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Story:Even the Best Laid Plans Chapter: Chapter 2: The Little, Old Lady with the Killer Wand

Quodpot Review: Match 3


Hi! Here with your requested review!! (And I’m doubling it up with Quodpot for the House Cup, because I was in the mood to kill two birds with one stone.)


I don’t think I’ve ever read anything from Snape’s perspective, so I’m really interested to see how you portray him - I’ve just finished reading the first chapter as well, but since you wanted more feedback on a different chapter than just the first one, I figured this was a good place to start. 


It’s good to know even Snape hates Umbridge, haha. Also, “imbecilic brains of returning brats” is a spot-on description of Hogwarts students from Snape’s perspective, imo. I think, as a whole, you’ve nailed Snape as a character. He’s such a complex person, and you’ve captured a lot of that (his numbness to most emotion, his sardonic outlook on literally everything, and his rare moments of reflection) so well.


I also think you’ve done an excellent job capturing Dumbledore, which isn’t always the easiest thing to do. His comment to Snape about knowing the girl’s name to make her more human in his eyes is exactly the kind of advice I could see him giving. (Although, it’s also interesting that he knew Harry’s name but was also basically sending him to his death at this point also. But, I mean, canon Dumbledore is also kind of hypocritical at times, so it makes sense, really.)


“He was beginning to think that King George III was correct. This country was more trouble than it was worth.” I’m crying this line is amazing.


Anyways, the only CC I have is in regards to pacing - this chapter was full of action, and sometimes it felt like the action scenes flew by so quickly I had to reread them to fully grasp the depth of what had just happened. But nonetheless, this chapter was thrilling and has set up a great background for more action and intrigue to come.


Feel free to re-request for subsequent chapters. :)



Author's Response:

You are the 3rd person to tell that I need to add more detail, that is flows by too quickly--maybe I should start listening. I tried to look it over and add more details but it's still too new for me right now. Maybe in a year or so, I'll be able to edit it with a fresh pov.

Thank you for your insight about Snape and Dumbledore. I hope I kept up their characters throughout the story. If you have read through the rest and have any insights (especially places I need to slow down, add more detail, let me know.)

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Story:Even the Best Laid Plans Chapter: Chapter 1:: Loyalty and LIes


So I read the second half of this story when it was going through validation and I really, really enjoyed it. Enough that I'm coming back to find out how it all started. I was racing through the queue just to get to the next chapters before anyone else did! 


There's so many things that I love about this story, but I'd say your canon compliance is probably top of the list. Like I love how as I was reading I could see each major event and then you've positioned these characters into them in a believable, interesting way. It didn't feel like a retelling of the books so much as your own amazing story that just so happened to exist within the scope of the books. Does that make sense? It was just brilliant. 


I really, really loved the way you've portrayed Severus. His dialogue feels like it could also be straight from the books, but you've somehow made him feel even more interesting and dimensional and I'm just overall obsessed. The interweaving of the muggle world with the magical world just feels so natural. NOT TO MENTION SHE'S AMERICAN. Ahh, I can't wait to meet her again! :) 


Loved this first introductory chapter! 


Author's Response:

Thanks for writing a review! When I saw that you validated about ten chapters in a row, I was thinking, "I bet Paula liked this story."

Thank you for recognizing my attempts at compliance. It took a lot of research. (Thank goodness for HP wiki, the calendars on HP Lexicon and, of course, the books, themselves.) I was particularly interested in that 7th year at Hogwarts. All we really have is Neville's conversation with the trio and a bit from Headmaster Black, so it was fascinating to explore that time period.) JKR writes such great stuff it's easy to spin-off of it.

Also, thank you for mentioning Severus. One of my big fears was I would "change him" as he fell in love. I still wanted Snarky Sev throughout the book. 

I have started a sequel. It's actually about their kids (twins) when they go to Hogwarts (age between James and Albus), but I haven't gotten too far. The ideas just aren't flowing as easily, probably because I need to come up with my own original story line. I won't be able to spin JKRs. (It will occurr prior to Cursed Child.) So, maybe someday you'll meet Maerna again. My beta loves Maerna too. When she started reading another SS/OC that I'm working on, she became quite upset--claimed that Severus was cheating on her. 

I'll let you know if I ever get the sequel into the queue.


PS Not only is she from America. she's from the best state in the US of A. Happy Independence Day!

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Story:Even the Best Laid Plans Chapter: Chapter 1:: Loyalty and LIes

Hello! I'm here with your requested review! It's so exciting to see that this is your first fanfiction! Welcome to the madness ;)


I like how quickly you set up the conflict and the time the story is set in. The first scene is terrifying. I think you captured really well the horror of working for Voldemort, and how scary he really is, and completely without mercy. I don't think characterisation is something you need to be worried about. I think the potion idea is clever and original, and shows the extent of Snape's double agent-ing. It also adds something fresh and intriguing to a story we know by heart.


I'm interested to see where this goes! Good job!

Author's Response:

Thank you. The scenes with Voldemort are definitely some of the more challenging for me. I've gone through a lot of rewrites on them. The potion idea actually came from real life. There is a drug called Scopolamine and some of the street uses of the drug are rather scarey. 

I hope you enjoy the rest of it. 

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Story:Even the Best Laid Plans Chapter: Chapter 1:: Loyalty and LIes

Hey there!! I’m here for your request in the staff review thread! :) 


I just want to start out by saying that I am honestly shocked that this is your first attempt at a fic. If you didn’t mention that in your AN, I would seriously have had no idea. This was really, really good! 


Ok so your areas of concern. 

Your characterizations were fantastic. I can’t think of an constructive crit to give you here, because everyone was dead on. I know that Dumbledore is notoriously difficult to write, and he didn’t feel off at all. I think you nailed that fine line of him legit seeming as if he does care for Severus’ well being, but also just as invested in him remaining alive for Dumbledore’s use, regarding Sev’s role as a spy. You really have a handle on my boy (Severus, obvi haha), too. His voice sounded authentic, and so far not out of character at all. Voldemort was as chilling as ever. Of course I would believe that he would curse Severus for not having the information sooner than he did. It wouldn’t matter to him if Severus knew or not beforehand. Again, very well done with Voldy as well. 


Your details you were also concerned about, and I don’t feel you need to be concerned. There wasn’t an overload of information, but enough to make you feel, and to immediately get you invested in this chapter, and wanting to read on. I was sucked in from the start, and am exercising great self control in not moving on right at this moment. (Only because it’s 4am where I am, and I absolutely need to sleep). 


Typically I’m known for being the captain of the Snamione ship, but I’m super interested in your OC. What she’ll be like, how she’ll interact with Severus, how they’re relationship will come about, and what will happen with them. Obviously she’s going to be someone who is quite brilliant, so I know that will spark an interested in him.


I truly enjoyed this opening chapter, and am 100% going to be coming back to continue. I really don’t have much con crit to give. Maybe just the formatting? The paragraphs were mushed together, so I would suggest double spacing between them. But that’s really even just reaching for something, since you asked for some crit. But overall, awesome job so far! Can’t wait to see what happens next!


Thanks for requesting!!




Author's Response:

I am glad you are enjoying. The outline of the story mulled over in my brain for two to three months so the actually writing has been fairly easy. I actually haven't found Dumbledore to be that difficult. He'll pop up more later in the story. The more difficult has been Voldy (making him evil enough) and not changing Severus's personality too much when he actually falls for the girl (many chapters from now)

Chapter 2 and the end of chapter 3 (when you will meet the girl) are two of my favorite--two strong women, both whom challenge Severus.)

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Story:Even the Best Laid Plans Chapter: Chapter 1:: Loyalty and LIes

Hi there! I’m here for the review tag. <3


Even before I began reading this first chapter, I was intrigued because I’ve never read a Snape/OC fic before. And then after reading, I was even more interested, because this is shaping up to be one of those detailed, intricate stories that I love so much.


I’m really glad that you leapt straight into the heart of things, and that at the end of the first chapter, I can already get a sense of what the story is about. (Also, I am so so excited to see how Snape interacts with that young neurochemist, because they both sound wicked smart, and ugh I just love it whenever there’s discussions going on between two ridiculously intelligent human beings.)


The beginning scene was fascinating, because you really showed us Voldemort’s violent tendencies, and his anger management issues, and just, everything about that opening was thrilling and engaging. Snape is a double agent who’s working an incredibly difficult task, and you showed us that really well.


Brilliant beginning! I can’t believe this is your first real attempt at fanfiction. <3



Author's Response:

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. The woman is definitely a strong character and intelligent too. She's not going to take any grief from Severus--which is exactly the type of woman he needs. Here's a bit from chapter five to give you an idea of their interactions: 

"you two obviously have common interests and it sounds like your first encounter with her left you intrigued. I could see a friendship developing between you.” Dumbledore reassured him.

“Intriguing!” Snape roared. “In the first 15 minutes of meeting her, she tried to stab me twice and poison me.” Snape absentmindedly scratched at his neck. He had finally developed an antidote to her annoying antidittany concoction. A faint scar still ran down to his collar.

Dumbledore smile. The twinkle returning to his eye. “Yes, that sounds like an excellent start of a friendship, Severus.”


I've actually already finished the story and am slowly moving over to HPFT archives. I hope you enjoy the rest of it.

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