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Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 10 May 2018 07:06 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Stand Tall Chapter: Chapter 3: Sudden Silence

Oh my goodness Alba is a beautiful soul with a beautiful mind. She wants to be a Healer? I’ll be rooting for her. <3


(Going back to the beginning of the chapter really quick. [I should really just review in order tbh.] I like Maude very much. Though I wonder what it is about the other girls in her year that makes Alba dislike them so much? How many people does Alba dislike haha. Also I love that Alba conquered the stairs, and that she keeps score in her head.)


I wonder, is Alba going to enter her name into the Goblet of Fire??? This chapter seemed to hint at that a little bit, and if she does, I’m so excited! But then again, Professor Pimbly did say that students taking a lot of NEWTs really shouldn’t enter the competition, so I don’t know what Alba’s going to end up doing. Maybe she’ll put her name in for the heck of it, and then the Goblet will choose her? She doesn’t seem terribly confident about that right now, though.


JAMES, BACK OFF. BEN HONEYPUCKER IS TEN TIMES MORE ADORABLE THAN YOU. DEAL WITH IT. (Though I did appreciate his clarification on why he had been so worried about Alba, and that he likely would’ve done the same thing for Albus.) STILL. JAMES. IF YOU WANT TO DATE ALBA SO BADLY THEN BREAK UP WITH CHANDRA. (Except don’t like, hurt Chandra excessively because it seems to me that James has already said/done a few things that made Chandra lose a bit of confidence. Though maybe I’m reading too much into it.)


Normally I’m suspicious of boys who ask girls out too many times, but as long as Alba doesn’t mind, then I don’t mind. And Ben seems to be a quality boy at the end of the day, so I like him. Though I hope he takes into consideration what Alba says, that it’s not that she’s afraid, and that she’s not the person for a guy like him.


THIS GIRL SET A DEVIL’S SNARE ON FIRE I’M CRYING. I love her spunk. The entire time she was grouching about Herbology, I was smiling so hard. Even though Herbology makes her miserable (sorry Alba) I just loved reading her thoughts on it because she’s just so funny alksjd.


Also I love Nurse Wainscott. It almost escaped me that she was an OC, but she is, isn’t she? And she’s amazing. You wrote her beautifully.


Okay this entire exchange between Chandra and James confused me so much. What’s going on? Why is Chandra so insistent that James join? It sounds a little like she has a personal stake in the matter. And what happened to her sisters that it’s affecting her personal decision about joining so much? I NEED TO KNOW.


I have a bad feeling that Alba’s right and that James is going to get seriously hurt.


Another wonderful chapter!! <3



Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 30 Mar 2018 08:11 PM · [Report This]
Story:Stand Tall Chapter: Chapter 3: Sudden Silence



For our review swap!

I am so glad this reminded me to come back to this story as I really loved reading the first two chapters.

I still feel terrible for Alba every time I remember that she has to go up and down all these absurdly tall tower stairs to get to and from the Ravenclaw common room/dormitories. Come on Hogwarts, it's the twenty first century and I think they should work on accessibility. Like what if there were a student who didn't have the use of their legs at all? As is, there's only one way to get into those tall towers and that's stairs. Gah! /rant.

A single thread in a tapestry cannot know it’s worth, -- ooh, I love that!

I can also instantly relate to Alba as 'the cat lady'. We gotta stand together, us cat ladies. Ben does seem really sweet though! I hope she gives him a chance.

Ah, I love that Alba wants to be a healer. Given her background and her personality it's a perfect fit - then she can help others stand tall. :)

I like Maude, even though Alba seems convinced they're not friends past academic acquaintances, Maude does seem to genuinely like her and it's nice to see Alba having friends.

just a note, you say Alba is studying for Astrology, but I believe the one you're talking about here is Astronomy. (which is the study of the stars and planets, versus Astrology which is like how sun signs affect people's personality)

I liked that we got a bit more info about Chandra at the end of this chapter (even though Alba was eavesdropping... tsk tsk! :P ) and their discussion about the Triwizard cup. Also.. ahh! the Triwizard tournament is returning! Well that should be interesting.

Can't wait to find out what James is up to, because he's obviously up to something haha. Awesome chapter and thanks for the swap!

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