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Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 13 May 2018 04:02 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Stand Tall Chapter: Chapter 7: Blithe Smile, Lithe Limb

Okay I don’t even know how you manage to have such amazing worldbuilding in a world that’s already been built, but you do. I love the development into a House we don’t see much of in the books. Like, I loved that Alba was sourly criticizing the stairs, and the Eagle Knocker, and I also loved that there are these things called House Meetings that no one else knows about.


I really appreciated this chapter because it was a really detailed look at Alba’s condition. For everyone who didn’t know much about cerebral palsy going into the story, this chapter definitely would’ve been a good point of explanation. And I really like that you took the time to fully explain everything – because everyone should know at least the basics of cerebral palsy, not everyone does, and it’s not really their fault generally, so this is just a really, really good chapter for that.


Now onto the story because WHAT. So if James didn’t do it, then who did? (If James really didn’t put her name into the Goblet of Fire, I’m going to feel terrible because I really uh attacked him quite viciously in my previous reviews.) Ben was looking quite terrible in the Common Room there…was it him? But he’s not even of age, unless he is, and he was just lying to Alba about it? But that doesn’t make sense. Or does it??




Either way, I do approve of her choice of James as Companion. Like even if he did betray her and put her name in the Goblet (and tbh it makes perfect sense that Alba doesn’t believe him when he tries to defend himself against the accusation), he’s still one of the most talented people in the grade. (Okay but if James did just put a blank slip of paper, like he said, he still tricked Chandra into putting her own name, didn’t he?? Which is also pretty terrible. So I’m not quite ready to forgive him just yet, even if he’s innocent of what Alba’s accusing him for.) Though obviously Ben’s going to be quite upset.


If Ben somehow found a way through the age loophole and put her name in, did he do it in the hopes that she would pick him as Companion?


This story is so thrilling omg I love it so much. <3



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