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Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 15 May 2018 03:47 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Stand Tall Chapter: Chapter 11: He Loves Her So



But I’m so disappointed that Dimitri got last place! His explanation for why was rather saddening, and I’m just left trying to figure out still why he has Vesela as his Companion if he can’t stand her. I wonder if we’re going to see a development in their relationship, or if it will remain stagnant this whole time, because I do want him to do well. And I feel like for him to do well, he needs to have Vesela cooperating with him.


Also I’m trying to figure out what Chandra did. Was it what she said to Alba? Or was it something significantly worse? WAIT. Was she actually the one who put Alba’s name into the Goblet of Fire, then? If she was, why would she have yelled at Alba like that?


Okay. I have a theory. I think that Chandra put Alba’s name into the Goblet of Fire for the same reason that Alba suspected James of doing at first; Chandra didn’t want to participate because she was terrified, so she used Alba’s name because she was positive that the Goblet wouldn’t pick a girl with cerebral palsy as the champion. But then, when it turned out that Alba’s name was picked, she needed to throw people off her trail, so she yelled at Alba and pretended it was her fault for “making James put her name in.” But seriously, if all this is true, then Chandra is really honestly terrible. And I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever met a teenage girl who’s this terrible.


I’d like to know more of Dimitri and Vesela! Their enmity sounds so fascinating, I just want to learn more about them.


At first I didn’t really appreciate Ben asking himself to the ball for Alba, but then he did offer her a choice, so. Still. Ben, stop being so pushy, and stop guilting her into being your date. It’s not terribly nice.


Oh my god and every scene with Nurse Wainscott makes me want to cry. She’s just so kind and so loving that I want to hug her all the time, and I just. So much love to her. <3



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