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Name: manno-malfoy (Signed) · Date: 19 Dec 2017 03:44 AM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:promise. Chapter: 10 Minutes

Hey there, Rumpels! I'm here again for the winter wonderland event.


You really do have a way with words to take your reader to various eras. Every story I've read by you had perfectly constructed sentences, suitable for the time and age they were reflecting. And here, I felt right away that I was stepping into a Jane Austen novel (what with all the talk of arranged marriage) or perhaps a Bronte novel given how sinster it all feels. 


I really enjoyed being in Regulus's head and seeing how he perceived his community and their dealings. And I wonder if his suffocation in the room was purely physical (I'd say there's some psychological factor in it as well. He did rant a fair bit about his concerns regarding feeling as though he's next in line for being set up and for being properly involved in the cause.) What I liked the most was the bond you've developed between him and Narcissa. And ever more so when you've characterised Narcissa to just doing what she's told and not being wholeheartedly invested in the cause. Perhaps this is why she wavers at the end and helps Harry? I think it really sets her up for that. 


 I thought this was just lovely, and I liked that it ended on a cute end.  

Author's Response:


I'm so sorry -- I didn't imagine that it would take me half a year to respond :/


Anyway, you make me blush! I think you're right, the emotional toll Regulus was facing probably did cause quite a bit of stress and turmoil on him (and probably added to the suffocation factor of the room). I'm really glad you liked the bond between Narcissa and Regulus. When I was first writing it, it was meant to be between Lucius and Reg, but Lucius characterizaton was just NOT working for the role and Narcissa's softer personality fit in perfeectly.


Thank you for your extremely lovely review! <3



Name: toomanycurls (Signed) · Date: 21 Sep 2017 04:43 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:promise. Chapter: 10 Minutes

:-o I came by to see what story of yours I wanted to nominate and I found something new!!

I love how sweet and complex this story is. I always felt like being a pureblood would be so lonely, especially in the Black family. Narcissa and Regulus' closeness is just too perfect. Now I'm curious about a whole bunch of new ideas -- like Narcissa's reaction to Regulsus' death and if they were both a little anti Voldemort at various points. 

I also really like how Sirius' estrangement from the family impacted Regulus. More often than not people write that there was not love-loss between them but I like the idea of having Regulus miss his older brother, no matter thier arguments. 

I'm sad at the ending, knowing what the future holds for the two of them and that death will separate them. :( 


Author's Response:


(Actually, I wrote this for an old HC in 2014, but it has been shaken out, cleaned up, and edited to bits.)


After working out my headcanon for Regulus in Everto, I then had to spin a headcanon for him outside that universe, and this is what happened.  I'd imagine that life would be lonely for Regulus, especially, with his brother abandoning him (even before Sirius ran away, distancing himself from Regulus through school) and if not with his friends, he'd be by himself in the Black household.  Giving Regulus a friend in both verses does wonders for him as far as his character development, but I've noticed the major difference between the two verses is who the friend is.  Narcissa's in a similar boat as Regulus, so while they work wonderfully as friends and can lean on one another for support, they aren't strong enough together to openly defy their families.  This, of course, works much better canonically.


Anyway, I'm glad you liked this! I really enjoy writing little character vignettes -- they help me work out my headcanons here and there.  Someday, maybe I'll actually get around to filling out some headcanons on the archive. 


*squish* Thanks for the lovely review and the nom! :D 



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