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Story:When the Smoke Clears Chapter: Prologue

So, this is the part of the show that really destroyed me because remember how my baby Bell was when he and Clarke were separated for a LITTLE BIT while she went out and ~found herself~? Yeah, now times this by 6 years and I can’t help but feel like he’s going to be a hot mess.

I love that you brought back the scene when Roan took Clarke alive because that was such a powerful scene. He’s severely wounded and he’s still desperate to do anything to save her. My babies.

ALSO YES I WANT HIM TO GET HER RADIO TRANSMISSIONS SO BAD. The stories where he doesn’t break my heart.

Your dialogue is always on point. Like Murphy and Bellamy still sound so wonderfully Murphy and Bellamy after all this time. And Murphy has these teasing touches of almost fondness or care when he’s telling Bellamy to pause for a second to collect himself. It highlights their closeness (I mean stuck on a ship together like that for six years they are bound to be close) without all of the in your faceness and complete OOC that I’ve sometimes read. I have a soft spot for Murphy too, don’t worry Bellamy. He’s probably one of my favorite characters and you’ve totally done him justice here.

“Getting tired yet, Your Highness?” That nickname definitely pairs nicely with our princess. ;)

I loved their very first awkward hug back in the day. It’s by far one of my favorite gif sets. And every subsequent hug. And this one.

Did you shake a child's hand? Lol this is the quality content I come here for.

So as usual, my expectations (which are always set high) were blown out of the water and this was completely wonderful. It was just the right amount of internal agonizing angst on Bellamy’s part and full blown fluff to start my day just right.

All of your characters came straight from the show and felt so natural and organic. Bellamy was especially well written (Murphy too). I really felt how frantic he was to get to the other side, then that panic/disappointment when she wasn’t there, and then the relief that flooded him when he saw her. It was an all around great read!

(also I'm totally coming back for the next chapter)

Author's Response:

Bellamy is absolutely going to be a hot mess without Clarke.  As Jaha mentioned, she keeps him centered, and without his center, Bellamy just... stops thinking. :P 

YES HE DID GET THEM, HE JUST COULDN'T TALK BACK :( Only a little angst for my babies in that sense. 

Aw, thanks! And yeah, I figure stuck on a ship together for six years, you definitely become close with people you don't expect.  I think there's a lot of -- ahem -- interesting relationship developments ahead.  I had a love/hate thing for Murphy for a while, but I loved him come season 4.  

Of course it does ;) 

I snorted when I wrote that line, TBH.  It was too Bellamy to take out.

PAULA, can I tell you how much I love and appreciate your reviews? Because I really really do.  They always put a smile on my face and erase any doubts that I might have.  You're so great.  And please, come back to the next chapter! I'm eager to hear your thoughts when you have time! 

Thanks for another outstanding review! 

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