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Name: dreamshadow (Signed) · Date: 02 Feb 2020 01:53 AM · For: Complication #4

Oooh, the rivarly is beginning, and I'm so here for it. Let me just grab some popcorn while I wait for this all to unfold.


I have to say, I feel a little sorry for Dominique.  Something tells me that she doesn't mind that they excluded her, but still.  It can't be easy, knowing that the girls in your year are all friends and probably talk about you.  I know you have some stories with her as a MC and I'm kind of curious about them, so I might have to check 'em out when I'm a little further on here.  Because yeah, I'm definitely getting addicted to this story and your writing style is so easy and enjoyable to read that I find myself eagerly hitting 'next chapter'.


Okay, got a LITTLE excited when Abby pushed Potter against the wall.  I can't help it, okay? That's the girl I saw in the first chapter and I'm psyched that she's standing up for herself.  I did kind of figure her logic, too; that James excluded her because he thought that was going to be a worse punishment.  It truthfully seems a bit more believable than him suddenly caring about her, though I am curious to see what happened between them that made them hate each other.  Or at least, him hate her.  His general attitude and immaturity seem to be enough for Abby and honestly, can't say I really blame her XD


Can't help but wonder if there's going to be a fall out with the Royals, or if Dominique is going to make her way into the group. Or if they're all going to stay friends. Either way, I really want to see how these relationships unfold because really Taylor, you've started an excellent story here and I can 100% see where all the hype has come from.


Looking forward to reading more ♥

Name: dreamshadow (Signed) · Date: 02 Feb 2020 01:34 AM · For: Complication #3

Oh, Abby.  I'm really glad you showed us parts of how she carries herself before showing us what her family life is like.  It just makes me want to squish Abby because while I'm glad that she was able to give herself a moment to let go some of the feelings in the loo, I can't help but worry.  Bottling up all of these emotions can't be healthy.  AND! Taylor! How sneaky are you, that James is the one who saw her at a moment of weakness.  Granted, I'm sure that it was entirely planned for a stepping stone in their future relationship, but I'm so glad it was him.  He almost seemed genuinely concerned, which makes me think that he's not the person Abby believes him to be, and vice versa.  They're used to seeing what they portray to the school and I'm eager to see what happens when their walls inevitably break down.  For the record, if you haven't guessed, I am already rooting for them.


No, Abby, no. Don't lie to your friends! I get why she did, but it makes the whole scene even more heartbreaking.  And I'm a little disappointed that she didn't let Blaise have it when she saw him, but again, I get why: appearances are super important to her, and I love all the different ways you show us that.  With her reflections in the mirror, how she carefully applies her makeup, what she tells even her closest friends (though I'm sure they'd be sympathetic and supportive.  Which is, perhaps, why she didn't tell them, not wanting the sympathy). 


And, just for the record, her mom was brutal in that confrontation.  I mean, I don't really blame her, but still.  Makes the whole "me wanting to give Abby a hug" thing even stronger. ♥

Name: dreamshadow (Signed) · Date: 02 Feb 2020 01:16 AM · For: Complication #2

Ugh, I hate that I was right about this.  I just want to hug Abby, because I feel like she doesn't get hugged very often, and that makes me sad.   I'm glad she's one of those girls who knows she deserves to be treated better -- her confidence here is definitely a good perk -- but you did such a good job with this last scene that it was truly heartbreaking to read.  The next time Abby sees Blaise, I really hope that she gives him a piece of her mind.  She says words are usually enough so I'm looking forward to a true showdown. 


Diana seems nice.  I can see where Abby would think she's too cheerful; I wouldn't be surprised if someone this cheerful would be under the influence of a Pepper Up Potion.  And it's nice to see her treating house elves with respect, even if they aren't her own.  I don't know, I just feel like Abby is a little softer than the hard/almost snobby exterior she shows.  Snobby isn't really the word I'm looking for. Overconfident, maybe?  Slightly arrogant? Or just self-assured. But I think you know what I'm trying to say.  Either way, they're my favorite kinds of main characters so I'm so here to see Abby's growth in future chapters :D 


I'm also curious as to see what happened between Abby's parents.  Obviously it didn't end well, but I wonder what actually went down and if it's going to play a role in the story later on.  It's also refreshing to see that Abby's parents' divorce hasn't affected her relationship.  At least that we've seen so far.  It's impressive that she's been with Blaise since second year, given her stance on not wanting to be able to have feelings. (But gurl, I feel you. Feelings are overrated.) 


Curious to see what Blaise has to say for himself, though I'm finding 'family stuff' a convenient excuse. I don't know, I just still don't trust him. Guess we'll see what happens! 

Name: dreamshadow (Signed) · Date: 02 Feb 2020 12:54 AM · For: Complication #1

Let's ignore how long it's taken me to start reading this story, and just enjoy the fact that I'm here now :D 


Immediately I'm drawn in to this concept.  I love confident girls at the top of the social foodchain; there's just something about them that makes them fun characters.  I'm not sure if this was intentional or not, but I'm getting serious Gossip Girl vibes here, but in the best way. Maybe it was Abby's headband, or something :P  Whatever it is, that makes me even more excited about it. I was admittedly surprised that she's a Ravenclaw, though; for some reason I'd pegged her as a Gryffindor. Maybe the confidence? But that's just another good twist. 


From this first chapter, I can tell she's smart.  Just the way she carries herself and knows herself, and being able to master nonverbal spells as well.  I also loved the introduction of James; I know they're gonna be a thing much later on in the story, but this first little taste makes me eager to see how their relationship grows from here.  Abby seems like she can give James a run for his money, and I very much appreciate a girl who can stand up for herself. 


There's something about Abby's narrative voice that draws me in.  It's not super casual, but it's so uniquely her that it's like she's talking to me rather than writing it down in a journal or something.  And Caroline, Brooke, and Scarlett seem to be good friends so far; and Ravenclaw Royals really does have a nice ring to it. 


I can't help but get the feeling that Abby's night with Blaise isn't going to go as she plans.  I'm not sure why -- I hope it does, because she seems excited and in just this first introduction of him, he seems to genuinely like her.  I just... I don't know, Taylor. There's something about him I don't quite trust and I can't really put my finger on what it is. 


I also love that Abby's aware of her lifestyle and that she admits that she enjoys it.  I can't imagine what it's like to have divorced parents, but she seems to be enjoying at least some of the perks.


And I also enjoyed the bit about the mirror at the end; showing that even though she acts super confident, she does have her own insecurities, and that makes her human.  I'm very eager to see where this goes -- looks like I've got a lot of reading ahead of me :D 

Name: Noelle Zingarella (Signed) · Date: 11 May 2019 09:10 PM · For: Complication #1

Hi Taylor! I’m here for CTF.


I’ll admit that I was tempted to shelve Abigail in the category of “teenagers with too much money and too little supervision” when you showed me that there is more to her than meets the eye. The moment when she observes that she doesn’t use vulgar language—because there’s always a better word—shows me her intelligence. I love that she wants to be a lady and that she’s smart enough to know how to prove her superiority in such a way. I also love that she’s not so perfect that she’ll resist the opportunity to hex her antagonist when she gets it. It seems that she and Potter rub each other the wrong way—and I wonder where that is going to lead both of them.


It’s sad to see Abigail surrounded by physical luxury, but emotionally hungry. I feel very sorry for her and wish that her parents would be more in tune with what she really needs—parenting and companionship rather than more and more stuff. 


I take it her boyfriend is older and out of school if he has a business meeting to attend. I wonder how they got together and about the dynamics of their relationship. It’s funny when Abigail announces to her friends that she’s decided to become more intimate with her boyfriend, and her friend Caroline notes that now anything they say is less important and less impressive. 


Interesting set up in this chapter!




Author's Response:

hi noelle!


truthfully, abigail probably deserves to be shelved off like that, especially at this point in the story. she's got some redeeming qualities - which i'm glad you've recognised - but on the whole, she's not exactly a great character at this point. she's got a lot of growth to go - as does james - as the story progresses and as they mature. she's definitely emotionally hungry, and trying to figure out how to find that fulfillment definitely becomes a theme as things go forward.


her boyfriend is actually the same age as she is, but he's already got his mind on life after hogwarts, hence the business meeting. as for their relationship dynamics, they're definitely interesting, and will get some further exploration in future chapters. and yes, it's definitely a bit funny that she makes a whole announcement out of it, but teenage girls are definitely like that. i remember that being *such* a big thing when i was a teenager and girls definitely told each other all about this 'big step' they were taking - it makes me giggle to think back on.


thanks for the review!!

Name: Lacey Black (Signed) · Date: 27 Mar 2019 11:57 AM · For: Complication #34

I figure it’s high time I write a review here!

i just lalalove this story!  Slow burns and idk WHAT you’d call a physical no string attached romance turn heart throbbing love story but yeah. That’s what this is. AKA amazeballs

i love your take on the Next Generation characters!  My favourite is the Weasley interventions! That’s a brilliant idea! And absolutely what would be needed with such a ridiculously large family 


honestly Abby is a pretty fantastic character, she’s so relatable, she’s the classic 17 year old girl in so many ways.  I love her connection with james (outside the snog sessions which by the way are so well descripted without being awkward or weird) they have a great friendship built.  I do worry about if things go badly what it might do to the group dynamic but seeing as dom and Alec broke up and the group has survived I think that shows that they can all be rational and not.

James is so thick and I just love it! I’m not sure if either him or Abby have figured out how smitten they really are with each other but by the kids on the head at bedtime, no snogging just that intimate tender goodbye is a great start. 

I hope (but secretly I love the drama) that’s abby doesn’t freak when she starts to actually understand what these butterflies and thoughts about him and fear for James safety all means. 

I think that The two royals left are going to cause more trouble, maybe they will go through her stuff or maybe follow her and find out she’s still hooking up with James, I’m not too sure BUT I can’t wait to find out! 

By far my favourite character is Dominique and I don’t really have much reason other then her personality is bomb, she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her.  Just the fact that she befriended Abigail after years of bullying blew me out of the water.  She’s truly such a kind person and I love it. I’m really sad about her and Alec and I want to know more about that :(

i know this story is done now but yeah this story is fab!

Author's Response:

lexi!!! i'm so glad you love it!


the weasley interventions are so fun - i love writing big next gen family gatherings, and these interventions are such a fun way to show that. and abby is definitely a fun character and she's changed a lot as the story goes on; and a big part of the reason she's so apprehensive about committing to anything more with james is that she knows things could mess up the group dynamic. they're both still a little thick when it comes to their feelings for each other, but they'll have to reckon with those before too long.


the royals will definitely still be around to cause trouble, haha. but i love that you love dominique, she's such a great character who's both a badass and kindhearted and always so fun to write. there's more backstory about what happened with alec forthcoming, so all will be revealed eventually.


anyways, thank you so much for reading and reviewing!! <3

Name: you-make-me-wander (Signed) · Date: 25 Mar 2019 05:26 PM · For: Complication #2

I think this second chapter only cemented the idea I already had about how much Abigail feels relatable as a character, no matter that not everyone (I mean readers) has her looks, or her confidence, or her money. Even though she tries to dismiss it and make it pass as unimportant, being so easily neglected by her parents seems to be taking a toll on her, and now with Blaise leaving her hanging I'm guessing things will get a little out of control.

Which I'm sure will be har for her, since she seems to always be in charge of everything. She says so herself, about having everything planned and not liking surprises. I take it this year at Hogwarts will be challenging in that way for her.

I'm very much enjoying the story so far, Taylor! Feel free to grab an open slot soon ^^


Author's Response:

hi susana! i'm glad this chapter made abigail a little more relatable - she does get abandoned a good bit in this chapter, and it serves to fuel some of those insecurities from the first chapter. and she does try to dismiss it - she's got a thing for hiding her feelings and putting on a stoic face - but there's almost always something simmering underneath.


and there are.... definitely some surprises in store for her. ;)


thanks for reading and reviewing - i'll definitely be back for an open slot soon!

Name: you-make-me-wander (Signed) · Date: 25 Mar 2019 03:10 PM · For: Complication #1

Hey, Taylor. Here for your requested review!

Okay so one of the things I loved most about this chapter is Abigail. The way you’re portraying her (as a Queen Bee, I mean) can sometimes lead to characters that are more petulant and less relatable, but you managed to give us a glimpse of a really interesting character, in my opinion. You show that she’s a little conceited and plenty self-confident, yet we can tell that her parents’ divorce might have influenced (if not started) the way she is today. And that made me feel like Abigail was so much more like a relatable character and less like this spoiled brat, which was a nice surprise.

Then, I can already tell that her bickering with James is likely gonna be hilarious throughout the story and put them in the most embarrassing circumstances if the pranks keep on going. I’m all here for a good enemies to lovers!

I’m not sure how I feel about Blaise yet, but I’ve got a feeling that the day after is gonna go out with a bang that Abigail isn’t really expecting or counting on, and I’m sensing Blaise will have something to do with it. I might be wrong but well, it’s just the vibe I got.

I loved the girls and their group dynamics, and I’m looking forward to know more about them.

I think the ending of the chapter really brought to the surface the idea of how relatable Abigail is. Her fears and apprehensions are common to pretty much anyone, and even if she doesn’t show them, not even to the people who are closest to her, she still feels them and suffers with them, and gets through them as best she can. I really liked it, and I hope you’ll delve into this further.

I hadn’t read your story before, so I can’t pinpoint differences between what I read now and what you had before editing, but I can tell you that this chapter was a great beginning for the story, and that your writing flows really well.

I’ll get on to chapter 2 right away!


Author's Response:

hi susana!


abigail is definitely a bit petulant and conceited, but that's kind of the point in a way? she's definitely a character that's not immediately likable or relatable, and a big chunk of the story is dedicated to her growth and maturity as a person into someone you might actually want to spend time with. her bickering with james will definitely continue and lead to some unintended consequences, and blaise is definitely a little bit more than meets the eye.


the end of this chapter *was* kind of designed to show the more private parts of abigail's personality, and she's a bit more relatable underneath her guise of acting like she's got it all together. anyways, i'm glad you enjoyed this first chapter - thank you so much for the review!!

Name: Chemical_Pixie (Signed) · Date: 09 Mar 2019 11:58 AM · For: Complication #48

Taylor! Here for RvG and also... I've reached the end. How is that possible? (If ONLY you had a sequel or something... lol)


I think I might have mentioned this on the social media when you announced that you were finished with this fic, but I want to state this sentiement again. Congratulations at finishing this project. It takes time, energy, and so much courage to write something--and then post it online for anyone to read. After reading all 48 chapters of this fic, it's apparent how much time you spent into developing all of your plotlines and themes and characters (how can you manage writing an ensemble cast for this long? I did it once and wanted to melt, lol). 


This is such a nice ending chapter. James and Abby are happily living together--and discussing their future! Marriage! Eek! How exciting. :) And they're going to a baby shower--a sign of new life, of a new beginning at the end of such a story. It's nice to see how much our favorite characters have grown (or remained the same, looking at you, Fred, lol). 


Abby and James seem as strong as ever. They tease each other in such an endearing way. I suppose I have the advantage of hearing others discuss how this relationship is... tested... in the sequel, so I'm interested in seeing how this teasing transfers into relationship issues, because Abby and James COULD twist these words and use when a fuel... but why focus on THAT when everyone is cute and happy and there's so much fluff wrapped into one chapter?! It's a fluff sandwich: fluffy fun (yay!)-wait a minute, there's a sequel what's going to happen-ehhh, I want to focus on the fluffy fun (double yay!). Ahahaha. What a great way to end a story.


Congrats again, Taylor! I know I'll be reading a certain sequel sometime soon! ;) 

Author's Response:

ah yes, if ONLY i was working on a sequel to this story... if ONLY. ;)


ahh thank you so much for your kind words! writing this ensemble cast was a lot of fun (i think i naturally gravitate towards larger casts - i like tying in as many storylines as i can when i write big novels like this one) and it's been fun to bring them into this next fic with me. this chapter is definitely a moment to come full circle and see how they've developed as characters, and also to set up things for the sequel.


hehe yes, things definitely get twisted in the sequel as they're 'tested' (i like that word for it, i typically just call it me being a monster), but for now, things are fluffy and delightful and it's a nice happy ending (for now, at least).


thanks for reviewing, abby!! <3

Name: Chemical_Pixie (Signed) · Date: 27 Feb 2019 08:18 AM · For: Complication #45

Hey Taylor! Here for your requested review and February RvG! 


I ~might~ have read a few chapters or so on my commute to work! ;)


Okay. We are SO CLOSE TO THE END. Things are starting to come together (and go full circle). Let me explain what I mean...


In this chapter, we get a glimpse at gossip, gossip that, if this had been at the beginning of the school year or any year prior, Abby (or Abigail) herself would have been at the center of spreading such gossip. This year, she's been on the receiving end of some pretty nasty ones, and now it's good to see how she cannot stand it. The things those people said are hurtful, and I hope Abby doesn't take it too much to heart because people can be THAT petty. But her swearing... that's enough to catch everyone's attention. It's nice to see that her support group is there to do just that, support her. Also, I'd like to point out the sexism in such gossip. It's scandalous when a girl gets turned out, and it's a mark against her character... would they have said the same thing had it been reveresed and a boy was turned down? (My mind goes to the girl being a prude or a, not nice woman, so the woman is STILL blamed, ugh.)


Anyway, I digress. (But am I? Female blaming and belittlement is SUCH a societal issue!!!) I like how layered Abby's birthday is: from that irritating letter from her mother to classes to this cute party (and fun drinking game) to that cheesy gift from James. It's all good fun (well, minus the parental bit). We're close to the end here, so I like how everyone's together in this chapter, having a lot of fun, doing what they love to do (read: drinking and partying). This chapter ends on all the right levels of fluff--and add that dollop of cheesiness from James.


Looking forward to the end of this fic!

Author's Response:

hehehe i love that you reading bonus chapters on your commute has become a regular thing. <3


god, i love your observations in reviews. you're right that things have gone full circle - abby has no interest in spreading gossip because she's experienced firsthand just how harmful it can be. and yes, it's hella sexist that they're saying so many things about abby that they probably wouldn't say about james. it's horrible and i hate that it's somehow so much worse for a woman to get turned down than a man, but alas, it's society.


there's a lot of fluff and cheesiness to her birthday, and we're definitely getting very very close to the end here. :)

Name: Chemical_Pixie (Signed) · Date: 12 Feb 2019 09:55 PM · For: Complication #35

Taylor! I'm baaaaack! That was shorter than you'd expected, eh? lol. Here for RvG (I THINK I'm team gold???) This is a bonus review for being patient while I filled in your request. :)


Anyway, what a chapter! Before I get into the drama of this chapter, I want to gush about the characterization you show of the Gryffindor boys based on the appearances of their beds. Freddie placing a Permanent Sticking Charm on James's wall is pure gold--and SOOO Freddie! Ahaha! As for those two other Gryffindor boys... you should do a one shot on them. Their prespective on what it's like to share a room with the boys from this group of people, lolol!


Okay. The action. I love a bit of darkness and angst, and I DEFINITELY GET IT IN THIS CHAPTER! Sure, the snogging session was cute (again, their chemsitry is on par), but the owl... (a snowy one at that). With the news about Harry! AHHHH! He better make it Taylor (I realize that I of all people don't have the right to demand that of you, lol, but I think you get how I'm feeling about this).


You capture James's guilt really well. Of course he's being a normal teenager with normal angry feelings against the parental units. BUt said parental unit is currently knocked out and miiiight not wake up... talk about pressure. I do love Ginny's reception to Abby; she was so cool, given the circumstances. 


And Abby's realization at the end... that was so sweet! But I'm not at all surprised. Just last chapter, Abby was listing the little moments that made her happiest... and now, in this little moment, she realizes she's in love. And that's brilliant! Well done, Taylor! :D 

Author's Response:

abby! hello again!


hehe the boys' beds are definitely a bit of a character study. and honestly, those poor other two boys. what a life they must lead. but there's definitely angst in this chapter that kind of pops out of nowhere (which was kind of the point haha), and james is rightfully stressed and guilty about it. and tbh, i've always imagined ginny as largely cool with most things, and kind of going against the slightly stricter behavior we see out of molly.


and abby's realisation was definitely just a matter of time - and she's definitely the sort of person that gets the greatest joy out of the littlest moments, so it's fitting that she'd come to this realisation in another little moment like that.


thank you for your review !! <3



Name: Chemical_Pixie (Signed) · Date: 12 Feb 2019 09:13 PM · For: Complication #34

Hey Taylor! Here for your long overdue requested review!!! (And to contribute something to Febrary RvG. Can't quite remember which team I'm on at the moment)


So I ~might~ have read a few chapters on the crowded commute on the subway, or I might not have... I suppose we'll never know! ;)


I know that James is having a difficult time with Defense. I know that he's living in the shadows of his father (and younger brother). But... grumpy James is sooooo endearing! When he's grouchy, Abby and James's chemistry really does fly off the page. I do like how she coaches him a little bit on the whole Patronus kit and kaboodle. As a writer, it's such a clever way to let them have this moment of intimacy and growth. You show how comfortable they feel around each other, and how much they are beginning to trust each other more and more. Abby shares her happiest memories, stunning James. James catching Abby slightly off guard with his comments and the little kiss at the end. Their relationship is blossoming so nicely!


And Fred... oh Fred Weasley! I do appreciate the "Sweet Caroline" reference here... now that's stuck in my head. He is so dramatic, but he wouldn't be the same character without it. The bowtie was what really captured the whole moment for me, though. Part of me is convinced that Caroline would have said no if it weren't for the bow tie (new head canon!!!). And the way James casually brings up his relationship... I suppose Amelie does jump to the wrong conclusion for this scenario (though I probably wouldn't keep a relationship like that a full blown secret, more like "it's none of your business" but alas, I am a different Abby in a different universe, lol). 


The ending scene is the perfect ending to a chapter like this! Lots of growth between our couple of the hour and then the genesis of our other favorite couple (though, there are quite a few favorite couples in this fic, not to discredit those, either). But having James succeed at a struggle is such an awesome way to carry out the chapter. There are a lot of small moments in this chapter, and it's fitting that you ended on a big one!


I'll be back! :) 

Author's Response:

hiya abby!


james getting overdramatically grumpy is always fun, but yes, it's clear how well he and abby click in those moments because she's got the patience to draw him out of it, but also doesn't just let him stew in it either. yet they're both constantly surprising each other too. and hahaha freddy is certainly dramatic here - i wanted freddy on a table, i got freddy on a table. and lol i totally love that headcanon - the bowtie was definitely what seals the deal.


having james finally cast a patronus is a big thing, and it both plays a part here and becomes relevant in a future chapter. :)


thanks for the review!! <3

Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 29 Jan 2019 09:51 AM · For: Complication #48

they're living together, how awesome for abby and james! it's also really great that they fit together so well in terms of basically everything but also in terms of decorating their (abby's) apartment - i know how much abby cares about the way things look so i wasn't surprised that she was a little bit worried about james' decorating technique, so i'm glad it worked out well.
i can't believe that james so casually started talking about getting married over a random breakfast - the james from the start of the story would run away at the mere mention of marriage. 

poor freddy - it seems that he really loved (still loves?) caroline. i get that she wanted to pursue her career and support that but still, i feel sorry for him. 

i love all the banter between freddy and james and victoire and teddy - though james auctioning off his children's names is probably the best thing that happens during the baby shower for little margeaux.

i can't believe that it's over! i know there's a sequel but honestly, i think i'll feel lost for a little while after reading this whole story. and i'm waiting for you to finish complex before reading it because of all the ominous tweets you've been posting about it :P but i'm looking forward to it!!


Author's Response:

yep, they've moved in together and managed to find a way to mesh their different decorating styles - i love a good metaphor, and this idea of their two styles mashing together in this apartment was a fun one.


and yes, james has definitely changed a lot since the start of the story - he's fully in a committed relationship at this point, which is very different from his tendency to avoid those entirely at the start. also yeah, poor teddy - it's a sad fact of life that not every relationship is going to survive after hogwarts, and theirs got torn apart. although i will say, this is not the end of things for them, they'll be brought up again in the sequel. ;)


ahahahaha given what i'm writing in complex at the moment, holding off until i finish is probably a safe move. :P thank you so so much for all of these reviews, you're a rockstar <3

Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 29 Jan 2019 09:26 AM · For: Complication #47

hah, abby's false claims about james' tattoos fondly reminded me of ginny in the half-blood prince when she talks about harry's and ron's supposed tattoos. i'm not sure how anyone could actually believe abby and not pick up on the sarcasm and the fact that she's making fun of them for even asking such a question, but people can be stupid i guess.

i also really loved when abby concluded that she thought she would care so much about what people would say about her and james and their relationship and then, when it actually happens, it turns out that she doesn't even care.

scarlett is still witchy and vitriolic as ever - i really don't understand that girl. what is her problem? how can she have enough energy to bother abby during the whole seventh year? doesn't she have anything better to do? 

this whole chapter was one big ball of fluff and it was perfect. james and abby together are perfect!


Author's Response:

haha yes that was definitely a nod to ginny in hbp - her sarcasm is glaringly obvious, but people are bad at picking up on subtleties. and it's truly a moment of coming full circle that abby doesn't actually care what people are saying as much as she expected she might've, or that she would've at the start of the story. but while abby has changed a *lot*, scarlett hasn't changed at all - it's a fun little moment of contrast to see that scarlett's still in that same mindset that abby has clearly left behind.


i'm glad you enjoyed all the fluff, hehe <3

Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 29 Jan 2019 08:59 AM · For: Complication #46

good - they finally decided to stop keeping their relationship a secret. really, it made no sense to me when they first decided that, even with james' justification because, from what i have seen, there is always some gossip about james and the rest of the potters and the weasleys, and abby is not far behind, especially with the fact that she stopped being the so-calles queen bee of hogwarts. they just have to ignore mean and petty comments, and especially newspapers if they get their hands on the story about them (which i have a feeling that they will). the little show that they put up in the common room for everyone to see isn't exactly subtle, but i don't think it matters - they're so wrapped up in each other that stupid comments can't touch them. i hope.

it's sad that molly and michael broke up but if molly didn't like him anymore, it would be cruel and unfair to stay with him and lead him on, make him think that there was something more between them than there actually is.

freddy is classically hilarious, btw, i love all his comments!


Author's Response:

yeah, there's always gossip, and being 'secretive' really didn't save them from much. abby's just scared, because she's seen exactly what hogwarts gossip does to her and doesn't know what's going to happen when it hits them. but in that little moment in the common room, nothing else matters.


i love that you love freddy, haha. <3

Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 29 Jan 2019 08:24 AM · For: Complication #45

i totally understand abby's frustration at the hogwarts students and their tendency to gossip about her, especially when they are being so incredibly mean. one would think they all had something better to do with exams coming up instead of getting up in other people's business. abby and james are in a committed relationship, they are happy with each other and to have people speculate about the nature of their relationship must be infuriating.

i still feel incredibly sorry for al and cecile, they must be going through hell right now. i have absolutely zero experience with miscarriages or generally with losing a child but i'm certain it's hellish. i really do hope that they get the professional help they both need, i don't think it will do them any good if they try to deal with it on their own - it can only lead to more grief and frustration and anger, which is not necessarily bad but talking to a professional seems like a good idea.

abby's birthday party was nice but james' birthday present made me laugh!


Author's Response:

lol you'd *really* think people would come up with better things to do with their lives other than getting in other people's business but.... apparently that's not the case for so many people, both in this fic and in real life. having people speculate is definitely annoying.


al and cecile are definitely struggling, but they'll get help. it's a horrible thing to lose a baby, but they're doing what they can to cope - including going to a professional, because therapy is just.... a really, really good idea for anyone, tbh. big advocate of professional help.


his gift was *definitely* on the cheesy side, but he's very proud of it, lol.

Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 29 Jan 2019 07:34 AM · For: Complication #44

aw, i didn't believe for a second that james might be pushing abby into something she isn't ready for, he's just not that kind of a guy. but the cuddling thing is too cute for words. they both are too cute for words, i can't even remember how they were before they started being cute.

oh i can't believe i was right about cecile being pregnant! i feel really sorry for both albus and her. al seems so broken about it and i can't imagine how both of them must feel. teen pregnancy can be problematic but they have been together for so long that for them, i don't think it would have been a problem at all. this is really sad. i know al wished she wasn't pregnant and all, but it's no surprise that he's so distressed - it's a huge deal and he loves her and she, well, both of them, just suffered through something really hard. he must also be feeling guilty for not wanting to be a father at only seventeen and then they lose the baby.


Author's Response:

hahaha they're definitely cute at this point - and you're right that he'd never push her into anything she's not ready for. (i'm big on writing male characters who understand the importance of  enthusiastic and freely-given consent. james is one of those characters.)


and yeah, you caught that one - it's put them both in a really hard place emotionally because there were already so many mixed emotions around cecile being pregnant to begin with, and then this happens. it's a horrible thing (and was really hard to write, ngl, as i've had friends go through similar experiences and saw just how difficult it was on them).

Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 29 Jan 2019 07:12 AM · For: Complication #43

oh i thought that the intervention was the one james and abby had planned but it seems there is something else going on that neither of them know about. i wonder what's happening? so someone planned an intervention for abby and james? ahah, but they all think that they aren't together - way to go potter/weasleys, you have all completely missed the mark! but it's great that everyone knows now about them, and nobody freaked out (not that i expected them but you never know)

freddy's idea about stuffing them in a broom closet and forcing them to figure stuff out is hilarious but it's a good thing the rest of them stopped it - i can't see abby and james just taking it in stride and calmly staying in that broom closet.

well, it seems that a lot of the relationships are kinda falling apart right now - it's not nice but i guess you can't expect for everyone to be happy at the same time. it's good that caroline and freddy are still good - i feel like she really needs something good in her life.


Author's Response:

they meant to plan an intervention, but someone else beat them to it! and yes, missed the mark COMPLETELY, but gave abby and james a good chance to actually tell them the truth. but yes, shoving them in a broom closet would've been the opposite of a productive solution.


yeah, abby and james may be going good right now, but yeah, a few other relationships definitely aren't. it's kind of a sad fact of life that not everyone will have happy relationships at the same time, especially as teenagers, but yeah, caroline and freddy are definitely still good right now too.

Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 29 Jan 2019 06:30 AM · For: Complication #42

i kinda laughed at alec being bitter about dom not accepting any opinions from other people regarding her career - they were all perfectly happy being outraged at blaise trying to have abby be a housewife, but now that alec should leave dom to make her own decision about her own life and career, he has different thoughts about it all. and i don't like it - i will always support people making their own choices and being free to do so without anyone bothering them about it. it's their (in this case dom's) life! he doesn't want to stay in england for her either so i'm not sure how he can be so hypocritical.

james and abby are finally going on a proper date! i love how abby is so stressed out and nervous about it - obviously she shouldn't be with everything that has already happened between her and james, but i guess being in love with him means she is allowed to be nervous about their date - after all, they've waited so long for it that it would probably be weird if she wasn't nervous. but it's an adorable first date and perfect for the two of them!


Author's Response:

there's definitely some hypocrisy on alec's part - he doesn't have any right to ask dom to choose him over her career, and part of him *knows* that, but he also won't stop trying. it's not really fair on dom - and dom both knows that and stands up for herself on it.


their first date was such a cute, fun scene to write - she's got butterflies because it's still a big deal to be going on a proper date, even after all they've been through, but her nerves are quickly proven almost entirely unwarranted. despite the change in their status and the fact that their feelings are now out in the open, they're exactly the same as they've been.

Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 29 Jan 2019 05:58 AM · For: Complication #41

they are both so fluffy and cute and adorable! after 40 chapters i can't believe we have finally managed to get to the two of them being in a relationship with each other and not being scared of it and not running away from it!

the fact that james' mum is worried about something else and that she didn't freak out about him coming home in the morning makes me think that it might have something to do with albus and cecile? i remember she wasn't feeling well when they were going home for the holidays. is she pregnant? that would definitely be a big deal that would make ginny ignore james breaking curfew. i hope it's nothing serious like someone being deathly ill or something.

while james is adorable in his impulsiveness, i think abby is right in making him think things through (or think things through for him, as it happens to be the case now). and they should definitely tell their friends and james' family, there is no point in lying to them and i don't think they'd be too happy about being lied to.


Author's Response:

only took 40 chapters for them to get their shit together, lol.


ginny being worried about something else is definitely indicative of something going on with one of her other children - there's some backstory there that'll come up in future chapters. and yeah, abby's definitely in the right here, in pointing out that there's no sense keeping their relationship a secret from their friends and family - the whole reason behind keeping quiet is more to get on their own feet before the gossip gets to them, and that's not really an issue with the people they're close to.

Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 29 Jan 2019 05:29 AM · For: Complication #40

it's a good thing that it is james and not her mother hah. but omg how can he still be acting so infuriatingly stupid - seriously, he should have told her he loved her too, not that he came to the wedding because he said he would. james has some weird issues with communicating things properly.

he's obviously jealous of the mr.spinnet guy but why wouldn't he tell her already, jesus, idk how many times i can ask what is wrong with him before he actually confesses his feelings to abby! they're dancing a slow dance and every other dance there is and he is still refusing to say something even remotely appropriate for the situation that they are in.


okay i'm definitely not a fan of the still secret part of their relationship but hopefully it will be okay. i believe james when he says he loves abby but i just them to be finally happy and together.


Author's Response:

james, bless his heart, is definitely having some communication struggles here. he knows exactly what he wants to say but every time he gets close, he panics and decides that there's probably a better moment around the corner - which is exceptionally stupid of him but eh, he gets there eventually.


and yeah, they're still a bit of a secret now, but not in the same sort of way - this is a much healthier version of that because they're not hiding or ignoring their feelings anymore. they're just using the secrecy as a chance to really get their footing and figure out what they are before telling people, rather than sneaking around with the intent that it never gets out.

Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 29 Jan 2019 05:13 AM · For: Complication #39

it makes sense that abby has decided to get rid of the clothes that the old abigail would have loved to wear and donate them, and then to go shopping for new clothes - i think that if shopping makes her feel a little bit better, then it's great that retail therapy helps! i mean, obviously i don't support that as a long term way of dealing with emotions and problems, but a little pick-me-up is okay.

is james still going to the wedding? i forgot about that and now it just seems like he wouldn't go or that abby wouldn't want him to unless he gets himself and his feelings together.

and she got the job as an auror! that's fantastic! it's also great that she isn't actually moping around while james is figuring stuff out. she does think about him but isn't all depressed because of some boy, even if that boy is james potter. diana is a really awesome person - it's nice that abby has someone like that in her life.

so alec is going to greece - it makes sense that dom wouldn't follow him, she has her own dreams.

aaah did james go to the wedding? it has to be him, right?! i mean there's always the possibility that her mum decided to crash the wedding and ruin it for everyone.


Author's Response:

yep, abby's definitely using retail therapy as a much more healthy coping mechanism here than she has in the past - she understands it's not a permanent solution to her problems, but it makes her happy in the short term and that's a net positive.


i thought it was important that, while james is sorting things out, abby is sorting things out on her own as well, independently of james. like, independent character growth that doesn't rely on a relationship to bring it about feels really important to me, so she needed this moment to step back and do things on her own for a little bit.


and as for who's at the wedding..... you'll find out soon enough. ;)

Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 29 Jan 2019 04:49 AM · For: Complication #38

okay, james is acting like an incredibly stupid person! urgent means life and death situations, urgent does not mean snogging because he simply feels like it! i can't blame abby for getting angry at him - he is acting like she is there to only fulfill his needs, no matter that she could have been doing something important when his 'urgent' message came. she has every right to be angry. and yet, she should have told him already that she is in love with him. with the way james is, he won't notice it until she makes a billboard about her feelings for him and places it in front of him.

OH MY GOD SHE TOLD HIM! she literally yelled at him that she is in love with him and stupid james only manages to say something stupid to her like shit. what is wrong with that boy?!

but i absolutely love abby and the fact that she wants him to figure things out on his own instead of his family making him make a decision, because that would just mean he was pressured into something he might not want (even though it's obvious he feels the same way but boys are dense).

her mum is going to be livid about her staying with her dad and diana, i can already see it in my mind. but abby's letter was really good.


Author's Response:

james definitely needs to learn the definition of the word 'urgent,' because he most definitely did not use it properly here. especially given the snarky comments that were made last chapter - granted, that james has no idea about - it definitely comes off as james being a bit dismissive of abby, which is... precisely why she snapped. and james was completely unprepared for it, and just absolutely did not process it as fast as he should've. and so his initial response was the only one that abby heard. if she'd hung around a little longer, he might've been able to at least vocalise *something* less stupid, but alas, she ran off.


she made the right choice in that this needs to be something james realises on his own, and not via pressure through anyone else. and she's finally standing up to her mum, which is something she's needed to do for a while.

Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 29 Jan 2019 04:33 AM · For: Complication #37

so it was lily who caught them - it really is funny that they have managed to keep their snogging sessions a secret for so long and now both ginny and lily have found out. but i feel really bad for abby when james says that they aren't together and that they are just snogging, especially when it isn't exactly true. they have been spending so much time together, and if they didn't make that stupid deal before, you could call whatever it is that they are doing dating. because they are. only they're too silly to admit it to themselves.

i think that abby is definitely reading james totally wrong - i suppose he is thinking the same things that she is about him - he thinks that abby doesn't want a relationship so he's trying to be the same. if only they would talk to each other properly!

i can't believe that abby would take anything that brooke or scarlett say at this point seriously, but i guess that everything that touches upon her own feelings for jams is a sore topic because of all the unresolved feelings. and what's with james' message? what's so urgent?


Author's Response:

for all that they succeeded at keeping a secret for so long, it's definitely ironic that they've gotten caught twice in such quick succession. and yeah honestly, if they didn't put their own label on it early on, what they're doing at the moment is definitely closer to dating in secret than just being 'casually snogging,' but neither of them have really recognised that yet. they definitely could benefit from like, actually talking this out.


and yeah, she's definitely taking brooke's words mroe seriously than she should just because of how emotionally invested she is in this particular situation - with pretty much anything else, she'd probably be able to roll her eyes and move on, but she's already a mess in her own head about what she and james are that she reacts to their words more than she would normally.

Name: starbuck (Signed) · Date: 29 Jan 2019 04:17 AM · For: Complication #36

abby should totally go up to james and yell at him about how she is in love with him - i think that would have been the fastest way for the two of them to get their heads straight and be together. i know she won't - she is scared of her feelings, she is also probably scared of james' reaction because she is unsure of his feelings (poor abby - so oblivious!). but, at least she knows how she feels and she can try and make sense of what it all means for the two of them. hopefully, she decides that james is worth the risk. i know she isn't a gryffindor so it's most likely that she'll keep things to herself for a while, but it still makes me happy that she's in love with him!

i really hope that harry ends up being okay - somehow, i can't ever picture him being truly hurt and dying, i know it doesn't make sense but i think it's the same for everyone in the wizarding world, maybe even his family. it's good that james is taking the opportunity to talk to him even if harry might not hear him - it might make james feel a little bit better about the way things were between him and his dad before he went off to hogwarts.

it appears that ginny caught them last night! i actually love the way you've portrayed her - she is definitely cool and it's something i've always thought about her from the books. so her characterisation is spot on.

alec and dom back together - cute but idk, why wouldn't they last past graduation?

someone finally caught james and abby - though idk who yet but it's exciting! it might make them actually talk about their relationships and feelings instead of just sneaking around, snogging.


Author's Response:

oh it would 100% be the fastest way from point a to point b, but she's scared of throwing off the status quo and therefore continuing to not acknowledge it is the easiest way to handle things at the moment. and i definitely have the same version of ginny as you - i've always thought she'd want to be much more laidback as a mother than molly was. she has her moments where she wants order, but on the whole, she wants what's best for her kids and doesn't judge them too harshly for just being teenagers.


and there's a bit more to dom and alec being back together than meets the eye - a lot of their relationship has happened behind-the-scenes (one of the misfortunes of writing an ensemble case from the POV of one character) so the true cause of everything is still not something abby knows.


and yep, they've been caught, which is certainly going to force them to reckon with things, haha.

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