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Story:She Flies with Angels Chapter: Little Girl is a Big Fan

Holy crap! This made me cry so hard. This was such a sweet heartwarming story. I love seeing Keum in this light. I love that he cared enough to go see this girl when he had no obligation to do so. I love that he took her flying and had a small chance to get to know her. And I thought it was super sweet that he ended up marrying her mom and even tried to adopt Rosier after she was dead. I hope he does end up winning the world cup one day in her honor. Such an amazing, sweet story!


Author's Response:

Nix, hello again. Thank you for reading my stories and leaving your thoughts. 

I imagined Krum having a big heart when it comes to fans, but the speed of life getting in the way of truly connecting with them. And little Rosier having some spunk to her, made her a unique fan of his.

Can someone be adopted after death? I have no idea. I just dreamed that up, wondering. 

Awe, you cried? You must have a big heart yourself. Thanks for sharing with me, dear.

With appreciation,

Dark Whisper

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