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Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 14 May 2018 04:30 AM · [Report This]
Story:Stand Tall Chapter: Chapter 8: She's who's Winsome

I can’t tell if James is just pretending not to be the person who put Alba’s name in, or if he’s genuinely indignant on her behalf. THIS IS VERY FRUSTRATING. (In the best way possible, hehe.) I’m pretty sure James didn’t put her name in? And based on Ben’s behavior, I don’t think my guesses last chapter were right, either.


Did Chandra do it? Since she’s the only other major character we know. Or Maude? It doesn’t really make too much sense for either of them to do it. Chandra isn’t unkind, necessarily; I doubt she’d risk Alba’s life for the sake of avoiding the Goblet herself. And in any case, she wouldn’t’ve attacked Alba like that afterwards if she’d put Alba’s name in. And Maude doesn’t have any motivation for this. Unless there’s some secret reason for all of this that no one knows about eep!


Also, aww, James and Chandra broke up? I hope James feels better soon, though breakups are always hard. :(


Have I mentioned before how much I love Nurse Wainscott? [Probably too many times lmao.] The potions worry me a little. It makes sense that they don’t want her to take them – though I don’t really see how the one that numbs the pain gives her any advantages. I can understand the Strengthening Solution being against the rules, though.


Hmm was that the only thing wrong with Ben in the previous chapter? I hope so. If that boy pulls out any surprises I’m going to be very upset with him.


Hahaha I loved getting to meet the Bulgarian competitor and his Companion! Not gonna lie, I found Vesela to be highly entertaining; her personality was rough and refreshing and I really liked that. Of course, I hate that she felt the need to insult Alba, though. That was pretty awful of her.


Ahh this chapter was very well done! <3



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