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Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 15 May 2018 10:50 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Stand Tall Chapter: Chapter 12: I Wasn't Born for the Rose and Pearl

I can’t believe I’m at the most recent chapter omg. This story is charming and moving, and all of your original characters have so much spunk, energy, and personality, and not a single character is one-dimensional, and you are such a talented, talented writer, I don’t think it’s possible for me to not love anything you write. <3


I loved the preparations for the Yule Ball here! Alba’s disheartened spirit at the beginning was so saddening because of all the implications that come with it. If no one made such a huge deal gawking at her braces, then she wouldn’t feel so self-conscious that the dress revealed everything underneath her knees. And that’s just so terrible, no one should have to be made to feel bad for wearing something that helps them.


I have to be honest, makeovers are my guilty pleasure. I just really like the fun and excitement of makeup and dresses and prettiness, because how often do people get to wear such fancy things, anyway? So I’m so glad that Alba got to experience all that too, because for me prom is coming up and I’m about to go through the same whirlwind of clothes and makeup hahaha.


And I am so so happy that Chandra helped Alba out omg. Chandra’s definitely a girl who’d be good at makeup, and I’m just absolutely delighted that she used her skills to help another. Her idea of Disillusioning the braces was so smart, and the fact that she can change shoe-sizes so easily is just amazing imo. People who are fashionably sensible make me envious because they’re so talented haha.


The entire Yule Ball made me happy. I’m so glad that you included such a fun chapter amidst the stress of the tournament, because it’s amazing and I love it.


Alba…really likes Ben, doesn’t she? Which I can understand. He’s really lovely, Alba. <3


Ahhh I can’t believe this is it for now! I’ll be waiting in excitement for your next update, and as soon as it’s up, I’ll definitely come and leave you a review. <3



Name: Rumpelstiltskin (Signed) · Date: 09 May 2018 05:08 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Stand Tall Chapter: Chapter 12: I Wasn't Born for the Rose and Pearl

Hey! (Just your friendly neighborhood Rumpel popping in to say hello!)

There is SO MUCH about this, I don't even really know where to begin. First of all, writing a character with a disability like Cerebral Palsy must have been a tremendous challenge for you but you did a truly amazing job with it (so be extremely proud of your work, as it is wonderfully unique, surprisingly charming, and fabulously heartwarming (with those dreadful moments of heartbreak that make the positive shine so much more brightly).


Alba is...everything. Her humor, her sass, her heart and spirit are just so wonderfully perfect and it makes it all more heartwrenching that someone as beautiful a person as she is has to suffer from a disability. She's quirky and fun and I simply cannot get enough of her -- she's an absolute delight. It's amazing to watch Alba tackle the challenges she faces (including the stairs) while she's attempting to live her teenage life. Her triumphs and setbacks were heart-wrenchingly realistic and I couldn't help but be swept up and taken along for the ride. 


The character interactions are TO DIE FOR. Whether it was between the friends and the...not-so-friends... every interaction left me waiting with baited breath to see what was going to happen next (because if James didn't put her name in, then who did, haha!). Which brings us directly to, the Triwizard Tournament. My head nearly spun completely off trying to figure out how she and James were going to deal with it, especially when I was almost certain that she wasn't going to be able to continue her regimen for the duration of the Tournament.


And, thus, I am anxiously awaiting what comes next for Alba. Anxiously excited and anxiously terrified. You've done an absolutely marvelous job with this and you should be extremely proud of your work. 


I really hope that yelling at your characters will make them compliant so that you'll be able to update soon! 



Author's Response:

Thank you so much! It certainly was a tackle writting this, but with all the lovely reviews, recognition, and astounding interest in CP and Alba and everything, it's definitely been more rewarding that I could've hoped. 

I am so glad to hear that Alba and everyone jump out and off the screen for you as much as they do for me. Because, they are like uncompliant teenagers sometimes. 

Haha! Some people call me dramatic, but then my lines get quoted in reviews! hahaha!

Thank you very much. Hopefully the next 2/3rds of Stand Tall will come in a more predictable fashion. 

Name: dumbledore_wannabe (Signed) · Date: 08 Apr 2018 04:10 PM · [Report This]
Story:Stand Tall Chapter: Chapter 12: I Wasn't Born for the Rose and Pearl

I'm so happy to be able to follow Stand Tall on this site!  Thanks so much for letting me know where to find you.  :)    And, now I know why Alba is waiting in the wings - you have been crazy busy!  I'm glad that you are planning to come back to this story, and I will wait patiently for your next update.  In the meantime, I may have to re-re-re-read the first twelve chapters!  Thank you for creating Alba and her world.

Author's Response:

I’m glad you found it! 

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