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Story:Astoundingly Ordinary Chapter: Karkaroff's Vignette



This is steamy even though you don't really describe anything sexy. How do you do it??? This caught my eye because I was reminded of Luna’s line about Harry looking exceptionally ordinary after she fixed his nose in the movie HBP. For one wild moment I thought you'd be shipping Luna and Igor. 


I really connected with the need to Igor to feel alive and connected through sex. It makes sense that pain wouldn't be an outlet for him (I imagine Voldemort tortured him on the regular making it something he had to shut off inside). It was really clever how you did the she / her distinction. I really like themes of burying feelings for person a in person b. 


The description in this is really captivating. The way you go from she to her makes me feel like I was experiencing the same present /past comparison as Igor. I had to excuse myself when you had the five senses bit. I never thought I'd connect with Igor as much as I do in this but I can really understand what he's going through and how he's burying his life problems. I never thought I'd look in a window to my past and see him. 


This has been an amazing read. 



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Story:Astoundingly Ordinary Chapter: Karkaroff's Vignette

You keep reviewing me so I’m going to keep reviewing you! We can play this game all day… ;)


I kinda had deja vu when I started reading this story. I swear in one of the last events I reviewed a story about Karkaroff having a one night stand, but apparently it was a different story. Maybe it’s more common than I think. o.O


This story is incredibly moody, and I mean that in a good way. The mood of the story and the character seep through into your descriptions very well, with things like “night fell, a perfect shroud of camouflage to conceal sin.” Really that whole paragraph is the story’s #bigmood


Oh wait, are you saying Karkaroff had an Azkaban Romance? To each their own. (I’m not really sure if that’s the case, but the parallel sentences if how he had been cold since the day he left Azkaban and since the day he left her made it seem like they were the same)


Oooh I love the part where you break down the senses! Very original and entrancing.


Reading this story feels like falling down the rabbit hole of Karkaroff’s mind, which might not be so much of a mind as a deep twisted darkness.


Oh I had assumed this was a stand alone piece - interesting that it connects your universes.



Author's Response:

Sam! <3


The reason you had deja vu while reading this is because you R&R'd it on HPFF, though it has been revamped since then (which is why it seems like a different story), but I'm totally excited you read the revamped version! I wish Karkaroff pairings were more common. They're hardly any, which is why I had to write my own :( . 


Oh yeah, I can see where the lines mislead you--no, it wasn't an Azkaban Romance; it was pre-Azkaban but I totally see now where that gets confusing. I'll have to reword that so it's a little clearer (oops, sorry)! 


It totally can stand by itself, but it does weave into the aftermath of a much larger universe.


Thanks so much for your lovely review, dear!



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Story:Astoundingly Ordinary Chapter: Karkaroff's Vignette

Greetings Rumpel! I am the Crumple-Horned Snorkack, here all the way from the northern forest in which I normally hide from the Lovegoods, but I've taken today off in order to leave a review for you!

Igor Karkaroff is quite a rare character to find stories about, so that was a nice surprise - I had never really thought about what happened to him after he deserted Voldemort so I enjoyed reading this tale about his life after the war. And, rather impressively, you've portrayed Karkaroff in an almost sympathetic light, as he feels he doesn't deserve love, and has spent so many years not feeling anything at all, and this is his way of feeling something as he tries to start over and make something of his life.

My advice to him is to hide in the darkest forest, because in my experience that is the best way to recover from any setback or to start over. Hiding from humans makes me feel wonderfully refreshed. But I suppose maybe humans are not as fond of forests as Snorkacks are. Regardless, I wish him well in starting over his new post-war life.

I also want to mention how lovely your descriptions were, and those short sentences were so effective - particularly him using his five senses again. Great job on this fic, it was really well written! But now I must dash to meet Bigfoot for tea. Cheerio!

Author's Response:

You even transferred the Crumple-Horned Snorkack review! This is priceless! :D Thanks so much!! 

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