickpocket in a past life or something, and that part of me is trying to make a comeback lmao.


Your reaction made me smile so hard! I'm so happy that you enjoyed that scene. It was actually so hard trying to come up with different scenarios omg, I was so ready to just throw in the towel and make the lives more parallel in terms of the events that occurred, but then that probably would've been, like, extra boring. I'm also really really happy you liked the heist; I am am a decidedly unintelligent heister (not that I've tried hahaha but I don't think I could ever come up with something as creative as Ocean's Eleven).


Yeah. She didn't really get to process it. :(


(more than a half century ago, in a time of magical innovation)


Ahhh omg people keep telling me that this is their favorite part of the story! And that makes me so happy, because it was absolutely agonizing writing this, and I was like "I hate this section I hate this section I hate this section" and so hearing this makes me really happy. Humor...does not come naturally to me lol, so I'm so glad that you liked it!


You're right, they do get more and more familiar with each other faster as the lives go on (which is also why I didn't really want to go through another meet-cute scenario in the last life, because I wanted to leap straight into it haha). Their feelings decreased in animosity through the years.


(today, in a time of now)


I know, imagining living in a weird limbo of future and present. That would be terrible, I'd probably hate going to sleep every night. And yep! Nobody dies, because this is where the reincarnations end haha. After all the mistakes of the previous lives, they were dealt a really bad hand in this life where they were absolutely forced to work through it, and so here they are. Victoire understands her mistakes, and working on his. (Also haha I can't speak for all Hufflepuffs, but I'm very fond of the idea of a frying pan as a weapon. I was inspired by Rapunzel from Tangled, and Tiffany Aching from Terry Pratchett's series, who I both headcanon as Puffs.)


Thank you so so much for this amazing, amazing review. I really appreciate that you took the time to leave all of this. I wish you the best in the challenge, as well!



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