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Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 28 Jun 2018 07:49 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Sirrah Malfoy Chapter: Slytherins

O Hey Nix! 


The introduction was fun -- Sirrah's a really interesting and unique character (and I think, above all, that making her own dresses is pretty awesome). She must be under a lot of pressure being a Malfoy because, even post-war, I'm sure that the Malfoys didn't stray too far from their Pureblood views (just maybe not as violently). Sirrah's voice is so clear and so pronounced in the introduction that I immediately made connections with her. I also loved the bit about Draco and Scorpius having the same...equipment...meaning that Scorpius was more 'valued' in their father's eyes as the heir to the Malfoy name. But I just can't see Sirrah allowing herself to marry a hideous man in France, haha!


I wanted to hit the second chapter as a review, though, as oftentimes first chapters and introductions wind up with a ton of reviews that peter off towards the end so I hope that it was okay that I skipped the review for the intro and just recapped here :). And onward we go!


Scorpius' friends see like they're...less than desirable to hang out with (I also take it, given Fiona's description, that Pansy wound up with Marcus Flint in this verse -- which is an interesting pairing...I dig it). And as we move onward, I figured that out, haha! Though, given their canonical descriptions, Sirrah might be right -- let's hope that Fiona inherits her genes from other members of her family as she gets older o.O. 


I really love how Sirrah breaks the fourth wall continuously, as she introduces us into her world. It's a fun tactic (and I think it's what makes her voice just so tangible), it's almost like chatting with someone, who is recapping their story. So when Sirrah says something like, "shut your mouth!" I laugh because I'm like, "Hey, I didn't say anything...wasn't even thinking of it!" ;) So, reading a story that's this interactive is a blast. And, hey, life would be more interesting if he was a cannibal, wouldn't it? Then Sirrah would have a lot more worrying to do over him ogling her. 


Speaking of the ogling -- he can't just seem to take the hint, can he? Sirrah and her book, haha! I mean, her morals are sound...good for her! It's just the way she says things, she's so dramatic and I love it. She is a Malfoy, after all. And her goals are sound too (maybe not for a pureblooded woman according to their standards) but getting a job and having a career before thinking about marriage is another wonderful aspiration that she's set for herself. Nevermind gorgeous drooler and rock on, little Malfoy-ess. 


I don't know, I quite like the name Kensington ;), haha! Sirrah seems like she could handle a bully or two, should her friends ever be in need of her assistance. I also really love that you included a gay character in this -- he seems awfully sweet, too -- especially for a Rosier. I also love that Leighton was introduced on a comical note -- you did a fantastic job with introducing the characters in this.


This was so much fun to read! Thank you so much for the swap! <33 (Sorry for the brief delay, too -- phone calls and such *eyeroll* it was my mother in law).



Name: sunshine_locks (Signed) · Date: 14 May 2018 07:35 PM · [Report This]
Story:Sirrah Malfoy Chapter: Incident

i read this a while back, nearly two years ago, and let me tell you: i am so glad that you changed this chapter up a bit. it always had rubbed me the wrong way that james kissed sirrah without permission, and hated that. 


thank you for addressing it. 


on the other hand, i'm excited to start reading this new version of sirrah malfoy; i very vaguely remember that this was one of my first james/oc stories, and i vividly remember screaming to myself: "just get together, oh my god!!" 


i shall continue reading.

Author's Response:

Hello! Thank you so much for this review! Glad to know some of my old readers are finding this here. I did have to change this chapter a bit, and leave a note at the end. It bugged me too much not to with everything that's been going on lately. When I first wrote this, I didn't think much of a it, it was just a plot point to get things going, but I also didn't want to edit it out. I'm not trying to do a full rewrite, just fixing some things along the way. I'm am super excited that you're excited to read this again. I hope you like it. This was my first James/OC too, when I first started writing this, it was my first next gen, and for a while I remember I actively avoided reading next gen and especially james/oc because I didn't want it to affect my story. Anyway, thanks again for the review!


Name: ravenclaw-dirt (Signed) · Date: 11 May 2018 02:36 PM · [Report This]
Story:Sirrah Malfoy Chapter: Morning

"You're timetable, Miss Malfoy." - should be 'Your'

Also, I was so sad when HPFF shut down and SO glad when I found this site and your story was back - it's one of my favourites! 

Is Sirrah still a metamorphmagus? It's hinted that she is but doesn't outright say, which I think it did before!

I'm amazed you've managed to keep going on the same story for ten years, you must know Sirrah inside out by now! Taylor Momsen is the perfect face claim for her. 

I can't wait to read the rest!

Author's Response:

Thanks for notifying me of the typo, it's been fixed. Aww, I'm so glad Sirrah's one of your favorites! I've definitely enjoyed writing her. I'm amazed at myself for managing to keep going all this time as well. I think it's actually only been eight years, but it definitely feels like ten, and I may have said ten in the intro. Can't remember. I don't know if I know her inside out, I definitely know her pretty well, but she has surprised me at times, that's for sure. But maybe not so much recently but I kind have a plan for how I want the rest of the story to play out for a time. Still no idea how to end it but I've got time and a lot of ways to go before then. I do love Taylor Momsen as the faceclaim, and I love all my other faceclaims as well, of course.


The metamorphagus actually isn't mentioned until much later, although she does allude to it quite a few times beforehand. I hope you enjoy reading the rest! Thanks so much for the kind review!


Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 25 Apr 2018 04:17 AM · [Report This]
Story:Sirrah Malfoy Chapter: Introduction

Hey Nix! Here with a review, as promised! :)


Oh my goodness. Sirrah. What a firecracker. I can already tell this story is going to be a wild ride! She is so sassy and strong-willed. 

I can't help but pity her, though. She's been born into a family of traditions that are rather outdated and clearly oppose what she wants, even though no one will really consider what she wants. Somehow, though, I feel like she's not a girl who will let anyone tell her what to do. She already has her mother wrapped around her little finger.


I wonder what happened between Sirrah and Draco? I can't wait to see how she and Scorpius interact, either. Do they get along?


I really enjoyed this opening chapter, Nix! The thought process through which it's written is easy and fun to read!

Author's Response:

Hi! Thanks so much for this lovely review! *hugs*


Sirrah is definitely something. She's a lot of fun to write, that's for sure. She's certainly a pureblood of the new age, she's very against the old traditions but she's sure she'll have to suffer some of them as a compromise to get what she really wants. But she's definitely not someone who takes direction well. If you keep reading, you'll find out more about Sirrah and her relationship with her father. And you'll see how she and Scorpius interact even sooner. They don't tend to get along alot of the time...


I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter. Some of the beginning chapters aren't the best, but it does get better! Thanks again for the review!



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