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Name: Nix (Signed) · Date: 05 Apr 2018 11:49 PM · [Report This]
Story:Of Final Thoughts Chapter: Get some rest, lad.

Hey Rumpel!! Back again for the Hot Seat!


You have so many stories, it’s hard to pick which one to read, but I don’t read a lot of Mad-Eye-related fics so I figured I’d give it a shot. Of course I didn’t know until a good way’s in exactly who’s POV I was reading, but I guess I should have figured it out sooner since the beginning description didn’t fit the Moody I know. I’d also forgotten that comment Moody makes about Dearborn in the books and movies, so my bad. 


Anyway, I really liked this one-shot, although it was very sad. i feel bad for Caradoc. I mean he probably should have been more cautious with all the signs that someone had been in his home, but at least he didn’t give the Death Eaters rhe information they wanted. He was loyal to Moody and the Order until the end. Although, you leave it open ended and I have to wonder how he intended to kill himself, considering they’d probably confiscated his wand...


I also really liked the repetition of Moody’s words, to comfort him and guide him with the decision he has to make. I thought it was a really nice touch to the story. Great job!



Author's Response:

Hello again!


This was one of my favorite because I got to explore two characters who I'd never really touched on before, so it was a lot of fun. Heheh, sorry, I should've clarified it a little more at the beginning that it was Dearborn speaking. This was the ONLY thing I could come up with in the moment I was trying to craft an explanation for what happened to Dearborn, and I'm really pleased that it took the route that it did in terms of Moody being his mentor. Of course, I'm not so pleased in the direction that it would inevitably take that he would wind up dead. 


Thank you so, so much (again)!



Name: shadowkat678 (Signed) · Date: 16 Dec 2017 01:01 AM · [Report This]
Story:Of Final Thoughts Chapter: Get some rest, lad.

Hi again, Rumple! Snowball fight!!!!!!

Wow. That was great. And so...haunting. I've never seen this character used before. I actually forgot he existed. I didn't even realize it was second person, funny enough. It felt like a letter. Right before he died.

I gotta say, though. I've always wondered why more people who have magic and torture people in fiction don't have safeguards in place against suicide attempts. If I realized I couldn't get away, killing myself would be top priority. Bashing your head in would hurt, but not as much as who knows how long being tortured until you give up information. Then again. Villains that abuse their underlings like Voldemort aren't ones I consider smart anyway. That's exactly how people turn on you.

I kinda want more now. To be able to see how the relationship was leading up to this. I love Moody, but I haven't actually read many fanfics for him. I also haven't seen enough fanfiction of the first war. So putting those together would make me very happy. It's gotten me interested. So kudos.


All in all great job.

Author's Response:

Hey, Kat!


I really enjoyed exploring the friendship/mentorship aspect of this so I'm extremely excited that it settled with you well. I think my favorite part is that I was able to take the reverse of "the death of the mentor" trope with canonical support. 


Thanks for the lovely review!

Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 09 Dec 2017 07:13 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Of Final Thoughts Chapter: Get some rest, lad.

Oh, God, this was so haunting.


I think that second person POV was an excellent choice for a story like this and really brought me closer to Caradoc. I also found the repetition of the line "Get some rest, lad" to be heartbreaking and so poignant; it made my heart hurt to read it each time and in each context that it was brought up. 


I found the relationship between Caradoc and Moody to be really interesting and all the more heartbreaking. Caradoc's guilt and his fear of letting Moody down emphasized, to me, their father-son dynamic (which was also why the line 'get some rest, lad' was so heartbreaking, knowing how much it speaks about their dynamic). 


This fic is such an interesting character study of Caradoc, a character that we don't really know much about. I really like that you humanized him so much because I think that members of the Order are presented in the books as war heroes, martyrs—but this fic really makes Caradoc out to be just another guy who was fighting a war that was scary and dangerous and he was terrified. 


Going off of that point, I really liked Caradoc's thoughts about his legacy and how he'll be remembered as "an insignificant pawn" because they are sort of true, y'know? In so many other fics and in canon in general, he is presented as a pawn—another consequence of being a member of the Order and a martyr. He is remembered for being just another life lost. One of the reasons I loved this fic is because it presents Caradoc as not just a pawn, but someone who was scared but fought through his fear (which to me, is real bravery), and then died valiantly still fighting—but also as a human. It is simultaneously a tribute and a humanization of a character that we don't know much about, and I found it so interesting. 


Super well done!

Author's Response:

Hello, Shreya! 


I think what really inspired this piece was the moment in OotP when, while showing Harry the picture of the original Order, Moody mentions Dearborn and a mentorship/friendship became automatic headcanon for me. This also occurred directly after a time I had spent playing with the unreliable narrator, so I wanted to make the narrative completely genuine in order to get me back on track to my normal, which is why I think I chose to make the narrative the speaker and the audience another character, that way it could almost act like a letter, but with a lot less formality and much more freedom to play around with my sentence structure.


I'm really happy that you found the contextual ties that emphasized the repetition in different manners and, yes, I did attempt to paint some sort of mentorship relationship between the two :). And that's a very good point--the books do make them out to be pseudo-martyrs, which they sort of were, but yeah, at the same time, they were just people in the middle of a war and he was definitely afraid. And I'm so, so, so very happy that you found him to be interesting, where he's shown as more than just another number lost to the first war. They all deserve their tributes. 


Thanks SO MUCH! <3



Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 01 Oct 2017 07:47 PM · [Report This]
Story:Of Final Thoughts Chapter: Get some rest, lad.

*Transfer from HPFF*


Mm, second person. I love second person. It's the type of POV that always produces such interesting stories :D And this was definitely an interesting story. There are few, if any, other stories I've seen about Caradoc Dearborn, and with him simply disappearing without a trace, it was great to see your take on what actually happened to him.

You used repetition to great effect here. The "Get some rest, lad" line as well as some of the things Caradoc says multiple times - after all, he is stuck in a dark cell, a prisoner of war, with nothing but his thoughts of regret and 'if only' which are consuming him. It also feels like he keeps repeating his thoughts as if they'll somehow reach Moody that way, so that Moody will know he died as a martyr for the Order. And those thoughts, put together with the fact that Moody never did know whether Caradoc died a hero or a coward, it's just such a hopeless thing for Caradoc as he sits in his cell, especially when he looked up to Moody so much. Gah, so sad, but I really loved it!

Those last few paragraphs especially, as he knows the end is close, and just wonders if he'll be remembered, if he'll make a difference. And that line when he mentions that he won't be forgotten if Moody hates him - that just tugged at my heartstrings, so sad that he's lost that much hope. What a tragic way to die :(

This was such a good fic, Rumpel! Thanks for the swap!

Author's Response:

Ah yes, this was still when I was calling it second-person :D (my first, failing, attempt at second person)! Thanks for transferring your lovely reviews! I have so many to transfer myself :P . I'm going to have to dedicate a week of just sitting down and transferring my reviews!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 

Name: abhorsen (Signed) · Date: 28 Sep 2017 12:56 AM · starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Story:Of Final Thoughts Chapter: Get some rest, lad.

Hey, I'm here for our swap!


This was so hard to read. Your prose is always so, so solid, and this was no exception. I could hear the conversation he was having with Moody-in-his-head, and I could feel how disconcerting and suffocating the darkness must have been. The scene you're describing was probably entirely too common, too, which actually gives me a greater appreciation for Mad-Eye Moody than I've had in the past - he must have had to bury (or mourn without a burial) so, so many people.


You really pulled me into what Caradoc was experiencing here - and into his relationship with Moody, which was clearly very significant to him. The history he's talking about makes that clear, but even more than that, the fact that it's Moody he's choosing to spend his final moments talking to - even if he's just talking to himself - speaks volumes to me, and it added a lot of complexity to his character. It was never totally clear whether his loyalty was more to the Order or to Moody, and that line is one that's absolutely fascinating.


You do such an amazing job with the slightly detached, matter-of-fact way he talks about getting captured and his decision to commit suicide, too. He's not dwelling on the could-have-beens or hoping that someone will rescue him - it's unclear to me whether he ever did and has just been broken down, or was broken down from the start. Based on his defiant tone in general, I'm guessing the former, but it can be read either way, and I really love that ambiguity.


I also love the way that you build up to his decision to kill himself slowly - in some ways, it felt like Caradoc's being broken down since he was captured was mirrored in my journey through his frame of mind right now, if that makes sense. That made it so easy to not just care about him in the sense that he was one of the good guys, but because of his specific character.


Amazing job. I absolutely loved this. <3

Author's Response:

Aww, thank you! And yeah, I assume that the random disappearances of Aurors and Order Members were quite common at that point. I think I was either reading or watching OotP and when it was mentioned that they never found Dearborn after his disappearance, the headcanon ran wild with it. I can see a newly-gained member of the Order, probably fresh out of school, finding some sort of attachment in mentorship to an amazing Auror like Moody. At this point in his capture, I really believe that he's given up hope of ever being rescued and he knows that if he doesn't talk (even by means of torture) there are plenty of other ways to force him to talk, but he refuses to let them have any advantage over the Order.  


Thanks so much for the swap, I'm really glad you enjoyed this. I had a lot of fun exploring this character! 

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