Name: ShazaLupin (Signed) · Date: 24 Sep 2017 08:23 PM · Chapter: 1.

Hey there!

Well it’s nice to see that this was written for Magic as that’s what this review is for :P

This was such an interesting fic, and reading from Crookshanks point of view is really amusing, especially the way you’ve written him. You can just feel the attitude rolling off him, and I would not like to be on the wrong side of him. I kind of feel sorry for Hermione, she has to live with him 24/7!

I also love how you chose Lavender as the other person who he quite likes, maybe that should have been a hint to the ending but I clearly missed it because I was not expecting that!

That ending! Oh my words, that was such a surprise (I’m not one for reading tags lol), I mean I guessed it was a boy, maybe Krum or even Ron, but Draco?! I think me and Crookshanks share the same opinions about that happening :P I thought the betrayal was going to be something silly, something a cat would see as a betrayal (I guess this still counts :P) but that was something else. It worked though, and made the fic really interesting!

This was a fun read, great job! :)

Name: Crimson Quill (Signed) · Date: 22 Sep 2017 09:09 AM · Chapter: 1.



So I can't resist the description of sassy Crookshanks! I thought this was so cute and it had me smiling through the whole thing! I can't pick what my favourite part of this is. The idea that Crookshanks thinks that Mrs Norris might fancy him is hilarious! I love how you captured all the little details through his eyes like 'green-robed humans'.


I love how you took a swipe at coffee too, that's perfect haha. These sassy comments about dog, of course Crookshanks is a cat elitist. :P I do like how you had this running theme how he kept getting distracted by cat thing like getting attention from hermione. I thought it was really clever how Crookshanks has this high opinion of him as the only male in Hermione's life too so that makes her 'betrayal' all the more great. 


Ron as 'redhead human boy' hahaha. I thought it was interesting to use this as a dramione! I didn't know you shipped them?! also a word for my girl Lavender, I'm glad she has a good reputation with Crookshanks, obviously he is a good judge of character. :P I thought this was really interesting, unique and fun piece! I just caught the link to this on twitter but I'll make sure to visit your AP more often!


- Abbi xo

Author's Response:

Hi Abbi! 


Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving this super nice review :) I’m glad you appreciated some of the little bits that I put in there. I’ve always had a headcanon that maybe Mrs. Norris might like Crookshanks a little too much... hehe. I’m glad that you liked his elitism too and that it wasn’t too overtop; he’s a real aristocratic cat (an aristocat! Hahaha) in my mind and I’m ecstatic that that was conveyed in this :) I really appreciate your observation about why Crookshanks considers this a betrayal... not just because those awful green-robes humans terrorize him, but also because he’s very close to Hermione and possessive of her. This fic was meant to be fluffy fun for sure, but I also wanted to offer a little insight into Hermione and Crookshanks’s relationship and I’m really happy that I could do both! 


Hehe. Yes, I do ship Dramione! But let’s be real, I ship anything once I’ve found a good enough fic to convince me to ship it hehe. And ah yes, Crookshanks is definitely a good judge of character hehe... I’m glad you liked my headcanon about Crookshanks and Lavender getting along, I think that Lavender would be a cat person, don’t you? 


Thank you for stopping by my AP; again, this review really made me smile :) Thank you! ❤️

Name: abhorsen (Signed) · Date: 21 Sep 2017 09:41 PM · Chapter: 1.

What is this. I can't even.

I can't even.

Shreya, this is amazing in so, so, so many ways. It's so well-done and funny, and I absolutely loved reading it. I'm so glad I came across it in the queue - my only regret is that the SotM noms are all closed, so I can't nominate it for anything until next month!

Terrific job!

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