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Name: sibilant (Signed) · Date: 26 Jul 2019 01:29 AM · For: four

SARAH! I'm so glad you're greedy for my reviews on this fic, because I am greedy for this fic, so this works out very well :P


Okay, this was such a delightful chapter to read. I really loved how you're focusing on cementing Carson's friendships first before introducing anything romantic; there's nothing I love more than platonic chemistry, and Carson and her friends are all bursting with it. I really loved James's reaction to the possibly condom-filled letter (hehe, I would've been MORTIFIED omg).


I also loved the discussion over Quidditch. James is pretty dramatic, but his enthusiasm is entertaining and endearing. He just seems so insanely likable (like all the characters :P). I also loved Carson's reaction to all the fuss over Quidditch, and how she's just like "well, QUODPOT." I think that's just a delightfully American thing, imo :P


Uh, the Bob Vance line literally made me snort out loud :P


My favorite part of the chapter was the whole Meg + Tim plus the asshole prejudiced boys situation. I think they were being real assholes to not support Meg--I get wanting to be protective, but I also feel like Meg an totally handle herself lol. I really loved that Carson knocked them down on that; she's so tough, and I can already see her sort of filling a position as the glue that keeps the friends together. It's just another glimpse of her self-reliance, with her basically self-parenting too.


Despite all the nastiness with House rivalry (I'm getting the sense that that will be a thing, and I'm wondering if it'll escalate??), I love how Carson's already thinking of them as "her boys" and how she's growing closer to Meg. She's clearly fitting right into the group, which is really nice to see and makes me smile really wide! I love a good squad dynamic :P


I know we're clearly still in the exposition phase of this story, but I'm getting eager to see conflict rise between Carson and her friends/others (the glimpse of Tim has made me suspicious hehe). But also, part of me wants to just stay in this happy phase because it makes this fun just so delightfully easy to read; I find myself gravitating to it whenever I need a little pick-me-up, and it works effortlessly hehe.


Okay, clearly I loved this <3 Thank youuuu for requesting a review and giving me a chance to stop by this lovely story <3 


<3 Shreya

Name: sibilant (Signed) · Date: 21 Jul 2019 03:16 PM · For: three

SARAHHHH. I'm so happy to be back! Dropping by for your review request, but more importantly, for more staffer appreciation :P <3


First off, this is so hugely unrelated to the chapter but wow I stared at the CI of Freddy for far too long because Michael B. Jordan!!! *insert heart eyes*


Okay, now that I'm done thirsting, omg this chapter was so funnyyyy. I continue to adore the Wood family dynamics. I feel like I need a sitcom that's just the Woods (plus others as guest stars) being the most hilarious and adorable things ever. I love cute and parent-y Oliver and Alicia are (though I'm constantly struck at how Carson essentially needs to tell them how to be parents because she's so used to parenting herself) and I just adore Erin and Parker. The 'fun' save made me laugh so hard omg I couldn't breathe. Sarah you need to stop doing this my heart can't handle it!!


I also really loved meeting The Squad(TM). I'm really curious about some of them--Meg, in particular, from the way that Carson described her as the daughter her mother always wanted. She and Carson do seem to get along really well, but I'm also a bit like I'm going to be wary of her for a bit. I do feel slightly overwhelmed with the sheer number of characters introduced, and I can't exactly keep them all straight in my head--but I'm sure that'll grow easier as I learn more about them. I'm really impressed with how you're handling such a big cast of characters. I could never do that haha.


I really love Carson's friends as a whole though. It really reminds me of my relationships with my friends IRL so I'm feeling pretty nostalgic now haha :P And I think you're doing so good with leaning into the Hogwarts student thing, messing around in classes, etc. I really love how Carson is drawn to Arithmancy because of the order amidst the chaoticness of her childhood. I can personally really relate and it makes me like her all the more.


Also the crushing on teachers omg :P Alexa, play Hot For Teacher haha :P


The only thing I'm still stuck on is the fact that Oliver and Carson were buttering their bagels. What the shit. You butter bread and put cream cheese on bagels. BUTTERED BAGELS? This is unfathomable. :P (This is a very strong reaction but I've literally never had buttered bagels and it sounds very unappetizing!!)


Okay now that I've attacked your food choices, I'm going to shut up :P I loved this chapter and it really is so easy to get sucked into this story hehe. It's kind of like binge-watching a show on Netflix. I just want to sit down and press auto-play and let myself go along with the ride haha.


OKAY, now I'm REALLY going to shut up. Sorry, you're going to be sick of me by the time I get to the end haha :D Thank you for requesting a review and I'll absolutely be back ASAP!


<3 Shreya

Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 20 Jul 2019 02:41 AM · For: six


I know this story is finished but I'm so curious if Carson will have a love interest and if it'll be James because I just love James lol! Alright now onto your review ;)

The moment between Carson and James was actually adorable. They cuddled all night and him remaining there with her resting on his chest while he was clearly awake and she was asleep. Then the whole teasing and the giggles. There was some flirting there I think.

I have a love hate relationship with romance, I love to read it I love to write it I hate that I'm not as good as other writers like you though. You build that up so well, let the last chapter with them just hanging out and drinking and her waking up in his arms. So cute. Building scenes like that is a real talent I can see. Good job!

Working as a waitress in my past has me snickering but also feeling so badly for the poor likely exasperated waiter whose been serving them for the past five hours. I find it absolutely hilarious that they sat there drinking in hogsmede for so long. And poor Freddy, the way you brought it along that he had no idea and now his inner drama queen has decided that his life is ruined by this knowledge is perfect, hilarious and also you kinda feel bad for the guy. 

I am still amazed at the ability you have for making such believable and relatable characters. They are the typical teens with their typical drama and their typical parties and It all just fits so well. And the use of typical isn't to say that it's a bad thing you capture it all perfectly. I mean really who sends dozens of teenagers to boarding schools knowing full well that can easily get out of the school and go drinking and partying without getting caught anyways. Lol ???? 

I think it's safe to say in officially bingeing on this story. Thanks for getting me addicted haha



Name: sibilant (Signed) · Date: 20 Jul 2019 02:32 AM · For: two

SARAH! I'm back again with another staffer appreciation review, because you're an amazing person and this story has been on my mind since I read the first chapter :D


Ohmygod, Sarah, this was such a funny chapter. I laughed so hard I'm having a little trouble breathing now haha. This fic might actually kill me :P


I love love love Carson's sense of humor. She's self-deprecating and just super witty (the Ravenclaw is strong in this one), and she's just so charming. idk why she calls herself a friendless loser because she's the coolest person ever and I'd really love to be her friend. The things she joked about made me laugh, but then I was like "oh shit this is fucked up", because well, her childhood was fucked-up. She drinks too much because of her mother and has so many step dads she actually counts them (omfg that was soooo funny). Yikes. The entire thing was so amusing, but I feel super bad for Carson, and I kind of feel like maybe her joking about it is a self-protective mechanism of sorts?


But it's okay, because Carson's new family is the best thing ever. I love that Alicia and Carson went out for blowouts together, I do that with my mom sometimes so I just felt like so happy reading that hehe. (btw I stan Alicia so hard omg). Also I loved that Erin dressed up like Carson--made me desperately want a little sister--and I love Parker's smart-assness. Most of all, I love Oliver and Carson's relationship. I feel like Carson might actually kill Oliver with her teasing but I love it :P


AND JAMES. OH HELLO. insert the eyes emoji, you know what I'm talking about :P I loved this first introduction even though we didn't get a tooon of interaction between James and Carson. There is surely more to come.


I think your handling of Carson's sorting was excellent. I was totally expecting Carson to be a Gryffindor; she is, after all, her father's daughter :P I thought that was a really creative way of handling the sorting issue and also played double-duty to further illustrate how close Carson and Oliver are, so yeah, I love that. So clever!


Final note: CARSON, NO, you don't want to change houses. You love Fred and you're going to luuuuurve James :P (omg sorry I have the actual maturity of a five year old haha :P).


This was such a great chapter, and this fic is just so fun to read--and yet so intriguing. Carson is a really compelling character and I can't wait to read more and learn more about her. Thanks for sharing!


<3 Shreya

Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 20 Jul 2019 01:55 AM · For: five

Hey-yo! Back again!

I still adore this group, their mannerisms, their dynamic. It’s obvious that James obsession with quidditch will be what makes everyone go crazy, and the way you write that without it making a big fight as if it is annoying but they expect and almost love him for it even if it frustrates them all is really adorable. 

I love how close she has become to Freddy. I think that’s my favourite thing about this chapter. She can read him and cuddle with him and they just click and get eachother. It’s sweet that freddy has such a crush on Meg and that is why he specifically doesn’t like Tim. His reaction is so cute too, pouting and storming off. I also like that they all teased Albus because he’s so unWeasley.  I too am curious how he lost a right shoe and left sock though. That’s pretty talented. 

I am really enjoying the muggle jokes that you throw into the story and it really feels like it brings another element to it all. She was raised in America so it feels so right for her to have those little things that she says and especially when the group looks at her like she’s bonkers over it. 

I hope we get to see more of Drew the Ravenclaw!  And sorry if I do have one question: so his double negative meaning he didn’t drink because james is not a virgin? Just clarifying! would make sense of course being he’s the hottest guy of their year (so they say of course)

great writing as always looking forward to more! 



Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 20 Jul 2019 01:15 AM · For: four


I have a big respect for someone who will stand up for someone else especially when they are the new person in the group and that could potentially lead to social suicide in highschool. I love how strong willed and good hearted you have written Carson to be. She is unapologetically herself, she doesn’t care what people really think of her and her opinion, because she is gunna be that way and think that way anyways. That’s a very strong person and with her childhood she could have ended up a lot worse. The way you write the group dynamic is so fun, Freddy loves to laugh and be amused, James is a fantastic captain, excited about and obviously loves quidditch. He doesn’t like to take no for an answer and seems like the kid who often got his way. 

Each character has so much depth and I love how you brought meg and her anxiety and frustration around the boys and their general treatment of her boyfriend. I feel like James starting the volley ball game was a huge step because he obviously loves sports and that was a way for him to really make a move to getting to know the slytherin boys. I feel like that’s a really important thing to help with the group dynamic, they can be protective of their friend but that shouldn’t make it hard for her to be with her bf and her friends. That was a really wonderful scene and you brought it together so perfectly.

im excited for Carson to have made the team! It sounds like her and James have a very interesting connection already, him making her step out of her comfort zone and her making him step out of his since it’s him who is usually the front man on the I hate slytherin wagon. So I’m curious to see how all this pans out.

great writing as usual!



Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 20 Jul 2019 12:36 AM · For: three

Hey back again!

It is so typical for older teen girls having little crushes and whispering about the attractive male teachers and I think that this really shows how you have connected with the characters in not only personality but mannerisms and age appropriate behaviour! You have each character portrayed in such specific ways and you do very well with showing little pieces of who they are and how they differ from one another. Not only that but how they connect with eachother as well and it’s obvious that they are all close not only because they are placed in the same houses or are family but because their personalities compliment each other. this is a really amazing talent, to write a main character with so many side characters in the story as well!

i love the brother in law joke I think it’s hilarious and I’m curious where that came from! I love that Louis is head boy and that James obviously doesn’t get on well with Albus.  The house rivalry still exists for next gen kids which is sad but inevitable of course. I love how this story has so much humour in it and I know personally as a writer how difficult humour can be to write at times so that is in of itself a win.  

I like that Carson is able to draw some peace from Arithmancy, and the correlation between her chaotic childhood and her love for numbers sounds very probable. Numbers don’t change and a question can only have the one answer.  There is no room for anything else. 

I love the way you have built this story and created the balance of characters, social and school life. I’m excited to read more!



Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 19 Jul 2019 11:34 PM · For: two

Hey you! Back again!

I love how you have built this world around her, Oliver staying close with the Weasleys and Harry Potter, his dislike for Katie’s husband is so amusing and is just more character building for Oliver! I think I enjoy him so much because he has such a real relationship with his daughter, he doesn't pretend to be anything more than he is. And he doesn't expect her to be anything less or more than she is. You write him so well. 

The way that Carson talks about Dad Number whatever is really sad, and borderline worrisome. Of course it's a really unhealthy  way for someone to grow up, but how she seems to cope on the outside is amusing but deeper is very sad. And my heart breaks for her. No child should have to see that. No child should feel like dating random guys they don't even like is the best way to handle having a horrible man in the house. And I worry about what the heck number 14 did to make her especially not like him. This is all really important character pieces that I want to keep tucked away for later chapters and you write them so well. Realistic, stirring, sad. You did extremely well with building her character and making her to believable and relatable.

I'm really glad she and Freddy are going to get on, and Im curious about how well she will fit in with the rest of the Potter/Weasley clan. She seems like a decent fit, but like she has a lot of history of pain and suffering from family issues that may make it difficult for her to connect with them at times. 

I really like that Neville is the assitant headmaster and came to the house directly to sort her. Of course the girl would be a Gryffindor but I was dying about the little comments back and forth between her and the hat. More like he was just ignoring her and she was making sarcastic comments about it's murmurs. 

You created such a fun and realistic character, an endearing dysfunctional family and friend group.  You describe things in such a way that I can create a picture for it all in my mind. This is a really important skill for a writer and you have that down pat. I love her mind and her thought process it's so much fun to read and amusing. 

Can't wait to read more! 



Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 19 Jul 2019 10:26 PM · For: one

Hey hun!

I wanted to tackle this story for some time now, so the HC FINALE IS as good a time as any!

I really admire you for writing from first person, I personally find that an extremely difficult Point of view to right from. I absolutely love the way you flourish with it in her minds voice. She has such an amusing personality, little quirks and battles in her mind. How she's amusing herself (and the reader) by the little things she says like about her siblings and how much she loves them and each for their own reasons or when she's making comments about not wanting to shower just because she's been told. She's a highly amusing character. 

I adore her relationship with Oliver. They have such a loving and hilariously odd but endearing relationship.  I think this is one of the only stories I've read where I could say that too. One on my favourite of their interactions is when Oliver sends his player off to do laps and he tells her not to even think about it. So hilarious, and a painfully accurate reaction of every father of a 17/18 year old teenage girl. 

What I most love about this story is how funny it is. It's not always needed to have a joke be outright but in here there are so many hidden little mannerisms or just in the thoughts this girl has that makes me giggle and remember why it was like to be 17/18.

I'm sad for her that she has such a difficult relationship with her mother and I'm curious what may or may not gave happened between the two of them over the years.  It's obvious that she didn't measure up to her mothers expectations right down to her hair colour and height which is sad that a mother couldn't accept their child for every little bit of what makes them them. The parade of men that she's had to be around as well is less than appropriate for any child, and it's really sad that she had to grow up around that.  I'm really glad she has Olivers Wife and that she feels that she and Alicia get on well. That is really great. I'm so happy she had Oliver and Alicia to keep her from becoming what her mother wanted her to turn into.

This is proving to be a very interesting story and I cannot wait to read more!



Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 17 Jul 2019 08:17 PM · For: four

Hi, Sarah, dear! Thought I'd profit of the HC event to come check out more of this lovely story! :)

Oh, Merlin! James is definitely his grandfather's grandson! Always going for the dramatics, right? The way he announced Quidditch tryouts to the Common Room... :P I absolutely adored it! Ahahah! :P

And of course they would convince/oblige Carson to try out. ;) Tryouts scenes are always so amusing, and it's so much fun how there are always people who don't even know how to ride a broom, but are there just to... fangirl, I guess? :P I found it funny that "no first years" was a rule even I can't break, considering his father was the first in the century to break it (technically, McGonagall broke it, I guess... but whatever... irrelevant...)

Carson making the team was no surprise (I bet genes did help there). And Oliver would have probably disowned her otherwise, so... :P I'm already looking forward to some Quidditch drama! :)

It's sad how House rivalry is still so strong, even in these modern times... I would've thought Houses wouldn't matter as much now, but I guess old habits are hard to die. Still, poor Meg... the boys should really be more considerate, if only not to hurt their friend's feelings. Good that Carson told them off! (Although, I have to admit... the whole "Why can't you guys just be nice for like one day?" / "We will, so you can have today or your wedding day; take your pick" was hilarious! :P)

Such a fun chapter! Always nice to come back here!

Lots of love and snowball hug,


Name: sibilant (Signed) · Date: 16 Jul 2019 01:22 AM · For: one

HI SARAH! I'm here to express a little appreciation for fellow staffers given all your work for the finale <3 Also I've been meaning to review Home for so long haha.


I'm really invested already! I think Carson is an incredibly charming and likable relationship. I love how good of a sport she's being about moving? In her opinion, I would be really pissed--but it's clear that she really loves her dad (and, on the flip side, really hates her mother).


I think Carson's relationship with her parents is so fascinating. Oliver is just so perfectly Oliver and I love their relationship. He's perfectly dad-like. I'm anticipating lots of dad jokes. Her mother is a much more complicated figure--I'm getting the sense that she wasn't really ready to be a mother? On a somewhat related note, I love how much you communicated about her; even though she didn't actually make an appearance in this chapter, we still learned so much about her, which is really good exposition!


As for Alicia & the kids: omg I love them, and I want them to be my family. I'm really excited to see Alicia and Carson's relationship, especially. AND THE KIDS. The little monsters are the cutest and I desperately want to see more of them <3


I feel bad for Carson talking about how friendless she is in the UK, and I'm really excited to see her friendship with Freddy develop. I wonder if Freddy is as much of a prankster as Fred. That's always highly entertaining :P I'm also really glad that you've made references to Carson's friends in the US. I feel stories about transfer students basically erase any reference to the person's past life, and I'm curious about whether some of her friends in the US will reappear in this story to add ~complications~.


Also, Carson is a badass and I want to be her friend, super badly.


This was a great first chapter! I blew through it because your writing is just super engaging; I can envision myself just sitting in this story and binging it all in one setting. But I'm going to pace myself because I want to leave you a nice review on each chapter :P


(sorry for the unnecessary caps haha).


<3 Shreya

Name: sunshine_locks (Signed) · Date: 07 Jul 2019 11:10 PM · For: eight

Hi Sarah! I think this will be the last review I’ll leave for the review swap.


Carson sure is dramatic, making Kylie Waters her number one enemy when it was Fred who asked her out (unless she really is a, er, witch), but it’s also on par with how dramatic I am, personally. I guess she really wanted Fred to go out with anyone.


Ah, I’d personally like to see how much the dynamic of the friend group would change if they had access to texting and the internet. Or if they had access to memes. I feel like the majority of Carson’s friend group would have a field day with them. But of course, this is Hogwarts, and it is unfortunately archaic in its ways.


Also, @ me with Vero, lmfao. I don’t take pictures often, but I’m completely the type of girl to take pictures at an angle for the Aesthetique™, and probably also needs it done a certain way.


What kind of situation is Carson referring to anyways? I’m curious to know, now.


Great chapter! Thanks for writing! xx

Name: sunshine_locks (Signed) · Date: 06 Jul 2019 02:43 PM · For: seven
Hi Sarah! I’m here for our review swap! 

And uh. Carson’s mom has some serious issues. Like it can’t be healthy to divorce that many times. Maybe she has a few internal problems to work out before she can get herself into a real relationship? Or maybe she likes marrying and divorcing, though I imagine that it can’t be all that inexpensive...

And of course, Carson feels none too displeased, because she’s been through this so many times. Apathy through too much exposure is actually kind of sad, but... I don’t know. She deserves a mom who’s more present (though I assume she gets a mom through Alicia). 

I’m glad she has James to be even at least a little sympathetic, but I think she thinks it’s strange he shows emotion to something she’s already lost all feeling for. And can I just say, I find the relationship between Carson and her mom so said, she definitely deserves a lot better than what she’s getting from her mom. 

I honestly just love the way that Carson gets along with her friends. They’ve all got a great sense of humor that goes along well with Carson’s personality, but they’re all distinct on their own too. It takes a lot of willpower and skill to write such a large cast (which... I don’t have), and pull it off too. It doesn’t seem like that you’re trying too hard to give everyone a line but rather let it flow as it is. 

Another great chapter! Thanks for writing! 

Name: sunshine_locks (Signed) · Date: 06 Jul 2019 02:12 PM · For: six
Hi Sarah! I’m here for our review swap! I’m excited to go back into this story again! 

I can already see that James and Carson have a thing going on, and I’m really excited to see how much more James can make fun of Carson’s American-ess. I don’t think that’s a word. They’re so cute by the way.

Oh my god, teenagers... (I say that like I’m not a teenager myself but!!) I don’t think I’ve met a group of teenagers that like to get drunk more than this one. But! I guess they’re trying to have fun.

Fred, uh. He needs to get his shit together. Also, why would James up the laps to twelve??? And I thought ten was unnecessary....

Great chapter, thanks for writing! xx

Name: sunshine_locks (Signed) · Date: 06 Jun 2019 12:43 AM · For: five

Hi! Back again for the second half of our review swap! (Btw the summary for this chapter made laugh out loud, so props for that.)


You know, I’ve actually ran ten laps around a track field before? It took me an hour and by the end of it I was cursing out everyone within my vicinity. I feel for the quidditch team, I really do. Running laps sucks ass. Just saying.


I find it hella funny that Cooper is so excited about someone knowing Oliver Wood. Like buddy… the person you’re talking to is Carson Wood. Of course she does.


I’m sensing just a little bit of bitterness from Carson. I feel like since Harry Potter is James’ dad, this might be something for the two of them to bond over. Hopefully, you’ll take that plotline somewhere? Maybe? I’ll just have to keep reading.


Oof. Carson as his secret weapon? That’s a lot of pressure to put on just one person. I could see why it might suck the fun out of being on the quidditch team. Also, I imagine putting a lot of your expectations and hope on one person would create some rife in the team, like, hello, the others are there too? They’re a part of your team as well? Anyways.


Am I seeing some a love triangle with James and Drew? I feel like an interaction like that between Carson and Drew wouldn’t just be in there without any point.


Ooh, the drinking scenes are all really great at getting at the sort of friendships Carson has with all of these people! I really enjoyed reading them, and honestly, playing those sorts of games like Never Have I Ever or Truth or Dare are really really fun when everyone in the room is drunk off their asses.


Also, now that Carson mentions it, Freddy’s dislike of Tim is a bit strange. Does he like Meg? That sure would explain a lot.


Great chapter, and thanks for writing! xx

Name: sunshine_locks (Signed) · Date: 06 Jun 2019 12:07 AM · For: four

Hi! I’m terribly late for our review swap, and I’m so sorry about that. I’m here now! I figured I may as well use this as an excuse to catch up on Home.


The beginning of this chapter was really funny; I think the whole ‘don’t be condoms, don’t be condoms’ was the part that threw me off guard, haha!


Also, was your James always this dramatic? He seems to have a penchant for these kinds of things, especially in quidditch. I also don’t happen to think that basing skill off of who your parent is isn’t a great idea. But James will be James.


Honestly, having a beach day at the Black Lake sounds fun with the way you write it in this story.


I mean… the way the boys act towards Tim is kind of angering, tbh. Like it’s great that they care for Meg, but also, I feel like that concern shouldn’t result in such stupid things like, I don’t know, making Meg cry. It would be nice if they tried to get along with Tim. I’m glad Carson is trying to smack some sense into them.


This was a fun chapter! I’m excited to see where all of this will go.


Thanks for writing! xx

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 13 May 2019 08:32 PM · For: three

Hi, Sarah, dear! Back for our swap! :)

Ah, first day at Hogwarts! That's always exciting! :D

I have to agree with Carson, I really love the Woods, they are such a great family! Oliver and Alicia are so cool, and the kids are adorable! The bit about funning=marrying was so much fun. :P Carson really needs to learn to keep her tongue at bay... :P

The train trip was great. I loved their little group, and it's so nice how well Carson immediately fit in. I also really loved Meg, it's so nice that there is another girl Carson can bond with. :)

Poor Louis seems like he has a hard time dealing with the gang... :P I also really loved the whole brother-in-law thing... guess that means Teddy and Victoire are married? :D And Albus is a Slytherin, of course. And I bet James likes to give him a hard time for it... :P

(Side note, I also really loved Neville and how James calls him Uncle Neville and how he's so exasperated by the kids, but obviously very fond of them, too! ;) Neville is just the best!)

And I'm also so excited for the Hufflepuff girls! It's so nice to have some inter-house friendships, and I'm always there for some Hufflepuff representation (I guessed Maeve was a Hufflepuff the moment you introduced her, btw...)

I'm also so, so excited that Carson loves Arithmancy! I like the crispness of the numbers, how everything always works out. You're right or you're wrong, and here's why. My best friend at Ilvermorny had a theory that its total structure balanced out the chaos of my childhood. This paragraph is so good, and I totally share that point of view as well, so I really loved it! :)

This was a really lovely chapter! I loved the introduction of all the new characters and I'm so excited to see how Carson's first year will turn out to be! Wonderful job as always! <3

Thank you so much for the swap!

Snowball hug,


Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 12 May 2019 01:16 PM · For: two

Hi, Sarah, dear! Here for our swap! :D (Sorry if I'm a bit late...)

Oh, Merlin, the last line! lol :P I can't blame Carson, Fred and James must be... a lot? Then, again, she is not far behind, is she? ;)

The whole birthday party/Gryffindor Quidditch team reunion was awesome! I loved all the characters there, from the little siblings and all their questions about alcohol (and Erin dressing like her... aww... sweet...), to Fred and James being... Fred and James, I guess, to George and Harry bickering, to Oliver being shocked about Carson's dates (that bit was fun... although I feel like it's a bit sad the way she had to put up with all of her mother's partners... I'm wondering about Number Fourteen's message? Is it something I should be worried about?)

I loved the idea of the sorting at home. It makes sense that a transfer student would be sorted privately, it would be awkward if the sorting happened in front of the whole school with the first years, wouldn't it? And I loved to see another familiar face. :) Neville is always so adorable, isn't he? :P Oliver's reaction to the sorting was priceless, too. I bet he would be excited to attend to his child's sorting, and of course he would beam like that when she got Gryffindor. The whole "we would have disowned you" is a classic, although I'm sure he didn't mean it. ;) 

Sorry if this review is a bit short... but know that I'm really enjoying this story so far. I love your characters, Carson is so much fun and all the people around her are too. :) You'll need to remind me to come back (maybe we can make another swap sometime soon?)

Lots of love and snowball hug,


Name: TidalDragon (Signed) · Date: 07 Apr 2019 10:27 AM · For: two

It's only taken an eternity, but I have returned for more of your splendid OC, who only seems to get more spitfire-y here. I think the increased spice works for you here because it: (1) carries through that what we've seen before IS in fact her character not just situational salt and (2) adds absolute humor to the fic (witty enough to be a Ravenclaw indeed).


One thing I do find hyper-interesting is Carson's interactions with adults versus people her (or closer to anyway) age. Some of this seems to come from her "hobbies" - but I also wonder if part of it is being off-balance and possibily her life of constant adjustment with all her stepfathers. It will be interesting to see how the adjustment to Hogwarts goes given her tendency toward adults. Without as much common ground/history will she have to change at all to lead a satisfying life? My instinct is yes - and something she'll resist at first - but that the melding of those adaptations with her well-developed personality will indeed make for a better version of the titular Home.


To focus on a couple of moments, I liked the fact that she numbers the stepdads. It's one of those things that's funny, but quite sad at the same time, especially given her age. Also, the licking of the spoon is...NOT hygenic.


I look foward to seeing going forward how life at Hogwarts happens for her and, perhaps more importantly, what the balance is between her hyper-confident personality and underlying insecurities. How much confidence is natural and how much is to paper over those insecurities and weaknesses? Only time will tell!


Thanks for sharing this awesome story. Maybe I'll be better at R&R in 2019...

Name: javu (Signed) · Date: 08 Feb 2019 12:24 PM · For: eight

“Away from me, Brutus!” How do you come up with this stuff??? 


Okay, so if I’m honest, I originally thought that Carson wasn’t actually that mad at Fred. When she’s playfully angry at someone she gets sarcastic and whips out those witty remarks. And it felt like Carson behaved in that manner. But this time she was mad? I think? I’m gonna say she’s half mad and half not. If not, please correct me!


I feel like this chapter goes back and forth from playful fun and seriousness. It a good way though! Not like flip-floppy-can’t follow kind of way. But like a nice balance, like a teeter totter. Oh! And you write scenes with people that can have multiple meanings! That shows depth. Like the whole date in Hogsmeade. They’re all laughing and having fun. Carson wants a photo with George haha. But then it switches to a serious note. “I’m impressed.” - James but then the conversation (and story) glides to how Al isn’t drinking. Which btw I really want to know what situation Carson was referring to about getting out of an awkward situation and ending up on top!


Alwynse. RvG February.

Name: javu (Signed) · Date: 05 Feb 2019 09:29 AM · For: seven

I just love the Americanisms that you sprinkle in your writing! So HP is British and has British culture yeah and that’s cool. And American culture has developed into a hegemony on a global scale and I know that and I feel selfish when I want Americans or American culture to be in Harry Potter fanfiction. But I also want to respect the British and honor them by acknowledging that the context of Hogwarts and most Harry Potter things are British. Sorry that’s like a ramble of feelings. Anyway, my point is that I think you incorporate American culture really well. Taco Tuesday made me smile. That and other things of American culture you weave in and they’re not the cliche things people think about when they think of American culture. It’s the little things like Taco Tuesday that make me go “Yes!! That is so American!” 


You also do a good job of highlighting American culture without putting British culture down. Realistically, Carson should be having some culture shock. Like have you tried tacos in a country that’s not in North, Central or South America?? In my experience, everyone has their own version and idea of what Taos are. Anyway, good job Carson for not complaining!


The whole scene with Carson freaking out about the date is both sad and funny. Clearly the divorce is getting to her. (And James is a sweetheart in how he handles it!) But reading her panic is amusing. I feel weird writing that. Because normally when someone freaks out like that it’s not funny, but how you wrote it it was funny. 


And  s we start to the beginnings of James’ feelings! His reaction at the news is to frown. Frown! Subtle beginnings.


Alwynse for RvG February.

Name: javu (Signed) · Date: 04 Feb 2019 03:26 PM · For: six

I feel like I’ve said this many times, or at least thought it, but I love your wit and banter in your writing. I am legitimately amazed at what your brain produces. My brain doesn’t cannot pump out that level and amount of that witty banter filled sarcasm. I just nope. I could maybe push myself, but it wouldn’t come out anywhere near your quality or quantity. I have my own style of humor, which is totally me, but yargh I’m rambling now. Point is, I love your style of humor. 


I think you showed well James’ personality in this chapter. Like his different facets. He’s fun loving and knows how to party. He can joke around and laugh at others and himself. He’s also dedicated to Quidditch, not making allowances for his hungover and tired team. He’s probably just as tired but he doesn’t show it. He’s also caring. Though they joked about it, James did in fact take care of Al. He’s a natural leader of the group. I always like leaders, in fiction and in reality, who don’t aspire to lead but end up leading because others follow them. I feel like James has that attribute in him.


Alwynse for RvG February- Go GOLD!


Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 27 Jan 2019 07:51 AM · For: one

Hi, Sarah!

Here for the menagerie, and since this story has been celebrated around quite a bit, I thought it was time for me to check it out... :P

I'm loving Carson already. She's a fun girl. :) And the whole Wood family sounds awesome! I loved the little introduction of the three half-siblings, especially Colton who at five years old wants to show everyone how grown up he is... you give the perfect picture of a five year old in just one sentence and I loved it so much! (Don't know if you know, but I have a thing for little children... :P)

I'm wondering, did something specific happen that brought Carson to live full time with the Woods? You didn't get into details, maybe you will later, but from the little I gathered, Carson's mother didn't provide the healtiest environment for her daughter? Either way, it must be so sad to have divorced parents and being bounced back and forth between two families... I guess I'm glad she's getting a bit of stability now, even if it looks like she's going to need to rebuild all her life...

Oliver is just so... Oliver! I've always had a soft spot for him and his Quidditch obsession, too. :P I love the idea that he got married with Alicia, they seem to make a nice couple and she seems really awesome. :) It's lovely to see that Carson has a good relationship with both of them, too.

I really enjoyed to see George and Fred II in the last scene, too. The interactions between George and Oliver were so funny and somehow reminiscent of their Hogwarts days. And of course Carson and Fred would immediately bond as friends. I'm really curious how Carson's days at Hogwarts will turn out to be like. :P

Fantastic introductory chapter! I'll try to be back soon! :)

Lots of love,


Name: Chemical_Pixie (Signed) · Date: 20 Jan 2019 10:35 AM · For: thirty

Sarah!! Here for the magical menagerie and January rvg!


THE FINAL CHAPTER! Merlin's beard, what an incredible accomplishment. I want to state now (and I'm sure that I'll say it again many times over in this review) that I am so proud of you for finishing a gigantic project! Novels are no easy things to write, and it requires a tremendous amount of bravery to actually share something like a novel with the world. Amazing!


This chapter has a lot of finality (duh), but it leaves me happy that all the loose ties have been neatly tied. And going from the last few lines of the fic, I think you truly capture the happiness that Carson feels as she interacts with everyone for the final time. Freddy and Meg are adorable as they bicker over the apartment. I am thrilled that Louis gets the final say (open floor plan and an island). I feel like this is a big moment for him, especially since he's been teased for essentially the entire story and now he has the best idea of them all. HA! The girls (Vero, Maeve, Lizzie, Meg, and Carson) are as strong as ever here. I can tell that their friendship is going to last a lifetime. I am so proud of you for writing so many characters in a fic like this!!


Also, I know that I've already mentioned this before, but I ship Oliver and Alicia so much. They have such wonderful chemistry, and it's so obvious that they absolutely adore each other. My other main ship (besides Freddy and Meg) are, of course, James and Carson. They're such a fun couple, and it's awesome that they will be working with each other professionally. I like how that hints that they'll be together for a while (I mean, they're even teased that they'll end up married, which I have no doubt that they WILL). 


Overall, this has been such a fun story to read. I am so proud of you for writing this, for taking the time to come up with the plot and characters, and for sharing. You should be proud of yourself, too! Well done, Sarah!!!

Name: Chemical_Pixie (Signed) · Date: 20 Jan 2019 10:07 AM · For: twenty nine

Sarah! Here for the magical menagerie! and january rvg.


The penultimate chapter... and we finally get the title!!! And Carson actually finally totally communicates her true feelings to James. AHHHH! It is so cute! And adorable. One could say... adorably cute! And I like how understated it is. It seems way more natural than a grand speech and then the declaration. Having James and Carson go into a bush, how funny and it is SOOOO them! I do get a sense of how Carson feels like she is at home when James is around. You've done an excellent job at developing that throughout this winding and turning tale!


Okay... I realize that I had written the first part of the review before passing out last night... but oh boy, was it exciting to wake up and read that Quidditch Final!!! I like how you capture James's nerves and then show him pulling it together for the game the next day. Also, I love how he throws his plan out the window in favor of sheer glory and upcoming victory. That's rather Gryffindor of him, don't you think? Anyway, the Quidditch bit was such a fun part to read. :)


And then that post Quidditch party! I like how you have the fun and silly shenanigans of the motley crew happening while James and Carson have that serious talk... It's a mature one to have, and honestly, I think they both handled it a lot better than the "I love you" fiasco. However, I hope that they don't break up because of different career paths. I know that's a thing and it's rather realistic, but as Carson mentions, she can do what she wants to do from anywhere, so hopefully that allows some flexibility for the future of their relationship (because they're so cute togeter)...


Onto the final chapter! Ahhh!

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