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Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 17 Dec 2017 07:31 AM · [Report This]
Story:Inside Out Chapter: Inside Out

Confession: I totally love stories that are "x times something didn't happen, one time it did". My favorite trope, if it can be called a trope? Idk, but I love it.


So, time 2 (that he didn't say it) was such an adorable scene and I love how Simon is so beside himself with joy that he can sit there and hold hands with Bram at the lunch table. And I especially appreciate the juxtaposition of how obviously in love they are and resting their heads on each other's shoulders and the main conversation at the lunch table is about the corporateness of Valentines Day :P it's like the table is on two totally different worlds.


Ehehehe drawing a heart on Bram's paper during algebra XD Once again, Simon is not as subtle as he thinks he is. :P


Aw, the section about how different the email thing was versus their actual relationship, I'm really glad you included this part because it really is so different talking to someone versus writing. There's always the safety of the backspace key in writing, and you can take time to think over your thoughts, and talking you don't have that luxury. I like the comparison that their off-line relationship is them getting to know one another on the surface, but it's a lot deeper than that since they did sort of get to know one another 'inside out' so surface doesn't really mean superficial, it's just a different side of them. I don't know if i'm making sense because it's late and I'm sleepy, but anyway I liked this :P


So happy that they finally said I love you :) (Much better there than saying their first I love you in algebra.) That was really sweet <3

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