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Story:The Mildly Perilous and Mostly Tragicomic Misadventures of Sir Roderick Gryffindor and 'Sir' Ivan Harrison Chapter: In Which Ivan Fights Like a Man

Good morrow, Baudstrot :p Thou hath mentioned thy enjoyment whence you gaze upon olde timey reviews on this, wherefore I challenge myself to compose the entire review in such a fashion. Thus, My sincerest apologies in advance for this possibly unintellible review.

Ay, upon first glance I did not glean the importance of the valiant hero Onlian Xtra, until his sister was introduced. 'Tis a most amusing name. Perchance one way to not need to come up with additional names :D

Once again thou hast included most enthralling characters. Marty Stu appears to be of the non-cliche persuasion and an undoubtedly captivating individual, as evidenced by the rhyming of his name with another very important character with lots of personality.

The facts about gold are undoubtedly helpful in the narrative. Forsooth, gold would be useless as armour, and indeed quite heavy. I marvel that he can move his feet at all. Perchance in time someone will present him with a periodic table and instruct him on the many other metals from which he could construct battle adornments. He shalt then amaze all the townsfolk with his new suit of plutonium, which was discovered far earlier than we had thought. Then Sir Roderick will unfortunately die of radiation poisoning.

I dost proceed ahead of myself with my predictions - hence I return to the story.

Go Ivan! She showed Sir Roderick with her superior sword clashing and tea-break ing, she would fain be a dashing hero.

I love that she has no idea who Gryffindor and Ravenclaw are or wherefore they should be important personages.

The end of the chapter, whence she takes off into the night after slicing off her hair, makes me think of Mulan :D

Yon chapter is exquisite, methinks.

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Story:The Mildly Perilous and Mostly Tragicomic Misadventures of Sir Roderick Gryffindor and 'Sir' Ivan Harrison Chapter: In Which Ivan Fights Like a Man

This is awfully fun!!:)

Author's Response:

Haha! I'm glad you're enjoying it :) .

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Story:The Mildly Perilous and Mostly Tragicomic Misadventures of Sir Roderick Gryffindor and 'Sir' Ivan Harrison Chapter: Chapter 1


This is by far the most entertaining Founders fic I have ever read. The narrator, Max is incredible! I now think I need a "Max" for all my stories. Tell me, does he have a brother who needs a job??

Your incredible use of historical language is astoundingly well-done. You do it enough for flavor, but it doesn't bog down the narrative... or I guess I should say Max, shouldn't I? anyway, what I'm trying to say is that the whole thing flows, and I never once got stuck on a strange word. The short glossary at the start did help. ;)

I'm enjoying the themes you've presented so far, the woman who is wishing for an alternative lifestyle, her brother who is also wishing for a different fate than what their parents have planned for them. You've captured the feel for this time period really well, including the limited options "if any" that these characters have for a future. I love that you're using these to the advantage of the story, and you're not shying away from the issues. 

Everyone is strongly portrayed (including Max) and I can't believe you ended the chapter on such a cliffhanger!! Haha! I love how you did that. And the Fun Fact. And the gratuitous title. Everything.

I can't wait to meet Roderick and see what plight you've dreamt up for him.

Wonderful story so far!


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Story:The Mildly Perilous and Mostly Tragicomic Misadventures of Sir Roderick Gryffindor and 'Sir' Ivan Harrison Chapter: Chapter 1

Hey. I'm here for the winter wonderland event.


 This is a surprisingly delightful read. I didn't know exactly what to expect going into it, and the chapter notes made me worry that story would be too complex for me to grasp, but hey, it was just perfect. And I'm so glad!


I love this style of writing and this genre. And while I'm largely ignorant about history, I know a fair bit in particular about Nordic mythology and the history of the Danes, and the involvement of Mercia and Wessex in all of that. 


I especially admire stories that depict the struggles of minorities and groups they were oppressed at various period of time. And you did it brilliantly. The story was not just solid stylistically with the perfect occasional insertion of comic relief, but also thoroughly entertaining. 


I'm not entirely sure yet if Nichols is asexual or not. But if he is, I will be absolutely thrilled. Asexuality doesn't get nearly enough visibility. And being more on that side of the spectrum, I personally greatly appreciate the representation whenever I come upon it.


I think this is really brilliant. I can't imagine it's an easy story to write, but I truly hope that you'll continue on with it. And after this, I will definitely check out more of your stories. 

Author's Response:

Hello, manno! 


Ohhh, I'm sorry! Yeah, the chapter notes are long so that I could establish that this was a parody, but it was not making light of women's issues nor transgendered issues in the process--it was meant as a clarification so that nobody misinterpreted anything. (The main purpose...there were some other things in there, too, which only added to the length.)


I had to do so much research for this, especially with geography and culture during the time-period. Then, of course, there was the issue of gender role and women's rights and all that, which I had some amazing conversations about with people for a week or so before beginning. Yes, you're right about Nicholi--he is asexual and kind of married to his studies, anyway. Nicholi also gets a slightly larger role in later chapters. About four (or five) chapters exist, but up until it started getting reviews on it here, I'd forgotten I'd moved the first chapter over. 


Thanks so much for your lovely review!



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Story:The Mildly Perilous and Mostly Tragicomic Misadventures of Sir Roderick Gryffindor and 'Sir' Ivan Harrison Chapter: Chapter 1

The narration style is so interesting and entertaining! It reminds of those omniscient narrators that are also involved in their own stories like Lemony Snicket and Pseudonymous Bosch. Every time Ivan and Nicholi stopped their conversation to talk to Max, it made me smile.


I really love the style that you've written this in as well. I think it suits you a lot. This historical sort of writing works really well. I thought that the way you wrote in the customs of the time, despite it being very, very not modern, was well done, especially because you chose to write from Ivan's point of view. (Or Max's, but he focuses mostly on Ivan.) I think if it had been Nicholi or some other man, the values presented in this would have required more clarification, but the way it is now is perfect.


Wow, I really like this. <3

Author's Response:

Eva, hello!


I forgot I started transferring this story over here. I'll have to finish moving it. I can't even remember how this came to be...I think I was somewhat inspired by Monty Python-style humor at the time and thought it would be amazing to write some sort of founders-era parody story with serious themes (I'm absolutely insane, it reflects in my works). Yes, I LOVED breaking through the wall in this...Max is my favorite narrator ever, haha! Yes, using Ivan's perspective, I was able to side-skirt around a few things by presenting them the way she interprets them and avoided going too far into values. 


Thanks so much!



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Story:The Mildly Perilous and Mostly Tragicomic Misadventures of Sir Roderick Gryffindor and 'Sir' Ivan Harrison Chapter: Chapter 1

YESSSS it's exciting to see this show up on the archive

*Transfer from HPFF*


So uh, I found time for a third review swap and you must have posted at the same time as Rose and then deleted it, anyway regardless, I thought I'd come read your story since I found a few spare minutes of time!

Firstly the title is great. For some reason I always enjoy stories with absurdly long titles, I've done some of that myself. This one made me laugh. And Founders spoof, I love it already :D

Farmers are having Second Breakfast? Are they hobbits? Ha, its not set in the Middle Ages, rather Middle Earth :p Actually, I'm hungry. Think i'll go eat second lunch now.

Oops, getting distracted. Where was I? Oh yes, a nobleman's daughter is streaking across the estate hahaha.

she levitated cats and her mother. Scenes I hope to see in a flashback :D

Ps, so much applause and respect to you for putting a transgender character in your story (especially during that era of history!!) I mean, I guess she could just want to be a man because that's more fun during that time period, but it seems like it's more than that. I have never seen another fic with a trans character and for that, you are awesome. (Pft, you were already awesome)

lessons in flamboyant body movements lol. Such as how to remove a sword with utmost flair. Useful skills yes!

I love the narrator! But how dare he leave Ivan standing there waiting for him. Rude.

Zounds, methinks I doth love this story. Forsooth.

RUMPEL THIS IS BRILLIANT. C / X. (as in, 100/10.)

Author's Response:

:D :D :D

Ahahahaha! I forgot how much fun it was reading the reviews to this one! <3 Thanks for transferring this! Laughing my behind off rereading this review!

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