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Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 09 Jul 2018 04:26 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:That's All Chapter: Chapter 9

O/ Heya, Bex!


It's sweet that Clara feels lonely when Remus isn't home when she gets back from work, even though it's fantastic that he's landed another job at the pub and that he and Clara's parents are getting along so well.  :D And I was super happy to see that she's going to the pub to see him while he's at work because of it. Their slow-burn seems to suit them rather nicely, too.


I know, right? You tell her, Rosemary (at least try out some small talk with your mother if see her, Clara -- jeesh, she's not the essence of subtle, is she? Haha!) I love how excited she is about the relationship, though, and she's even conscientious enough to leave the two of them alone for a little while. And Remus' teasing over the orange juice made me laugh.


I absolutely love that he 'showers her with compliments,' and while I love that they're not solely based around her looks, it's so sweet that things like 'You look beautiful' are in the mix, too. These two are just so sweet, so adorable, so GOOD for each other; they're like the epitome of a healthy relationship (between two people who both have very low self-esteem). I think it's amazing that they can help each other find their worth. 


Who is this guy? :( How dare he make Clara feel uncomfortable. Somebody sick Remus on him. The sheer level of distress is alarming -- WHAT DID HE DO? WHY IS SHE AFRAID? THIS ADRIAN THE RUGBY PLAYER BEST WATCH OUT. YOU DID A WONDERFUL JOB WITH ROSEMARY'S COMIC RELIEF. (I'll stop shouting now.) Rosemary's so eccentric, I can't help but love her. 'Sightseeing' -- hahahaha! 


Back to poor, Clara, though... She really should talk to Remus -- at least then she'll have it off her chest. She's totally right that talking about things don't necessarily make them better/go away, but it's always good to have someone else on your side for sympathy's sake. At least one person -- and that person is absolutely Remus Lupin. Also, Remus is a smart man; a Slytherin holding a knife is no joke.  And I don't care how much of a metaphor of the ocean Adrian is :( -- Remus is still number one ;).


Oh - my -god. Remus' head is going to explode! I feel so bad for Clara -- that's inexcusable. Adrian needs to be taught a lesson. I hate that Clara thinks that she led him on and that it was her fault somehow! I mean, I know that realistically it's easy to believe these things when then they happen to you, but this is not Clara's fault whatsoever! :( And Remus is right -- he is not nice. 


OH BUT THEN REMUS HAS TO QUESTION EVERYTHING OMG. Of course he wants to make sure that Clara had wanted everything they'd been doing so far, he needs to make sure she's safe and happy because that's who he is. :( I know she doesn't need him to defend her honor, but I'd still very much like to see Remus kick his butt, and then some. 


Right, right, right...violence is not the answer, etc.


I am glad that after they were able to talk things out that they were able to still flirt with and tease each other. They're so amazing together...I'd hate to see something awful like that come between them. And bedtime cuddles are the best.


<3 This was a wonderful chapter! I mean, what happened to Clara was terrible, but it certainly feels like the start of a conflict that has not yet been resolved. Sorry it took me so long to get here, I've had a hectic few days trying to balance all my ish.

Looking forward to the next!



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Story:That's All Chapter: Chapter 5

Okay, so this is my last review for your request, but please do come back again because I don't want to forget to read on! <3

This was just so super sweet and adorable! I would have never expected Remus to get so bold, but I'm glad he did. And, aww, the way he sees her... he's clearly so in love already, I only wish he stopped thinking that she deserves better and all that rubbish. But I guess he's getting there? Oh, my Merlin, these two are just too cute!

I'm also so glad that Severus came around again. I'm not sure if I expected him to or not, but I do believe he would be extremely loyal and protective of the few people he considered friends. And of course he cares for Clara quite a lot and I'm so proud of him for getting over his dislike of Remus for her sake. That's extremely mature of him. :)

Remus' joy at the news that Severus would help was such a delight to read. I loved their banter and the way Clara reprimanded him for potentially compromising his health... :P Btw, I found so sweet how concerned Clara was about his wellbeing and how emotional she got once he finally woke up. She must have been so scared and, honestly, how could I ever blame her? Hopefully, the Wolfsbane will make things much easier from now on. Also, I'm so glad they got an arrangement for Remus' stay (of course he would be the I'm-not-going-to-put-you-in-danger-or-give-you-reason-to-worry-over-me-anymore person... but like Clara pointed out, she was going to worry about him anyway at that point. How could she just abandon him? Remus, you are still the world's biggest idiot!)

I loved the chemistry between them, and even if their feelings are not so well defined yet (not on Clara's part, at least. I think Remus knows very well where he's standing...) I'm loving how their relationship is slowly building. Did I already say that they are too cute?

Thank you so, so, so much for requesting! This story is such a big surge of joy and I'm so glad you've decided to share it! Please, come back to my review thread and re-request! (I might come back here anyway, but life is hectic and time is limited and a reminder is always very welcomed...)

Lots of love and snowball hug,


Author's Response:

Aw no - the last review! D: I'll definitely be requesting more from you soon!!


I used to have a head canon of Remus being very shy and quiet, but after doing research, looking at other people's headcanons of him and looking at him as a marauder - I don't think he'd be that shy. I think he'd be polite and wouldn't be as daring as Sirius, but with his friends - i.e Clara, he would be veeery flirty. Especially in his younger years. In spite of all the flirting that's happening now and the flirting that's to come, he's still so certain that she deserves better than him. I just want to bash their heads together - c'mon guys, why can't you see it?!?! Oh wait, it's because of me! 


I'm so proud of Severus too, like he's always going to dislike Remus (and the feeling is mutual severus, dw) but for Clara's sake, and the fact that Severus is brewing a potion that improves his life - Remus won't speak ill of Severus...at least, not in front of Clara. Speaking of, she was absolutely terrified that he wouldn't wake up. I mean clearly she hadn't paid attention in defence when she studied werewolves (as severus was quick to remind her) - but already she was thinking the worst. At this point she couldn't really make sense of her feelings and what it is she actually feels for Remus, so to see him this way - she wishes she'd said something earlier but she isn't exactly sure what. Then once he wakes up she's more overcome with relief than anything else.


You've hit the nail on the head! At this point, Remus knows how he feels about Clara. He's very much infatuated and cares about her so much, but not knowing where he stands with Clara combined with his low self esteem, their relationship isn't exactly going to bloom overnight. They definitely need time - and Clara needs to work out exactly what it is she feels for the man. 


Thank you for all the reviews, I've loved reading all of them so much! 

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Story:That's All Chapter: Chapter 4

Hi, Bex, my dear! Here with the last reviews I owe you for your request (and again apologies for the long wait...)

I should really learn to review as I read, because there are so many changes in mood and so many things I'd like to point out and then I get to the end of the chapter and forgot half of it... but I just can't bother to stop reading...

I love that Remus and Clara are getting close (of course they are, Remus is adorable and Clara is the first person showing him some kindness in years... and they are both so alone, it is only normal they would so easily get close. Also, I love how Remus always had the right thing to say, that's just so him.)

What really saddened me is, once again, how low Remus' self-esteem is. The fact that he believes he's ruining Clara's life, and how he thinks himself too selfish to just leave her alone... if there is one thing Remus isn't is selfish! She offered you a place to stay because she wanted to, you idiot! And accepting help when in obvious need for it is hardly selfishness, you should do that more often!

Of course Severus would have that kind of reaction. And of course he and Remus would start fighting that way. I agree with Clara, of course, they should grow up, but I suppose with all the pat history between them it isn't quite that easy... I suppose Severus never talked to her about the Willow incident, right? I think that's a big part of the reason why Severus hates Remus so much, not simply the fact that he was friend with James and Sirius. Even if Remus had no responsibility in that, either, but Severus is convinced otherwise, right? And obviously Remus wouldn't let Severus insult him and offer no reaction, he is a proud and stubborn Gryffindor after all...

I loved the discussion between Clara and Severus at the coffee shop. Loved, meaning you wrote it really well, but I'm honestly so disappointed in Severus, he was quite rude to her. Well, not disappointed either, because I can totally see him being like that, you characterized Severus perfectly, in my opinion.

I'm also a bit disappointed in Remus, too, at the fact that he chose to leave Clara alone, but that's once again very in character for him, too. I'm sad because Clara deserves better than those two idiots. But at the same time I get that Remus is suffering, it broke my heart a little his reaction when she made James and Sirius' names...

There is something I'm wondering about, though... was the Wolfsbane already invented in 1984? I was sure it was invented much later? But I don't know if it is mentioned anywhere in canon and it isn't honestly that important... btw, I think it's interesting how the potion was so secluded (which makes sense, given how dangerous it can be if misbrewed, but at the same time a larger diffusion and an easiest access would help not only werewolves, but also the wizarding community as a whole, since it would reduce risk of contagion and also werewolves' discontent... unfortunately, the Ministry of Magic never shined of foresight...)

Erm... as always I managed to make a mess out of this review... just know that I'm loving your story and your character development more and more. <3 Moving to the next chapter now!



Author's Response:

Hey chiara! 

I'm the exact same as you, I wait until the end of the chapter to review, but then there's always so much to say! Maybe reviewing as we go along is something that we should both start to do, haha! 


Their loneliness is very individual to them both, I mean they're both self inflicted and they both believe they deserve it. But Remus literally had no one for quite some time, whereas Clara was surrounded by so many people but never connected with any of them. As much as she loves her parents, she even felt some distance between herself and them for a while because of Hogwarts and magic, etc etc... Even though the two of them have only brought it on themselves, I think they needed each other in order to overcome it and to get over their fear of letting people in. Clearly it's worked, because they've let each other in - yay! 


I think that the discussion between Severus and Clara worked because it was like talking to two sides of the same person. Clara could have turned into Severus if she wanted, bitter and rude - but she didn't. Severus became very bitter and lonely and while I don't think he enjoys it - I think he prefers it to being around people. He thought Clara did too, so the fact that she's happy with another person is bad enough, and the fact that it's Remus makes it 10x worse. He's very selfish I think, in that he wants her to be happy - but thought that loneliness was her idea if happiness. Like now that there's the possibility that she could spend her life with people, she's turned into the very thing he never wanted in a friend and she reminds him a little bit of Lily. I mean Lily made friends with the marauders and then (because of Severus' actions) she left him. He's a little worried that she'll do the same, hence the rude outburst. Not that Clara deserved it, though perhaps she should've given Severus fair warning. 


I /almost/ had Clara and Remus share a very confusing first kiss in that scene, but after a quick evaluation, I realised it didn't make any sense. As much as I've been like **OKAY NOW KISS** with the two of them, it has to be at the right moment. There's been lots of times (that you'll see if you look at the rest of the fic!) where Remus and Clara almost kissed, but if they had they both would've fled the scene and avoided their feelings. It needs to be at a time when they can both accept their feelings and admit to each other that they care. And they're just not ready for that yet. 


About the wolfsbane, I'm not sure when it was invented - but I know that it was between 1980 and 1992. So for the purpose of my fic, I had it created just a few months before this fic began. That way it's a very new potion and it isn't very well known. After doing enough digging, her research would have showed that the wolfsbane existed, but at that time the ingredients are all so volatile and if brewed incorrectly it can either be useless or be fatal. Severus is a very skilled potions master so we know that it's not beyond his talents, but I'm not sure if Clara would be able to learn to make something like that herself. Still, ever the ambitious Slytherin - she asks Severus for the ingredients list so she can do it herself. 


You haven't made a mess out of this review, on the contrary, I love reading these, they make my day!!

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Story:That's All Chapter: Chapter 3

Of course not, Clara. You won't get attached to the man who's going to become your husband, not at all. :P

I loved this chapter! So much! :D The bus ride was wonderful! Poor Clara, how embarrassed she must have been... :P

Btw, it saddens me a little that she is so critical of her aspect... but, let's be honest, which girl isn't?

I really loved how their conversation went. It was a bit awkward at first, but I love that they managed to joke a bit, too. They are already clicking so well and, Merlin, aren't they sweet!! (I might be biased because Remus is my number one fictional crush, but I really, really love these two sweethearts!)

I'm sorry if these reviews are a bit quick and vague (it's late and I'm tired and my mind can't do detailed reviewing right now...), but I'm really loving what you've done so far!

I will be back soon!

Lots of love and hugs again!


Author's Response:

Of course she won't! It's not like I've given away the end game of this couple before the story began or anything...nooo not at all ;D 

I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter, it's actually been one of my favourites to write. I have a love hate relationship with buses. I kind of enjoy talking to the chatty old ladies like the one who talked Remus' ear off, but I also hate how long they take - and that although some passengers can be lovely, some can be extremely rude (the same goes with bus drivers.). Anyway, combine that with Clara having to sit on Remus' lap and it made for some great writing! 


Clara's overcome a lot of her self esteem issues since school, but they do still plague her sometimes. That's something that will be explored more as I go on with this fic! 


I enjoy writing awkwardness - a lot. Maybe that's my own social anxiety coming through, but situations that no one enjoys are really fun to write. There's a lot more conflict and inner turmoil that you get to uncover, everyone being happy can get a little boring at times. From my own writing perspective, of course, I actually love reading about domestic bliss and all sorts of cuteness, haha! But yes, I did have to make them click a little bit, their relationship couldn't sprout from nothing! 


Thank you again, so much!

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Story:That's All Chapter: Chapter 2

Hello, Bex, dear! I'm finally back! Sorry for the absurdely long wait...

Aww... they met! My poor Remus, it hurts me so much to see him like that, all alone, living in a tent in the woods, with all his friends gone... :( It honestly killed me when he said that his father was better off without him. Not that it surprises me, that's just how Remus' brain works... but it still makes me sad and I wish he had a bit higher opinion of himself...

I love that Clara was totally umperturbed by the werewolf confession, instead getting all defensive about Severus not being her boyfriend and angry about the Marauders' bullying. And I love that she offered Remus a place to stay, he needs someone to show him a bit of kindness, poor boy...

I really enjoyed Clara getting close again with Severus and I also loved the idea that Clara loved Potions and that is something that linked them. I'm curious (and a bit worried) about what Severus' reaction will be when he'll learn Clara is going to host Remus in her house... Actually, I'm very curious to see how this cohabitation is going to work out... :P

I'll move to the next chapter now, see you in a little bit.

Lots of love,


Author's Response:

Hey Chiara, it's lovely to see you back! 

At this point Remus is so down on his luck and pretty hopeless - it breaks my heart to think of what happened to him in the canon word around this time. Dumbledore did find him in a derelict cottage in yorkshire all those years later when he asked him to teach, after all. I mean for years he must've been broken. Thankfully in my fic, with Clara's help - that won't be the case. Maybe. 


Clara's experienced prejudice by being a slytherin muggle born - so Remus' lyanthropy really doesn't phase her. She understands what it's like to be an outcast and really she's more concerned about setting him straight, Severus is not her boyfriend! He never was (unfortunately for her at the time, but not so much now) and he never will be. I didn't want them to fight about the marauder's bullying, but at this point the two of them barely know each other and are defending friends that aren't really there to defend themselves. 


You'll find out about Severus' reaction soon enough! We know him well enough to know that he won't be overjoyed about her decision to take in a tenant! He might come around to the idea eventually, but then again - maybe not. You'll have to wait and see! 


Thank you so much for this lovely review! 

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Story:That's All Chapter: Chapter 7

Hi there! I'm here for review tag!

So I'm going to be very awkward right now and say that I love this story and get very happy when I see it in the queue because it means there's a new chapter. I love Clara and your depiction of Remus is perfect.

I love the way that you're slowly drawing Remus and Clara closer together - it feels very organic and all the little moments between them are so cute and fluffy that it makes me have a silly goofy smile on my face. The banter between them at the beginning was excellent there - it sounded exactly like you would expect two people who are attracted to each other but are too shy and awkward to actually flirt with the other person (which Remus and Clara are).

Clara's family is amazing. It makes me so happy to see how quickly they accept Remus (and offer him a position) - it seems like they recognized that he's a wonderful person and want to encourage him. Also, I love the conversation that Clara had with her mother - it reminded me a lot of conversations I've had with some of my family members.

How could you end the chapter like that? I can't wait for the next chapter, which you should definitely stick in the queue soon *nods*


Author's Response:

Hey Olivia! 

Ahhh, that makes me so happy - I'm glad you've been enjoying the story as you've been validating (thank you so much for that, btw, if you didn't do that - this story wouldn't be here! Haha!) 

It's been so much fun giving them lots of cute almost moments. I know that they're adults - but their insecurities are so strong and are the part of what holds them back. Otherwise I'm pretty sure they'd have been together within the first few weeks of them meeting. They're just a little slow on the uptake - not that there's anything wrong with that! Their reluctancy to admit their feelings is very fun to write! 

I loved creating Clara's family! Both of them have equally tragic beginnings, but rather than let that bring them down...it's inspired them to be the wonderful people they are. That and they live in a close knit village surrounded by good people. They were bound to be as sweet and friendly as they are. I don't know if they're all that different to Clara, or maybe they're just more outgoing than she is. Perhaps with age she might become her parents daughter. 


Don't worry, the next chapter is just around the corner! 

Thank you so much for this wonderful review!!! 

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Story:That's All Chapter: Chapter 8

O I'm so excited! It's coming! I can feel it! I have the fanfare prepared and the confetti loaded! 


That's right, Clara's mom. You tell her -- don't wait! I love how much painstaking overthinking that Clara put into telling Remus about her feelings for him. It seems so like Clara to go through this arduous, stressful endeavor instead of just telling him, because that's who she is. It has to be done right or not done at all...she just can't figure out what 'doing it right' means. Of course, we're talking matters of feelings and love and for most people, blurting out emotions is just something that is incredibly difficult to do.


Roger does seem like a very charitable person, hahah! It's really cool that he let Clara and Remus borrow the sun lounger (and parasol, so that Remus could hide from the sun...that I understand completely...burning is the only thing the sun will do for me). (I also still love their different taste in what a 'good book' is :P .) And, yes, that would have been quite a scene -- Clara in a bikini and Remus rubbing sun lotion on her...might break the ice sooner than anything else, ahaha! But a walk will do, too (at least they're walking together).


Sirius seems like he would've smoked on occasion -- IDK something about his type. But it's awesome to see that Clara has really started cutting back, even to the point were she might get through an entire shift at work without one. Yeah, I'm sure that Slughorn let a lot of things slide for his favorite students and McGonagall would most definitely not tolerate smoking -- can you imagine getting caught doing something like that by McGonagall? Ahaha! And Clara's right -- Remus has SO much potential that he just doesn't see, or refuses to see because of his condition. 


Also, I'm digging the down-low cuddling. Haha!


AND FINALLY! FINALLY WITH THE KISSING! I mean, they still haven't talked about their emotions but it's a step in the desired direction. I already mentioned that I really love this scene -- the emotions brought into it are raw and I love how tangible and real the kiss is. It's such a 360 from the kiss with Severus, which is perfect because of the emotions driving the kiss onward. Really, it was a fantastic first kiss and it felt so sweet and definitely due. These two have been ready to kiss from the moment they met, I swear haha!


But then Remus with his apologizing! I mean, I can't say I didn't expect it -- it's still frustrating. And completely makes sense with his canonical self -- he's so focused on his condition and thinks he's undeserving of affection and that's what's so frustrating about it because it is deserving of all the things. Luckily, Clara is having none of his nonsense. More kissing!


And that brings us right to talking about their feelings. Oh, these two. I think it's great that they finally are honest and candid with each other -- even if Remus' continued self-denial starts sounding like he doesn't want to be with Clara and nearly upsets her (darn it, Remus -- calm down). And the ending to this chapter is pefect, with the two on the couch, low key snuggling but for real now. It's so sweet! 



Author's Response:

You know Clara....there's no easy way for her to go about anything. She can't just tell him how she feels, she has to get it all down to the last detail, like she has a script in her head...and needs Remus to stick to it! She refuses to be unprepared for anything he might throw at her! 

I haven't fully decided whether I'm gonna feature Roger more, because I do have a teensy plot twist that I'm toying with - nothing major, but it would be really cool. I'm still working out the kinks. But just know he's a really lovely man, widowed and never remarried, he's happy living by himself but he thinks the people who live upstairs are adorable- ahahah! Honestly that bikini scene is one that I almost wrote but Clara talked me out of it. She's not ready for that yet, maybe next summer ;) ;) 


My headcanon is that Peter and Sirius smoked, Peter smoked because Sirius did and Sirius needed a stress reliever and was rebelling from his family in any way he could. Clara's getting there. I don't know if I'll have her stop completely, we'll see how she feels as the fic goes on! I mean Slughorn was never great with discipline, I don't think he'd think that a cigarette here and there would be the end of the world. 


The sexual tension has definitely been building from the moment they met, I mean let's not forget - Clara's seen him naked, twice! As you know, I was really worried about that kiss but once it happened it was great knowing that they were finally together! Or that they had established how they felt to each other...a little. Though I'm not gonna lie, their second - more heated kiss - was really fun to write! 


I think it had to end with them doing something that was part of their relationship before it became romantic. They don't want too much to change, they just want a few more perks than what friendship has to offer, you know? They absolutely cuddle all the time, know that even though I might forget to write it sometimes....it happens...a lot ;D 


Thank you so much for reviewing Rumpels!!!! <3 <3 

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Story:That's All Chapter: Chapter 7

Wait, wait, wait a minute. Did I miss something? There are TWO chapters up?! AHH! And the chapter summary tells me that this is the scene where Clara gets those buttons! You get those buttons, Clara! 




It makes sense that Remus preferred the winter to the summer because of the nostalgia that came with it...especially nostalgia that was from before of a time of pain and transformations, when his mother was alive and things were simple and normal for a little boy. 


And, ugh, Remus! Always the essence of self-denial and self-deprecation. These two are SO stubborn at this point that if I hadn't have seen the [later] kiss for myself first hand [plus the prologue that says point blank that she's his wife], I would be starting to believe that they never end up together :P. But, hey, check out all the freckles and hemlines you want, Remus -- just so long as they're Clara's! I also find it hilarious that Remus was too busy checking Clara out to hear the conversation she was having on the phone, haha!


These two are so adorably frustrating. Remus is hiding his feelings, Clara's hiding her feelings -- Remus is trying to lie about 'enjoying the view' and misses the opportunity to tell her that she's the most beautiful witch he's ever seen -- and Clara can't even banter because he makes her so anxious. I say we just lock them in a cupboard until they work their feeling out...or starve, whichever comes first. 


trying not to think of anything beyond the fact that she was his friend who happened to be undoing his shirt    Haha! Oh, Remus -- what are we going to do with you. *shakes head* And Clara's insecurities are so relatable -- mirrors are difficult things. Ugh, she probably could have used a little more than 'fine' when she asked Remus how she looked. Somebody slap that werewolf around a little. Unruly curly hair is the bane of my existence. Sometimes it's fine and the defrizzing serums and stuff work and I get nice waves but somedays -- especially humid days -- I can freaking straighten my hair in the morning and by lunch I'm already getting frizzy curls, no matter how much 'humidity defying' serum I use. *cries*


Remus' nerves are somewhat understandable but if Clara's parents are anywhere near as fantastic as Clara is, he has absolutely nothing to worry about. However, even without the werewolf bit, meeting someone's parents can be terrifying, especially when you're infatuated with their daughter ;). Aww, Clara's little aside about Amy -- Remus isn't interested in the bar tender; only the Clara :D :D. 


That's a clever way to explain Hogwarts houses to Muggle parents -- by color. (Hehe, Clara's more interested in learning that Remus likes whiskey.) Wooo boy, Jack's not the essence of subtly, is he? Ahaha! Poor Remus -- it has to be difficult to skate around exactly what his illness is while still explaining himself when he's asked questions (though I'm sure he's gotten a little more used to it over the years). And the anxiety that he must've been facing when Clara finally urges him to tell the story -- oh man! But THANKFULLY Clara's family is AMAZING! And I absolutely love that Jack offers him a job at the bar. 


Hahaha, yeah, her mom can totally see that she's in love already (even if she doesn't want to admit it to herself). But knowing her daughter doesn't let people close to her and witnessing her being so affectionately kind with Remus was probably way more than enough evidence (with some motherly instinct) to know. And, yay! She admits that she 'more than likes him' out loud! Finally! 


Things are finally staring to fall into place and I cannot wait to see what happens next (luckily, there's already a new chapter waiting for me :D ).



Author's Response:

God bless the validators - we got two chapters! :D :D 

I've always had a head canon that Remus loves winter. I think if I ever write a winter-appreciation chapter, it'll be super cute because it will be full of Clara wearing his jumpers, Remus like "I'm not throwing snowballs at you Clara." **sneakily throws one at her when she least expects it**, cute hot chocolate nights in and snuggles, and lots of layers and snuggles. Ahhh these two are a definitely winter couple. So cute! 


It's also a huge HC of mine that Remus thinks his staring is creepy and that he doesn't deserve to take in the beauty that is Clara, but she secretly loves it. Especially once they're together, because right now she has no idea what he's thinking, but once romance ensues - she'll know that he's only thinking cute positive things. She'll be self conscious about him admiring the scenery....but still be extremely flattered. 


Honestly locking these two in a cupboard might have been a better alternative than what I planned! I mean I've been where Remus has been, bluffing by presenting the truth as a cute little flirty lie - but it's 100% true give me validation pls ahahahaha - so I feel for him a lot there. It's hard having feelings for someone when you're so certain that they don't feel the same. I mean we know she feels the same but Remus...well he's blind to it all! 


There's a heat wave where I live right now and I know exactly what Clara's going through, this weather is the worst for curly, frizzy hair. I just let it happen, I don't straighten my hair - there's no point asdfgfdsa. I have 0 idea how long it's gonna take her to get out of these insecurities but I'm hoping she does soon, it breaks my heart that clara feels this way. You could say I could stop it, but I literally have no control over these two anymore. 


Honestly if I could sort Clara's parents...Jack would be a solid Gryffindor because he lacks subtlety, he's incredibly courageous and is the best storyteller ever. Rosemary would be a slytherpuff, she's the friendliest bean but also she's so sly and cunning...her drive is what got them the pub. She's like I love you but I will find a way to destroy you without anyone knowing if you cross my family. And if you're a good person, you're family. She's probably 55% hufflepuff 45% slytherin. I'll leave it to you to decide where she should have been sorted tbh. 


I think 'more than like him' was the most Clara would ever admit to anyone...even herself. I think that's the first time she's heard it, properly anyway. It was really cute to write a mother and daughter scene that was cute and showed a relationship like that. I have no idea if it was accurate - but I'm glad you liked it! 

Name: Sleepingbagonthesofa (Signed) · Date: 25 Jun 2018 11:46 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:That's All Chapter: Prologue


Ah, wow. So this was a brilliant start. I am completely hooked.

There's something about Clara, it's like common sence meets completely mysterious and I just want to know more because there's definitely something there. McGonagall knows, even Harry can sence it! Side note, his POV in this chapter was wonderfully written. 

A Remus/OC in present day is something I've never read before. How did they get together? Why did she hide form the order if she's married to Lupin? Why has she never met Harry! I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Okay this made no sence, it's just instant-first-reaction-word-vomit. But seriously, very well written and a brilliant start. I can't wait to get into the next one!


Author's Response:

Hey Deni!! 


Thank you so much for reviewing!! I'm so glad you like this chapter, and that you like Clara! 
Some of this fic will explore remus x clara present day - but it's going to take place more between the wars and in the second wizarding war - I hope that's not too disappointing!! 
All your questions will be answered as the fic goes along! :D Well I hope so anyway! 



Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 24 Jun 2018 03:19 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:That's All Chapter: Chapter 4

i'm back! finally! i'm sneaking in this review during a little break i took while drawing for the competition :D


remus is cute in his insecurities but also an idiot because how could he think clara wants him to leave?! she's just worrying about him. and snape is being...snape i guess.


i find it hilarious that he's trying to get her to stop smoking. it's a losing battle. i've been trying to get my mother to stop since i was old enough to know cigarettes were bad. as of today, i've had no luck.


i love the budding friendship between the two of them. i mean, it's obviousy they kind of like each other but it's all still new to them, even just having a friend, a person they can confide in and hang out with (i'm not counting snape - he's snape and has his own issues of social awkwardness :P )


HAHAHHA SNAPE JUST APPARATED. this will be awkward! :D sorry, i'm a little high on caffeine the last few days, i've been drinking black tea almost non stop so i could sleep as little as possible in order to finish drawing. so maybe i'm overreacting a bit!


in this story you portray the marauders (mostly james and sirius) with an unflatttering look and obviously, the bullying they did was awful. but do you think that there was more to it than just them hating snape for no reason other than he seemed like an easy target? i don't remember off the top of my head if JKR ever explained it all that well. i know snape tried to get them expelled (a coupe of times?) so that's obviously something that would make them really hate him. do you have any headcanons about this? i should've probably asked this in your writer's journal. so ignore me and i'll post it there (novel nest) asap.


'injured dog routine' - you're perfect at writing snape. really. you need to write something from his POV.


aw, now i can't help imagining snape in pink robes. lighter colours! yeah right :D i share fashion sense with him, at least.


btw i have no idea what sort of cake needs to be buttered. i'm flabbergasted that that's a thing. now i have to google this whole currant teacake thingie to see what's it about. looks like toast to me?! :O


okay so the whole ending bit with everyone fighting just made me roll my eyes :P if only men could act like men instead of teenage boys.



Author's Response:

Hey Kris! 

Whilst Remus isn't shy or extremely introverted - I think he is a bit insecure, or at least my version of him is. Society has told him he's useless and deserves to be shunned...so he's just grown to accept and believe it. He always thought he had to fight to keep himself in the marauders good books....he didn't - and now he thinks he has to keep in Clara's. Again, he has nothing to worry on that front either. 


I think getting Clara to quit is equally about her health as it is that it gives him something to do. He's a guy who's done all sorts of dangerous things and travelled in a tent...and is now stuck in a teensy village. He could've been antsy enough to start smoking himself - but I'm glad he went in the opposite direction and decided to try and get Clara to quit instead. I say this as if I had no say in the matter, but sometimes we don't! The characters decide what they're doing and we're just doing as we're told and writing it in! 


Oh yeah, Snape and Clara's friendship is definitely different to her friendship with Remus. Severus' social skills and how he gets on with others is totally different and the dynamic is the opposite really. I think if she treated him the way she does Remus as friends - it wouldn't work. She isn't a different person, but she definitely behaves differently around him. For example Remus would warn his friends that he's coming over....Severus is yet to master this. He doesn't reply to his letters and just apparates in because he has no concept of other people not being prepared for everything like he is. IDK I think he half anticipated Clara to know he'd arrive. But anyway - Snape is brilliant at providing the awkwardness that I need in my fics, I mean why else would I have him around?


I've already answered the question you posted in my nano nest (thank you, btw!) - but like I said in there....in future chapters my outlook on the marauders will be a little more forgiving than it has been so far.


Severus is so much fun to write, not because I see myself in him - but if I wanted to be as snarky as him in real life, I probably could. I mean there's a line I could never cross, but I feel like we have a similar sense of humour and we're both pretty cynical. By writing him I can get all that energy out, which is probably why I keep him in a lot of my work. I might write a chapter of this fic in Snape's POV - who knows!? 


Okay so a teacake isn't actually cake. It is essentially toast with currants in it. But we call it a currantcake. Different parts of the country call it different things, but where Clara lives it's called a currant cake. Sparrow Bridge is entirely fiction, but I have her in the same county as me, so I just thought I'd give it the same name, haha! 


I think sometimes in fics, something I've realised through mistakes I've made in my own writing...even in this fic...is that every fight is so meaningful and important. Nah. Sometimes you can have a silly argument where everyone's wrong and you can all be ridiculous. This is one of those arguments. Severus said some terrible things he didn't need to, Clara didn't take it very well, and Remus was terrible at trying to comfort her. No one wins, haha! 


Thank you so much for reviewing!

Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 21 Jun 2018 02:20 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:That's All Chapter: Chapter 6

O/ Bex!


Awww! Clara misses Remus! I know she's equating it to missing having company after being used to having company... but she totally misses Remus! And I've already told you that I really love the idea of Remus working at a bookstore. Keeping the classic bookworm Remus trope alive! And, once again, the conversation in the kitchen is so domestic, as if they've been married for a while. The best part is that it feels so natural for them to behave like this, the pair's chemistry works so well. 


Heh, oh yes, whichever category does Clara fall under in regards to Remus' scars? The world will never know :P. Her teasing is cute and I love how he just plays along -- they're both so CUTE. And, yeah, you're doing a great job with Remus' humor and associating him with a past-Marauder. While he never participated in the bullying side of the pranks, I get the feeling that feeling that he could have very well been the mastermind behind some of the less-harmful pranks (ie: the ones that didn't involve humiliating Snape, as that seemed to be a pastime of James and Sirius's). 


Hooray, wands! Sounds like as good as reason as any to celebrate to me! And, hooray! The Wolfsbane worked! Of course, Clara would blame herself if it didn't work, especially if something went wrong. I probably would too, but I can see how Remus wouldn't blame her. She was just trying to help him and she put in a hell of an effort -- so, even if it hadn't worked, she was just trying to help him. BUT it did work! SO wine and a takeaway! :D But don't think for a second that I missed she was WEARING HIS JUMPER! And his reaction to it lkajdflkajsdfl ! I cannot with these two. 


The image of Remus fiddling with a rotary phone made me laugh. And so did Remus and Clara's state of intoxication, especially since their cracking up at each other's not-that-funny jokes. But OHH no! Here comes the sad -- bringing up the Marauders to Remus can only end in [my] tears. Of course it's difficult for Remus to talk about, but I'm glad Clara is trying to bring some of it out of him. Talking about them in a way that will remind him of what they were (happy, together, strong, impervious, alive) might provide an extremely cathartic release that Remus probably needs. And Clara's right, offering to listen in the same way that Remus listened is a fair exchange -- something that friends do for one another. So, bringing up a fond memory -- like dancing armor -- is sweet.


It's also hilariously sweet that drunken Remus is trying to persuade Clara of her worth. But I nearly fell out of my chair when Remus asked if Snape was any good at snogging and Clara asked if he was interested...bahahahaha! And poor Clara's being very honest in her state of inebriation but still maintaining that sense of friendship with Severus and unwilling to give Remus anything about if he was a good kisser or not (which Remus is far too interested in :P haha!). The teasing is so cute.


Oh my gosh -- Clara after she summed the pen and paper! Ahaha! I'm almost as good as you. Her show of 'writing' to Severus about Remus' apparent interest in him is hilarious. And then, of course, playful wrestling and the potential promise of a kiss (which doesn't happen -- NO Clara! Don't think about rejection!) is completely adorable. AND THEN UM EXCUSE ME? I'm DYING! Remus admitted that he fancied her at school!? Ahhh! Back to thoughts of kisses! Get him, Clara!


But I love that Remus goes out of his way to try to sway her insecurities by letting her know the things that she was most insecure about were things that he loved about her or that wasn't as bad as she thought it was. But the thing that makes me do a half backflip (I can't do full ones anymore, or I would) is that Remus was going to ask her to Hogsmeade that night that he saw Clara and Snape kissing! GASP REMUS! Well, what a mood killer. "I got over it pretty quickly..." :P Somebody kick that werewolf. 




This was a SUPER fun chapter -- I love how even more flirty they were with eachother while they were drunk. They're so freaking adorable!



Author's Response:

Hey Rumpels! 


Ah yes my domestic duo who have absolutely no clue just how domestic they really are. I don't know how long Remus will last at the library and I don't even think he enjoys it that much...but it's easy work. I also have a vision of him working with middle aged women who have all adopted him. I doubt we'll ever meet them, but they're really cute. JSYK. 


Gosh Clara would never admit that she attracted to Remus' scars, even if it was just the teensiest bit. As far as she's concerned, she's interested in them for 'medical reasons' ahhh the lies we tell ourselves. The moment Remus brings up how terrible they are though, she's the first to tell him otherwise. 


Honestly the wearing his jumper scene ALMOST didn't make it in. Because I was finished with the chapter and then realised I hadn't even talked abotu the wolfsbane!! Which is important!!! At first I tried writing an entire chapter about it but it was just too darn angsty, and these two can be dramatic, insecure, and slightly petty at times...but not angsty! Not right now, anyway. So instead I took the best part from the chapter that never made it, and put it in! I mean Clara stealing his jumper was inevitable, in the future we'll see her stealing muggle band t-shirts that he doesn't understand the reference to, shirts (bc that's always a favourite), and cardigans. Remus definitely wears cardigans...I'm excited for autumnal chapters as you can tell! 


There was no way Clara could pluck up the courage to ask Remus about his friends while sober. Those sort of topics are just off limits for her anyway, she didn't have enough friends to know what it's like losing them...all she's ever had is Severus. Not only that but, she didn't want to make him upset. So in her mind, asking the question while she was drunk and him answering when he was drunk....was the best idea!!! asdfgfsa - I doubt he'll talk about them all the time now, but memories of the marauders will most likely make another appearance. 


Remus trying to convince her of her worth is the equivalent of drunk girls cheering each other on in the toilets on a night out. I've done it many a time - there was nothing romantic about it in the slightest but I felt like Clara needed a cheerleader for a moment. A swaying, tipsy cheerleader by the name of Remus Lupin haha! His fixation on Snape is just the continuation of a previous pissing contest in chapter four. 

The playful wrestling could've turned romantic but I want their first kiss to be genuine and something that they'll remember. If they're sober then they can't say it was a 'drunken mistake' that and I know if Remus had kissed her then he'd have been wracked with guilt "I took advantage of you, I preyed on you - just like a werewolf prays on the innocent I'm so terrible bla bla bla " and Clara would've been like "he only kissed me because he was drunk, he regrets it so much he clearly doesn't like me, I must've seemed so desparate etc etc" - I know them well enough. If they'd kissed in this chapter it would've taken another ten chapters for them to kiss again. 


Now we know why I included the Hogwarts chapter!! I mean honestly I wrote that look in before I decided that Remus fancied Clara in school. I wrote it because I knew I'd come up with a reason...I just didn't know what it would be aha. Then it hit me about two chapters later. Since then I've been dying to get it out! I'm terrible at keeping secrets about my own work! 


If they'd gone to Hogsmeade together it would've been such a cute date. I don't know if Clara would've actually said yes, given the whole James & Sirius vs Severus situation. BUT if it had happened, it would have been adorable. 


I'm really glad you liked this chapter, as you know - I really loved writing it! Thank you so much for reviewing, again!!!! Getting reviews from you makes me so happy <3 <3 



But now we know why he was so interested...back in '77 and now!!! 

Name: PaulaTheProkaryote (Signed) · Date: 20 Jun 2018 03:18 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:That's All Chapter: Chapter 1

I really like how much young Clara's insecurities were dissected here in this chapter. I feel like you took me right back to my teenage years (*shudder*) and I just want to give her a hug and tell her she's perfect the way she is.

There's so many times in your writing where I'm just letting out the worst snorts of laughter. Like when she's dreaming of him gathering her up in his scrawny arms. Or Snape's top five favorite things to do...lurking in the shadows. I seriously can't even. 

lol wow you're really great at writing terrible kisses. ;) I was laughing so hard but then the struggle of not screaming NO CLARA was so real. SHE DESERVES HAPPINESS. 

As expected I completely loved this chapter and that shared bizarre moment with Remus. I can't wait for the next one! 

Author's Response:

Hey Paula! 

I'm right there with you, I hated my teenage years, and I'm pretty sure that Clara did too. 


I think I enjoy poking fun at Severus because I really enjoy his character, but I know that to feel that way can be pretty controversial. So myself, and Clara, are just kind of reminding everyone that yes we know Snape can be an absolute pain in the arse and is by no means a saint - but we're chill with him. So I'm kind of trying to appease to both sides? That and it is really easy to make fun of him...like he's a walking stereotype and he doesn't even know it! 


Thank you! The only reason I could tap into the terrible kiss is because I've experienced so many terrible kisses *cringes* . Especially as a teen. Thankfully I never had to do what Snape and Clara have done, but as far as bad kisses go, Clara needn't worry - I've probably had worse. 

I'm so happy that you enjoyed this chapter and that you came back to review this!! Thank you so much!

Name: PaulaTheProkaryote (Signed) · Date: 20 Jun 2018 06:01 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:That's All Chapter: Prologue

Wow this story is even better when you read chapters in the correct order! This was such an great start! I love how we are immediately immersed straight into the action and like I said before I think I'm low key in love with Clara! Harry was such an intersting perspective and I feel like you really captured Minerva perfectly! I can't wait to read the next chapter! 

Author's Response:

It's funny that you mention reading this in the right order, because my original plan was to confuse EVERYONE by writing a fic that was entirely made out of non-chronological time jumps...but it was too difficult ahahaha. But yay I'm glad you're here for the beginning...end. The beginning that is the end. Looks like I manage to confuse myself pretty well too! 

IDK what it is, but I really enjoy writing Harry too. We know so much about him and I think that helps me a lot. I think it's the same with Minerva, though it helps that she's possibly my favourite character of all time. 

Thank you so much for reviewing!! 


Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 19 Jun 2018 08:13 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:That's All Chapter: Chapter 1

Ah, poor Clara... that was obviously not the greatest idea, arranging to kiss someone you have a huge crush on when you perfectly know they don't care in the same way... but I suppose that's the sort of things teenagers do? :/

I love the dynamics behind Clara's and Severus' friendship, though. I love the idea that he was the one who defended her from their housemates' prejudices. It must not be easy to be a Slytherin Muggleborn, especially in the time of Voldemort's first raise to power... poor Clara, I can imagine how scared her eleven-year-old self must have been being subjected to that kind of questioning on her very first night... I'm so glad Severus stepped in to defend her.

Btw, I loved this: He'd been doing what he probably listed as one of his top five fun things to do, lurking in the shadows. Actually, I loved that entire paragraph, it was just so Severus! Perfect!

That kiss was awful... oh, my... but I think I'm sort of glad that Clara could figure out her feelings and realize that she wasn't really in love. At least she isn't going to uselessly suffer and she's free to turn the page. I also really loved how she got angry at the end when Severus mentioned Lily. Because she's right, Severus should stop tormenting himself that way. His feelings for Lily are obsessive and just a tiny bit creepy, in all honesty. I mean, I understand that he loves her and I do feel bad for him, but still he's the only responsible of his own misery, and I plainly support Clara calling him back on it.

James and Sirius are the world's biggest idiots, but that's nothing new? I loved that little marauders' twist. :P And once again, yay for Clara for putting them in their place! I love your girl, Siriusly! :D

Okay, but... that staring contest with Remus? I really want to know what was on his mind... but maybe you'll tell us later?

Oh, Merlin! I'm so loving this already! I love your writing and all the dynamics you create! It's brilliant!

I will definitely be back soon! Thank you so much again for requesting! <3



Author's Response:

I think Severus has a soft spot for intelligent muggleborns, or maybe he just believes (and rightly so) that you shouldn't be judged on something that you have no control over. Clara could hardly defend herself either, so I think that by stepping in he at least allowed her to know her enemy. 

I really enjoy poking fun at Severus, even though I enjoy reading about him - and I can tap into that snarky, rude and bitter personality of his. So by knowing what he's like I think it's just easy to make fun of him. I also read/write snamione, so I have that knowledge of what people could find attractive about Severus. Though really I think in Clara's case it was just that he was the only person in Hogwarts to protect and take care of her. So she latched on to that, which makes sense to look at it from her perspective. 


Writing James and Sirius into this chapter was very necessary, but also terrifying! There's so much pressure and high expectations around these two, I didn't want to bash them but I wanted to show that they did bully Severus - but that Severus was also to blame too....it was really difficult finding a balance! I wanted to show that Clara does have some skill outside of healing through this chapter, even if it was just one spell! 


That staring contest with Remus will be explained...eventually! I just put that chapter in the queue actually, so maybe in a day or two you'll find out more? 


This review was a lovely read, so thank you!!! <3 

Name: Felpata_Lupin (Signed) · Date: 19 Jun 2018 06:12 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:That's All Chapter: Prologue

Hi, dear! Here with the first of your requested reviews! :) Btw, thank you for stopping by my thread, because I really, really wanted to start reading this story but it would have probably taken me a while if you didn't give me a push... :P Anyway, here I am. ;)

I was just going to ask if Remus/Tonks was a thing at all in here, but you already answered in your AN, so that's all good. What I'm wondering now is, did Remus survive the battle? I really hope he did, I hate the way JK killed him... how am I already digressing, and I haven't really started reviewing yet? I'm sorry...

This was interesting so far. I love the veil of mystery you created around Clara, how she was so detatched and not keen on giving out too much personal info. Which of course might have to do with the fact that they are in the middle of an emergency, but I think it is more that she is reserved by character and that maybe her life is too complicated and her choices too controversial and anyway she doesn't want to share something too personal? I wouldn't blame her anyway.

By the way, can I tell you that I love the name Clara? (Clara and Chiara are basically the same name, so that must be a part of it... :P)

I think it was interesting that you chose to write from Harry's POV, I like that he is so confused about this woman he's never seen before and who doesn't seem to care at all about him being the famous Harry Potter. That's surely something he isn't used to. :P Their brief conversation was so well done and already showed a lot about Clara's character. And of course I loved McGonagall's response when Harry asked her about Clara's identity, and how that felt even more confusing. I would be extremely confused, too... :P

I really loved this as an introductory chapter, it already raises a lot of questions, which is always good, and you have a lovely style and some very nice description and great characterization already. I will jump to the next one in a little bit. :)

Goodbye for now,


Author's Response:

Hey Chiara! 


A lot of people are suddenly worried about whether Remus is going to live or die at the end of the battle...WELL, all shall be revealed! Eventually! Right now I have lots of different versions of the end, I just need to decide on which one to use. I will say, either way - there will be some sort of major character death, and I'm not going to mess around with JK's choices too much. 


I love the name Clara too, it's so pretty and old fashioned, which basically describes the aesthetic I aspire to have. 


You've got Clara dead on! She's not really got many friends and doesn't feel like her past or background are important, she prefers to keep all that sort of stuff to herself. Other people know that about her and respect that, unfortunately Detective Potter is a little bit nosier than most and I think when I eventually return to this point - there'll be more questions from him. Whether she'll answer them...well that's up to Clara.


I'm really glad that you liked this first chapter, and thank you so much for reading and reviewing!!!! 


Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 19 Jun 2018 12:11 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:That's All Chapter: Chapter 5



It must be absolutely awful to have to experience that once a month (or, even twice a month on rare occasion). It's no wonder that lycanthropy takes a toll on aging the person who is afflicted. And it's so very sweet and so very much like Remus Lupin to worry about Clara's wellbeing. Though I would much rather NOT see him move out and try to find somewhere else to live because of it. CLARA STOP THAT MADMAN.  :(


She fell asleep in the chair next to him! She stayed to make sure that he was okay after the moon was over! SHIP WHEN, BEX? SHIP WHEN? Oh, heck yes. :D Remus is totally checking her out and I love every second of it. His fantasy and his longing and CLARA KISS THE MAN ALREADY! And, yes, while Clara deserves to hear it every day Remus is perfectly worthy of being the one to tell her -- pfftt and he's worried about her insecurities. Argh, these two are painfully perfect for each other. Now we just need THEM to realize it. AND OH MY GOSH she's so relieved and can't believe that he woke up and she THOUGHT SHE DID SOMEthing WRONG! THESE TWO! 


That's right, you tell him, Clara. He's not going anywhere. His werewolf buns will remain exactly where they are, thankyouverymuch. I hate seeing them fight but HE MUST NOT LEAVE :(. What changed? You two moved in together and are going to fall in love with each other -- that's what changed! Stop trying to be selfless and let her love you! (My god, I promise I'll stop shouting at your characters.) And OKAY so she can't keep him prisoner, but I mean...she...she could... NO, no, I get it -- that's not OKAY! 


Ahhh! I love that he's resolved that he'll stay as long as he can pay her rent! AND OH MY GOD REMUS LUPIN! "I wish I had." You and me both, sir, you and me both. I mean. *cough* He's such a flirt with Clara! It's completely adorable -- I can hardly handle it! 


You know, after living in a tent off of god-knows-what food and then having to go through a transformation where he was asleep for two days -- I bet he'd eat just about anything. Cream of tomato soup and bread probably tasted a little bit like heaven to him, the poor guy. :P Clara and that owl -- *sigh* it's actually kinda adorable that she doesn't seem to be able to bond with it, haha! 


AH! SEVERUS IS GOING TO MAKE THE WOLFSBANE! That's awesome! I mean, I know he's definitely not doing it for Remus (that's for sure) but I'm glad he pulled his head out of his arse for a second long enough to realize that he really upset his friend (like, he was waaaaaay out of line) and is doing something to make up for it (in a typical Severus Snape fashion, of course). 


EEEEEE SPINNING HUGS! I'm so happy to see him so happy! So many butterflies and feels! :P I love the idea of Severus being a secret softy and hides it (extremely well) under all the sneering, and the glaring, and the taunting, and the intimidations. 


O.O OH MY LORD HE ASKED HER TO STAY! AND BEDTIME SNUGGLES! Also, Remus' delusions of Sirius made me laugh. How's he going to do that all the way from Azkaban, hahaha! OH MY GOSH! SO MUCH SNUGGLES! SHE FIT PERFECTLY BESIDE HIM. I CAN'T OMG! I'M SO DYING AT THE CUTE! SO MUCH CUTE! LKJDFLKJSDLKFJSDLFJ I might be literally melting in my chair. 


AH! I can't wait for the next chapter! More cute, please! Thank yoU!



Author's Response:

Ahhh, I've so been looking forward to your review!!


I keep wanting to call Remus' turning a monthly cycle and how clara might not be able to understand it being chained to something out of your control month after month but then I remembered - periods. So while I do feel really bad for Remus, every time I write about it I have a bit of a giggle whilst trying to find something else to call his transformation.


I honestly think Remus takes his time to appreciate Clara whilst she isn't looking because if she saw him looking at her the way he does, she'd get so self conscious. It's not like her to be the object of someone's desires, she knows she isn't unattractive but doesn't like to unwillingly be the centre of attention. I think it's a slytherin thing? If they want to be noticed, they'll do it their way - and being admired/noticed isn't something Clara thinks she deserves at the minute. It's part of something I'm yet to disclose, but more on that will be revealed as we go on with the fic. 


When I first wrote this I was so intent on Clara going full Stephen King's Misery and refusing to let him go....until I realised that it reminded me too much of Stephen King's Misery asdfgfdsa. I was like wow, no way would anyone be like that, I know you want Remus to stay - but at this point, you can't stop him. I knew he wasn't going to go, but Clara forcing him to stay was all kinds of wrong that I couldn't encourage. Don't worry, I shout at those two all the time and they're not very happy with me because of this. 


I love flirty Remus. I know that out of the marauders, he was the most serious (if you'll pardon the pun) BUT - he was part of that group for a reason. I don't imagine that he'd be really upright all the time. I think that between the self pity and the general feeling of being undeserving of love, he'd have a wicked sense of humour and could be incredibly flirty when he wanted to be. I just think he needs to get close enough to who he wants to flirt with....isn't Clara lucky! She on the other hand, flirts to try and make people uncomfortable. Like Severus, because she knows that teasing him and flirting with him is the only way she can get back at him when he's rude to her. So if she tried it on with Remus, it just wouldn't work. He's the better flirt and wayyyyyyy less awkward than her and Severus, so he wouldn't mind one bit. 


Severus was always going to make the wolfsbane temporarily, but I had no idea he'd be so difficult about the whole thing. At first I imagined him actually listening to her request and reasoning with her fully before agreeing. But then.....we all know Severus don't we. He's a first class pain in the arse, and even when writing him I knew I had to torture Remus and Clara before letting Snape give in. I do think though, that even if Clara hadn't written to him as a last resort, he would've made the wolfsbane next month. Once he left he knew that he'd spoken out of turn, but he's so stubborn there's no way he was going to grovel. Well, not anymore :P 


Expect more of subconscious James and Sirius, because I really enjoy having them around! When I was writing them I wished I'd found a way for all of them to be friends before James' dying and Sirius going to Azkaban because the brotp that would've been james sirius and clara....well it would've been spectacular. I've spoken to you about it before, but the same goes with Lily too. Lily probably won't make the inner monologue - but those two could've been such good friends! But yes, James and Sirius are about to get snarkier, sassier and all round entertaining. They won't be there a lot, but their appearances will be a little more frequent. Hopefully at least once every other chapter! 


I think no matter what size she'd been, in Remus' mind, Clara would've fit beside him perfectly. I mean, in my mind, Clara's about 5ft 5' and Remus is 5ft 11'. I also have Severus at about 6ft 2', just in case you were wondering. Mainly because it makes their friendship hilarious, I have visions of tiny Clara (says the person who's smaller than her) trying to stare down the giant that is Snape.  But anyway YES TO SNUGGLES HOPEFULLY THERE'LL BE MORE OF THESE IN THE FUTURE!!!! 

TYSM for the lovely review Rumpels!!!! <3 <3

Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 16 Jun 2018 08:46 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:That's All Chapter: Chapter 3

oh god, old ladies who want to talk in public transport are my nightmare. especially when they ignore the fact that i have earphones on and can't hear them but still expect me to answer their questions. go away, chatty people!


clara, you! yes, sitting on his lap was obviously the only possible thing you could do! :D


i never really thought about how remus lived before coming to teach at hogwarts but i feel sorry for him - he's basically sentenced himself to homelesness because he's just such a good guyTM


poor sorting hat! :( she really has it in for it, doesn't she? :( it was just doing its job, clara!


i love her sarcasm/sens of humor :D that comment about his wand was great heh :D as was the comment about how he looked as bad as her kitchen!


wolf with sad eyes - great description. you know, someone takes in stray cats, someone else puppies or young adults ( :P ) and someone stray werewolves. perfectly normal :D



Author's Response:

Hey kris! 

I'm the opposite, I love talking to old ladies, especially seeing as they just do most of the talking for you! They secretly have the best sense of humour too. I was tempted to write more of the old lady on the bus, but I was against it. Do expect more of the elderly to pop in this fic from time to time, I think they're the sort of characters I write best, haha! 

I could say that I'm jealous of Clara, but in reality I'd be just as awkward and anxious about the entire situation! 

I mean it's true, everyone has their own variation of strays they take in....it just so happens that Clara specialises in werewolves! 


Thank you so much for the review Kris, I really appreciate all of them!!! 

Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 15 Jun 2018 08:24 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:That's All Chapter: Chapter 2

clara's choice to live as a muggle is quite an interesting one - though i'm not sure it's the best one. did she chose it just because of the war? or was there something else involved? if it was only because of the war, why didn't she return to magic after it ended? and she doesn't want the ministry to know? why would they be interested in her???


remus naked in a hospital bed. nice :D well, not nice since he's kind of hurt and all but eh :P


but, i can't imagine how bad remus must've been feeling, even three years after the war ended...practically left alone in the world without his friends :(


lol at clara wanting one of the oldest nurses checking on him ;D yes, she picked her for his own good, right. tell yourself that, clara :P







Author's Response:

Clara's really cut herself off from society by living as a muggle. I'm not saying it's a good decision to make, but she made it for a lot of reasons. In school, being a muggleborn slytherin things were a little awkward for her. Outside of Severus, most slytherins were reluctant to get close to her because they suspected she was of muggle blood. Then with all the war tension and all slytherins being tarred with the death eater brush - Clara didn't connect with anyone outside of her house out of fear. So in that respect, after the war she doesn't really have any desire to go back. There aren't any friends, outside of Severus to go back to, and she's well established in her degree and will soon be in her career too. 

I know poor remus...poor...naked...remus - no but seriously, it broke my heart to write it a little because all I want is for him to be happy and it's very clear that in this chapter, he's far from that. 

The older the nurse, the more experience they have, of course she picked her for his own good! ;P 


Thank you so much for the review, Kris!

Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 15 Jun 2018 06:24 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:That's All Chapter: Chapter 1

clara's whole description of herself and spiraling into thoughts about how she compares (or doesn't compare) to lily was extremely relatable. i'm pretty sure every sixteen-year-old girl on the planet had the same exact thoughts at some point.


oookay, i wasn't expecting her to be in love with severus, especially after we found out she was remus' wife in the prologue. but okay, friendships that turn into relationships are some of my favourite ones to read :P


'More Severus for her then.! - this was hilarious :D


argh the sort of pacts they made most often don't really end well. especially if one of the people involved expects something more :( but i like how she's looking at things realistically (while still having at least some hope for them)


'Compliment her to death?' - another favourite line. nice hufflepuffs!


snape is such a captain obvious! :D but really, offering to obliviate her?! what is wrong with you, severus?!


aha! now i get it. okay, clara realised there weren't any actual love-type feelings. now she can go on and get with remus, yes!


we all want our ice cream, clara! but i'm glad for the tiny bit of remus interaction we got :)



Author's Response:


I don't think anyone was expecting Clara to have a crush on Severus, even I wasn't. Even after the first chapter, I felt like we didn't know /enough/ about Clara to dive right into the story. I wanted to show the dynamic of the friendship, and one sided love she had for him. This chapter is also very important later on! 

Forced/planned romantic interactions, especially at such a young age, are always a terrible idea in my opinion. It's not something I'd condone or encourage, but I think if anyone was going to plan something like that, it would be Severus. 

Honestly I don't think Snape has any understanding of human interaction or anyone's feelings - and that includes his own. 

From here on out there'll be more Remus and Clara interaction, I promise! 

Thank you again for reviewing! 


Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 15 Jun 2018 06:05 PM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:That's All Chapter: Prologue

hi bex, i'm finally here! :D


i loved the line 'She wasn’t about to become the woman who left the boy who lived with another scar, he had enough already.' - it just sounds both sarcastic and kind at the same time :D


it's really interesting how clara managed to make such an impression on harry that he found himself still thinking about her and wanting to know more even after they parted ways. though i can definitely understand his suspicion after everything he just went through.


and minnie knows just the thing to say to spark his curiosity even more! heh :) i hope we see more of minnie (i know you love her and i do, too!!)


this was an intriguing start and i'm looking forward to learning more about clara!



Author's Response:

Hey Kris! 

I think you've summed Clara up in one sentence "sarcastic and kind at the same time" that definitely sounds like her, haha! 

Clara just has that effect on people. Haha, no, I think what it was is that she reminded him of other people (cough, severus, cough) and she wasn't very chatty nor was she full of praise. She didn't give him the usual "you look just like your father except for the eyes" routine. She just got on with her job, kept conversation to a minimum, and treated him as "just harry" . He's always wanted that, but it was probably really weird for him to have it actually happen. 

Minnie has that effect on most people. I rewrote how she reveals Clara to Harry about six million times (slight exaggeration) - in the end I just rewatched the chamber of the secrets scene when Minerva tells the story of 'salazar slytherin's monster kills muggleborns' and followed her speech pattern from there. 

Thank you so much for reviewing!

Name: toomanycurls (Signed) · Date: 14 Jun 2018 03:53 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:That's All Chapter: Prologue



I'm such a hardcore Remadora shipper but I'm excited to see what you have in store for this! Remus is one of my favorite characters so I like reading him in anything. While your story seems to be set in the first wizarding war, I like the prologue taking place at the end of the second. Time jumps for AUs really help orient (or disorient but in a good way) the reader from canonical events. 


it's really cool to meet Clara from Harry's POV. Having someone unknown tend to him after the BoH had to be a bit weird but his observations and thoughts on Clara felt like a really good way to describe her without doing a character bio/description read out. I think this is all really well done. 


My real complaint here is if you're writing an AU, WHY IS REMUS STILL DEAD AT THE END OF THE BATTLE????????? 



*phew* I had to get that out. 


McG is so sassy -- I love it (re: Harry looked lost, nothing changed)


I had a hard time reviewing because I just wanted to click next :P I'm excited to dive into this story. 



Author's Response:

Hey Rose!! 

Don't worry, I LOVE Remadora too! But out of all the marauders, Remus is my favourite and when I constructed Clara I just knew that out of all of the marauders she was best suited to Remus. In another life she could've been good friends with James Potter, and she might've had an on/off affair with Sirius, but nothing as long lasting as what I have planned ;D 

I'm one of those people who likes the old 'cliche' of starting at the end. It's overdone, but starting at the end of the second wizarding war seems to have made people a bit more intrigued, and it's created more questions instead of answering them. And I like that, because it gives me purpose when I write. 

The question is...HAS REMUS DIED????? If you need a visual I'm trying to raise one eyebrow and look all knowing and mysterious...it's not working, I currently look a bit of an idiot. 

McGonagall will always be sassy in my fics, even if it's accidental. It's just her way. 

Thank you so much for reviewing, I'm so glad you've started reading this fic!! 


Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 13 Jun 2018 05:24 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:That's All Chapter: Chapter 4

O/ Hey Bex!


I know I already talked a little bit about the first scene and the flashback, but I want to recap, anyway! I absolutely adore seeing Clara and Remus spend a little more time together as they gradually get to know each other. It's slow and it's sweet and it, above all, makes perfect sense. Although they knew each other, they were essentially perfect strangers in regards to not really knowing each other. It seems only natural that, upon living together, they would slowly start hanging out more (or in the very least, talking more). I still love that Clara's owl bonds more with Remus than Clara, herself. Her personality fits right into the role of being intelligent and serious enough so that it makes sense that she's friends with Severus and kind and caring enough so that an eventual romance between her and Remus makes complete sense.


I love the fact that Remus is caring enough to comfort her when she's upset that Severus hasn't responded to her (despite the fact that she'd gone out of her way to get an owl so that he was more reachable during the school year). I'm even more impressed that he cares enough about her health to try to insist that she quits or, in the very least, cuts back on smoking. I quit smoking about six years ago now and (even though I didn't smoke that much and Clara smokes even less) it's still a rough addiction to kick, especially while stressed (so later on, when Clara's a bit short with Remus while in the midst of a nicotine craving, that's something I can totally understand).


And so the idea of them sitting down and relaxing and working on a crossword puzzle together is such a domestically normal scene and is really quite cute. My inner shipper is already like (oh, it's like they're married and doing a crossword together *squee*) but then I have to tell her to quiet down because they're NOT married yet and they're just doing a puzzle. Remus is quite intuitive and I love how they're working the whole 'cutting back on smoking' thing together (well, more like, Remus has hidden her cigarettes and Clara knows that he's doing it for her own good but is still mildly frustrated). I laughed at the little back-and-forth about not letting Remus worry about the full moon by himself in order to save his hair from turning more grey. It was funny and adorable and was a perfect moment.


And then, oh my gosh, when Severus arrived while they were hanging out on the couch *covers eyes*. Their banter makes sense -- old grudges die hard; but it's still amusing to watch two grown men carry out childhood rifts. In Severus' defense, Remus was largely a part of the group that tormented him throughout his childhood/teenage years, even if he didn't actively "participate" in the bullying. In Remus' defense, Severus dished out a very low blow in that scene, pressing on Remus' insecurities and life problems (which is a very Severus thing to do). Thank goodness Clara was there to whisk him away before things got too out of control.


I've heard of currant before but I've never tried, though a currant teacake sounds pretty gosh darn amazing, if you'd ask me. Also, I can't see Severus being a cream-and-sugar kind of guy, so black coffee definitely seems like his thing. 'Taking up with the first man you meet' -- OH MY GOSH SEVERUS! *headdesk* I really appreciate your characterization of Severus. He's so perfectly Severus Snape that it makes for some AmaZInG character interactions. Luckily, Clara being Clara and used to Severus' personality after being friends with him for so long, she has some quick and witty comebacks (go, Clara!). And then to imply (well, less implying and more coming right out and saying it) that she's sleeping with him because she feels compelled to help him and is pressing about the Wolfsbane potion -- oh, Severus, NO. Get him, Clara! 


"Perhaps he shouldn't wear brighter colours. What he had on suited him rather well."    All I can see is Severus Snape in neon and I can't breath -- oh lord, help me!  The tension-breaker of legends.


And then oh my gosh -- REMUS AND CLARA ARE FIGHTING D:. SEVERUS AND CLARA ARE FIGHTING D:. SEVERUS AND REMUS ARE (unsurprisingly) FIGHTING D:. EVERYONE IS FIGHTING!! My heart! And he didn't stay to comfort her (though that makes sense if he's unsure of how to deal with it, it's still disheartening for the Remara ship (or is it Clarmus?). And Clara had expected him to stay, too. Awe :( . So much sad at the end of this chapter! 


Another wonderful chapter! I hope everyone is able to CALM DOWN and resolve some things rather quickly! <33



Author's Response:

Hey Rumpels! 

Thank you for looking over the flashback for me. I wanted to establish that they'd made some sort of connection without just saying "oh btw they're friends now!" - but I didn't want a chapter dedicated to them getting to know each other. I just wanted there to be an inbetween, and with your help - I think there is now. Keeping the flashback and putting it where it is works, so thank you!! They 'knew' each other, but in a sense that before Remus was just a face in school, a face that hung around with bullies. Now she's seen another side of him, and though she doesn't really agree with his choices in school, people can change...and Clara's trying to acknowledge that. Trying. 

I can feel Clara's irritation at that owl. Like I love Ringo Starr (Not a huge Yellow Submarine fan - but Octopus' Garden is wonderful) but, Clara doesn't like any of his music - so she honestly feels that in naming him that she's got revenge on this creature. Who knows why she hates this owl, maybe she was crapped on by an owl in school, maybe one took her bacon in the great hall once while delivering Severus' mail....or maybe she's just not an animal person. I'll never tell. 

I think Remus chose Severus' absence to befriend her because before then she'd been a bit difficult and closed off, but now she's mad and needs someone to vent to. Remus appreciates that she opened up to him, and then tries to build bridges from there. Which is sweet of him. Also that he was very quick to try and curb her smoking habit. I've never smoked, and I've never helped anyone quit - but I've seen the ups and downs with family and friends. The main reason I made Clara a smoker is because up until the 90s it was legal to smoke in Hospitals in the UK and I found that really ironic....so I used it! 

Ahhh the crossword puzzle. I've already told you, but expect more of that because they're an old married couple at heart. Remus will eventually have a better understanding of muggle culture so he can do better at the crossword, and in exchange - he might teach Clara more about the wizarding world. Who knows? Well, I know, but I'm all about keeping secrets with this fic as of late (ok that's a lie too, if you wanted to know everything I'd probably tell you - I enjoy talking about this fic way more than I should.) 

I feel like Severus should just wear a tag that says: I'm Severus, I make every situation tense and awkward. I mean I know I enjoy writing awkward situations, but Severus really makes it easy for me! I wish he'd learn to use the door and knock like a normal person???? But then Remus just rises to the bait, a little bit easier than I anticipated him to - but I think with James and Sirius passing and their enemy being right there...things will have been a little raw. Things probably will be for some time, just because these boys are so eager to get the last word. It's not even about impressing Clara, it's for their egos. 

I really don't like currant teacakes, but I'm outnumbered at home - and since everyone I know eats them at every cafe, I thought I'd throw them in! I was tempted to make Severus a black coffee but three sugars kind of guy, but I thought that having bitter strong coffee would be a lot funnier, and a lot more like him. God forbid if anyone knew that he had a weakness, and that weakness was sugary confection. Not only that, but we all know that's one of Remus' weaknesses (besides Clara, I mean WHAT) , so I think if Remus and Severus were anymore alike Clara would self combust from confusion. 

It's the 80s....embrace the neon Severus. Embrace it! 

Everyone's fighting because we were all due one, and if anyone's going to be the root of it, it's going to be Snape. There were several versions where Remus did stay, but it didn't feel right. Not this early on in their friendship anyway, and not over Snape. He didn't know what Severus said to her, if he did I think he'd have stayed with Clara and apologised repeatedly on that idiot's behalf, but he felt like it wasn't his place, Clara felt like she couldn't ask and Snape...well idk what he was doing, he probably went back to hogwarts to dish out detentions til he calmed down. 


You know I did call it Claramus, but I like Remara A LOT MORE so that is there new ship name, thank you so much for all the help! <3 <3 


Thanks again so much for reading & reviewing this, you're the best!!! 

Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 13 Jun 2018 01:02 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:That's All Chapter: Chapter 3

BEX -- Oh my gosh -- that teaser of chapter four you posted in the Social Media Submissions had me even more excited to get enough time to stop and read the new chapters! Ahhhh! But I'm here now O/!


I love that nothing dramatic happened while they were leaving the hospital -- it made room for some amazing awkwardness. This is so especially true when Clara sat on Remus' lap because the chatty old woman decided that she wanted to sit next to Remus. I'm crying!! The entire camoflauge idea was genius up until this very moment, but I guess that's what's to be expected while taking public transportation.


But that's certainly one way to bring some color back into his face :P. Haha, I have a feeling I'd react somewhat similarly to Clara -- filled with anxiety. Like, there was a quick decision to be made and I would have made it and then been like, "Oh mah God, what did we DO?" And then Remus--ahaha, she was a fidget. In Clara's defense, I'd imagine it's difficult to maintain your balance on a bus while sitting on someone's lap.


And I love how you mentioned that Remus was relieved when she removed the camoflauge. From his perspective, he'd been living alone as a werewolf [IN A TENT] after so much pain and suffering and then Clara swoops in with a remarkable gesture of kindness by offering him a place to stay. Of course he would, even in the very back of his mind, suspect that he might be hallucinating the whole thing as some desperate reach for kindness and human interaction. IT'S SO SAD OMG POOR REMUS D: . I'm so happy that Clara is 'taking him in', even if she suspects that it will only be a temporary thing.


Ahahaha, of course he would bring up Snape. I mean, from their perspective, I can see how walking in on them kissing would make it appear that there was something more than friendship between them. However, if they'd taken even a second to pay attention to either Snape or Clara (other than negative attention), they might've noticed. ;) The Marauders seeing Remus talking to Clara about Snape would have been an entertaining happening, that's for sure.


Ahh, Remus! That was a little rude, implying that Snape makes all her potions for her! Plus his prejudice for Slytherin House and assuming that Muggleborns don't get sorted into Slytherin. I mean, okay, he was a Gryffindor and he was friends with the Marauders and I assume that James and Sirius fed him a lot of ideas about Slytherin House, and okay so there probably weren't so many Muggleborns in Slytherin  -- but still.


Wandless magic is quite a feat, but I have this headcanon that Remus was super studious and highly focused on his schoolwork, so that makes sense. 


Not get attached to Remus Lupin my left foot -- they're too cute together! They MUST be attached! ;)


Also, I just wanted to point out that I noticed some really great descriptive text in here and you presented things really nicely, too. By "presented things" I mean like the way you described the bus ride ( the sort that made a person's legs fall asleep and grow uncomfortable from sitting in the same place for so long) and the way you described the woman-who-talked-too-much. It made for some really fun reading!


Anyway, wonderful chapter! I'm excited for more -- especially when in the next chapter SNAPE FINDS OUT THAT REMUS IS LIVING THERE YAY SPOILERS!


-Rumpels <3

Author's Response:

First off, I just want you to know - your reviews make my day, and it makes me so happy that you keep coming back!! <3 <3 

The 'sitting on remus' lap' idea didn't really emerge until I'd decided they were taking the bus home. I was a bit like, hmmmm - this chapter's a little boring, how can I spice it up? I couldn't have 2000 words just about a bus journey without there being some sort of awkward interaction! I can't speak for everywhere in the country, but in the North of England where this fic is set, everyone is very friendly and chatty - especially the elderly. Even up to the 80s, I'm always told about how people lived with their front doors wide open until they went to bed, and all the neighbours knew each other etc etc. I've been on the bus or waiting for a bus many a time and found myself spending most of the journey talking to someone 60+. That woman is a vague representation of every chatty old lady, haha! There will probably be more fun, minor old characters in this fic because I love writing them. 

Without giving away too much information, if the marauders had paid attention when Severus and Clara had kissed then that chapter would've gone very differently. All will be revealed in the next few chapters, I promise! 

I mean all the marauders were smart without really trying, but I feel like Remus might've felt that he wasn't good enough, so he studied even more and that is what made him as brilliant as he is today. 

Honestly description is something that I don't struggle with as such but I always worry it isn't good enough - so it means a lot that you like it!!!! 

Thank you Rumpels <3 <3 

Name: Phoenix Potioneer (Signed) · Date: 12 Jun 2018 02:11 AM · [Report This]
Story:That's All Chapter: Chapter 1

Clara's struggle with her appearance is super relatable to just about every teenager ever. I think all teenage girls can see each other a little bit in Clara.


WELL it looks like this chapter answers the question on whether Clara is friends with Lily Evans. That answer would be a firm no. I suppose it makes sense. I didn't realize that Clara had a crush on Severus as well as being her friend, so it makes sense that she'd be jealous of Lily.


Okay, that is really awful for Clara to reduce herself to being Severus's backup and having unrequited love. That's truly awful. She should run in the oposite direction of him, and find someone who truly appreciates her, but I understand why she doesn't. It's hard to resist the hope that one day, one day, he might see her, even if it takes a thousand years.


It is weird to have your first kiss be planned. I personally think it's better when it's not planned and is sort of spur of the moment. Then you don't get as anxious about it.


AH that kiss seems so awkward. How long did it last? I figured it would just be a quick and last maybe a second. But that internal monologue made it seem kind of long.


I'm really, really happy that Clara realized she no longer had feelings for him though. It's good that she's able to move on from someone who doesn't love her back, unlike someone else we know *cough*SeverusSnape*cough*


Wow, Clara certainly doesn't like Sirius, does she? I suppose it makes sense. She's a Slytherin, he's a Gryffindor, and Sirius kind of makes a point to make the lives of Slytherins miserable. If I was a Slytherin I would hate James and Sirius as well.


Well, Remus and Clara looking at each other clearly has some sort of significance, because they're future husband and wife. I wonder what Remus sees? If I were him, I would be intrigued by Clara, since she's one of the few girls who would defend Severus. (I feel like between this review and the last one I've been using the word intrigued a lot but whatever.)


I'm kind of sad about how annoyed Clara gets by Lily Evans, because I feel like they could be good friends if they would just set their problems aside. I hope it happens later on.


Great chapter! This is a really nice introductory chapter that sets up Clara and her situation, and how she feels about all the major characters (Snape, Lily, the Marauders.) Can't wait to read on!

Author's Response:

Hello again!

I'm glad that you can relate to Clara's insecurities, because it is something I was a little worried about. I hope that people see that Clara shouldn't think like that, and by seeing that they'd realise that they shouldn't think that way either. That was one of the reasons I made sure people were aware of her feelings on her self-image anyway. 

Haha, sorry about that! I mean, as is the case with most people who are enemies (Though it is just one sided, I'm sure Lily had nothing against Clara.) , in another life they'd be great friends. I think that Clara and Lily could've gotten on pretty well together, but Severus being head over heels in love with her got in the way of that a bit! 

The kiss wasn't too long, but it wasn't just a quick kiss. This was Severus getting his first kiss out of the way, so he'd know what to expect for the future - if there ever was one. I think it's a very Slytherin thing to do, I can't see people from any other house doing something like that. Whereas Clara's just doing it for the reasons you mentioned, in the hope that he'd realise he loved her. Unbeknownst to her, romance doesn't really work that way. 

Clara could never like James or Sirius because of the way they treated all slytherins, especially Severus. I mean - some of the slytherins treated her terrible too, so if they'd only targeted the awful ones then she might've been able to get behind them. But they tarred them all, including her, with the same brush. That, she couldn't get behind. 

I'm glad you like this chapter, and thank you so much for reviewing! 


Name: Phoenix Potioneer (Signed) · Date: 10 Jun 2018 03:27 AM · [Report This]
Story:That's All Chapter: Prologue

First of all, I just want to say that the premise for this story is very intiguing. A muggle-born who retreats from the outside world? Nice.


I really feel for Harry in this first paragraph. Deathly Hallows didn't note many injuries he had, because in the heat of the battle it was unimportant. But reading this description just makes me very sad for my beautiful boy. I love Harry so much.


I really love how this mysterious woman- Clara- isn't treating him any different than any other patient. I think Harry appreciates that as well, since he's never liked the fame. I think that's partly why Harry is intrigued by her so much.


"Harry Potter had suffered." YEAH, MAKE ME CRY, WHY DON'T YOU.


I'm glad to see that Harry's inquisitive side has not been diminished by the final battle. In fact, I'm surprised it hasn't. I'd expect him to be too exhausted to think too much about the origins of other people.


I really like the description of Harry when McGonogall sees him. I can picture the scene perfectly in my head- him standing there a bit awkwardly, McGonogall looking sympathetic.


WHAT!? Clara is Remus's wife!? And Snape's friend!? I was NOT expecting this.


Okay, before this, I was mildly intrigued by her character, mostly because Harry seemed interested in her, but that interest just skyrocketed by 250%. So like... is she Remus's first wife, before Tonks? How did this happen? Harry also had a point when he wonders why Remus never mentioned her. That seems like a rather big thing to omit, Remus!


But, I have to admit, Clara being connected to Snape and Lupin are the two most logical main HP characters to have a connection to, because both are pretty secretive. Other than Lupin spilling a lot of stuff at the end of Prisoner of Azkaban to Harry, he doesn't reveal much. Harry didn't even know he and Tonks were sort of in a relationship until only a month or two before their wedding. And Snape didn't even tell anybody (besides Dumbledore) that he loved Lily until after he actually died. So I can see why Clara might not have been mentioned. I still think Remus could have mentioned her at some point.


I wonder if Clara was friends with Lily Evans as well? Since, before she cut ties with him, Lily was Snape's closest friend, and Lily eventually became friends with Remus as well. So the two of them share similar tastes in friends.


Can't wait to read on!


Author's Response:

Hey, thank you for reviewing so quickly! 


I'm glad you like the premise, I think given Clara's background and her school years, it made perfect sense to hide away. People were dying, and her only friend had taken up with the cause that wanted her dead...there was every chance he could've betrayed her and made her a target. Severus didn't do that of course, but she didn't know that. 

Clara's heard a lot about Harry from both points of view. She's heard how brilliant he is, but he's also heard that he's over emotional and very much like his father. She didn't want to make a big deal and say thank you when in her mind, he wasn't the only one who needed thanking? With that and the shock, I think her showing any emotion at all would be quite a feat! But I agree, I think Harry needed someone who wouldn't shower him with questions and thanks, someone who had a job to do and just got on with it. That's Clara! 

Okay so this is an AU fic, and tonks will not be paired with Remus at all in this story. Clara and Remus are end game, and there'll be no Tonks bashing or anything like that. She'll just never be interested in Remus! ^_^

Being friends with two of the most secretive people in the order does help, but as well, Clara doesn't want to be known. As the story develops that will be explained a bit more. 


Thank you so much for the review! 

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