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Name: AltraX (Signed) · Date: 18 Sep 2017 10:53 AM · Chapter: Passports Required



I've ran across this title a number of times as I've been perusing the archive and finally thought it was about high time to see what this story was about. I can now say though, I definitely should have stopped by sooner because this story was quite the amusing tale.


"I prefer Occasional Spiritual Adviser."

I should have known the second St. Matthew's assistant insisted he deal with this one himself, that it was bound to be an entertaining tale. It took until the above line came up and I knew it was going to be good. Fred Weasley, dead five years, and already bored of every opportunity being dead could grant him. I can only laugh that he had an entire album of photos of all of those things, and a great tale of all the placed he'd been, looking to get his application taken seriously. The fact that he had this whole tale to tell about his family, and about how he had to be this adviser, and how he was adamant that's what he should be called...so true to what his character was when alive, and definitely to be expected with him dead too!


I also adore the end and will not admit to feeling a wee bit emotional as George continually pushes off his wedding until ghost Fred arrives. Like, little emotional, little brilliant, and love how the whole story comes together. It was really, really wonderful! Great job!




Name: Dojh167 (Signed) · Date: 11 Sep 2017 10:19 PM · Chapter: Passports Required

Fluffy Fred and George? Yes please!

I don’t totally know what’s going on, but Fred Weasley is alive and nothing else matters!


But this is not a bad thing! This is such a clever thing you’re doing here! I was honestly so confused about why Matthew was “St.” I was really trying to wrack my mind for if there was something St stood for that wasn’t saint! XD

omg it was already ridiculous enough that Fred would dress like that, but he bolts into the afterlife like that XD

Hahahaha, of course Fred would have already adventured all of the adventures there are to be adventured. (Still, the thought of him doing them without George certainly makes me sad. Maybe he was compensating. Adventureaholic?)

omg. Dumbles. You did that.

Fred. Is. So. Bored. He. Wants. To. Visit. Hell.

Okay, so I love everything about this story, and while I’m sure part of Fred’s motivation is that he wants to see his family and brother again (though not to the point that he was unable to move on), you keep the story lighthearted by not letting that define his motivations.

Have I mentioned that I love everything about this? Because Fred’s listed reasons that his family need him are the most hilarious perfection ever.

And then at the end the tone definitely changes as we get to see the much heavier scene between George and Molly. George seems certain that Fred will come. I wonder why. Has Fred appeared to him before somehow? He doesn’t seem too surprised to see him, and Fred is so enterprising that I wouldn’t put it past him to find a way to get a message through or something.

This was such a hilariously fun read! Thank you very much for that joy. Hearts!


Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 24 Aug 2017 12:19 AM · Chapter: Passports Required



Review tag! (I was in the mood for reading some humour, otherwise I would totally have continued with "Gravel on the Ground :P) And... this was entirely not what I expected.

This is such an original take on the travel theme for the house cup. Bureaucracy in the afterlife! And Fred wearing a Hawaiian shirt. I could totally see him getting bored with the limited amount of excitement available when he's dead. Though Dumbles surfing on a solar flare would be pretty hilarious.

I loved his whole conversation with St. Matthew. The little details you include are priceless- like Fred getting kicked out of the angel choir, and St. Matthew leaving to playing golf with Saint Phillip on Saturn's rings. I love that Fred essentially just annoyed St. Matthew into giving him a passport. :P

It makes me SO HAPPY to think that Fred was there for George's wedding, albeit in the form of a ghost - I mean *ahem* occasional spiritual advisor... and scaring all the guests. Brilliant.

You write the twins wonderfully (which shouldn't really surprise me at all). They're perfectly in character. And I love how George just knew Fred was coming back, and when he did it wasn't a big deal for them- they just carried on as if ghost-Fred-in-a-dress is completely normal. Ha. I love the twins.

(Also... the Stargate SG-1 quote! I love that show! haha)

This was a really entertaining read, I loved it! Well done :)

Author's Response:

Awesome! Thank you!

I hope it being something you didn't expect was in a good way, and that you enjoyed the surprise.

I guess when I wrote this I was just feeling a little bit rebellious - wanting to buck the standard notion of what traveling could be. That, and I have a reputation for bring Fred back that I have to consider. LOL. It was just so wrong to separate the twins, I try to fix it whenever I can.

Glad you liked the crazy set up for Heaven I put here. Not something I consciously planned, just sorta came to me and I ran with it, inventing things as I went. I and really think Dumbledore would like surfing solar flares, don't you?

Yes, Fred has the art of annoying to death to get what he wants down, doesn't he. That was so much fun to write.

Occasional Spiritual Advisor - the title is very important. Hehehehe. And of course Fred would never miss George's wedding.

Thank you so much for the compliments! I do love writing the twins. They have always been my favorites and probably always will be. Makes me smile when people enjoy them as well.

Stargate - I love Stargate. So, does this mean you'll be interested in my Harry Potter Atlantis crossover someday?

Thanks so much for reading! You are awesome and give such great reviews!

Name: forever_dreaming (Signed) · Date: 10 Aug 2017 08:52 PM · Chapter: Passports Required

This was fantastic--right from Fred's "horrid foral shirt" to "Dumbles" to "Reverend Gred." Fred is characterised so perfectly; not as a silly jokester, but a witty jokester. There's a very important distinction. I love this--most afterlife Fred fics aren't very happy and this fic does Fred great justice :) Love love love! 

Author's Response:

Thank you!  I had a lot of fun with this story, so it's always nice to get some feedback on it and see that people like it.  And wow, you thought it was witty!  That's such a compliment!


I don't do unhappy dead Fred fics very well - most of my post Hogwarts stuff tends to lean this way, toward humor or just outright AU things.


Thanks again for reading!

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