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Name: MuggleMaybe (Signed) · Date: 29 Jan 2019 12:20 AM · For: Constellations

Hello Gina! <33 I'm here for the Menagerie and BvY.


First things first: Everything you write is stunning.


Having just read the author's note, I have to say I love how you used the triptych structure. I think I've heard of that before but I didn't know what it was. It works so well! (Challenge theme?)


It is hard to imagine growing up in the Black family. The scene you used, of Bellatrix wanted to sun bathe, is so innocent. Just a passing moment, hardly noteworthy - but then in the midst of it, that seed of prejudice and hatred. It begins just like that, in seemingly innocuous moments.


The middle section is my favorite because I love Ted. And I can feel how much Andromeda loves him, too. There's such warmth between them. But I think Ted is being a little unfair. Her family is terrible, and he would feel that very strongly being am muggleborn himself, but they are still her family, and leaving your family behind is a very hard thing to do. Everyone wants their parents' love. It's literally the most natural thing in the world. And he makes it seem so obvious that she should leave them, but he doesn't seem to recognize the pain inherent in that. 


Also, Ted's metaphor of blood purists as vampires because they spend too much time thinking about blood is really clever.


Ugh, the last section. *quiet weeping*  I just can't imagine. Losing both her daughter and her husband that way... it's so incredibly tragic. She does have Teddy, and that is wonderful, but the joy of Teddy doesn't erase the grief and pain of death. I don't know how she can compare the two losses, becuse they both seem unbearable. 


I'm so glad she get s alittle moment of happiness here, a moment when she feels the presence of the people she loves so much. And I'm glad she gets to share it with Teddy.


This is a beautiful story. Also, everything you write is great so I hope you keep doing it <3 


xoxo Renee

Name: Renacera (Signed) · Date: 28 Jan 2019 09:58 PM · For: Constellations

Hi dear!

I'm so excited to read and review this story for you!

This was lovely. Andromeda is such a fascinating character to me, and I always wonder about her and about how she managed to survive living amongst such negativity and still come out of it a good person. We know Sirius left when he was very young, but I've always thought that Andromeda stuck it out until after she'd finished Hogwarts. I can't imagine how hard that would've been.

Your characterization of her is so wonderful. You manage to create such a clear dichotomy between what she's grown up knowing and what she's learned she wants. And through these three small moments, you're able to show growth and resilience and strength and bravery. I love that. And I love that she finds Ted to support her through it all. Because, damn, isn't that what we all want? Someone to bring out the best in us and make us the best version of ourselves that we can be?

The plot points that you chose to highlight were also wonderful. The sisters' childhood showed such a difference between Bellatrix and Andromeda in even a short scene. (And I loved baby Narcissa trying to eat grass!) Then as Andy gets older and starts wondering who she'll be as she approaches adulthood, we see her alongside her "other half," Ted, and we understand that she's grown and changed...but still has so far to go. But the end...ahh, the end. It's such a sad moment, because even though Andromeda has lost everything, she's still got to pick up the pieces for Teddy. But I love that you ended on a smile. Because she will pick those pieces up. She has to, and she knows she can, so she will. That's such a great moment for a strong character.

Overall, this was really lovely and well-written. Great job! :)


Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 26 Jan 2019 07:55 AM · For: Constellations

i think that the way you set up and wrote this story as a triptych was a great writing device to show us the development of andromeda as a person. as a child, she didn't even understand what the word mudblood meant but she listened to her older sister and her parents and didn't give it much thought. but as a teenager who fell in love with ted tonks, a muggleborn hufflepuff boy, she is suddenly thrust into having to make a decision that would changer both their lives. hers for both better and worse because she always knew, from the moment she met ted, that her family would disown her, that there would be no going back after she goes off with ted. and the bravery she shows when she ultimately does do it, even though it's not portrayed in this story, is a huge thing.

andromeda tonks had suffered a great loss during the second war - she lost her daughter, her husband and her son-in-law, and somehow she still found the strength to go on, to be strong for teddy, to raise him. she's a character to be admired and i think you've shown that in this story. the way she feels the presence of her  loved ones was incredibly heartbreaking but hopefully, instead of grief, it caused her joy.


Name: you-make-me-wander (Signed) · Date: 25 Dec 2018 05:00 PM · For: Constellations

Hey Gina. Happy holidays!


At first it was the title of this fic that drew me to it (I love anything that has to do with astronomy/astrology/celestial things in general), but it was your narrative that really captivated me. While this was my first Andromeda-centered fic, or on any of the sisters really, I'm still a little awestruck about how much I loved it.


I think you did great with dividing the story in three parts, and I wish I could read more of all of them. First because I want to know more about the sisters growing up and their home environment. Andromeda must have suffered immensely until enrolling in Hogwarts, when she finally wasn't with someone from her family at all times, even if that didn't make it any easier to make friends outside of that tight-knit circle, I'm sure.


Then, of course, Ted. I had never given their relationship much thought, but you made me want to read so much more about them. I want to know how it is that they've met, all the things they went through at Hogwarts and what finally had Andromeda leaving home and marrying Ted, renouncing her family. I feel like there's so much more to their love story and they're greatly under-appreciated, both regarding their relationship and their contribution to the Order later on. 


Last but not least, it's so hard to imagine Andromeda's grief over her family's deaths and to try and concile it with raising little Teddy. I like to think a lot of her days are spent reminiscing about her husband and daughter and son-in-law, telling Teddy all about their adventures and disadventures, and seeing in Teddy all that she misses about the others.


I think this is one of those fics that is so good, yet so simple and intricate, that it easily draws the reader into the plot and has them falling in love with it. You sure gave me a new character to learn more about and a new ship to fawn over. Your writing is beautiful and I loved every second of this fic.




Name: javu (Signed) · Date: 13 Nov 2018 04:32 PM · For: Constellations

Dang. That second sentence -- “The daughters of Cygnus and Druella Black, with their red lips and Patrician bones, bound by a pulse that carried vitality and privilege and wealth -- pure blood.” Again, dang. I had to read the sentence three times to fully appreciate it.

Oh my gosh. This sentence too - “From the moment she met Ted, she dreaded the day they’d have to say goodbye.” It’s such a beautiful and sad sentence.

You’re killing me. “His robes were ringed with yellow and his blood was caked in mud.” How do you come up with this??

“I’ll wait for you.” I LOVE THEM!!!!

Okay, so normally I might have a favorite lines section in a review at the end, but I’m putting it in the beginning this time. I normally don’t stop to and review as I’m reading, but I did for this review. For the lines above ^^

I’m freaking impressed. I don’t think I’ve read much of your work, so I blame my ignorance. But I feel like most stories in this sadish genre maybe have one or two good, awesome, blow-my-socks off kind of lines. I felt like those four seriously popped off the page for me. I reread those lines over each time just to let it soak in deeper. Amazing.

I would LOVE to read a more detailed story about how they got together and so forth. :)


Reviewed for RvG November Go GOLD

Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 31 Aug 2018 01:01 AM · For: Constellations

Still creeping through your page after reading Project Azkaban and discovered a few stories I'd left reviews on ages ago on the other site - so transferring this review to its new home :)


Hi Gina! I'm here from your wishlist - even though the wishlists are now closed, I wanted to make sure I still gave you a gift!

Aw, this story really is wonderful and I can't believe it doesn't have more reviews! I love the way you set it up, first of all - the fact that you styled it after a triptych, the smaller parts the 'before' and the 'after' and then the middle part of the story is where she has to make her decision. The names of each section work perfectly as well. Vampires, obsessed with blood, such a perfect way to describe Andromeda's family! And there's kind of a double symbolism in the Devils and Angels titles as well. Devils could be the mudbloods, as Andromeda thinks of them in the beginning, or it could be what she later realizes is her toxic family. Similarly, Angels is her new family and the love she has found there - or representing the departed souls, so to speak, of her husband and daughter. Anyway yeah that was really well thought out!

On to the actual story - wow. You use some really beautiful language - I love this line in particular: Andromeda was preoccupied with the gentle hiss of air leaking from her previously faultless image of Hogwarts and with keeping Cissy from eating the grass. -- This whole section, with the Black sisters as children, is so perfect. Bellatrix isn't cruel yet, but she's already espoused the blood views of her family and she just has a very inflated sense of her own authority, which foreshadows quite a bit about her as an adult. And for Andromeda - she's too young to understand, she doesn't really hate Mudbloods it seems, (by her reaction to Bella) but she still has that internal sense that they're unpleasant, which makes sense considering the influences she grew up with. She's still just a kid and there's a lot of innocence to this section, and a lot said in what you don't say , which is really impressive.

In fact the whole story has a lot that's behind the scenes and really subtly written, like the majority of Andromeda and Ted's relationship. You can tell what their relationship has been like before this point, mostly all in secret and with a sort of forbidden feel to it, but their love was more powerful than what kept them apart. I like that you chose to focus on this moment out of their entire relationship, too. That must have been literally life changing for her - when she left one family and joined a new one. Her indecision here is so perfectly written.

Ah, and the last part is so sad! Andromeda really lost so much in the wars. Her first family, and then most of her second. But that's what makes the last few lines so beautiful - there's still hope, and her family lives on because of Teddy, so to speak. This really is a beautiful story and I'm so glad I read it. Great work, Gina! Thanks for sharing! ♥

Name: adorably cute (Signed) · Date: 17 May 2018 08:33 PM · For: Constellations

Here for Gryffie Review Tag! Such a wonderful piece covering grief and family dynamics. It's so poignant how you've written Andromeda's feelings about the loss of a child. But I love the part about constellations and with Teddy, that was such a great moment. 


I think you've done great with the family dynamics here, especially something that's so difficult for Andromeda, who has been outcast from her family. It's clearly a tricky situation for her, as you've shown in the second part, where she's starting to become torn between two spots. You did a really great job with her inner feelings and really bringing them to life! I also really liked the vamipire comparision. I don't think I've ever heard that for a pureblood family before but it was perfect! I loved that line Ted says about it "making their lives all about blood". That whole section was so well done!


Great work as usual! Glad I've had some extra time to do more reading recently (and that review tag is so active giving me an excuse to come find new things)!


Name: Sleepingbagonthesofa (Signed) · Date: 07 May 2018 05:31 AM · For: Constellations

Review Tag Post! I am so glad I found this! 

Gosh your writing is incredible.

The three sections stir up compleatley different emotions, mapping Dromeda's life perfectly. You've chosen very different points that manage to tell her entire story, right down to the last line when she looks to Teddy as her reason to go on and her reason to smile. It's outstandingly done.

The description really is the standout here, reading I feel as though I am there overlooking the characters. I'm in the scene almost. I love it when writing does that to you. 

Dromeda is such a difficult character to do, I've seen her mamanged horribly or overdone to the extent she doens't seem real. You've avoided all of that. Really, I think this is the best interpritation of her I've ever read. 

Wonferfull writing. I can't wait to get stuck into some more of your work.


Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 02 Apr 2018 09:30 PM · For: Constellations

- transferred from HPFF -

(Also - welcome back! It's great to see you again <3)


Hey Gina!

Ooh I love stories about the young Black sisters, and you have not disappointed. The image of a young Bellatrix in a bathing suit and sunglasses is just too amazing for words. And trust Bellatrix to gloat about Hogwarts and use being the eldest against the other two (then again, I'm the eldest of three, and I do rub it in the others' faces on occasion, because they're young and unworthy.)

I love that Bellatrix says: "Hogwarts isn't what it used to be." Obviously, she wouldn't know, since she's only completed one year, so she would have picked that up from one of the adults in their family, and I just find that really powerful.

Look at how different her two families are!

Side note: I was going to have a proper look through your author page, but I'm listening to a song called New Constellations, so I thought it was a sign to read this one. To compare her lost loved ones to constellations is beautiful, and that ending teared me up a little.

I love how these were three very different snippets of Andromeda's life, and yet they all felt connected (like stars in a constellation, perhaps?!) and all in all, it was beautifully done (just like everything you do ♥)    

Author's Response:

As I respond to all the reviews you left me, I am finding myself more and more giddy. You are too kind, my dear. It’s so inspiring as a writer to hear that your words resounded with someone. That’s what makes this all worthwhile. If one person is affected, I have done my job. Thank you. 

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