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Name: sunshine_locks (Signed) · Date: 18 Jul 2018 11:20 PM · [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: three

Man. The way Carson speaks about her mother makes me a bit sad. Why was her mother so cold--for lack of a better word--when Carson was around? If Carson is in her care, it's her responsibility to make sure she's happy and healthy. 


At least she's got a better family now. 


The scene at Platform 9 3/4 was so funny!


Carson's personality attracts a lot of friends, it seems. I would not have been able to do that. (It took me two months to make friends when I moved.)


First day of classes has gone smoothly, and all of the relationships have been set up. 


I'm excited to see what comes next! xx

Author's Response:

Ahh, Carson's mom is a big issue for her! So much more on that to come (it's actually getting to be like a central plot point on what I'm writing now haha)! But yes, much better things now! The realtionships have been set up and her friendships have been formed and we're off! I'm glad you've enjoyed what you've read so far and hope you continue to do so! Thanks for reading and reviewing (and organizing the swap)!

Name: sunshine_locks (Signed) · Date: 18 Jul 2018 11:17 PM · [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: two

Carson is amazing lmfao.


I really like her sense of humor and easygoing personality. She seems to be fitting in well with her ‘new' family. I wonder how she'll get along with James and Fred.


I'm also concerned about what was in Stepdad #14's (I'm still cracking up that she calls her stepdad's by numbers she's assigned them) letter? It seems to be bothering her a lot.


I must keep reading! xx

Author's Response:

Aw, I'm glad you like Carson! She's definitely got a good sense of humor (and a big dose of sass)! She fits in with her "new" family pretty well--she's spent time with them all before, but it's a bit of an adjustment living there full time for her. More with James and Fred next chapter when she goes off to school! Glad you enjoyed!

Name: sunshine_locks (Signed) · Date: 18 Jul 2018 02:34 AM · [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: one

Hi! Here for our review swap.


I’m interested by the predicament I’m immediately put into at the beginning of the story. So we know that Carson has divorced parents, and they both had custody of her. I wonder what happened that her mum was forced into giving up custody of Carson?


I’m also interested in Oliver and Rachel’s relationship; I wonder how they happened. No doubt it was one of those boom and bust relationships, the fast and quick kind.


Okay, so I breezed through the chapter, sorry lmfao.


Carson is interesting so far, and I think you have a good set up for the story that might come. There was emphasis on her biological parents’ relationship and divorce, so I’m assuming that being the child of two divorcees might have given her a skewed perspective on relationships, or maybe a lack of ability to make meaningful relationships?


I don’t know. I’ll read on!


Lovely first chapter! xx

Author's Response:

Ahhh Carson's mom...she's a piece of work, as I'm sure you can tell just by this chapter already! Oliver and Rachel were definitely fast and quick--that kind where you think things are perfect and then things kind of settle down and you realize that they're not. But by that point they'd already gotten married and had Carson, so there's just that extra complication to make things a little more tricky for them and for her, becuase yes, she does have some trouble with relationships and opening up to people! Glad you liked the first chapter!

Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 11 Jul 2018 05:52 PM · [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: twenty one

Yes, I called it!! Uncle Justin's reaction makes it 10x better too - 'just take a shot with me and I won't tell your dad.' He's the ultimate cool uncle and I love him so much. (Also, on that note, it's really rare that I read a fic and am like 'oh yeah the parent figures are some of my favourite characters' but I just love Oliver and Alicia and Justin so much in this story.)


Oh no, Meg's run-in with Tim was so awkward! Of course, it's rare that a run-in with an ex (or an... almost ex at this point) isn't weird. Also, I'm going out of order but Lou and Maeve omg!! That's such a sticky situation, and for both of their sakes I hope they get it sorted out soon. I know Maeve's too nice for this but wow would it be satisfying for her to just walk up to Lou and be like, 'you told me you loved me while you were blackout, so you should probably explain yourself now.' (But tbh if anyone's gonna confront Lou like that, my money's on Carson.)


Omg Alicia and Angelina making suggestive comments about Carson and Freddy was funny, but Coop and Fitz doing so was even funnier. That whole situation was hilarious, and I love that it just culminated in Carson finally saying something about her and James because while she wants it on the down low,  the idea that she's dating Freddy is literally so much worse than that so she's just like screw it, this is the only way to get them to shut up.


Also, Liam was definitely my favourite reaction this chapter - he had so many gold lines, from 'holy shit!' *knocks inkwell over* 'shit!' to 'you should probably get that date' to 'Carson's never had an anniversary to get into'... the boy was on fire this chapter, truly.


Loved it, as always!!! <3

Author's Response:

Haha Uncle Justin is Carson's go-to guy for those little things Carson can't talk to her dad about (aka her new boy that she's not ready to talk about yet). I'm glad you like all the adults. They are a fun bunch! Run-ins with exes are always tough but for Meg it's especially rough right now, because she's in this awkward in-between spot. And yes! Lou and Maeve! Maeve is defintiely too nice, but ugh somebody needs to shake some sense into that boy, and soon! It was one thing for their mom's to think they'd make a cute couple, but totally another for their friends and Carson was not about to listen to practice after practice of that nonsense. Better to just nip that one in the bud early on. Glad you enjoyed this! Next one will (hopefully) be up shortly! Had some trouble with one of the scenes but think I've worked past it to get it together! Thanks for reviewing Taylor! :)

Name: gryffinclaw (Signed) · Date: 11 Jul 2018 11:05 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: twenty one

I read this on the train and laughed so much people moved seats.

Author's Response:

Oh my gosh, this is such a wonderful compliment! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! Thanks for reading and reviewing and I hope you continue to enjoy the story!

Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 10 Jul 2018 02:47 PM · [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: four

Oh the owl letter might be filled with condoms from Oliver? Hmm, Alicia would think it hilarious... a funny family. The boys including Freddie and James must have felt hilarious.


Quodpot! I need to check it. Has 'Quidditch through Ages' explained about the sports?


Carson is a daughter of Oliver Wood. She is definitely a talented player for Gryffindor team. I like the tryouts scene. And I felt happy that you let James say about his mum.


On the beach scene, I felt your American taste with bikini girls. J.K.R has never written the boys and girls enjoy swimming near beach in summer. I think totally it's okay. The earth gets hotter and hotter year by year due to global warming. I saw a picture people (mostly Muggles) enjoy basking under the sun on the beach in Britain recently, so often. :)



Author's Response:

Haha yes, that first letter home was definitely an adventure in the Wood family relations. One more example of the differences of Carson's relationship with her dad compared to her mom, but also how it may compare with other parent-child relationships. I found Quodpot when I googled "American quidditch." It is apparently what they play there and there's a whole backstory to it. I believe it is in Quiddith through the ages, but it's definitely able to be googled for at least a short version! I'm glad you enoyed the tryouts scene! We're starting some Quidditch scenes here and it was fun to get that rolling. I hope you continue to enjoy them! I thought the beach scene was just a good example of them being teenagers! Some time for them all to relax before they really get deep into the school year! 

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 05 Jul 2018 04:02 PM · [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: twenty

Given the way the last chapter ended, one would expect the dramatic stuff to happen at the start of this chapter but nope, you saved it for the end!! I love cliffhangers in which someone has been caught doing something they shouldn't (aka snogging in the Quidditch Hall of Fame) but you have no idea who caught them. I have my guesses (for some reason I'm set on Uncle Justin, given the wording, but Alicia also seem like a viable option).


Anyways, I loved Meg's reaction first thing in the morning, like, so much? Like honestly, of course she was even more excited than Carson was about her and James. Also I just really really love the image of Carson doing finger guns at Victor Krum?? That's so completely her and I love it so much. And Carson and James together are still so dang cute and so dorky about Quidditch and it's just absolutely wonderful.


Excellent chapter as always!! <3

Author's Response:

Haha yes, threw things for a loop by holding the drama for the end. Just Meg being dramatic to start, but that's nothing unusual. To be expected, really. It's so Meg to be more excited about Carson's relationship than Carson and it's so Carson to be like eh whatever. I'm glad you enjoyed Meg's little commotion. Oh my gosh, Carson is truly so awkward sometimes. She hides it well sometimes, but no. I loved getting the chance to really show off James and Carson's nerdy Quidditch sides! This was such a good opportunity for them to be dorky about another aspect of Quidditch we don't see at school! Before Carson started talking too much (typical) and James had to shut her up (again, typical). Hoping to have next chapter (and the answer to who caugh them doing something they shouldn't be doing) up shortly! Thanks for reviewing Taylor!

Name: Unwritten Curse (Signed) · Date: 04 Jul 2018 03:23 AM · [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: five

Here with your requested review, my dear. :) Sorry it's a bit late.


I have to start out this review by saying that I AM LIVING FOR THE BANTER in this chapter. Carson is freaking hilarious and everything out of her mouth is pure gold. The bit at the beginning of the chapter when Coop doesn't realize Oliver Wood is her dad--brilliant. And then when her friend were talking about how hot her dad is. OMG. Poor Carson. It's the dialogue that makes this story so dynamic and it makes me want to keep coming back for more.


I also have to say that you handle party/crowd scenes SO WELL. It's really hard to keep track of and move so many bodies in a scene, but it seemed effortless. You managed to tell me how everything was set up and where everyone was situated with minimal exposition, which made the scene flow so well and prevented me from getting bogged down in details. It helped me to stay present in the scene.


Speaking of the party scene, I LOVE FREDDY. He is such a sweet friend. And I think Carson's theory about him liking Meg is spot on. (Sorry, I'm just rambling here as I remember all the random details I loved...) How funny that they kept mentioning poor Albus and how he's never going to live this down. I think at one point she called his abs cute? Because he's 15? Yeah, I definitely cackled at that one! So hilarious!


I think this story is helping me to understand how to make the little moments matter. Because this story is a combination of moments between friends and family and it is honestly so compelling watching everything unfold. And it's not some major plot event; it's just the day-to-day life of Carson and YOU ARE A MASTER for making me fall in love with her life. I hope that made sense. It's just... when I write a story I feel like I'm so focused on getting from one major plot point to the next that I forget about the moments in between, where you develop character and become attached as a reader and WANT them to succeed when you finally do GET to those big moments. Ya know? You do that so, so well. I'm inspired. :)


I'll be back, I promise!

Author's Response:

Oh my gosh, this was the NICEST thing to come read today! I am so so touched about that entire last paragraph you wrote here! It's such a sweet thing to say! I'm glad you're getting so much out of it and loving Carson and her life! And now to address the actual plot points you've brought up! I love how much you love the banter and dialogue in this! Coop was really the first one to really talk about how famous her dad was. Like Carson's always known it but her friends also have famous parents...so there's a sense of normalcy to the fame that they all share? Of course, their friends with non-famous parents are just fans, which is how you get scenes like this. Carson's been in America for most of her life, where Quidditch isn't huge, and hasn't had to deal with her friends thinking her dad's hot before. A whole new experience. I'm glad you thought the party scene went well! Freddy is definitely one of my favorite characters to write. He's so sweet and funny! Haha I honestly forgot about her calling his abs cute until you mentioned it, but, yes, she did! I'm excited to see what you have to say to upcoming chapters! I'll definitely be back to request more (though I may request the one-shot I mentioned before another chapter). You were wildly flattering in this review and lovely as always, but it's been kind of a rough week so this was wonderful to read! :)

Name: GinnyHarry123 (Signed) · Date: 28 Jun 2018 11:41 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: nineteen

Whaat...and no kiss in the end??

But great chapter anyway:)

Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 28 Jun 2018 03:21 AM · [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: nineteen

I'm just going to start off this review by saying that I've only just read the summary and you have my hopes up so if something doesn't happen between Carson and James in this chapter I'm going to feel so cheated.


ALRIGHT OK I FINISHED THE ACTUAL CHAPTER NOW AND I AM SCREAMING. First of all, I love the sheer number of 'almost' moments in this chapter - first at the start of the party, and then at the midnight countdown on the balcony (I've also just noticed they seem to have a thing for balconies?). It's all just building up to the scene where they actually talk at the end and it's glorious.


Anyways, love a good New Year's chapter. I adore both glitter and champagne, so it makes sense, really. I also really love that James just has such a solid read on Carson's personality and connecting that to what she doesn't like about New Year's - she's got that really carefree attitude that she shows to the world but she's also surprisingly cautious about other things... like James, for instance.


Also, Jesus, this line - "I just want you to give us a shot because we're already great and we could be incredible." I just... if I didn't love James already, this line would've done it for my because oooooh lordy that is so. freaking. cute.


I would like to apologize for the fact that this entire review is just a hot mess of me screaming about things, but I'm super excited to see what all this leads into in the upcoming chapters!!

Author's Response:

Haha, this was not the most humerous of chapters; there were, as you said, a lot of almost moments, and it took me a bit to find something I wanted to put in as the summary! I settled on that, but of course I knew the what angst of reading that little blurb would lead to.


I LIVE for New Year's chapters (because I am 100% on boards with your thoughts about glitter and champagne--what's not to like) so I was super excited to finally get to this point. I've always kind of had this in mind as a turning point for the two of them, especially with James' assessment about Carson being so spot on. They're things she's tried to block away and not think about, like so many other issues she's got, and here he is just seeing right through her, just like he always does. And she kind of hates that he knows her so well, because that's so much emotional attachment for her, and she panics and tells him she can't date him because she doesn't date anyone because of said emotional attachment, but it's everything he sees and does, both the good and the bad, that makes her realize she has to at least try.


Never apologize for hot mess screaming! You gotta do what you gotta do, you know (also I've def been like that in Complicated reviews, so I totally understand). Thanks for reviewing Taylor! Next chapter should be up shortly!

Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2018 11:06 PM · [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: eighteen

So I honestly think I was more excited to see that your chapter got validated than I was to see my own, lol. I’ve been so excited to see the aftermath of James’ confession! As always, I love Carson’s interactions with her dad. He’s truly such a funny parent and I love their dynamic so so much.


And wow, with all the stuff that happened last chapter I’d almost forgotten about this beach trip they had planned! And the events of last chapter certainly serve to make it a bit more dramatic, lol. James and Carson are both so awkward, and it’s just so fitting (and SO relatable, tbh - trying to act normal when someone’s just told you they like you is HARD lol). But at least Carson is (somewhat) figuring out her feelings. Also nice to see a little bit of Meg/Fred (Med? Freg? Both possible combinations of their names are hilarious honestly) progress happen in this chapter as well.


Great chapter, Sarah! I’m already excited for the next one!!

Author's Response:

Yes, the aftermath! I've been so excited for this, finally! It was fun to finally see Oliver doing a real parent thing, but still being himself and staying true with his dynamic with Carson. They're never going to be the traditional father-daughter, but they've got their own thing going and it works for them. James and Carson this chapter were SO awkward, but I totally agree. It's just so weird after someone tells you they like you! Carson is on her way there, taking her time figuring out her feelings. Somewhat is a good word for it, lol. I died what you brought up Med and Freg! I was literaly thinking about that this week! It's true, both combos are hilarious! Hope to have next one up soon! Thanks for reviewing Taylor!

Name: BBHP (Signed) · Date: 18 Jun 2018 08:37 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: eighteen

Excellent chapter! I don’t know if I missed it, but did we find out exactly why Carson came to live with her dad? I’m also interested to learn all the reasons she’s bad at relationships and commitment and whatnot. Anyway, still loving this story!! 

Author's Response:

I don't think I've said it outright yet about why she came to live with her dad! I've definitely hinted to it in the first chapter and when she talks with James, Freddy, and Lou about her mom. More to be revealed (aka the full story) later. But it's got mostly to do with Carson has said about her before--she just never really learned how to be a mom. And in terms of her being bad, kind of similar things. Carson's definitely had some rants about her mom's divorces but she's mostly internalized how they've affected her. So more on that to come as well! Glad you're still enjoying and hope you continue to do so! Thanks for reviewing!

Name: Unwritten Curse (Signed) · Date: 13 Jun 2018 07:51 PM · [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: four

Hello, hello! I'm finally here for the review you requested! Sorry for the delay. End of school year stuff and then I had family visiting. But enough of my excuses...

I'm so glad to be back with this story!

Okay, first things first, I KNEW Carson would try out for the team and I KNEW she'd end up on it as a Chaser. How could she not? I think it's awesome that she didn't initially want to try out, that it was her friends who encouraged her to do so. It shows that she's not as prideful as her dad (or at least that's how I imagine him to be).

You describe the auditions really well--the tactics that Carson used to score against Cooper, how Cooper kept his cool, how the Seeker who was chosen was so small that she looked like she'd be blown over by a gust of wind. Really cool details that made the scene unique and authentic.

WHAT IS GOING ON WITH TIM? Is it really just House rivalry going on here, or is it something more. As Carson said, Freddy is one of the nicest guys around, so it surprises me that he would dislike someone purely for their House. The comment about Tim hurting Meg made me really suspicious, because it seems like they know something that Carson doesn't. I am glad that Carson gave them the "guilt trip" because it's always best to treat others with respect until they've lost that respect, but I am going to keep my eye on that one.

Carson seems to be setting into Hogwarts very well, and I'm happy to see that. Her cheerful demeanor is magnetic. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the note from her dad! Ahaha! I still love their relationship and how teasing it is. It seems like Carson can truly be herself around her dad. I love to see strong familial relationships in fics. I think it's a good indicator that Carson will continue to have strong relationships at Hogwarts as well.

Great job again, my dear! Feel free to come back and request another review. :)

Author's Response:

Hi! No worries, totally understand, life happens! That's a totally accurate statement about Oliver and Carson. And it's not necessarily a bad thing. Oliver knows he's good at Quidditch and that's okay! But while Carson is definitely confident in her abilities, she's more likely to make a joke about it or play it off. The Gryffindor team is so fun to write and I'm glad you thought tryouts came out so well. Carson gave a great gulit trip right? Unfortunately for the boys, Tim will be sticking around for a while! Carson's definitely settling in well. Made some new friends and getting started with Quidditch. Glad you enjoyed and thanks for reviewing! Will definitely stop back and request another soon!

Name: petunafish (Anonymous) · Date: 07 Jun 2018 04:13 AM · [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: seventeen


Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 05 Jun 2018 09:13 AM · [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: seventeen

OK WHEN I SAID I EXPECTED THIS TO BE A DRAMATIC CHAPTER THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT. But holy moly this needed to happen - I knew James was going to get fed up hearing about Carson’s boy habits sooner or later.


Ok but as much as I want to talk about that last scene I should probably make other comments first so that this review at least goes in a somewhat chronological order. Anyways, I loved meeting more of the Potter-Weasley clan, and I love how you’ve characterised them. Hopefully Vic and Dom talked some sense into Louis.


Also, I died at Oliver’s comment of “can’t you just pick one boy? or better yet, none?” I seriously love their father-daughter dynamic, and that was yet another perfect example of it. And the use of the phrase “food digger” was hilarious - and just one of the many conversations that definitely helped build up to James’ eventual blow-up at the end.


Alright, now we’ve come full circle and I can talk about that last scene again. I’m so happy James finally said something, even if he did storm off at the end, because it was very apparent that Carson wasn’t going to get there on her own and definitely needed James to point out that she shouldn’t be talking about all her boy stuff with a guy who is very obviously into her. And Carson’s response was just so spot-on for her - she just froze and couldn’t find the words, which is exactly what I expected from her. So now she just needs to get it together next chapter, lol.


So on that note, I’m so freaking pumped for the next chapter now because I can’t wait to see the fallout from all of this. 

Author's Response:

I loved bringning more Weasley's in! It was fun to bring some more sass in with Dom and break out Lou's youngest child side a little. At home with his sisters he's just their baby brother and they'll tease him all they like. The Oliver-Carson dynamic remains one of my favorites to write, even just little lines like that! 

Ah, I've been so excited to get here! It definitely needed to happen. James was not about to just sit around and between everything tonight and all that's happened the last few chapters. he just...blew up. It's a very Carson response; she needs to time to process, especially a revelation like that. Far too many emotions at once for our girl to give an answer! Fallout to come! Thanks for the review, Taylor :)


Name: ShadowRose (Signed) · Date: 05 Jun 2018 09:03 AM · [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: sixteen

Oh my goodness, I go offline for a couple of days and come back to not one, but two new chapters!! You’re on a roll, Sarah!


Anyways, to start off this review I would like to confirm the accuracy of the mandatory events of a girl’s night - HONESTLY WHY DOES SOMEONE ALWAYS HAVE TO CRY?? lol.


Also I died with Alicia and Angelina trying to get Freddy and Carson together because they’re both clearly reading some totally wrong signals - you gotta love when moms immediately start trying to play matchmaker as soon as they see you even talking to someone of the opposite sex.


Alright, I’m moving onto the next chapter, it sounds like it’s gonna be a dramatic one!! <3

Author's Response:

Haha I just died at your comment about girl's night! It's seriously so true though, there's ALWAYS a crier! I've had that Alicia and Angelina scene in my head for a bit now. It's a total mom thing! My mom has "her pick" for me; she wants good in-laws, she says! And I could totally picture the two of them, just like trying to hint at Carson and Freddy, like hey guys, wouldn't it be great? Except they're not as subtle as they think they are! 

Name: Olivia (Anonymous) · Date: 03 Jun 2018 06:18 PM · [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: sixteen

Still...with who will Carson get together....??

Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 02 Jun 2018 02:17 AM · [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: four



Yay, a letter!  I'm glad that we opened this chapter with Oliver writing to Carson - it was a nice link back to her life at home which is really the only environment we've seen her in until recently, and it meant that we got to see more of their relationship, which I'm really enjoying reading.  That postscript at the end of the letter made me laugh so mcuh.


Little Brit pick - James would most likely call his mother 'mum' (unless he uses a different dialectal version), rather than the American mom :)


James is so serious about his Quidditch - watching him get all antsy about the speech and excited to make it was really funny, especially with how exasperated Meg was.  And Carson had to try out!  There definitely wasn't any way she was getting out of that when she let on that she played Quodpot at Ilvermorney, especially now she's friends with the captain of the Quidditch team.  I'm looking forward to seeing her taking James down a peg or two in training, and hopefully helping Gryffindor win a couple of matches!


I think I'm feeling slightly suspicious of Tim at the moment - I can't decide if the boys really are just being silly and protective over Meg, or whether there's actually going to be cause for them not to like him at some point.  But it was a really sweet moment of friendship for Carson and Meg, and it's sweet to see them getting closer, too.


Sian :)

Author's Response:

Hello again!


A lovely letter from home! I couldn't resist throwing it in and I had to have Oliver's reaction to the platform scene from last chapter. Carson ran off on him too quickly to get it immediately. It was nice to throw in a little extra family time when she's not actually with them too!


James is SO serious about his Quidditch! He does not mess around when it comes to his team. There was no way she was getting out of trying out; James was not about to let that happen. And now he's got all kinds of plans but Carson will keep him check. Time to break out the sass!


Thanks for the review; glad you enjoyed!


Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 02 Jun 2018 01:58 AM · [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: three

Hi again!  Popping back for some more POGs reviewing!


I'm really, really enjoying the interactions between Carson and the rest of her family still.  Her younger siblings are adorable, and I'm sure they're actually so excited to have their big sister there with them (kind of) full-time.  And I love how excited Oliver is to send his daughter off to school for the first time.


The scene on the station platform had me really cracking up - the way that she had to madly try and cover up what she was about to say about her mum and invent up some sort of explanation for her younger siblings.  I can definitely picture myself accidentally doing something like this one day :P  I can't wait till her siblings go home and start telling Oliver and Alicia about all the 'fun' they're going to have when they're older :P Maybe we'll see some letters between the family so we get to keep that relationship going?


And we're off to Hogwarts!  I'm excited to see how Carson fits in with the rest of the school and how she adapts to life at a different institution to the one she's been used to for so long.


Meg surprised me - I was sure it was going to be Dom with the way that you described her!  I like her already though, and the way that you used her to highlight some of the issues that Carson has with her own mother (especially regarding appearance) was cleverly done.


Thank goodness Carson has already been sorted and doesn't have to go through all that when she arrives at Hogwarts - that sounds like a nightmare!  Instead we get to see her really starting to get stuck into her new life there, and I'm enjoying it so far.


My only suggestion is that a couple of times, it might help to have a few more dialogue tags in those sections, as there often seems to be a group present, so it's not always easy to tell who's talking - though I suspect that will get easier through the story as the characters become more familiar.  Your dialogue is so easy to read, though - it's very energetic and the dynamics between the different characters are so interesting.


Carson definitely seems to be settling into Hogwarts life well so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing how she keeps getting on there!


Sian :)

Author's Response:

Sian! Hi again! The platform scene was such a fun scene to write and totally Carson. She's totally not used to having to watch her words around such young kids and oops, that's what you get Carson. Her siblings are definitely happy to be around her.


It was exciting to finally get to Hogwarts and introduce a new cast of characters. I love the Wood family and their dynamics, but the new crew is pretty fun too and I hope you enjoy them just as much. I thought a lot about how Carson would have been sorted prior to starting and eventually decided to do it this way. I'm glad you're enjoying the new start at Hogwarts so far. Thank you for the feedback about the diaglogue! It's definitely appreciated!


Thanks for the review!


Name: StarFeather (Signed) · Date: 01 Jun 2018 02:05 AM · [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: three

Hi, Sarah! I came back again for PoG.



 I love Doritos and Oreos. I enjoy your American flavor in your story from the start. It’s joyful to see how Carson reach the station with Oliver and Alicia. I’m glad to see she is surely the member of Wood family. And you let her say in her mind, “I make good-byes to my own family.” So she feels Wood family truly as her family.


 It’s a fun read, the scene in the compartment, cheerful reunion, mostly they are Gryffindors plus Neville! (I feel for professor Longbottom. This year will be chaos for him as a teacher, I say. The boys, mischief!) All scenes at Hogwarts are introduced in a bright mood. I feel Carson’s expectation, her will to enjoy her new school. I guess Meg and Maeve will be important persons for her.



 I wonder how Dan, James and Freddy are up to something including Carson. I expect Quidditch scenes coming soon!




Author's Response:

Hi! Glad you've enjoyed another chapter! Carson's definitely bringing some American pride with her to her family and friends (and me, bringing some of my own as well)! She's definitely starting to feel more comfortable with them as her true family, not just her summer one! It's an exciting time for her to get to Hogwarts, meet her new friends, and start her classes! Quidditch starts soon, next chapter I believe! Thanks for the review!


Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 29 May 2018 08:04 PM · [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: two

Hi again, Sarah!


This was a great second chapter!  I felt like we already had a pretty good insight into Carson's character in the first chapter, so I felt familiar and comfortable with her voice in this chapter - it was very easy to get pulled into the writing.  


Carson is such a livewire - she's a really vibrant character and is really engaging to read.  I loved all of her little quips through this chapter, especially towards her dad.  You're doing a great job of building up their relationship.  He's pretty laid-back with his daughter - aside from the typical dad comments about dating and so on - and it's going to be interesting to see if he'll continue with that through the story, or if he'll feel that Carson needs a bit more of an authority figure in her life.  Although I suppose now would probably be a difficult time to start, when she's officially become an adult :P


I loved the way that you used Carson's jokes and sense of humour to give us a bit more of an insight into her relationship with her mum, as well - or rather, her mum's many relationships with other men.  It doesn't seem like she can have had much time for Carson over the years.


Can I adopt George?  He's easily my favourite character in this story so far, and I loved the line about him offering Fred to her there and then as a son-in-law :P


I really enjoyed seeing Fred again in this chapter, and meeting James.  Given the fact that Carson's going to be in Gryffindor (the best house, obviously) with them, I suspect that she's going to spend more time with them and we'll see more of them too.  I'm really enjoying the way that this story is developing and I'm looking forward to coming back for more!


Sian :)

Author's Response:

Hello again!


Carson is full of quips! You can definitely expect more of them! As the Sorting Hat said, she's certainly got the wit for Ravenclaw (but she's a Gryffie all the way, Lions for the win, best house FOR SURE). Her dad is also one of her favorite people to tease and she'll probably never let that one go. Carson's mom is for sure a sore subject for her and jokes and her sense of humor are her ways of avoidance. She hates feelings.


George! I love George as a character in the books and it's been fun to put him in here and kind of put my own spin on him as an adult. I'm glad you like him because I've been hoping I've been doing him justice! More Fred and James to come once we hit Hogwarts! I'm glad you enjoyed again and thanks for the review!


Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 29 May 2018 07:46 PM · [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: one

Hi Sarah!  I'm just starting on my POGs reading and thought that I'd stop by the APs of some people whose stories I don't remember reading or reviewing before.


I really enjoyed this as a first chapter!  I have to be honest - I'm often a bit wary of stories featuring transfer students, mostly because of how easy life seems for them, but you've got a very different situation here and it makes a lot more sense to me.  Carson is half-British, has already spent a lot of time here and knows people who will be going to school with her, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how it all plays out when she's started at Hogwarts.


Her family background seems a little complicated, especially with the way that Carson seems to avoid really talking about her mum at all, and not just for her dad's sake.  I'm already asking questions about what happened over the years between them that's made Carson so glad to come to the UK and start afresh.


I love her family, though!  The dynamic between her and Oliver is just so engaging and sweet to read, and I love the idea of Oliver being paired with Alicia - plus the three younger siblings are really sweet.


You did a great job of introducing us to Carson as a character in this chapter, especially with some of her personality traits and the things that she enjoys.  She's so lively and entertaining, and definitely not afraid to be herself, but I can sense that there are some insecurities there that she's keeping to herself for now.  I really enjoyed her interactions with Brett at the Quidditch, and then with George and Fred - I'm really looking forward to seeing how you develop her character in the rest of the story!


Sian :)

Author's Response:

Hi Sian! I've just started working through POGs readings myself; thanks for stopping in and reading! I saw you reviewed this chapter and the next one as well and I'm planning on responding to that one next! 


I have to say I tend to agree...about stories about transfer students? So it was kind of funny that I ended up writing one, but that was just how Carson came to me, what with her family background and everything. Her relationship with Oliver is so unique and I'm glad you like it. It's definitely one of my favorite things to write. Actually I love anytime I can write that family!


You've kind of nailed a desciption of Carson right there! She's definitely not afraid to be herself but she's certainly got some underlying issues to figure out and you can see them a little here. I'm glad you like her so far and enjoyed the first chapter! Thanks for reading and reviewing!


Name: Kate (Anonymous) · Date: 29 May 2018 11:07 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: fifteen

When there is going to happen between James ans Carson...they would be creat together...

Author's Response:

Haha thanks, I'm glad you think so! James definitely agrees, just has to get Carson on board! There should be a new chapter coming out shortly but keep an eye out for the next few chapters as well; I'll think you'll be pleased :)


Thanks for the the review!


Name: Sleepingbagonthesofa (Signed) · Date: 28 May 2018 09:56 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: fifteen

Okay... First of all I need to appologise because I SWEAR I left a review a while ago but apparently not.

I compleatley love this story. I was following it over on HPFF and I'm so glad you ended up bringing it here.

Carson is a brilliant character. She's a compleate fireball and so entertaining to read.

Her relationships, everyhting from the growing one with James (This chapter was just aghhh!) to the rocky one with her mother, are so well thought through, they've all developed in their own ways and it'll be so intresting to see how you handle them going forwards. 

Her relationship with her Dad is brilliant. I'd never thought about it before reading this but really, I think you've captured EXACTLY what Oliver would be like as a parent. I really look forward to those scenes and this chapter especially was just perfect! 

Your writing is brilliant and compleatley captivating. I can't wait for more, and i promise that this time I'll remember to review! 

*Hides under blanket in shame*


Author's Response:

Deni! Hi! Oh my gosh, I am the WORST about thinking I left a review and then looking back and realizing I didn't so no worries! Thanks for stopping by and reading; glad you've enjoyed it! This was such a lovely review so I'm glad you did stop in! Carson's so fun to write so I'm glad you enjoy reading her just as much as I like writing her! She's all kinds of sass and that definitely comes out in all her different relationships. Her relationship with Oliver is actually one of my favorites because it's definitely not your typical father-daughter relationship but it's totally her and it's been so fun to flesh out! Next chapter should be up soon.

Thanks for reviewing! 


Name: TidalDragon (Signed) · Date: 27 May 2018 08:57 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Home Chapter: one

Howdy Sarah! I could have sworn I review this - either for the Staff Review Thread or the POGS, but it must have been one (1) that I read, planned on writing a review for during the nomination window and then just...failed to come back and do so. Sorry about that :(


In any event, I really enjoyed the start to this story. You do a great job establishing the relationships between the characters and cultivating this interesting family dynamic at the same time which we get to watch play out a bit early on. I also very much like the fact that it's carefully cultivated and Carson is not the stereotypical "transfer" (at least I think I'm reading it correctly that she's technically a transfer as a 7th year).


Speaking of - Carson is a great character. She's clearly a spitfire, but also manifests some awkwardness and you've left a wide open door to how she'll play once she actually arrives at Hogwarts. The best foundation you've set for her though is her authenticity - so critical to any character, but particularly originals.


I think the dialogue-heavy style works for you so far and that the last scene bodes well for the future. I am interested to see how it plays out when more characters, places, and activities get involved, but you peppered in some good, concise descriptions throughout the dialogue and inner-thought that allowed us to place ourselves in the setting as well.


I can definitely see how your story has gobbled up POGS noms and hope to be back for more soon!

Author's Response:

Hi! No worries; thanks for stopping by! Glad you've enjoyed it so far. You are correct, Carson's a 7th Year transfer. She's a blast to write, but you capture a lot of her essence right here. She's defintiely a spitfire with a lot of sass but she's definitely got her awkward moments! I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far and hope that you continue to do so if you pop in again! 

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