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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: A Dangerous Creature

Quodpot Review: Match 2


Hi Abby! I’ve definitely mentioned this somewhere on the forums before, but I started reading A Place Not Far From Here back on HPFF and have been keeping up with it ever since, and clearly Quodpot is the motivation I need to start *actually* writing reviews for it instead of lurking in the shadows.


Gah I have a lot of thoughts on this chapter. I think it’s SO interesting the way you’ve contrasted the way that the Aurors treat Amelia with the way that the NeoWalds did, and in the sense that they NeoWalds actually treated her so much more humanely than the Ministry did. It’s just a really accurate assessment of the fact that law and morality don’t necessarily come hand in hand - the people who are supposedly the “good guys” can still be terrible, and the “bad guys” somehow have more humanity in these situations. Like, these Aurors are the epitome of lawful evil (which is, in my opinion, the worst type of person there is), and the Cause is… well they’re still evil, but more in a neutral or chaotic sense, and somehow that’s not as repulsive to me (although, like, it’s still terrible. There’s all sorts of examples of that in the real world, so I really like that you explored that theme in these past few chapters. (Wow ok this paragraph became an essay whoops.)


I think the alternating timeline is also such a fascinating way to tell a story, and the parallels between the two points are always so interesting - Amelia being in Azkaban is definitely a low point for the post-Hogwarts timeline, and all the rumors and arguments with James are a similarly low point in the Hogwarts timeline. 


But Hogwarts-Amelia, you’re seriously going to try to steal the Elder Wand? Like, I get that you’re running out of options, but wow.


Also, James didn’t show up much in this chapter, but this is also the first time I’ve reviewed this story, so I’m just gonna say OMG I’M SO CURIOUS ABOUT HIS MOTIVES. Is he faking too? Or did he find something out that made him actually switch sides? I need to know.


Can’t wait for the next chapter (which I will, like, actually review when it comes out this time).



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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Detention

Quodpot Review: Match 1 - Friends to Lovers


Hi Abby!


After all of the intensity and the questions which have been driving me insane for the first few chapters of this novel, it was quite fun to read a chapter which was at a slightly calmer pace.  And we finally got to see some more of James and Amelia interacting without the terror that he's been killed, too!  (I've just realised that makes it sound like it's been tens of chapters before we got to read this scene, but there's just been so much happening that I've been really eager for it.)


It was so sweet of Neville to speak up on Amelia's behalf and get the punishment reduced to just one detention for her.  Neville seems like a really awesome teacher, and even though I would hate being outside in the cold, a teacher who gives you tea on detention just can't be a bad one.


I hadn't realised before this chapter that Amelia and James had been childhood friends - or at least played together as children - but it makes a lot of sense that they would have been, considering their parents all fought together in the DA.  They'd definitely end up spending time at big events like weddings together.


The way that you captured the easy interaction between them was great - they seem to be quite comfortable around each other here, even if Amelia isn't going to start telling him all about her mother and why she ended up in detention.  They definitely had an interesting dynamic here, and it's going to be a lot of fun to see that develop through the story.


Neville talking to Amelia about the appearance of Cassius Vaisey at his wedding was really interesting - I have more questions about that now, too!  Who was he talking to?  What was it all about?  Why was he even at the wedding?


The present of the earmuffs from James was so sweet and thoughtful, and even though I'm not quite sure what happens between them yet, I'm really looking forward to reading about it!


Sian :)

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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Pendant

Quodpot Review: Match 1 - Friends to Lovers


Hi again!


I KNEW IT!  Well, I didn't know it so much as I was really, really hoping that it wasn't James that Amelia had succeeded in summoning, and I'm so glad that it wasn't.  We haven't seen enough of James yet and I can't go through the rest of the story knowing that he's going to die in the present.


Not that Amelia's father appearing was really any better for her.  I'm kind of pleased with myself for getting some of my guesses right, at least - but her father is such a horrible person!  He's so backhanded and snide in all of his remarks to her (seriously man, you're dead, get over it and stop being an idiot to your daughter) but I am so curious about what he was involved in and why he died (was it the same as her mother?  Were they on different sides?  SO MANY QUESTIONS).


What did he do to James at the dinner party, though?  Does this have something to do with why him and Amelia don't have a relationship anymore?  


I think you've introduced Amelia's parents in a really clever way in this story - both of them and their relationships (or lack thereof) with her have obviously had a massive impact on how her life has been shaped, but instead of her just telling us the background you've included it in the actual story so that it makes perfect sense and just keeps bringing up more and more questions.


The switch between the two different timelines can sometimes be jarring in stories, but I think you're doing a really good job of handling it here.  The two tenses for the different timelines helps clarify which one we're in and they flow together well.


Amelia's meeting with her mother has obviously really rattled her, and I thought you showed that brilliantly in this chapter with the way that everyone around her was reacting to her playing up in class.  The pendant is fascinating, as is the fact that Amelia was taught to read Runes at such a young age.  Her mother was clearly preparing her for a certain lifestyle and path to follow, so given her father's comment about the way her mother pushed her away for Amelia's protection, I'm curious about why Rita's decided that now is the right time to bring her in.


And the Rune that Amelia doesn't recognise - I'm guessing it's the sign of the Deathly Hallows?  That would definitely fit with her mentioning that she has the other two already, and we know she has the Resurrection Stone.  Is The Cause a search for the Hallows?  For what purpose - to master death, or for some other reason, if more than one person is involved?


Ah, we really saw at the end of this chapter how important James is to Amelia, even if they don't have a relationship at the moment.  I'm so glad that he's not dead, even though she clearly thought he was - which makes me wonder whether he was involved in the same thing as her, or if someone has been targetting him in revenge against her...


This is such a brilliant story!


Sian :)

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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Jaguar

Quodpot Review: Match 1 - Friends to Lovers

Hi again, Abby! I couldn't stay away from this story for long!

For some reason my first thought about the visitor or the reason that Amelia was going to be pulled out of class at the start of this chapter was going to be James, or at least connected to James and the punishment of the Gryffindor table. What actually happened was so much more interesting!

So obviously my theory from the last chapter isn't entirely right - the man in the paper who escaped from Azkaban could still be Amelia's father, but the Fortescue name comes through her mother. I was thinking that her mum must have died or something similar, for her to be brought up with Susan and Michael, but this is more intriguing. I thought you wrote Amelia's initial reaction to seeing her mother really well - it was so believable that she would have tried to build up her defences against her through the years, so she's not disappointed when her mum doesn't come and visit. And the fact that Susan and Michael are distant cousins, known as aunt and uncle, rather than someone who's closely related, kind of makes her mum seem even worse? I was fully prepared to hate her mum just as Amelia seemed to be determined to do, but I loved the way you wrote Amelia slowly starting to relent and grow interested in spite of herself. It mirrored my reaction exactly.

The Cause is still so intriguing! Amelia's mum knew exactly what to say in the end to peak her daughter's curiosity and draw the parallels with the interest in history. I can't wait to find out more about it and learn how Amelia begins to get involved.

And then the ending... Amelia has the Resurrection Stone??  How? Why? I have so many questions again about this! I'm assuming it's connected to The Cause but I can't work out how yet. And when she turned it and summoned someone... I'm really, really hoping that was the person whose funeral she went to and not James who answered at the end. I haven't even read more than a handful of scenes with James and I'm already not sure I can deal with him being dead!

Sian :)

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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: A Dangerous Creature



Ugh. I’m so so sad right now.


I read your Author’s Note about how you wanted to make a stark contrast between the way the Cause interrogated her and the way the Aurors interrogated her. But I wanted to make a case for the fact that the two interrogation styles were different not because the Cause is more “humane” but simply because the two organizations – both terrible – are just very different from the other. Because I didn’t get a sense of humanity from the Cause at all, actually. Not from the way Vaisey handled her in the most demeaning way possible as he searched her. Not from his thinly veiled threats regarding her allegiance. Maybe Sinead and her mother were kinder to her, but the Cause as a whole doesn’t really seem to be caring much about humanity unless the human in particular hates Muggles. And even then, it’s a toss-up.


The Aurors are definitely corrupt, and I think in some ways that does make things worse because they should be standing by the law. But I’d also argue that the reason why the Cause feels nicer at the moment is because they actively want people to join their ranks – while the Aurors (or, specifically, these few Aurors who’ve captured her) want to imprison people. Their abuse, and their avoidance of the law, makes my blood boil, though. I hate what they’re doing to Amelia, or, at least, the way they’re treating her.


Technically, I suppose she should be arrested for putting her alliance in with a terrorist group. The Aurors should also be arrested for, you know. Abusing a prisoner.


This chapter made me think a lot. Like, there was one point when I was actively rooting for the NeoWalds to win – though the reason was so that Amelia wouldn’t have to be locked up. I still think that they’re awful, terrible people, though, and the fact that Amelia seems to appreciate the Cause more after all this makes me really worried.


Also, her younger self’s plan?? is to??? steal the Elder Wand???? Goodness. She went further than I’d anticipated. I wonder how this ties into that skirmish, though. Everything seems to be pointing to that as the beginning point of all this; the Cause seems to think that her actions didn’t support them, while the Aurors seem to think that she did something criminal while there.


I DON’T KNOW. I HOPE YOU REVIEW SOON ACK. This story’s been just amazing so far. I wanted to congratulate you for writing such a wonderful story!! <3





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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Escape

After this I only have one chapter left omg. Which I assume you’re going to leave on a terrible cliffhanger, which will give me grief until you next update. *wink wink*


About James’s worshipping of his father… That made me stop and reconsider something. Why would James join the Cause if he took his father’s opinion so seriously? Something major must’ve happened…but what? All this suspense is making me itch, and I can feel that we’re so close to a number of major reveals, and I just want to know!!


Like, that entire snowball fight scene was just so playful and entertaining, and the thought of something terrible breaking this beautiful family is really saddening. Such as Rita Skeeter, maybe? Because honestly, that scene at the train station was just miserable. She’s a miserable person who enjoys causing other people misery, and I want to smack her. Hard. With, like, the seventh Harry Potter book or something, so that it hurts extra badly. She really got under Amelia’s skin, but I don’t think she was the one who tried to get into her head. So who was it?


If it’s someone I like I will shoot myself.


But onto the exciting parts! Amelia got to see James for the first time in forever, and he’s…weirdly calm. Though I have a feeling that he had a good internal panic when he lay eyes on her for the first time in forever, and not to mention the guy keeps trying to get close to her and/or keep her safe. At least, I’m assuming that’s what he’s doing what with locking her in a room lol.


But then as soon as she escapes she’s under arrest, which is, uh. Not Good.







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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Final Hallow

Hello! Nix here!

Wow! This story had me hooked from the very first sentence! An owl that evaporates in a puff of smoke? I’m so curious as to who could have sent the owl? Why not send a real owl? And what’s in the box and what is Amelia hiding from her Aunt Susan? Only a few sentences in and I’m already drowning in questions!

I’m curious as to why she is living with her Aunt Susan? Who is her mother? I’m assuming her mother is part of Susan’s family since it seems like Amelia’s been named after Susan’s aunt, Amelia Bones. She seems to be keeping some things from her family. They seem very worried about her and she seems overly defensive about things that have yet to fully be explained to the audience. What happened a the funeral? What happened to her dad? Who is her dad? And what is The Cause she mentions? What do they want? What do they want her to know? And what is her connection to James?

The scene with him was very interesting, by the way. I liked how she completely turned the conversation around on him, so far as to take bacon away from him and his entire house the next morning. But I’m more curious about the face she saw in the Prophet, and why he was her Aunt’s wedding when she was a child, and what he was in Azkaban for… but the James scene was totally cute and it seems like it’s leading somewhere. Albus comment at the end was quite curious. I wonder what he thinks Amelia has done, or what’s so different about James during this conversation that he has to comment on it..

And the ending if left on quite a curious note. Basing my theory on the chapter title, I’m guessing she’s saying she’s held two of the Hallows at one point in her life. Even more curious she stole at least one of them. But why and who from? Didn’t Harry Potter snap the Elder Wand in half? So how did she get it? Although, I’m guessing she could have possibly stole the cloak from James... And the third one is in the box. And it must be the Stone to be such a small box. Which means… someone might be dead… and I probably already know who it is…

Oh this is so well written and I’m so curious to read on! This is a wonderful intro chapter! I might do at least one more review, but will definitely have to come back to this in the future!



This is a review for the Quodpot, Match Two (Crime/Mystery).


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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: In This Moment

Can I just mention how all the cliffhangers at the end of each scene makes me panic so much? It’s so stressful omg. In the best way possible. Like after James and Amelia were undressing each other, and then there was the heart-stopping crash that came from the kitchen haha. (Also, I forgot to mention that I’m very glad that nothing happened at the wedding. It was a nice reprieve from all the darkness going on.) Anyway, I’m really thankful that the crash was just James’s parents and the others, instead of a NeoGrindelwald witch/wizard.


I thought James’s complaints about putting Albus to bed were the cutest. That’s like every older sibling ever hahaha. <3


And now onto the darker stuff.


Cassius Vaisey is a creepy, creepy man, and I hope he rots. Ugh the way he didn’t hesitate to be as disgusting as possible when patting her down was just. That was awful to read. I’m glad that Sinead took over towards the end of the patting-down, because honestly I was getting ready to smack Vaisey across the face. Through the computer screen, of course.


I need to know what happened at Amelia’s father’s funeral. She got into a duel with members of the Cause? Is that what happened? But she wasn’t defending her father, was she? And why did they kill him? And how did this get her onto the Ministry’s radar?




*braces self for heartbreak in the next chapter*





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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Lupin-Weasley Wedding

Past storyline! Is there anything you can’t write? You mentioned in your author’s note about being nervous because this chapter had so many canon characters but they were all brilliant. The dreaminess/etherealness/weirdness of Luna? Check. (Okay, but her story about Florean Fortescue and her father? That was sooo sweet.) The regal strength of Andromeda (which was clear even though she didn’t talk)? Check. The emotional soft-heartedness of Hagrid (who then inadvertently gives Amelia the answer to one of her burning questions)? Check. They were all perfectly characterized, and even the characters that only got brief cameos had their traits clearly displayed. It was so amazing to read. <3


All the little things about the wedding scenes were beautiful and hilarious, too. I love the invention of the Slytherin tradition, after the first Muggle-born was Sorted in it. Which is also a really interesting idea, considering that I’ve seen a lot of stories where there are Muggle-borns in Slytherin prior to the Second Wizarding War…and this is the first time I’ve seen something that directly contradicts that. It makes a lot of sense, though. What would the blood purists have done to a Muggle-born in their House? It would’ve been pretty terrible.


And that slow dance. *heart eyes* But what’s Amelia going to do with the knowledge of the Elder Wand? And if it’s been in Dumbledore’s tomb all this time, did the members of the Cause really not think to search for it? Hmmm.


Present storyline! Oh, it breaks my heart to think that Victoria is going to believe that Amelia betrayed them and went off to join the NeoGrindelwalds. Her friend’s always been so 100% supportive of her, and the fact that Amelia willingly sacrificed this in order to reach her goal… What a Slytherin thing to do. It’s amazing. I love how you’ve characterized Slytherins in this fic.


I foresee some problems between Victoria and Gaius in the near future. He seems grumpy about this chapter’s events.


But oh my god. Amelia joins her mother. That’s something I totally neglected to think about throughout this whole thing. Wowww. In the end, she did join her mother. Hopefully not for the reasons her mother wishes them to be.







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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Departure



(I’ve decided that instead of skipping back and forth between storylines as they happen in the chapter, I’m just going to talk about one storyline in one go, and then the other. That way, it’ll save me a good deal of confusion about what in the world I’m talking about haha. My brain is scrambled enough as it is. :P)


So, first up: the past storyline. I feel like Aunt Susan may be the kindest soul ever to appear in any story I’ve read, and I just want to hug her so badly. If I had an Aunt Susan in my life, I would be so grateful for my existence omg. But I can understand why Amelia feels smothered. I still wish that she would’ve shown some better kindness to Aunt Susan, though, especially with the later events that will happy. *sobs* Also, yikes. Imagining the Cause with the Elder Wand is gonna give me nightmares tbh. Let’s uh. Let’s hope they don’t get that far.


But Amelia got to meet the Potters! And it was so much less disastrous than I’d been imagining. It seems that at this point in time, the difficulties between Harry and Ginny haven’t arisen yet, and it breaks my heart that they’ll soon reach that point later in time. And getting to see Albus and Lily again was fun! Lily’s so cute, even when she’s sick, and her insistent refusals on drinking Pepper-Up Potion were so amusing hahaha. Also, looks like Aunt Susan was quite shrewd to tell Amelia to be responsible, given the image that Amelia just planted into James’s mind lmao.


Something bad’s gonna happen at the wedding, though. I can feel it. There are no extended happy times in this story, nope nope nope.


Okay, present storyline! Ugh, I should’ve known that her drink would’ve been drugged. It looks like my previous theory about her being drugged into liking them was off, since she still seems to have a good sense of who she is and why she’s there, but ugh. That’s not fun.


At first I thought they were going to do something to her, but tbh the test is so much worse. My heart pretty much shattered when she had to betray Aunt Susan and Uncle Michael like that – I’ve just been loudly vocalizing my love for Susan Bones throughout a good number of my reviews, and to see such a good, beautiful, heartwarming person like that get hurt by someone she’s raised as her own daughter… It hurts so much. *sobs* I’m glad that Amelia is willing to go all-out for her plan, but she’s treading on thin ice right now.







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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Dinner Party

What a chapter omg.


The whole chapter, I thought that it was the members of the NeoGrindelwald movement who were watching her, but then in your author’s note, you mentioned the Ministry as a possibility as well. And now I’m super conflicted. I don’t know which one is better, to be honest? If the NeoGrindelwald movement is watching her, then I suppose that means that she’s caught their attention and they want to make sure she’s really a part of them. Which fits in with her plan. I think. But if the Ministry’s watching her, then that means they’re either (a) waiting for her to commit a crime, which is bad, or (b) trying to protect her from people, which is good. So I don’t know. We shall see.


I’m placing my bets on NeoGrindelwald, though.


Amelia’s parents omg. What a couple. I was honestly feeling so so hopeful about the Christmas visit, because James was over and her friends were over and her family was there, and everyone was getting along, but then…yeah. Her father seems infinitely worse than her mother, and her mother was already pretty terrible to begin with. That scene when he spent ages trying to pry into her mind and she was struggling to keep him out, throwing up every defense she knew… Amelia is so, so admirable. She’s so amazing. I love my girl so much. And her father is an asshole who can go rot.


She was going to be an Obscurus? Thank goodness her mother had some heart and didn’t let that happen omg.


And what a time for the two of them (James and Amelia, I mean) to confess to each other omg. Wow. I mean, I’m glad that they love each other, and I think I needed that tiny bit of sweetness after the many alarming revelations of this chapter. But it was just funny timing hahaha.


Fabulous chapter! <3





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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: Hogsmeade

Oh my god. I have a theory. Was James the one who sent her the Resurrection Stone? Because now that we know he’s acting with the NeoGrindelwalds, that would mean he’d be one of the people who had access to it before it was sent to Amelia, right? (Assuming he’s not fully in with them yet. Which is a little bit of a bleak hope, but that’s fine. Hope is good. Right.) Amelia’s speculation during the meeting made me think about that. Please, please, please let it be James. Who else could’ve done it? Who else has any reason to send a precious Deathly Hallow to someone who’s not even a part of the Cause?


Anyway. James’s birthday party! Lily is sooo cute. I love the way you’ve written her. Her energy and excitement could be felt through the screen, and it made me want to be best friends with her. The way she managed to rope Amelia into playing along was really, really sweet. And I loved the Hogsmeade date that Amelia had with James, though at this point I just want to take her mom and drop-kick her to the other side of the universe, because that lady ruins everything. Also, I snorted when James told her to cover up her neck after they snogged hahaha.


What made me really sad was this line here – “In this company, despite being James’ girlfriend, I belonged with the Slytherins.”


Also, when Albus Potter walked into that meeting I full-on panicked. You had me so thoroughly convinced that he was there for the ideologies and not for stalking purposes omg. That was such an awful like five minutes, when I was just floundering while reading and just hoping for the best. (Good on Amelia for confronting him at the end there and wrestling a confession/promise out of him. She’s so admirable, I love her.) And everything that the members of the Cause were saying? Sounded like a bunch of bullshit. I feel like you mimicked that nonsense-logic well from the alt-right groups of today haha.


Anyway, this was another brilliant chapter!! <3





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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: A Place Not Far From Here

Oooh the chapter title matches the story title. I love that. And I get why this chapter was titled that, even though it’s definitely one of the quieter chapters, more driven by internal dialogue than any of the others. Everything that we get to see about Amelia in this chapter is essentially a summary of who she’s been all throughout the story. She’s someone who should be enjoying regular teenage things, who instead has to deal with this mess, largely on her own because her partner-in-crime isn’t here. And she could go to people for help, but she’s not fond of their all-knowing, critical attitudes.


I thought that her thoughts about her relationship with James were really interesting, in the past storyline. The fact that she appreciated his methodical approach to her problems, that he actually asked her questions to see what she wanted to do… I think my analysis of their relationship in the last review was slightly off. I’m still uncomfortable with how they brushed the problems under the rug instead of discussing it further, but they’re not as fundamentally different as I’d originally assumed.


And this is the most beautiful line ever omg – “Yes, she doesn’t quite know where she is, but she senses that she’s nearly there, to where she’s supposed to be, a place not far from here.” Neville really is the best professor, isn’t he? He says the most beautiful things, and I love him. You write him beautifully.


That entire conversation between Amelia and Neville was heartbreaking. And at the end of it all, I’m still not sure whether Amelia’s let his words sink in.


Beautiful, beautiful chapter. <3





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Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 12 Aug 2018 10:02 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: Banshee's Breath

I JUST CHECKED AND I REALIZED THAT THIS STORY ISN’T FINISHED. *FLIPS TABLE* WHAT AM I GOING TO DO AT THE END OF CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR? Right now I’m honestly praying that Chapter Twenty-Four doesn’t end in a cliffhanger or something because that would be torture on my end.


Anyway. Calming down now. Onto the chapter.


The relationship between James and Amelia seems to have smoothed itself over somewhat, even though there are still clearly strains. Like, the apology that Amelia forced herself to give despite not feeling sorry at all? And the fact that James apologized for being angry over the Houses but not for believing it? That’s all somewhat rocky ground still, and that makes me feel like there are some fundamental differences between the two of them. I mean, I want the two of them to grow and be okay with all my heart, but I just don’t think this is going to end well at the moment.


I really enjoyed reading about the conversation Harry had with them. His concern is touching, but the fact that Amelia and James are kind of keeping a big-deal-secret from him worries me. (How many times have I said “worries” and “nervous” in my reviews? At least over one hundred at this point, right?) And then later on… Victoria’s belief that James would do this to Amelia was really sad, to be honest. And then after that, when she was really rude to James – was it because he’d only shown up once that day? Was it because she still didn’t trust that he didn’t do this to Amelia? I’m a little surprised that Amelia didn’t chide her friend a little more, because Victoria seemed to be grumpy all out of the blue.


I’m curious about their conversation that they’ll have when James comes by under the Invisibility Cloak later. Why does the prospect of James being good at sneaking around scare Amelia? Foreshadowing???


And ooooh, this meeting between the witches is so cool. Except, there’s one thing that was mildly concerning, which was this line here – “Instead, the room brightens, and the trust I feel cascades throughout my body into a sense of security.” Either Amelia is, of her own free will, beginning to trust these ladies and think of them as people similar to her, or the tobacco she just smoked is messing with her mind. Neither option is very good. Fingers crossed that she doesn’t fall in with these people!!


Another amazing chapter. <3





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Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Final Hallow

Quodpot Review: Match 1 - Friends to Lovers


Hi Abby!  I've been meaning to stop by your author's page for ages because I've heard what a talented writer you are, and you've been killing it in the House Cup and deserve some love <3  Also, this story has lots of things that are my favourite to read when they're done right, which this story is certainly shaping up to be!




This wasn't a particularly short first chapter, but it was just the right length that you hinted at a lot of things and included lots of little details and threads that are pulling the reader in and making them want to know more.  Just the opening line alone, with the owl evaporating in a puff of smoke, drew me right into the story.  Owls in the Harry Potter world definitely don't normally evaporate in a puff of smoke, so I wanted to know what was different about this one straight away.


I'm so curious about what the box is that was delivered by the vanishing owl, and why Amelia hid it from her aunt Susan and her family.  I think you did a great job setting up her family in this, as well, and tying her into the canon world and characters that we already know.  You didn't overload us with information, but it was paced out well enough through the chapter that we picked up a lot more information about her family background - that Susan Bones and Michael Corner are her aunt and uncle, and she seems to be living with them and her cousins, and the Florean Fortescue was her grandfather.  I feel like Amelia firmly fits within canon now, and I'm so intrigued to learn more about her!


Her family were really supportive with her when it came to her NEWTs scores, which was lovely to see, but the conversation following that brought up even more questions.  Whose was the funeral?  Who was the "expired relationship" with - James?  I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING.


The job at Ollivander's seems so interesting, and it was a great way to segue into the past, when Amelia and James first met.  But first - James is dead???  What?  What's The Cause??  How is Amelia involved in it?  What is going on arghhhh.


The first proper interaction with James was really interesting, too - especially when he's just been introduced as a character who's already been killed (which I am refusing to believe until it's been proven beyond all doubt, okay?)  It made me laugh to see her standing up to him, although stopping the whole Gryffindor table from eating bacon at breakfast seems like a bit of an unfair punishment.  It was a great way to introduce the two characters to each other and pit them against each other, though, and I'm so intrigued to see how their relationship (?) plays out in future chapters.


Also, I have a little theory already.  Was the man who escaped from Azkaban Amelia's father?  That would tie in with the fact that she thinks she saw him once at a family wedding, and maybe the funeral was for him, since she says that she only met the person whose funeral it was once in her life?  If so, did her dad have something to do with her grandfather's disappearance and death?


And what on earth has been lost but isn't actually lost, and Amelia has stolen some of them before??  Horcruxes??


I need to know more already!


Sian :)

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 12 Aug 2018 06:38 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Witch's Trial



I want to start with the ending. I think it’s so cool that Amelia’s going all the way in order to find out more about the Cause and what she can do to stop it. I’m a little surprised that she’s using her real identity, but in some ways that probably makes it easier to pretend about other things. I do feel a little alarmed, though, because she’s walking straight into the midst of the people who support Muggle-killers, and what if that’s what James did? What if James was just like “it’s okay, I can handle myself,” and then slowly grew to adopt the alarming ideas of the Cause? Anyway, I hope Amelia guards her mind carefully. I would not be able to handle it if she went off and joined the Cause like James did.


Anyway. That entire scene was very delightfully creepy, good job!


And then back to the beginning, when she wakes up. I loved the description of the veil covering her, separating her from the living world. It reminds me of the veil that Sirius fell through at the end of the Order of the Phoenix (still not over it *sobs*). I was proud of her for telling most of the truth, especially the parts about her mother. I was less proud of her for continuing to harbor a desire to figure out what was going on, despite almost dying.


What does Harry Potter want to talk to the two about? And does James’s concern mean that the two of them are okay now?


This was a really, really good chapter. <3





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Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 12 Aug 2018 06:03 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Minstranslation

You know, I’m curious about what the title of your story means, and how it’ll fit into the overall story. I have a feeling that it will give me some form of heartbreak. But that’s okay. I shall brace myself. The most extreme scenario I can think of is that at the end of the story, James is changing for the better, and then as a final proof of his conversion back to non-bigot, he offers to take Amelia to a place not far from here. If that happens I will actually start bawling. But seeing how you’ve done everything perfectly so far in this story, I have a feeling that no matter what the ending is, it’ll be amazing.


(Also, I think you have a typo in the title of the chapter? Is it supposed to be “Minstranslation” or “Mistranslation”?)


Oh my god that first section has me so excited. I can’t wait to find out what Amelia’s doing and how she plans on singlehandedly stopping the Cause. (Is she going to do it all by herself? If she does, she’ll be the most kickass person ever.)


You had me gripped all throughout the Runes translation section. Being able to see Amelia’s thoughts and discoveries while she painstakingly searched for Rune after Rune was so fascinating. I’m amazed at how you managed to pull that off; it’s a piece of worldbuilding that Jo never went too deeply into and you just managed to build an entire scene upon it. Bravo. I loved reading this section.


I wish that James had paid closer attention to what she was doing though!! AHH AMELIA YOU DUMMY, why would you write it on your hand?? I don’t know what it did to her or why she became so feverish afterwards or what in the world she was even saying, but I hope she’ll feel better soon. Because I’m pretty sure she just fiddled around with Dark Magic, and I don’t want her to get in trouble or to be permanently made sick by this or something.


Wonderful chapter!





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Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 12 Aug 2018 05:44 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: Two of a Kind

Everything is scary and I am scared. The fact that there were two double-murders coordinated across countries gives a sign of terrifying organization, and organized bigots are always the scariest thing. And I’d forgotten that only Amelia and James really know about the developing Cause movement; I feel like this would be so much less stressful if more students knew about it and were able to just have little get-togethers where they talked things out. I know that’d make me feel better haha.


Or maybe it would give people the opportunity to join up with the Cause.


(Why am I spending so much time and emotional energy thinking about a scenario that likely won’t even happen in this story? Moving on.)


The way Amelia stole the Witch Weekly page was very amusing. But then the article itself was significantly less amusing. The thing about Rita Skeeter is, she doesn’t always seem to write untruths, but she does make a point to always put them in the wrong context, or to take it out of context entirely. Like the beginning part about James being a professional Quidditch player (which I did not know, so thanks for that, Rita Skeeter). All the little bits about James heading to the seedier areas in different European countries doesn’t necessarily read like a falsehood to me. But I’m sure there’s something more to it – hopefully something that will make him look slightly better, though I have a feeling it might make him look worse. Also, what’s up with Harry/Ginny? *sobs* My poor OTP.


Rita’s descriptions of Amelia lmao. Poor girl. (Once again, though, I think it would be a really awesome use of Amelia’s skills if she could actually become a wandmaker apprentice.) Also, I love this line, it gives me so much hope and confidence in Amelia – “Is James Potter, son of renowned Auror and Saviour of the Wizarding World Harry Potter, the next Dark wizard? Not if I can help it. My time to fight back is now.”


Oh, my goodness. And then the two of them were arguing, back in the past storyline. YOU TWO, GET YOUR BUSINESS TOGETHER, I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS. Like, James has a point about Slytherin being historically awful, but also maybe him pretty much saying that he’s dating her despite her House is neither smart nor good.


Anyway. Onto the next chapter!





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Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 12 Aug 2018 05:23 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Headline

You write such excellent news articles! The writing is so crisp and clean and professional-sounding, and I love it. Also it’s very informational, which is a bonus. I like how you managed to use the news article that Amelia was reading to Mr. Ollivander as a means to get more information across. The summarization of James’s involvement in the attacks once again made me very nervous. (This entire story is making me very nervous omg.)


Okay but about Amelia becoming Ollivander’s apprentice! That idea excites me so much omg. I want her to become a wandmaker with all my heart; I don’t know why I love the concept of wandmaker Amelia so much, but I do. It seems that she’s worried about spiraling back into the Deathly Hallows obsession from before, but I have the utmost faith in her that she’ll be able to keep her mistakes in the past while continuing to learn from them now. Please please pleaseeee, I want to see wandmaker Amelia so badly.


And ugh. Rita Skeeter. Ugh. That is all I will say about her.


It’s interesting that in the past storyline, Amelia had the thought that the brief snogging session that she had with James was the last bit of good times before things fell apart, because now that I’ve read the rest of the chapter, I’m thinking that this might be the last chapter where I get to feel fluffy cuteness between the two of them haha. Everything seems to be getting darker and darker as the story goes on. (Teddy impersonating James was very cute, though. I’m sad about the future.)


The runes are so alarming. I’m so so nervous. I can’t wait to see how this continues!!





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Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 12 Aug 2018 05:08 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: Exchanges of Words

Oh my goodness, these two are the absolute cutest. Uh, at least in the beginning. I don’t know what falls apart later, but yeah. Let’s think happy thoughts for now! I love that these two make out whenever they can. The little discussion about what they were was amusing and adorable all at once – I actually think it’s really cute of Amelia to ask. Like, I know that if I were ever confused about a relationship, I would just swallow my thoughts until I choked on them lmao. Maybe that’s a Hufflepuff thing. I’d imagine Gryffindors and Slytherins are somewhat more direct.


I’m sorry to Amelia that people keep talking about the relationship behind her back. I wish that James would be a tiny bit more understanding about it, especially since she hasn’t had nearly as much practice avoiding the talk of the people like him.


That condition about letting her eat the last piece of bacon was the funniest thing ever omg.


And now back to the present storyline. Awww omg. I have to admit, I’m a huge Harry/Ginny shipper, so to see that there’s something off with their marriage is heartbreaking. Is it the stress of the current political climate + James’s absence that’s doing it? Or something else? And what did she say that made Harry and Hermione reel back? Ugh omg I feel so sorry for everyone right now – to see your long-lost son on the worst possible side of this brewing war must be absolutely awful.


All the letters that James and Amelia exchanged were so cute, but also very informative. The closer they get to discovering everything about the Deathly Hallows, the antsier I get. I just do not do not do not see this ending well. On the brighter side, at least Teddy wants to meet her!


Oh, Susan. I love her so much. And I thought that last section was very well-written. <3





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Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 12 Aug 2018 04:49 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Heir of Ignotus

Hi, I’m back! :D


AND I CAN SEE WHY YOU SAID CHAPTER 10 WOULD BE A MISERY TO END ON. I think I mentioned off-handedly in a previous review that I hoped James hadn’t been brainwashed into joining them, but honestly I didn’t expect it to actually be the case! I’m so upset right now omg. It’s such a terrifying idea, that through Amelia and James’s exploration of the Deathly Hallows when they were a little bit younger, this happened. How did James come to buy into it?? Is he just pretending??? (That sounds too good to be true, to be honest.)


He sent a freaking Stunning Spell her way, though!! JAMES, I WILL SMACK YOU. *SMACKS* And the fact that her mother is at the frontlines of it all… This is not shaping up to be good times for Amelia. Not to mention all the Aurors know that James is alive and well…and on the wrong side. Poor Harry. He’s probably going to be really cut up about this. Good on Amelia for leaping straight into the action, though. <3


I wonder if this story is the type of story that would give James a second chance, or if it’s going to end in misery and heartbreak. I look forward to finding out!


But also the past storyline! They kissed!! Yay!!! Also Amelia found out about the Invisibility Cloak, which is…good? I don’t know how to feel about that right now. It makes me really nervous to think about what she could possibly do with that information. Also, it makes me think about how she said she knew where the other two Deathly Hallows were. Did James not take the Cloak with him when he disappeared? Does Harry have it? And what about the Elder Wand? Where did Harry put it again?


Amazing chapter! <3





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Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 12 Aug 2018 06:53 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: Duelling Practice

James is such an awkward boy lmao. He so clearly wants to just spend time alone with Amelia, so he’s asking her on this kind-of-but-not-really hanging out session hahaha. He calls it “dueling practice” like he’s not doing this just to spend extra alone time with her. Anyway.


I didn’t know that Amelia was supposed to go to Durmstrang. I feel like as soon as you hear that name, you associate it with the Dark Arts, even though that doesn’t really make sense because only Karkaroff was someone associated with the Dark Arts from the school. (If I remember correctly. My memory’s pretty shoddy so, uh, if I’m wrong, let’s just ignore me, shall we?) But anyway, Durmstrang. I wonder why? Her mom doesn’t seem to be Bulgarian/Slavic. I wonder how far these two get in their research.


Also, are Amelia and I the same person or something? I want a tattoo more than anything. I’m glad that she managed to get one! They are so, so cool. I love them so much. But anyway, onto the important stuff! She saw Cassius Vaisey!!! NOT GOOD. VERY NOT GOOD.


Oh my god that entire scene of pure teenage flirtation + awkwardness between James and Amelia was adorable to read. The dueling was so much fun; I love your creativity in using chairs and sand in the duel. And then afterwards, when he wipes some sand away from her face and they almost kiss… The awkward way that he leaves is just. So awkward. AWKWARD. Those moments after relationship breakthroughs are all very weird, aren’t they.


Great chapter! I’m going to head to bed now (sorry, only managed one more review since the last review), but I’ll continue reviewing this story in the morning! <3





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Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 12 Aug 2018 06:39 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: The Circumstances for Promises

Ohh. That scene between Harry and Amelia was so quiet and heartbreaking. I really, really wonder where James is and how he got there. I hope that if he’s with other members of the Cause, that they haven’t brainwashed him into hating his only family and loved ones. I hope that Harry and Amelia can continue to keep talking so that she has some purpose in this terrifying Next Gen world that you’ve created. (What I find amazing is how you’ve managed to give this era a First War feel, or a Second War feel…all while keeping the essence of Next Gen in it.)


Okay, back to their younger selves. More than anything, I want James and Amelia to bond over their personalities, their shared interests, their mutual desire to make out with the other, etc. What I do not want them bonding over is the research into the Deathly Hallows. Amelia’s skepticism about their existence makes sense; the hush-hush of it all probably kept, even after the Second War. But ahhhh, I wish that she and James would stop looking into it. I feel the deep and dark rabbit hole beginning.


Also I just realized that this story is somewhat timely. The wonderfully-written news article, with its alarming descriptions of what happened to The Quibbler building (I LOVE YOU, LUNA), gave an interesting name to the followers of what I’m assuming to be the Cause: NeoWalds. NeoGrindelwalds. That is so frightening. Especially with Neo-Nazis today. I don’t know if you wrote this before or after the alt-right emerged from the shadows, but either way, reading this in a time of today is really quite terrifying. In the best way possible, of course.




(I swear, I’m going to go to sleep soon. I swear. After, like. Two more chapters.)





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Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 12 Aug 2018 06:15 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: Crushed

Crushes are the actual worst. I can understand Amelia so, so well. (How do you manage to write such a relatable character? Everything from the “not liking a good number of things about him” to “actively trying to find things not to like” to “instead just liking him more and more as time passes” is literally the most relatable thing ever.) Also, Aunt Susan being a gem and teasing Amelia about her crush was the sweetest image ever. <3


Oooh, so my strategy in my last review of throwing out random names worked! It was Harry + a few other people from the Ministry. Their questions made me sooo nervous for Amelia, because she seems to have a history of activity with the Cause, which likely doesn’t work in her favor in times like these. I’m so glad that Harry was kind enough to grant her an audience; I wish Barrett would give her an easier time of it, though I’m sure that Amelia has done stuff in the past that would warrant extra eyes on her from the Ministry.


Also can I talk about how clever Amelia is? She prepared pieces of parchment to give to Harry to pretend to read, just to throw off Auror Barrett. And not to mention the whole guise with the apple-picking and stuff like that, to hide the Resurrection Stone. And it just occurred to me that probably more than anyone else, Harry would want to see James back and well. The poor man’s probably hurting all the time. James is his son, after all.


I wonder if Harry is going to keep the Resurrection Stone from the other people at the Ministry…?


Back in the young Amelia era, the fact that James is so wary makes me really, really nervous. I can feel the two leading up to their terrible mistakes, I can just feel it.


Another great chapter!





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Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 12 Aug 2018 06:02 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:A Place Not Far From Here Chapter: Mum's the Word

Oh wow, I feel like you’ve managed to really nail the eighteen-year-old voice here. That entire exchange when Aunt Susan is so furious that she can barely speak, and Amelia is just numbed and polite and somewhat passive-aggressive with the calmness of her responses – that’s literally every single one of my friends and me lol. It’s terrible and I always regret it afterwards, but in the moment I’m just always too tired to care; I know Amelia has slightly different reasons for being withdrawn and such, but the fact of the matter is, she’s the most perfectly-written eighteen-year-old I’ve seen.


The fact that she got to have a conversation with her grandfather through the Resurrection Stone was somewhat heartbreaking. And who could that be, knocking so violently on her house in the middle of the night? Her mother? Another member of the Cause? A member of the Ministry? Harry Potter himself? QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS. (As is always the case once I read a chapter of yours haha.)


And then to young James and young Amelia. Her voice when she’s fifteen is so clearly different from when she’s eighteen; she’s significantly more open and lighthearted (either due to the fact that she’s with James, she’s just naturally that way, or that she hasn’t yet experienced the tragedies that’ll befall her later; or all three). Their banter is once again the most adorable thing I’ve witnessed in my life – but the fact that he caught her playing with her necklace and then continued to ask after it… That’s how they got into this mess, isn’t it. The two of them rooting through that old Ancient Runes book (the same one used by the Golden Trio in their search for the Horcruxes?) and discovering more about the Deathly Hallows. Eep.


Also hahaha Amelia’s statement about fancying James: “Now that you mention it, I am rather taken wit him.” What a way to phrase the fact that she likes the guy.


Anyway, this was another wonderful chapter! <3





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