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Story:Blah, blah, blah, Moony! Chapter: I.

Hey, Rumpels! I'm here for our review swap ♥

So as it happens, I'm a sucker for Wolfstar and for all-dialogue pieces, so naturally I had to pick this piece up and see what you were going to do with it.

And my god, I wasn't expecting that much of a rollercoaster! But I loved it. I loved how in character everyone was, and how clear the different voices were. Even with just using dialogue, you gave enough away about the setting that I was still able to picture it in my mind, particularly the fight on the Quidditch Pitch in the lightning storm. And ugh, Remus is so relatable here - he's relatable through this whole piece, but especially here, when he's worried about the future and the war and what if everyone dies? And ugh, knowing how it ends in canon -- HERE, TAKE MY HEART, OKAY?! 

I also, for the record, loved that Remus kissed Sirius first. He's not often seen as the impulsive one in the group, and it's nice to see him going after something that he wants in that respect. And I love the conversation with Remus and Sirius here; the confusion and the fight and all of the emotions were so well done. I especially liked the conversation later with Marlene, and that you didn't discredit or discount her because Sirius has always been a ladies' man. I'm definitely here for a bisexual Sirius Black; and I loved how Sirius was the one to later make the first move. I laughed when he was like, "What, you can kiss me out of the blue but I can't give you a hug?" XD

And then the wedding! I loved the time jump, and seeing Remus with Lily; it didn't feel too abrupt, and it was nice to see some of the other members of the Marauders. I also loved that even though James and Peter were only mentioned, their characters were perfect, too -- I mean, how did you do that? I'm so glad Lily and James got married during the war; because Remus is right, everyone deserves some happiness and it gave them all some hope. 

AND THEN YOU RIPPED MY HEART OUT AGAIN when you went back to the angsty Wolfstar. I mean, I'm here for it, but I can't even imagine what Remus must've been feeling when Sirius gets arrested for James and Lily's murder. There was so much emotion in this scene, and you did a great job. I could practically hear Remus yelling at Sirius, and my heart was really breaking for him.

I love that in the end, though, they semi-resolved everything, and that Remus doesn't hate Sirius, and that Sirius doesn't resent him for Tonks. It's sad that they didn't make it as a relationship, but also kind of refreshing, y'know? Not every great love makes it, as devastating as it is, and I'm glad that they're at least able to remain civil and friendly and wanting what's best for each other. It's not a particularly happy ending; clearly there is so much more for them to talk about, but I like that you don't resolve things right away - but there's hope for them, and that's all that matters. 

All in all, as you can probably tell from this review, I loved this! You did an amazing job with characterization, especially since it was all in dialogue, and I loved the relationship between Remus and Sirius -- from friends, to lovers, to sort of enemies, to exes, to friends. And I love how this fits right into canon as well. 

Great job, and thanks for the swap! ♥

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Story:Blah, blah, blah, Moony! Chapter: I.

Hey, Rumpelstiltskin!

I was just passing by (as you do), and this one-shot caught my eye :) I have nothing but admiration for authors who can create a story purely out of dialogue and I absolutely love this; it fits a perfectly plausible option neatly with canon. Your use of conversation really brings depth and originality to Lupin's and Black's characters. Remus's frustration at Sirius's behaviour is so palpable in the opening scene and I'm irritated on his behalf, yet cannot help but find Sirius quite charming and amusing at the same time. And OMG I totally ship Wolfstar, so I loved where you took this in the next convo!! The build-up was brilliant and felt very realistic.

Aww, Remus - of course he'd be the person to understand Lily's requirement for some support prior to her wedding; so thoughtful of him <3

I ached for Sirius when Remus believed he'd betrayed everyone. I really felt his anguish at being dragged off to Azkaban to not only lose his freedom but his love too. And then it must have been so difficult for him to come to terms with Remus and Tonks' relationship. How he doesn't openly say how devastated he is, but glosses over it in a way that only Sirius can, and then he encourages Remus to pursue her. For all of Sirius's faults, this action really shows a generosity of character; that he can seemingly let Remus go because he recognises it would be selfish to hold him back :( I adore how you've wrapped up the ending with a chess distraction and change of topic - it's perfectly done :)

Awesome job! Thank you for writing such a well-executed story.

Brax X

Author's Response:

Hey, Brax!


Thanks so much for stopping by! (Speaking of stopping by, someone recently recommended Erasure to me, which I read X.x expect me soon with some rambling review!)


This was pretty challenging, I have to say! I wasn't sure I could actually write a story with only dialogue. I had a lot of fun writing Sirius annoying Remus -- I'm glad it came off realistically enough for you to feel Remus' frustration, haha! I have a particular soft spot for Wolfstar, too -- there's something completely adorable about the ship that I can't 100% put my finger on, but is attractive, nonetheless.


The Wolfstar to Remedora arc has been my headcanon ever since I discovered toomanycurls' Epitaph of a Good Man (back in 2014-15?). There's something so tangible about the arc that I can't imagine it happening any other way (especially because it ties so well to canon). But this was my first time exploring the arc myself and I wanted to write at least one scene where Remus and Sirius talk about Tonks. I think that Remus changed quite a bit over the 12 years Sirius was in Azkaban and that things were never meant to be the same after that, but I truly believe that Sirius would still be very much in love with Remus, so much so that he would be willing to let him go for the sake of Remus' happiness. 


Thanks so much for dropping by! Your review was lovely. <33



Name: A drop of Amortentia (Anonymous) · Date: 17 Feb 2018 03:26 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Blah, blah, blah, Moony! Chapter: I.

How doesn't this have any review at all?!?

Erm, sorry, I lost my cools a bit, it seems...

I'm back again, with more love for you and all your absolutely stunning stories! And this was no exception! You made me feel so much, only through dialogue. Each voice was so well defined and so in character and you made me laugh and cry and... you are so wonderful!

The first scene was hilarious. I loved their bickering, Sirius' complete immaturity and Remus' consequent annoyance. But then in the second scene you show us what Remus was truly feeling, and it makes me so sad. They are leaving school, to enter a world shattered by war, a world that has no place for werewolves, and Remus fears that he will lose his friends, the only people who care for him, and in addiction to that there are all those feelings for Sirius he doesn't know how to handle. It's all so sad and so sweet at the same time.

The scene after that was so funny again, I loved the teasing between them and how they basically got together. And then James and Lily's wedding scene, and the way Remus encourages her, so sweet, too. And so heartbreaking the irony of that "everything will be alright".

It just broke my heart the scene of Sirius' arrest. It makes me feel so bad for the both of them. I just want to hug them both tight. I could so picture Remus sobbing and Sirius pleading with him to make him see the truth. If only...

And then the final scene. And even if it was a bit sad, too, it was so nice to see them reunited and their friendship still holding, despite all the past, despite how their relationship has changed. I loved Sirius pushing him, even if he still had feelings for him, and I loved how it all ended in a game of chess and how Sirius basically told him to shut up.

This was absolutely wonderful, just like all those other little treasures I've found on your page so far. I will be back with more gifts soon.

Tons of love, dear Rumpels.

A drop of Amortentia.

Author's Response:



This was one of the more challenging pieces that I've written. It's so hard to write a story with just dialogue -- I didn't think I was ever going to be able to convey the type of emotion/feeling that I wanted without some sort of narrative. I'm so happy that you liked this! Heheh, the first scene was definitely my favorite to write -- I LOVED the idea of Sirius annoying Remus. :/ I remember the feeling of leaving High School before college, kind of knowing that I would eventually lose track of friends and my life would turn upside down. So, I imagine with a war impending and being a werewolf that Remus would be feeling these things, but tenfold. :( And, yeah, I agree that it was kind of ironic. But I did want to paint them happy together as they were going in not knowing the fate that lay ahead. 


Thank you so much!



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