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Name: Ineke (Signed) · Date: 31 Aug 2017 08:08 PM · Chapter: TWO: Love, Lust and a Louispalooza

Okay here I am with a review for chapter 2 and the rest will follow (also for dorm 2.6a im horrible) and I will promise you that this is not coherent.


So the first few sentences had me going: oh boy what's wrong what's happening AM I PREPARED FOR THIS and then i burst out laughing about the customers line. Seriously. I should have seen that coming. But I didn't and it's just brilliant and ah!

That customer is horrible, oh my god.

I have never felt more connected to Dahlia in my life when the customer agrees with Teddy despite Dahlia having said. STORY OF MY LIFE. Oh my god. Its just like work.


Back then, he'd sauntered through the corridors of the school as if he had been the king of it (which he had been) with a messy man bun he had believed to be attractive (which it had been) and rumours that he held the record for snogging the most girls at a single party (which he did hold). All one had to do to sum up James Potter was to picture Gryffindor's poster child and sauciest wet dream.


So i absolutely loved that part and I could not stop sniggering at that. Perfect description of our man James and now he's basically like a drowned cat.




James is being horrible and rude ... aaaand Dahlia went on to describe my feelings perfectly. ARE YOU READING MY MIND GIRL?


...must you make me cry with his speech about how he's gonna eat it alone? Because you are sure managing to do so. It might be the lack of sleep, but the tears are streaming down my face. Streaming.


God bless Dahlia for her honesty. I would think James is mad too for doing just that. I mean, who proposes after two and a half months? It just... so fast!


I just love how James explains why it is all that and I really admire Dahlia for listening and even sort of seeing it. She really does give some sound advice, but the reasons why James was in a relationship with the girl anyway is really well based too.


Aaaand excellent advice yet again and I looooved the alice mention (i miss these girls when imma see them again?).


...I swear to god and here we have Alice that even is going on.


I love the name of Alice's cat but the mention of Harry and killing curses hurts me, Plums. It hurts me! Or is she mad at him too just because of Al? Wouldn't put it past her.


That's unfortunate - I cannot. Oh my lord. Dahlia is amazing.


Drunk James is hilarious.


'That's kinda mean you know' my heart.


OH MY GOD THAT LAST SENTENCE IT HAS ME CRACKING UP OH MY GOD. This is brilliant. This is absolutley brilliant.


Again, a wonderful chapter (and can I please see the rest of it because I'm very impatient and pretty please with cherrys on top?). I just... I can't even see faults in here because I was either crying or laughing my head off. There was no inbetween.

Name: WindingArrow (Signed) · Date: 30 Aug 2017 10:27 PM · Chapter: TWO: Love, Lust and a Louispalooza

This has to be the most awesome character intro chapter EVER. And just the dynamics between the two- his day dream head, her down to earth advice. I love how they interact and I can't wait to read more! This review is coming several hours after I read it because when I was done, I had to go to dinner, so I don't quite remember everything (I'm a little tired, I should have been in bed a while ago...) But I spent a lot of dinner raving about this fic to my friend. XD

I cannot wait to read more! I can't believe he suggested hooking up like that! "We don't even have to talk" Omg... And Alice showed up! "I would rather lick a cactus." ^_^

I did not count the swears, but they numbered in the great many, I'm sure!!

So much love to this story. Makes me want to start posting Off Track (like I said I would ages ago...)


Name: WindingArrow (Signed) · Date: 29 Aug 2017 08:11 PM · Chapter: ONE: A Seed In the Vegetable Patch

PLUMS! It was to my great amazement to find out that you have started POSTING THIS GLORIOUSNESS! I had to come right away and OMG YOu BROKE NOVUS! FIX IT! FIX IT! FIX IT NOOOWWWWW!!!!


That seriously pulled at my heart! Like... I really hope something happens to fix it. I know it's like... Reality that first loves don't really work out and that scheduling conflicts can be a huge thing, but... C'mon! I'm secretly hoping that there will be a spin off for each girl and as each one finds their own way and their own love, Nova and Albus will slowly inch their way back to one another when they are older, wiser and their lives are more easily balanced. *shamelessly pushing projects into your lap for the next 5 years*


Dahlia is my FAVORITE! I'm so excited that she's got her own story! BRIMMING WITH ANTICIPATION! Here's hoping she eventually runs into The K outside of the Lounge and promptly hexes him a few hundred times. *cheers*


The difference between her in real life and her at home is amazing to me- that she has that sort of self control not to curse! And Khayri is flipping adorable! I want to snuggle him! His relationship with Dahlia is so freaking CUTE! Dahlia's relationships with her family in general is interesting to behold and I feel like I'm really going to like he mum!


I have to go hunt down the next chapter because it's not up here yet so I will see you later! *trying to cram in both before I have to go to dinner*



Name: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: 23 Aug 2017 04:29 PM · Chapter: ONE: A Seed In the Vegetable Patch

Well that was definitely an interesting read! I'm really curious to see where this goes! Also Novus :((((( But on the other hand, desi!representation :))))

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