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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: end game

Greetings! I have taken a short break from my full-time occupation of hiding from humans, in order to review this splendid story.

This was such a cute scene, and an appropriate end to this very captivating story. I am glad to see Hollie and Roxanne so happy together, and Hollie getting a permanent position on the team is just the icing on the cake! I loved the message of the story too, in the advice they gave the reporter (especially Roxanne) - wise words to live by, and so important.

I am a bit sad that the story is over, though - I will miss these lovely characters. Perhaps a sequel? Or a spin-off about Alec? The Loch Ness Monster (who is also a big fan of this story) and I have a bet going, about whether there will be a sequel. The loser of the bet has to allow themselves to be spotted by a human. Anyway, I do very much hope to read more about these incredible characters! Loved this story. Thank you for writing it!

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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: sign up

As promised, here I am to love this chapter. And THIS CHAPTER IS EVERYTHING I WANTED IT TO BE. I kind of wish I had more words other than just "eEEE SO HAPPY akfhjxjfidjfsje" but no. Those are the only words I have. Yay Roxanne and Hollie! :D

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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: hurt heart

I think I might have missed your review hot seat day so this is kind of to make up for that? also because I'm just really excited there's a new chapter of this omg.

I loved the blanket fort. That's the perfect way to hide from all your problems. Even better when you have a friend there too. I've said this so many times but every chapter just reinforces it - I love their friendship, and how selfless it is, esp the fact that Alec drags up his own horrible histories to make Hollie feel better. I feel so bad for Alec getting kicked off that spot because Avery came back - it's so unfair to Alec. Gah, all Avery's return did is mess up a lot of things.

I know how much it must have hurt Hollie to see Roxanne and Avery like that, but here's my opinion: since Hollie wasn't there for the whole thing, and just saw one moment, there's really no way to tell what happened. Maybe it ended in an argument between Roxanne and Avery. Or maybe, if they do get back together, Roxanne will realize how many things she dislikes about Avery. I'd be fine with either of those outcomes. :p

eee! I love that you alluded to your Dean/Seamus fic here and how Luna is Hollie's godmother! :D That was a cute scene and I'm glad that Hollie's parents are supportive and encouraging. And... I think Dean notices something about Roxanne's behaviour that might not have been obvious to Hollie. Dean saw something that wasn't fake. Aha!

Lovely chapter, Julie!! :)

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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: tiny kiss

The beginning of this chapter is SO sweet. I know, Hollie will potentially feel guilty about it later but Roxanne didn't seem to mind ;) Also, what is this 'almost'? THEY WERE SO FLIRTING. ah!

I love Alec, haha. I love how the press doesn't get to him at all. (I have the bad feeling that someday they will... but I'm just going to enjoy his amusement with the media while it lasts.) Also, I really like how Hollie and Nora bonded while sitting on the bench and how Hollie helped her see sense a little and avoid more of the behaviour that got her into her current mess in the first place.

Is it ridiculous that when I read "Wollongong Shimmy" I thought of that absurd Hangman that WYHO stumped us all with?! haha. It made me LOL.

Yay for the Tornadoes winning! Although poor Hollie at having to spontaneously host a party. I get the feeling that Hollie is more of an introvert type and although she does enjoy socialising with her team, she also likes having a quiet place to go back to! Seemed like they all had a good time though. :)

I really like Alec/Ellie. :D And also let me address this amazing scene with Hollie/Roxanne after everyone had left: lakjsdFKJAS!!?!?!! I AM SO HAPPY and I love that Hollie lets Roxanne take the lead to make sure Roxanne is comfortable because she knows it's a confusing time for her and they kissed and omg they ARE JUST SO PERFECT.

And then Avery returns. Ehh. I'm hoping that he will remind Roxanne of what she didn't like about him, and she'll realise how lucky she is to have Hollie? Because that'd be great thanks. :)

Another awesome chapter Julie!! ♥

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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: joke shop

they nailed the coffin shut with a comment wishing that Logan Avery would come out of St. Mungo’s Rehabilitation Center and straighten things out for everyone. -- oh goodness hahaha did they intend that pun? Terrible. :P

I'm glad Alec can see the humour in it though and is able to laugh at the article.

Gah, I just love Roxanne and Hollie together! Hollie is so sweet and supportive, and Roxanne really is struggling with things she won't say out loud, and even when Hollie's not sure exactly what's going on, she is supportive and encouraging. :)

She figured it was probably something to do with his insane shop; they had passed a shelf of ears on their way in. -- omg. This is such an innocent statement and I think it natural that she would make an assumption like that, but aww. Anyway, I liked the meeting with George and Angelina - it went as well as could be expected. As long as she likes Quidditch then she's accepted :D I'm glad George and Angelina were that understanding too - they seemed to be mostly just irritated that they had to hear from the Prophet first, but they did seem to understand her reasoning for that.

Okay, Roxanne basically as good as admitted she is bisexual, although she's still kind of just figuring how to adjust to that. Aah! And she is totally displaying signs of real affection - the kiss 'for appearances' excuse was absurd because no one was even paying them any attention. There is hope for the ship and that makes me happy. :)

I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH. Another awesome chapter and I look forward to the next! :D

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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: hot dance

Wooo new chapter!

I love the way you do these subtle but pointed jabs at the media and other unpleasant things about society, like the bit where the Daily Prophet outs all the queer people on the team. And yes, this story is fiction, but the parts that aren't are SO spot on, and that bit in particular puts me to mind of EVERY tabloid ever that has headlines like "OMG THIS ACTOR/ATHLETE/MUSICIAN IS GAY!" when really, WHY is that headline news? It has nothing to do with how well they play Quidditch (or act, or play guitar or whatever). It's silly, but you see it ALL THE TIME in the media. And so while I feel badly for the characters in here, I applaud you for pointing it out in this fic.

Ooh also I love that you've turned Witch Weekly into a more liberal magazine rather than the gossipy rag I imagined it as during the books (I imagined it before as the wizard version of Cosmo, whereas here it seems to be potentially more of a feminist magazine so I love the spin you put on that.)

Also, good for the Holyhead Harpies being open and welcoming. But the reporter who bothered Hollie seems to come from a past century and needs to keep up with the times - I couldn't believe how rude she (the reporter) was by disrespectfully refusing to use Ellie Cooper's chosen name and instead using her given name. :[

I love the way you've written Molly! She's so spunky, but I can still see elements of Percy in how Molly seems to enjoy her authority. (But it's not in an annoying way like Percy.) Aw, poor Salvador still having a broken hand. And I know the press is extra scary this time for Hollie but I'm still excited for her that she's going to play!

I don't remember if I've said this before but I adore Hollie's friendship with Alec. I think they're such wonderful best friends and the way they encourage each other, as well as tease each other, is just really great. :) Also, I love the amount of diversity in this fic.



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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: home time



wahh no more chapters D: Well. I've reached the end of what you have posted so far and I am so eagerly awaiting chapter seven! This is such a great fic and I am addicted to it. Its funny because the fake-relationship is such a commonly used plot device in fanfic but you've put the most wonderful spin on it that makes it feel original, so I'm really impressed. Gah, I just loved the scene when Roxanne meets Hollie's parents as it was so bittersweet - they think she's great and they all got on so well but Hollie knows it's only going to be worse when they break up. Which I hope they don't, because they're just so darn cute together! Aah!

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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: black bats

ok, I've been a bad reviewer so far as I just keep clicking the 'next' button because I'm in love with this story and just want to keep reading because it's SO GOOD, but well that isn't fair to you so I'm pausing now to write this and then I will finish my reading binge.

Lots of things to talk about since the last review I wrote. Omg, I don't know how Hollie is handling it! Kudos to her for keeping it together because if I were in her place the secret would be out of the bag in like 5 seconds. But as sweet as Roxanne is, I feel like she's really hurting Hollie and has no idea and I'm just worried about whats going to happen when she finds out that Hollie has real feelings for her.

Also. Dean/Seamus! Love. This line in Dean's letter made me laugh out loud: Your father is growing a midlife crisis beard. Make sure to tell him it looks okay when you visit so you don’t hurt his feelings -- haha aww! :D

I'm so sad Hollie didn't get to play! Gah, it must be SO frustrating as a reserve. Before, she at least had the added benefit of not having the press in her face, but now she's got the worst of both worlds :(


I love this story so much. Until next time! ♥

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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: fast life

Yessssssss this story graces the archive and I'm so happy. Transferring all my love from there to here



Omg I've only read the first chapter and I'm already so in love with this story. The scene where Hollie is sitting beside that man who's hitting on her in the bar and that whole conversation that happens just... you wrote it SO WELL. What I especially love is that Hollie doesn't pull the "I have a boyfriend" or the "I'm a lesbian" card, she's just like "no I'm not interested", and as a feminist I'm like cheering for her already as no one should feel the need to explain their non-attraction to someone by making up a boyfriend when your lack of attraction should be an excuse enough. /rant. But I digress, back to the story.

I love that the story is set in a professional Quidditch team, that's a really nice touch! I love how much of the plot it is (or looks like it will be).

And Hollie's crush on Roxanne is sweet. But gahh Roxanne was with that guy and now I just feel so bad for Hollie as she likes someone unattainable. It's doomed from the start! Ahh, please tell me Roxanne is bi so then there is still the possibility of a happy ending ;)

I wish I could give you a more thoughtful, less rambly review but I'm about 20,000 words behind on Nano so this is all for now but I will most definitely be back. You have the beginnings of a wonderful story here. Loved it!

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