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Story:Try a Little Tenderness Chapter: Try a Little Tenderness

Julie, I don't know how you manage this, but every single time I read one of these stories I just can't stop smiling.  And this was definitely no exception.


Bram is really floating on cloud nine all the way through this story, and you capture that so well - that sense of happiness and the newness and excitement of being with someone that you're falling in love with.  He can't even try to hide it, and he doesn't want to, and honestly I can't blame him for that.  The poor boy has had enough weeks of torment, thinking that Simon didn't care about him enough when he didn't even know who he was.


I think my favourite thing about this story was just how happy the people around him and Simon are for them.  I mean, Garrett totally through Bram under the bus with telling Simon how many times they went to the play, but let's face it, that only makes Simon like Bram more and it just makes me smile that they have so many people around them who just want them to be happy.  And I love that even Bram's mum seemed to know what was up when he deliberately didn't say anything.


That whole scene in the English class was brilliant - I loved reading it from Bram's point of view, instead of Simon's.  I feel like when we read Simon, he always seems to think that Bram has so much control and is much calmer than he is about it all, but when we get a glimpse inside Bram's head, we see that's not true.  And I loved seeing him planning to take Simon out for lunch so they could be alone together for a little while.  Also the fact that Bram now doesn't have to worry if he's caught staring at Simon, because Simon is officially his boyfriend and there's nothing for him to be embarrassed about.




Sian :)

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