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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: end game



This was such an amazing, beautiful, fulfilling journey, and I am so glad that Renee pointed me in this direction. I loved this chapter because Witch Weekly was in it (and omg their honest, open-minded questions were such a breath of fresh air from the homophobic nonsense from the previous chapters), and because these two got to be themselves completely and openly in front of the press.


That opening bit that was written in the magazine article style, I really, really liked. It was just so well-written and I’m always super fond of the semi-poetic style that journalists always use whenever they’re depicting interviews with real life people, and I think you captured that super well here.


I’m also so, so happy for Hollie, that she got a promotion! You go, girl. <3


Ahhh I don’t really want to post this last review because I’m not quite ready to say good-bye to this story yet. I wish I read this years ago, back when I was still really young and confused and naïve. I think it would’ve helped me a lot.


This is such a beautiful story. I love it so so much. Thank you for writing something like this. <3



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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: sign up









The beginning of this chapter was so angsty and so miserable, and every time Hollie felt like crying I just wanted to wail right alongside her, and when Roxanne was missing every single Quaffle I was just wanting to cry more because my two stupid lovesick girls were being EMOTIONALLY STUPID and making me feel sad.


Oh my goodness I’m so sorry for the short review but I’m just so so so happy right now. (And I loved the coach’s reaction to the news of their fake-dating lmao I just can’t deal with him sometimes.)





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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: hurt heart

I have a bad feeling about this chapter, from the chapter title.


Though I do have to say, I’m really glad that Logan Avery is healthier. I hope he can keep it up, and that he won’t relapse into his bad drinking habits again. Like, much as I hate the guy, I don’t want him to continually suffer through his drinking problems with no end in sight. So I’m glad the guy got help.


[Okay I have now read the chapter to the end.]


Holy crap.


That was an emotional bucketful.


I just. I don’t know how to feel about Logan Avery right now. I’m glad he’s better. He does seem to be genuinely happy to see Roxanne, and I can’t really fault him for that. I doubt he knows about Roxanne’s relationship. I’m also conflicted about Roxanne?? Like, she clearly had real feelings for Hollie, and I have a feeling that she’s going to tell Logan that she’s dating Hollie now. If she doesn’t, I’ll never forgive her omg. (Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I’m going to be very upset.) But okay, assuming she does tell Logan – Hollie still deserved some sort of recognition after all of that?? I don’t know why Roxanne wouldn’t look at her Roxanne why would you do this do our darling Hollie huh???


Also my heart broke when Hollie started crying. And then it broke further when Alec, who has been playing spectacularly, lost his starting spot. And I just can’t deal with so much sadness right now.


And when Hollie went to go tell the truth to her parents? Oh my god. I was so emotional then. The encouraging speech was just so well-written, and just. You’re so talented. <3


I need to go and read the next chapter now to calm myself haha. Hopefully it’ll ease the pain of this chapter!! <3



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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: tiny kiss



I’m just going to momentarily pretend he doesn’t exist.


This entire chapter was just a huge bundle of cuteness!! Ohh my goodness my heart can’t take it, I am so genuinely in love with both these girls, I don’t even know how to handle it. Their flirting?? Oh my god. Their skinship??? ADORABLE. (Is ‘skinship’ a word. I think it’s a word. Is it a word? Oh boy. My English is failing me.) That entire scene when they were just cuddling in the bed made me want to leap out of my chair and jump around the room, ahh.


And the game was so exciting, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I also really appreciated the little side plot with Nora and Nicholas and Livvy, and how Hollie helped Nora sort through her funk. It was a really nice moment. Also, GO ALEC. He’s really shaping up to be such an amazing Seeker, like it’s almost like he never was a reserve and that he was playing the main position the whole time! Like perhaps even better than a certain violent, homophobic idiot who I am pretending does not exist!


Also gotta love that Alec declared the celebration at Hollie’s house lmao.


The scene that killed me was when Hollie and Roxanne were watching the movie and then Roxanne kissed her and omg was that a confession I heard from Roxanne’s lips?? Or a half-confession, at least, since dating girls is pretty new to Roxanne. And I was literally so so happy—


But then Logan Avery returned so um. Decidedly less happy now. What’s going to happen to Roxanne and Hollie? Is he going to force heterosexuality on Roxanne now? Go to the press with dirty stories? Also Alec definitely isn’t going to be allowed to play anymore, is he. :(


This is so sad. :(


(But I loved this chapter, as always.)



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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: joke shop

I just checked through my other reviews and um I used more caps lock than I thought was humanly possible, so I’m going to tone it down a bit for this review. Just so that I’m not constantly screaming at you haha. (Please know, though, that I am just as excited for this chapter as every other chapter I’ve read so far!)


This chapter was just as cute as every other chapter, but it also touched me more, I think. Especially since Hollie never really had to stress out about coming out to her parents, but Roxanne clearly has, and it’s obviously a really, really big moment in her life. I never had any doubts that George and Angelina would be accepting, but even with accepting parents, it’s probably really stressful to come out. And Fred too – I know siblings can be little pieces of crap sometimes (I have two younger sisters lol, and much as I love them, they are little terrors) – but I really appreciated that he was mature about this, and took care to reassure Roxanne that their parents weren’t mad at her.


I love that Roxanne went and kissed Hollie even when her parents weren’t watching, and Hollie still thinks that Roxanne is keeping up appearances. Though, Roxanne needs to own up to her feelings, too, haha. Continuing to pretend that she’s only showing affection to Hollie in order to convince everyone around them is not very nice. Be brave, Roxanne. Be a Gryffindor, like Hollie said haha.


And I love the sharing-a-bed trope! And this one didn’t disappoint. I loved the discussion they had, the slight awkwardness of undressing in front of each other, just. Everything about this chapter was golden and amazing, and I loved it. <3



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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: hot dance

This chapter title looks promising. ;D


[I shall read now.]


You know, The Daily Prophet reminds me a great deal of many news outlets today, ugh what’s wrong with them?? Outing every non-cishet player? Disgusting. Witch Weekly sounds amazing, though. (Ugh I can’t imagine how much BS Ellie Cooper has to deal with on a daily basis. <3)


The reaction from the mob of homophobic/transphobic people reminds me unpleasantly of the current world right now. I really liked that you included these sorts of issues in the wizarding world, as well. It’s super important to think about how easy it is for some people to just act on hate, ugh.


IN HAPPIER NEWS, MY GIRL GOT TO PLAY A GAME AND I COULDN’T BE PROUDER OF HER. SHE TOTALLY KILLED IT. YOU GO, HOLLIE! Even if the team lost the game, I’m just so so happy that she finally managed to do what she loved. I was nervous and excited for her all at once while she was playing, but I should’ve known that she would’ve been just fine. And that game was so exciting to read about too! I loved reading about all the different plays and stuff that Hollie performed with her fellow Beater.


Also lololol Roxanne is literally the least subtle girl I’ve ever seen. HOLLIE GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD THAT ROXANNE LIKES YOU OKAY. Ahhh these two will be the death of me, I swear. <3



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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: home time

How did I forget to mention that I was excited Roxanne was going to meet Dean and Seamus? HOW. WHY AM I SO FORGETFUL.


Anyway, just know that I was excited, and so I practically screeched with delight when I clicked on this chapter and saw that we’re jumping ahead to the Meet the Parents scenario!! And from the start I knew it was going to be amazing, the dialogue in the beginning was hilarious. “Don’t laugh at my dad’s beard.” – it is 12:26 a.m. and I can’t stop giggling at this line it’s just so so funny and so so cute, Hollie is such a good and funny daughter hahaha. Also also Roxanne is meeting the parents ROXANNE IS MEETING THE PARENTS like this is a very big deal. I would like to express my hopes that Roxanne is doing this in part because she genuinely likes Hollie and not just out of gratitude.


[After having read the rest of the chapter (sorry my reviewing process is very wonky sometimes):]


Whyyyyy why why why must you give me such delightful, amazing, adorable, perfect interactions between Hollie and Roxanne and Dean and Seamus and then make me sad all over again with Hollie’s insecurities about Roxanne? HOLLIE. GIRL. ROXANNE LIKES YOU. AFTER HAVING READ THE REST OF THE CHAPTER I CAN SAY THAT FOR SURE. Oh my goodness but that dinner was not only hilarious but also SO FREAKING CUTE I’m still internally screaming from the kiss and the hitch in Roxanne’s breath!! Also I love how offended Hollie was at the idea of an Irish accent lmao.


I don’t know; it’s almost like your parents don’t have any genetic influence over who you end up fancying.” THAT’S MY GIRL.


I also love that Dean’s the one that cooks the traditional Irish food hahaha, and that because the food’s so good, Hollie could tell that Seamus wasn’t allowed near the cooking supplies lmao. And I just. Cannot get over the kiss. (Though I’m heartbroken by the way Hollie seems to think it was just staged in the same way their kiss for the paparazzi was.)


Also these drunk teammates give me life.





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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: black bats

See even though I’ve never had to fake-date my crush from my Quidditch team before, I would still like to say that Hollie’s crisis in the beginning is vey relatable. I, too, have many crises.


Also all these little brief moments between Dean and Seamus are making me crack up, and it’s literally five seconds’ worth of material. (I totally forgot to mention this in the review where it happened – why am I such a forgetful reviewer omg – but that bit when Seamus was trying to make a potion and Dean just hid behind the couch? HILARIOUS.) And this line – “Your father is growing a midlife crisis beard. Make sure to tell him it looks okay when you visit so you don’t hurt his feelings.” – had me near tears. Dean is such a comedian lmao.


This coach needs to calm himself. He’s a good part of the reason why the team doesn’t always do super well so BACK OFF BUDDY. DON’T YELL AT HOLLIE, FOR GOODNESS’ SAKES. (Speaking of which, I’m still furious with him for not letting Hollie play. Ughhh my girl was so close to living her dream BUT THEN THE IDIOT ROBBED HER OF HER MOMENT.) I petition for Roxanne to replace the coach as coach. Wait, but then she wouldn’t be able to play. Nevermind. Did not think that plan through.


I need to see this sibling relationship between Roxanne and Fred in person because it sounds glorious. And also just this entire impromptu date was so cute. But also it made Hollie sad, which makes me sad, and really, it would all be much easier if Roxanne could just fall in love with Hollie already, kthx. (I have a sneaking suspicion she’s already halfway there, because she’s super super willing to be all touchy-feely, yk? ;D)




Such a good chapter!!! <3



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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: fake date

This chapter title is everything. (Also I think I forgot to mention this before but the title for this story is A+++ even without Renee’s recommendation, if I’d just stumbled across it I would’ve clicked on it in a heartbeat.)


And this chapter itself is everything I could’ve wished for and more. Though it’s painfully clear to me that Roxanne is definitely not straight, I feel so sorry for Hollie for believing that and for thinking that there’s no happy way out of this. She really cares for Roxanne, doesn’t she? The fact that she didn’t even stop to consider herself and her own future throughout all of this says a lot. (I feel like Alec and Charlotte need to calm down. This is all going to be fine. Right? Right?? Dear god I hope so. *begs*)


The entire date was just cuteness central, I couldn’t handle it. (I quite liked your point at the beginning when Hollie was looking through the magazines and noting that Witch Weekly was oftentimes better than the actual Prophet haha.) Quite selfishly, I’m hoping the press drags this on for far longer than it needs to be, so that these two can continue fake-dating, but also that’s mean of me. :( ALSO I DIDN’T KNOW HOLLIE WAS IN SLYTHERIN. THAT’S AMAZING, I LOVE READING ABOUT SLYTHERINS.


I love that these two got to chat about their family, and that Roxanne hates onions, and that they were holding hands the whole time!! And the kiss at the end omg. I just feel so bad that Hollie feels so upset about it all. :(


Have I mentioned before how much I hate the paparazzi? They can rot alongside Logan.





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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: big game



I have no idea how you always manage to have so many things happen in a single chapter without making it overwhelming, but you do, and oh my goodness are there so many things to talk about. Okay can I just mention again that your Quidditch-writing skills are incredible? Not once was I confused about what was going on, and I was actually even feeling the excitement of the pitch at certain points lmao. Though I was rooting for the Tornadoes to win, of course…which didn’t happen. :(


That entire Hippogriff exchange with Alec was pure gold. I FELT SO BAD FOR HIM OH MY GOD. Not catching the Snitch wasn’t anywhere close to his fault, it was the coach’s fault for not letting him play sooner ugh. I literally have no idea what the coach was thinking?? How was letting a drunk player with signs of anger issues play a good idea in any way, shape, or form?? I AM VERY UPSET ABOUT THIS. The fans need to realign their priorities because if they idolize this terrible human being so much, then I’m seriously concerned about them as people.


There was this one line that I noticed: “[Roxanne’s] eyes locked with Hollie’s for less than a second, before she shifted on to Alec.” Is this meaningful?? Does it have something to do with the potential fake-dating plot introduced at the end of the chapter? Am I getting completely excited for nothing? Most likely.


Okay omg now onto the next chapter.



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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: bad press

LOGAN AVERY IS SUCH AN ASSHOLE. WHAT THE FREAKING HECK. Given the general uncomfortable vibe he gave last chapter, it only makes sense that he’s a raging homophobe to boot. Also who in the world gets drunk around children??


This chapter made me really sad because that media article reflected a lot of things said about bi women in the real world. It’s gotten a bit better over the years, but still. Anyway, Roxanne doesn’t deserve any of this, I’m still a little in shock over it all tbh. And Logan Avery can go rot in a dumpster somewhere, I don’t care, he’s a trash human being. Preferably a dumpster on the other side of the country, so that Alec can finally play a game for once, my goodness.


Speaking of which, I just really want to see Hollie and Alec play a real game! They’re such good people, and they work so hard, and I desperately want Logan off the team lol. Maybe one day, he’ll do something so terrible that they have no choice but to boot him off the team. Maybe. A girl can dream. Seriously, the fans need to pick a new favorite because he’s just a piece of garbage. Roxanne being loved and adored is understandable but Logan?? Ew no.


Okay I’m rambling so much and I don’t even know why, it’s not even that late.


I also just wanted to say that the team having PR troubles all the time makes me want to laugh, except it ends with Roxanne being upset a lot, so. :(


Anyway this was another wonderful chapter! Renee was absolutely right about this story <3



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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: fast life

Okay, okay! I’m so excited to start this story, because it comes highly recommended by Renee, and she has excellent taste so I AM VERY READY. I just want to say, just from the summary alone, I ship Hollie Finnigan (I’m assuming the daughter of Seamus and Dean??? If she is then my life is made) and Roxanne already with all of my heart.


Now I shall proceed with actually reading the chapter.




The introduction to Hollie was fantastic. I loved the bar setting and hearing her thoughts on the game, the drinks, her teammates, etc. (Also that drunk Muggle can bugger off.) And even though we still weren’t super familiar with Hollie at that point, my heart still broke for her a little seeing Roxanne Weasley with Logan Avery. Judging from Roxanne’s later reaction, though, that was a clear lapse in judgment, so don’t feel too bad, Hollie. <3


I am not the biggest sports person (even the very magical, cool-sounding Quidditch) but the way you described their flying and their drills and the little scrimmage made it sound so fun that I was almost envious of them. And that literally never happens lol I’m the laziest human being there ever was.


Okay okay Hollie you are the most adorable human being I’ve ever met. Also you’re a mess. But I love you already. <3


This was such a cute first chapter I’m so excited to see the progression of these two through their relationship!!



Name: Slytherinchica08 (Signed) · Date: 02 May 2018 04:27 AM · [Report This]
Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: fast life

This was a really great start to your story. I already feel really connected to Hollie and her sense of being second best with only being a reserve on the quidditch team. It's also interesting because she is very clearly into Roxanne but at this time it seems like Roxanne is not romantically interested in her but instead boys. 


I thought this first chapter did a great job setting up the story and really letting me get to know the different players on the team and the roles that they all play. I'm interested to see just how things are going to go for Hollie being both a reserve player as well as being a reserve in someone's love life. Although maybe calling her a reserve at this point isn't quite right since she doesn't seem to be in the same playing field for Roxanne's love. 


I really haven't read much in terms of quidditch fanfiction but I'm always impressed when I do because for me writing quidditch matches is incredibly hard so I have complete respect for you and anyone else who is able to write one and pull it off as wonderfully as you are. I did notice one small spelling mistake and that was just that instead of the word home it was spelled as hope back at the part where Hollie is leaving the club and runs into Roxanne in the boys bathroom. But that was really the only thing I could see in terms of fixing up. This chapter did a great job making me interested in the story and characters and I look forward to reading more. 



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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: end game

Greetings! I have taken a short break from my full-time occupation of hiding from humans, in order to review this splendid story.

This was such a cute scene, and an appropriate end to this very captivating story. I am glad to see Hollie and Roxanne so happy together, and Hollie getting a permanent position on the team is just the icing on the cake! I loved the message of the story too, in the advice they gave the reporter (especially Roxanne) - wise words to live by, and so important.

I am a bit sad that the story is over, though - I will miss these lovely characters. Perhaps a sequel? Or a spin-off about Alec? The Loch Ness Monster (who is also a big fan of this story) and I have a bet going, about whether there will be a sequel. The loser of the bet has to allow themselves to be spotted by a human. Anyway, I do very much hope to read more about these incredible characters! Loved this story. Thank you for writing it!

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Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: sign up

As promised, here I am to love this chapter. And THIS CHAPTER IS EVERYTHING I WANTED IT TO BE. I kind of wish I had more words other than just "eEEE SO HAPPY akfhjxjfidjfsje" but no. Those are the only words I have. Yay Roxanne and Hollie! :D

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 12 Apr 2018 08:35 PM · [Report This]
Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: hurt heart

I think I might have missed your review hot seat day so this is kind of to make up for that? also because I'm just really excited there's a new chapter of this omg.

I loved the blanket fort. That's the perfect way to hide from all your problems. Even better when you have a friend there too. I've said this so many times but every chapter just reinforces it - I love their friendship, and how selfless it is, esp the fact that Alec drags up his own horrible histories to make Hollie feel better. I feel so bad for Alec getting kicked off that spot because Avery came back - it's so unfair to Alec. Gah, all Avery's return did is mess up a lot of things.

I know how much it must have hurt Hollie to see Roxanne and Avery like that, but here's my opinion: since Hollie wasn't there for the whole thing, and just saw one moment, there's really no way to tell what happened. Maybe it ended in an argument between Roxanne and Avery. Or maybe, if they do get back together, Roxanne will realize how many things she dislikes about Avery. I'd be fine with either of those outcomes. :p

eee! I love that you alluded to your Dean/Seamus fic here and how Luna is Hollie's godmother! :D That was a cute scene and I'm glad that Hollie's parents are supportive and encouraging. And... I think Dean notices something about Roxanne's behaviour that might not have been obvious to Hollie. Dean saw something that wasn't fake. Aha!

Lovely chapter, Julie!! :)

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 12 Apr 2018 08:32 PM · [Report This]
Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: tiny kiss

The beginning of this chapter is SO sweet. I know, Hollie will potentially feel guilty about it later but Roxanne didn't seem to mind ;) Also, what is this 'almost'? THEY WERE SO FLIRTING. ah!

I love Alec, haha. I love how the press doesn't get to him at all. (I have the bad feeling that someday they will... but I'm just going to enjoy his amusement with the media while it lasts.) Also, I really like how Hollie and Nora bonded while sitting on the bench and how Hollie helped her see sense a little and avoid more of the behaviour that got her into her current mess in the first place.

Is it ridiculous that when I read "Wollongong Shimmy" I thought of that absurd Hangman that WYHO stumped us all with?! haha. It made me LOL.

Yay for the Tornadoes winning! Although poor Hollie at having to spontaneously host a party. I get the feeling that Hollie is more of an introvert type and although she does enjoy socialising with her team, she also likes having a quiet place to go back to! Seemed like they all had a good time though. :)

I really like Alec/Ellie. :D And also let me address this amazing scene with Hollie/Roxanne after everyone had left: lakjsdFKJAS!!?!?!! I AM SO HAPPY and I love that Hollie lets Roxanne take the lead to make sure Roxanne is comfortable because she knows it's a confusing time for her and they kissed and omg they ARE JUST SO PERFECT.

And then Avery returns. Ehh. I'm hoping that he will remind Roxanne of what she didn't like about him, and she'll realise how lucky she is to have Hollie? Because that'd be great thanks. :)

Another awesome chapter Julie!! ♥

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 12 Apr 2018 08:31 PM · [Report This]
Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: joke shop

they nailed the coffin shut with a comment wishing that Logan Avery would come out of St. Mungo’s Rehabilitation Center and straighten things out for everyone. -- oh goodness hahaha did they intend that pun? Terrible. :P

I'm glad Alec can see the humour in it though and is able to laugh at the article.

Gah, I just love Roxanne and Hollie together! Hollie is so sweet and supportive, and Roxanne really is struggling with things she won't say out loud, and even when Hollie's not sure exactly what's going on, she is supportive and encouraging. :)

She figured it was probably something to do with his insane shop; they had passed a shelf of ears on their way in. -- omg. This is such an innocent statement and I think it natural that she would make an assumption like that, but aww. Anyway, I liked the meeting with George and Angelina - it went as well as could be expected. As long as she likes Quidditch then she's accepted :D I'm glad George and Angelina were that understanding too - they seemed to be mostly just irritated that they had to hear from the Prophet first, but they did seem to understand her reasoning for that.

Okay, Roxanne basically as good as admitted she is bisexual, although she's still kind of just figuring how to adjust to that. Aah! And she is totally displaying signs of real affection - the kiss 'for appearances' excuse was absurd because no one was even paying them any attention. There is hope for the ship and that makes me happy. :)

I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH. Another awesome chapter and I look forward to the next! :D

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 12 Apr 2018 08:30 PM · [Report This]
Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: hot dance

Wooo new chapter!

I love the way you do these subtle but pointed jabs at the media and other unpleasant things about society, like the bit where the Daily Prophet outs all the queer people on the team. And yes, this story is fiction, but the parts that aren't are SO spot on, and that bit in particular puts me to mind of EVERY tabloid ever that has headlines like "OMG THIS ACTOR/ATHLETE/MUSICIAN IS GAY!" when really, WHY is that headline news? It has nothing to do with how well they play Quidditch (or act, or play guitar or whatever). It's silly, but you see it ALL THE TIME in the media. And so while I feel badly for the characters in here, I applaud you for pointing it out in this fic.

Ooh also I love that you've turned Witch Weekly into a more liberal magazine rather than the gossipy rag I imagined it as during the books (I imagined it before as the wizard version of Cosmo, whereas here it seems to be potentially more of a feminist magazine so I love the spin you put on that.)

Also, good for the Holyhead Harpies being open and welcoming. But the reporter who bothered Hollie seems to come from a past century and needs to keep up with the times - I couldn't believe how rude she (the reporter) was by disrespectfully refusing to use Ellie Cooper's chosen name and instead using her given name. :[

I love the way you've written Molly! She's so spunky, but I can still see elements of Percy in how Molly seems to enjoy her authority. (But it's not in an annoying way like Percy.) Aw, poor Salvador still having a broken hand. And I know the press is extra scary this time for Hollie but I'm still excited for her that she's going to play!

I don't remember if I've said this before but I adore Hollie's friendship with Alec. I think they're such wonderful best friends and the way they encourage each other, as well as tease each other, is just really great. :) Also, I love the amount of diversity in this fic.



Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 12 Apr 2018 08:28 PM · [Report This]
Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: home time



wahh no more chapters D: Well. I've reached the end of what you have posted so far and I am so eagerly awaiting chapter seven! This is such a great fic and I am addicted to it. Its funny because the fake-relationship is such a commonly used plot device in fanfic but you've put the most wonderful spin on it that makes it feel original, so I'm really impressed. Gah, I just loved the scene when Roxanne meets Hollie's parents as it was so bittersweet - they think she's great and they all got on so well but Hollie knows it's only going to be worse when they break up. Which I hope they don't, because they're just so darn cute together! Aah!

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 12 Apr 2018 08:27 PM · [Report This]
Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: black bats

ok, I've been a bad reviewer so far as I just keep clicking the 'next' button because I'm in love with this story and just want to keep reading because it's SO GOOD, but well that isn't fair to you so I'm pausing now to write this and then I will finish my reading binge.

Lots of things to talk about since the last review I wrote. Omg, I don't know how Hollie is handling it! Kudos to her for keeping it together because if I were in her place the secret would be out of the bag in like 5 seconds. But as sweet as Roxanne is, I feel like she's really hurting Hollie and has no idea and I'm just worried about whats going to happen when she finds out that Hollie has real feelings for her.

Also. Dean/Seamus! Love. This line in Dean's letter made me laugh out loud: Your father is growing a midlife crisis beard. Make sure to tell him it looks okay when you visit so you don’t hurt his feelings -- haha aww! :D

I'm so sad Hollie didn't get to play! Gah, it must be SO frustrating as a reserve. Before, she at least had the added benefit of not having the press in her face, but now she's got the worst of both worlds :(


I love this story so much. Until next time! ♥

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 12 Apr 2018 08:22 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Chicks Before Broomsticks Chapter: fast life

Yessssssss this story graces the archive and I'm so happy. Transferring all my love from there to here



Omg I've only read the first chapter and I'm already so in love with this story. The scene where Hollie is sitting beside that man who's hitting on her in the bar and that whole conversation that happens just... you wrote it SO WELL. What I especially love is that Hollie doesn't pull the "I have a boyfriend" or the "I'm a lesbian" card, she's just like "no I'm not interested", and as a feminist I'm like cheering for her already as no one should feel the need to explain their non-attraction to someone by making up a boyfriend when your lack of attraction should be an excuse enough. /rant. But I digress, back to the story.

I love that the story is set in a professional Quidditch team, that's a really nice touch! I love how much of the plot it is (or looks like it will be).

And Hollie's crush on Roxanne is sweet. But gahh Roxanne was with that guy and now I just feel so bad for Hollie as she likes someone unattainable. It's doomed from the start! Ahh, please tell me Roxanne is bi so then there is still the possibility of a happy ending ;)

I wish I could give you a more thoughtful, less rambly review but I'm about 20,000 words behind on Nano so this is all for now but I will most definitely be back. You have the beginnings of a wonderful story here. Loved it!

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