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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (23)

















*sobs quietly*


Like. I do not understand. *sobs* They were getting along so well!! *sobs* Cormac just apologized in the previous chapter, and I barely had enough time to bask in that before you throw this heartbreaking break-up at me. *sobs* I’m desperately trying to understand Eloise’s reasoning and though I’m sure that it makes logical sense outside of a shipper’s brain, my mind is too overcome by grief at the destruction of this precious, precious couple to think straight right now. Oh my god. Cormac was even supportive of her the whole way through, and I think I just heard my heart crack a little bit. He just wants to do whatever she wants, and I just.


I am not okay.


Val. I shall be mourning this for the next however long. If I were in France I would picket outside your house until these two got back together.







[Quodpot – “Friends to Lovers”]

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (22)

VAL I’VE JUST HAD A VERY NOT-FUN INTERACTION WITH MY MOTHER SO I WAS A LITTLE SAD BUT NOW I’M HAPPY AGAIN THANK YOU FOR THIS. I honestly had a moment where my heart stopped beating when I saw my name down there, mostly because I’m so happy that Cormac finally apologized omg. <3


My girls sound hawt. I mean, wow. I can’t remember if I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: descriptions of girls in hot dresses have always been a guilty pleasure of mine and I am not ashamed to say that I was very eager to read about the stunning outfits that Eloise and Hannah wore to the party. I can see why Cormac would’ve been totally and entirely distracted by her hehe. (Also, Hannah’s Hufflepuff socks omg. I want those. I want socks where there are badgers running around my ankles. I. Want. Them.)


“Let's go find more Hufflepuffs to thicken our ranks." Hufflepuff army unite!!


What a perfect apology. I love it. Cormac was indeed a piece of shit to Eloise time and time again but he’s more than made up for it and this apology just ends all of their bad history, and I love it. Also, everytime Eloise curses at someone she loves, I just adore her ten times more. Each chapter I think that my love for your Eloise can’t possibly grow, and each time you prove me wrong.


Blaise being the Minister’s stepson is a fun twist lol. I wish he’d stop being so weirdly patronizing/joking with her, it’s mildly confusing and I kind of want to laugh and smack him upside the head at the same time.







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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (21)

Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no.


Five “oh no”s, do you think that’s enough?


Susan has been this unstoppable force this entire story, and I really do love her, truly, and I can understand so much why she’s frustrated and suspicious and angry…but she needs to stand tf down. Like, I know she wants to fight more than anything, but her “all or nothing” attitude is so so so counterproductive. The fact that she seems to think that anyone who doesn’t follow her philosophy exactly is on the wrong side of the war is so upsetting, and her throwing insults and accusations around like that is terrible.


I’m so sad that this power friendship has crumbled. I hope that they can figure out what happened to Susan so that they can piece it together, because I love Susan so, so much. And I really, really can’t fault Eloise for anything she said (though bringing up her aunt like that wasn’t kind by any stretch, it’s so hard to not stoop down to being low when your best friend is accusing you of being fine with Muggle-borns being murdered).


LUNA GOT CAPTURED EEK. I thought the way you described it was perfect, though. But ugh the way Neville and Ginny reacted. </3


I really liked the little tiny bit of hope you left off on at the end, how there are people still willing to fight for the right side. Just thinking about Lee Jordan makes me really happy; he was one of my favorite characters from the books. <3





[Quodpot – “Friends to Lovers”]

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (20)

OKAY VAL I AM HERE AND READY TO READ. (Like five million years after this chapter was posted, please forgive me.)


Ugh you write the doom and gloom of Hogwarts during the second war so well. Like, all the little details that you included in here are so good, and I love it all. For instance, the interviews conducted by the Carrows? It had never occurred to me that those sorts of things would happen but I can totally see it now. They need a way to document all the students, after all, in this time of bigotry and hate. But anyway, the way you wrote the interviews was just terrifying and so chilling and you’re such a talented writer and I’m in awe?? The most chilling one for me had to be the bit that came after Padma Patil – “pure of blood but not of skin in your eyes and you'll pay, you'll all pay.”


So good.


I love the way you wrote Eloise’s handling of her Head Girl duties. Oh my god it’s such a Hufflepuff thing to do, to go around the school hugging the children who are crying. It warmed my heart so much to see Eloise being such an amazing, good, strong person, but then this line broke my heart because of course my darling girl Eloise wouldn’t be unaffected by such horrors around her – “she'd healed the child's face and gone back to the dormitory to cry in Hannah and Susan's arms.


Just murder my heart now, why don’t you.


I also really really like the way you mentioned her partnership with Zabini. I’m assuming he’s not too into this Pureblood nonsense, which is why he’s tolerating her absences so much in the first place since he seems to understand what she’s doing…but I’m glad they managed to work something out. I wonder if we’ll see Zabini more or if he’ll just serve as a reminder that Eloise does have some support from her fellow Slytherin Head Student. His subtle jibe regarding her absence was somewhat amusing hehe.




But then we have to return to the real world. *sobs*


This was such a wonderful chapter, I’m so happy I’m here to finish reading!! <3





[Quodpot – “Friends to Lovers”]

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (21)

Here for Quodpot Match 3 (chapters with zero reviews)

Okay, I have many thoughts on the fight between Eloise and Susan which will probably take up this entire review. For one, Susan knows that Eloise has a very valid point with what she's making which is made evident by the fact that her only response is yelling "COWARD" but Eloise has a point it really isn't that simple and to dumb down something this big and series as just two sides is pretty dumb straight up. Like the situation is more complex and you'd think Susan of all people would recognize that.

I can't believe Susan would dare to call Eloise out on being righteous when she's the one going around literally harassing people for not showing her support in the same way that she does. Like Susan sweetie, you should take a look in the mirror, Eloise isn't the one going around shaming everyone and their owl.

I don't even understand why she's acting like your opinion only matters if your family has ever done something to put themselves at risk like not everyone works for the Auror Department and is out there stopping dark wizards or being a whistleblower. Like the way she says it almost sounds like she's implying that everyone else is somehow lesser for not having a family that's at risk which is literally so stupid.

I can't imagine how much of a slap in the face it must be for Fred and George to get something that was meant to be innocent to be used for such dark purposes. And I love how you included the start of Potterwatch at the end of the chapter!

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (20)

Here for Quodpot Match 3 (Chapters with zero reviews on them)

I can't imagine how terrifying it must've been to be interrogated about your blood status, especially when you're a first year or a second year. Imagine that being your introduction to Hogwarts. Not to name names or anything, but the start of the chapter with the blood status checking seems like something a certain country out there is probably gonna end up doing judging by the road they're currently on (or has it already been done?)

I think pairing a Slytherin like Zabini with Eloise was probably strategic on Snape's part because I think he would know that someone like Eloise wouldn't feel comfortable around the Carrows, and she probably wouldn't appeal to them either, but someone like Zabini would be liked by the Carrows. And Zabini's not exactly a warm fellow so he wouldn't be the greatest at comforting students either.

And oh my God I can't imagine how much brain power it would take to match up the prefects so that nobody ends up murdering each other by the end of their shifts. I don't they could even fight if they wanted to because it would attract the attention of the Carrows and I don't think anyone wants anymore attention on them than necessary.

I understand where Susan is coming from, I really do, but at the same time, Eloise has to work with Zabini, it's not like she exactly has much of an option. She has to be friendly with him, she has to get along with him. I think Susan is being too hard on Eloise and expecting too much from everyone in general, forgetting that not everyone is like her and ready to sacrifice everything.


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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (19)

I'm here for Quodpot Match 2 (War)

Honestly, it's not that much of a surprise that Eloise got chosen as Head Girl considering pretty much every other available candidate is like on the Ministry's hit list. It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out especially because you have to include the aspect of the war into the story now, whereas before it was more of a background occurrence that the characters had to deal with but weren't directly involved in. Now they have to deal with the Carrows and Voldemort and everything.

At least her parents really let her go back to Hogwarts, although considering mandatory attendance, I somehow don't think Eloise would've had a choice either way. But at least Hannah is back so she'll have more support. And of course it would be Zabini of all people that would be her other half.

It's so sweet of Ernie to reassure Eloise that she was doing a great job of being Head Girl. I can't imagine the kind of pressure she would be feeling in the situation especially since she didn't have any Prefect experience to go off of. And there's even more pressure now than ever with Voldemort in power and the blood purists having more freedom to spout their nonsense, imagine keeping the peace in that kind of environment.

I understand where Susan is coming from but I'm taking Eloise's side to be honest. Not everybody can afford to revolt and cause riots and put themselves out there. Some people have a lot to lose and a lot hanging on the line by doing so. And in a time like the war, the ministry could easily have entire families executed at the snap of their fingers. Sometimes you gotta work behind the scenes and be quieter with what you're doing in order to get a change.

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (18)

Here for Quodpot Match 2 (War)

OMG the two of them waking up together in the morning next to each other was so cute, they're finally together my heart is happy, they can finally stop tiptoeing around each other and just be as affectionate as they want. I sure hope their room has a muffling charm on it because they seem to be getting hella busy and I don't think anyone wants to hear what Cormac and Eloise are up to.

SUSAN KNOWS WHAT IS UP THEY WERE BASICALLY MARRIED AS I WAS SAYING. I think my favourite line this entire chapter was "Susan would be screaming" because honestly Susan isn't the only one screaming, I too am screaming from my side of the laptop.

Even watching them hang around with Cormac's little siblings, soothing their nightmares and stuff is so domestic so seriously like, when are they getting married. It's seriously only a matter of time at this point.

The two of them flirting with each other with Eloise being all like I wanna stay home makes me wanna die actually. They're literally so cute with each other and already so attached my poor heart, I pray that none of this ends badly.

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (17)

Hello I'm here for Quodpot/Match 1 (Friends to Lovers)!

Oh my God I forgot how much I adored their flirting with one another. They're so extra about it like oh I'm just going to lightly touch you on the arm and be affectionate with you and then Cormac really just ups the ante with "i'm gOING TO STRIP RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU BE AMAZED BY MY ABS" clearly this is the foundation for a wonderful relationship.

I'm gonna be completely honest with you, I have no idea how Aoibheann's name is pronounced. But that aside, I really love how well Eloise fits into Cormac's family and how much everyone loves her and all the time they spend with her (also another sign that these two are just meant to be together). The scene with the two of them painting their nails was so cute and so sweet.

The scene with Cormac and Eloise setting the table was so domestic it was absolutely adorable, they might as well be married to be perfectly honest. They're basically there, they're just missing the legal document. BUT YES THEY FINALLY KISSED I'M CRYING TEARS OF JOY GOD IS REAL.

And we finally know the story of Nero, and of course he's trash. I really hope at some point throughout this story he just conveniently disappears because I know he's going to blow holes in my ship and frankly that is unacceptable.

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (16)


I love how welcoming Cormac's family is with Eloise, and how she just clicks with them right away. Kids can smell out the fake and the fact that they took to Eloise like a house on fire means they can smell she's a good nut. And I love how good she is with kids, she's got endless patience with them which is great, especially if she's going to become a Healer. And Cormac's siblings seem really great for the most part, I'm sure she would've had a harder time if they were more ,,,, difficult is the only word I can think of to describe them.

I love seeing Cormac and Eloise learn more about each other, I think it's giving them more of a foundation to base their feelings of one another on. Because now they really know what the other is like and their interests and such. And I love how the physical affection is driving Cormac crazy. I appreciate the light-hearted tone the story takes here despite all the serious stuff that's still going on around the characters.

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (15)

That scene with Cormac was disgustingly cute I actually had to take a break when I read the chapter and process it. Not only did he carry her all the way to the Hospital Wing but he never left her side and wouldn't let anyone remove him. Need me a freak like that. I just ,,, my heart, he was just sleeping there waiting for her to wake up so he could make sure she was okay. 

I'm always a sucker for the scenes where they're like say it because you know something really romantic and heartfelt is coming your way and you're going to be left a squealing mess and that's exactly what happened to me when Cormac was all "you're important to me".

Honestly I wasn't surprised Eloise's parents were going to pull her out of Hogwarts, I mean after something like who wouldn't want to pull their kids out of Hogwarts. But I also know that Eloise won't let it happen because that's just who she is and she is already to fight instead of running away from her problems. And I get it, at that point they didn't know if Harry was going to defeat Voldemort or not and you can't just put your life on hold like that and hide out, you just have to adapt and keep going and do the best that you can do to help out everyone around you.

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (14)

I was surprised the scene from when the Death Eaters attacked Hogwarts was included, although they woke up the whole castle so I guess it couldn't have been avoided either way.

I like how on board immediately everyone was. No one even questions it all that much like obviously we're going to have to defend Hogwarts. It was also nice to see the characters interact with Ginny, they're obviously not close but you can totally see that they all get along with each other and are relatively acquainted with each other. I love that Eloise immediately joins them as their current medic because she knows that she can't be sitting around doing nothing.

What I really liked was how the attack was included, there was enough detail to let you know that things were going down, but there was also enough left out because everyone has already read the books so they didn't an extremely detailed play by play of what went down. And I liked the details added from Eloise's point of view and even what she saw, it made it different enough to still keep it interesting and make it fresh.

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (13)

I can't imagine the trauma that Henry must've experienced at finding his entire family dead. And I liked that you showed that even after a long period of time, even after you've mourned stuff, your trauma can come back to you and trigger you. I really appreciated that Wayne went after him to make things right and helped him get through his panic attack. I love wholesome friendships.

I love how the rest of the school is so incredibly done with Malfoy's antics. The bathroom attack in sixth year was an entirely different matter but the Hippogriff incident, everyone knew he was milking it for all that it was worth when it was really all his fault. 

The conversation with Blaise was going swell, I was even willing to be like huh he's not so bad but then he started on the blood purity stuff and I was like no stop enough I want to suffocate you with your own pillow. Why would someone even think that would be an appropriate topic of conversation, especially with Eloise of all people.

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (12)

Oh my gosh I remember the match that Cormac was in, that was an absolute mess. I can't believe the kind of mess Harry had to deal with as his first year as Captain. I continue to love Luna with all of my heart, if only she had been allowed to continue commentating. Complete side note but Luna Lovegood is the positive person we all need in our lives.

I'm so glad that Eloise has access to early training with the Hospital Wing and all, it can be really difficult to get your feet into the medical field and it sounds like by this point she's already done like half the Healer training just by working with Madam Pomfrey.

I just wanna take a moment and talk about how much I appreciate Hufflepuff. I love the lengths they went to to ensure that the younger kids couldn't get access to alcohol and the precautions and measures they went to to ensure that everyone had a safe and fun time. In most fics you don't see people going to these lengths to control alcohol intake and I just really really appreciate it. I don't know why it stood out to me so much in the story or why I'm so grateful for it, but reckless drinking seems to be a topic that shows up on all of my social media so I'm just really happy to see people, even in a story, doing it responsibly.

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (11)

I've already read all of the chapters, I'm just coming back to review.

I feel so bad for Cormac, seeing him from this side of his story, about his family and what he has to deal with with his dad and stuff really gives you more sympathy. I can't believe the kinds of things he has to put up with on a Hogsmeade visit, you'd think the public setting would get him at least some sort of safety.

Can you imagine if all of his blood flow had gone down South, oh my God, that would've made the interaction with Eloise even more awkward, although I feel like she probably would've felt quite proud of herself for the effect that she has on him. It just sucks that Cormac has to be so terrible just to keep people he cares about away so his father won't hurt them. It makes you think that this might have been why he was so insufferable to Harry and Hermione as well.

Eloise breaking down because of the pressure she's facing is giving me foreshadowing to my own future meltdowns just waiting for me once school starts. Nothing has ever related to me so much before.

Man they should've listened to Susan, girlie knew what was up, she figured out who they were going to poison before Harry and Co did. I like how you throw in some of the major events that happen in the books here, it really shows that while not everyone was obsessed with Harry's drama, they were still clued in on what him and his friends were doing ya know. Like, it's not really their business but it crops up in conversation occasionally anyways.

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (10)

Honestly, I'm a sucker for let's-make-a-boy-jealous-so-he-realizes-what-he's-missing type of plans. I know, I know, they're terrible and people shouldn't do them but it's my guilty pleasure in fics so like here we are. But honestly, I feel Eloise on crushing on pretty boys with bad attitudes, because you know that you shouldn't but like they're also really easy on the eyes. I find that asking them their opinion on social issues usually does the trick of making you stop liking them. The only problem in this situation is that Cormac is actually not a terrible person, just a little bit obnoxious on occasion.

Poor Susan and her eyes at having to walk in on Eloise and Wayne getting busy, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I can't imagine how she would've tried to get the image out from her head. It probably haunts her in her dreams, I wouldn't be surprised.

Why does everything in the wizarding world involve some degree of injury when you learn something. Like even spells can backfire on you if you do them wrong, or your broom can throw you off and injure you. And it's not even a small degree of injury, it's usually pretty dangerous and that goes with Apparition too. I don't know how someone would convince themselves to go through with Apparition after splinching themselves, can you imagine how traumatic that must be. Poor Susan, first Eloise and Wayne, and now this.

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (2)

Val!  Hiiiiiii!!  

Your characters are so great, especially the three girls Hannah, Eloise and Helen.  It's really interesting that they speak in such an adult-like manner, which goes to show how everyone is forced to grow up a little more during these times.  Even more so when Helen spoke about not knowing how to deal with her mother's grief, and just wanting to be told that it'll be alright, like a child.  Because she is one!  But having to step up to deal with a non-functioning parent is something that seems entirely likely in these circumstances.  I loved the line that said, better to laugh than to cry, as well.  You're doing a lovely job showing the realism of how people cope with trauma.

(Also I am totally picturing you as Eloise for some reason and I 1000000000% love her)

Hannah was the type of person who always tried to see the good in people, whereas Eloise preferred to be suspicious, expecting the worse from people and waiting for them to prove her otherwise.

Guhhhh I love her even more now!  What an interesting character you've created here!!  She likes to gossip--dude who doesn't--and she's fond of a snide remark and it TOTALLY MAKES SENSE WHY because she spent so many years being bullied by these people!  She's hardened and wary of others and doesn't seem to need much interaction outside her group of close friends--but she's three-dimensional and not just your average snarky ice queen OC.  Yay!

Hahaaa!  Omg I hope that Cormac is as dramatic as he seems to be. I snorted at "his leg had been mauled -- yes, mauled --" and can just hear him sniffing indignantly.  What a pair they will beeee!!  They're coming from two totally different backgrounds; he with his popularity (maybe?) and good looks, and her being teased about her appearance for most of her life.

I can't waaaiiit to see where it goes!  :D

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (9)

I can't believe you're leaving me hanging like this. Like I know that I can infer that Cormac really was jealous and all but I also need literal written proof of it, I want to see this boy's suffering and angst from his point of view, this is what I'm here for, GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY ORDERED.

I liked the view into Cormac's life that we got, I guess it makes me soften towards him a little seeing what he has to deal with and all.

I don't know how I feel about this whole Eloise and Wayne situation, mostly because I don't like it and it's currently blowing holes in my ship. I was mad at Cormac but the thing he has going with Eloise is so sweet and cute that I can't remain mad at him for too long (and your little family snippet may have something to do with that).

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (8)

I can't believe you made me read a mathematical equation with my own two eyeballs in a story. I'm getting war flashbacks to Calc 2. But like honestly, I get Eloise's interest in maths and chemistry, the subjects are really interesting and really fun, especially when you don't have to do them for a class.

But I need to talk about our Cormac because BOIIIII IF YOU DON'T!!!!!!!!!!! Is he really jealous that Eloise was dancing with Ernie, did it come off as them flirting with each other, is that what he was thinking? Is that what this nonsense was about? IS THIS BOY REALLY SO JEALOUS THAT HE'S RESORTED TO BEING TRASH JUST SO HE CAN HURT ELOISE???? I'M SO DISAPPOINTED IN HIM AND JUST WHEN MY OPINION OF HIM WAS RAISED.

On the other hand, I guess I was right on some level wasn't I, is this the fight that results in him chasing after Hermione and then when it fails (or he finally comes to his senses) he goes to Eloise and apologizes for being the way that he is.

I just, I literally can't believe that this boy knew about her insecurities and the way that people talked about Eloise and treated her when she was younger, and I know he did because literally everyone knew who Eloise Midgeon was and it was because of her acne. Knowing all of this and he has the audacity to say that to her???????? Like if you were so mad why couldn't you just do the adult thing and just avoid her and not talk to her, why would you go out of your way to hurt someone like this?????

And if he's willing to do it once over some stupid unfounded jealousy, what's to stop him from doing it again, or even worse in other situations.

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (7)

I forgot how great that Quidditch game was, I will forever be incredibly fond of Ginny Weasley.

I love the conversations between Cormac and Eloise, they flow so well and you can really tell that the two of them would be great together, now if only they would get their heads straight and just tell each other how they feel. It's nice getting to see this less obnoxious side of Cormac, in the book I couldn't tell who I disliked more Zach or Cormac, they were both irritating in their own way.

I wonder how Eloise will feel when she hears about the flirtations going on with Hermione (unless that's something that's going to be left out or maybe the two of them will get into some sort of argument or something I'll wait and see as I read on).

It's so sweet that her friends would dedicate so much time to preparing for her birthday that they would even disturb her sleep to do so. Although I confess if my friends ever did this to me I would block them all, I'm very serious about my sleep. AND THE GIFTS WERE SO THOUGHT OUT THEY REALLY ARE SO CLOSE TO EACH OTHER IT'S REALLY LOVELY.

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (6)

Honestly, I would say that the rate with which Eloise and Cormac becoming smitten with each other is surprising and, dare I say, mildly unrealistic but like ... I get it. Like I've been there, you don't notice someone the first time and then the more you run into them or are forced to interact with them in whatever way and you somehow end up infatuated with them even if you don't know the person enough to have an actual reason for why.

I really like how reasonable and level-headed Eloise is, she can recognize her wrongs and apologise for them like she did with Cormac, I know that a lot of people would've had trouble doing something as simple as that. I also really like the easy relationship the two of them, I think what makes Eloise so endearing to other people is that if you don't want to tell her something she doesn't pry, she lets you come to her when you feel the time is right and I think that's a great quality to have. Not everyone wants people harassing them into opening up all the time ya know.

The scene at the end with Pansy's brother, I think it gave Malfoy some of the humanity that we don't see much of in the books. Like you don't really get to see the human side of Malfoy much throughout the series until the end when you really start to think about what this boy is going through. But the concern he showed for Pansy's brother, and the fact that he remembered small details about him makes you soften towards him.

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (5)

Oh my God Zacharias Smith is literally so irritating, he's the definition of a headache, I remember reading the books and just wanting to clock him in the face. At least he hasn't said or done anything insensitive yet.

In other news, ELOISE WENT OFFFFF ON CORMAC OH MY GOSH. I'm so proud of her for standing up for herself, at least he apologized though, I wasn't even expecting that from him to be honest.

Henry's back story was ... wild, I can't imagine what it would be like to see your family slaughtered like that, that would cause some serious trauma, the fact that he's functioning as well as he is with only nightmares is honestly a miracle. I feel like a situation like that would warrant more therapy.

As for Eloise have a group of male friends, I can definitely see where it would be weird because as you said, she was described as keeping to herself, but I think it fits with the story, like it seems plausible, just because she keeps to herself doesn't mean she can't have more than three friends. And I think the dynamics among the three of them is pretty natural.

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (4)

I can't believe Cormac didn't show up to his study session but somehow I'm not surprised, it seems like a very Cormac thing to do. I hope he has a good excuse for it at least (watch it be something really dark and depressing).

I can't believe Eloise's brother lost all of his hearing like that, it's going to be difficult for him to adjust to life without being able to hear. But at least that's the only thing he lost in the attack and not his life, things definitely could've been worse.

I can't believe that Hannah's mother is dead, that's absolutely tragic, I don't know how she's going to deal with something like that, I hope that she's okay and I look forward to seeing how Eloise and Susan help her get through this.

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (3)

I can't believe romance is blooming because Eloise scolded Cormac for trying to sit on his warty behind. Imagine telling this story to your friends. Honestly, I thought there was going to be more build up to Cormac being interested in Eloise other than the one incident but he seems to have become quite transfixed on her.

Can you imagine that someone would've actually been jealous of Neville of all people, I'm sure if someone had told him he would've thought they were pulling his leg. I like this version of Cormac much more than the movie version, he's less nauseating in your story than he was in the movie. 

For someone so smart though I really thought that he would've managed at least an acceptable for grades, I was surprised that he had managed a P in Herbology.

I also really like the close friendship (?) that Sprout and Eloise have with each other and that Sprout gave her a recommendation.

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Story:Logarithmic Chapter: (2)

You know when you read the books it kind of seems silly that parents wouldn't let their kids go to Hogwarts because after all wherever Dumbledore is, that's where it's safest. But that scene from the train platform where Eloise's parents were worried about her it really made me stop and think about how I would feel if I were sending my kid off to school with a mass killer out there. Especially when your family doesn't get as much of a free pass anymore and I can understand why her parents are so paranoid and telling her to obey all of the rules.

It's really interesting to see how the murder of Amelia Bones is affecting Susan from a much more personal perspective this time around as opposed to Harry who didn't really have any connection to her.

I can also really relate to Eloise, I too am suspicious of people when I meet them, it's better to be prepared if someone lets you down than to be taken completely by surprise because you trusted them too much. AND I'M SO HERE FOR HANNAH'S CHARACTER GROWTH YAS SISTER DON'T LET ANYONE WALK ALL OVER YOU, PUT YOURSELF FIRST SOMETIMES. 

Cormac sticking his head into his potion is honestly the funniest thing and I probably would've attempted to do something similar if I could've to get out of some of my own classes. I like the little detail about how he knew exactly how to make it explode, sometimes you gotta be pretty smart in order to know how to mess up something like that.

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