Name: M C Crocker (Signed) · Date: 10 Dec 2017 03:02 PM · Chapter: I.

Oh-my-Rumple! Yes, that is a new thing and I'm using it.  This - this was just I am beyond word.  The heat, the fire, the passion, the loss the cold the parting.  I picked this poem because 1. I love your writing and 2 I love seasonal poetry


This, however, took me beyond what I expected to read.  I am also astounded by your skills to craft this as two separate poems that can read as one!  Brilliance a level I could not achieve!  I am awe of your powers and I bow.  Also while this is about two characters from the HP world, this can read as original character and poetry and I'm just  - I am making heart eyes at you and your poem here.  Like I am failing at the making of words and want just ramble on and on about how much I am in love right now.  Seriously Rumple do more!  I am tempted to stop my quest to explore other's poems and see if you have other poems because seriously this was amazingly good and I wanna read more!


However, I will stop now becuase I am sure my rambles will become incoherent.  But seriously - just Guh!  I am slain.

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