Reviews For Brown Eyed Girl

Name: toomanycurls (Signed) · Date: 21 Sep 2017 03:57 AM · [Report This]
Story:Brown Eyed Girl Chapter: one



I'm here from the staff review thread. I'm not familiar with the 100 so I hope my review is still meaningful. I think the whole alienation from everyone else is really well conveyed here. I like how you describe the PTSD-ish feelings Perri has and that it's really hard not to fear even if there's not a current danger. 


I like how you describe Perri being able to go into places she wouldn't be able to if she weren't a doctor. The combination of role based privledge and being a social outcast is super interesting to me. 


From the reaction Perri got from Raven... it sounds like they have a history or a future history (I... made that term up). 




Your description of them picking up together in that lovely awkward but kind of romantically tense silence is awesome. It's not too much action but not too much describing -- just a good balance of filling in the scene, capturing the mood, and conveying the unspoken stuff between them. 


I love that you ended with a little teaser for more to come between them 



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