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Name: Stella Blue (Signed) · Date: 21 Dec 2017 04:52 AM · [Report This]
Story:Torn Chapter: Torn

It's Jill Appreciation Month, so I'm here with some love for your stories!


I read Julie's Nick/Nora story earlier and realized how PERFECT they are (I'd never even considered them as a ship before), and also Abby/Leah omg I ship them so much?!?! so naturally I loved this. This was such a cute story and I am now 10000% convinced that Nick/Nora are perfect. Tbh I never really thought Abby and Nick had that much in common anyway, so it makes a lot of sense that they didn't stay together. I liked that you addressed the odd dynamics in the friend group now that Abby is dating Leah, and I'm glad to hear that things didn't get too weird after that and they're all still friends, though poor Nick being alone for New Years. I was glad he didn't end up having to be :)


The idea that they really bonded over music makes so much sense, and I love how much of a back story you gave Nora, like you really fleshed out her character in a way that feels so real, especially how she has this self-doubt that is so relatable. But it's really cute that Nick had always liked her too, and that each of them thought the other was out of their league :P Good for Nora being bold enough to make the first move! I was so proud of her :D

This was super cute!

Author's Response:

Kristin, you're just the best!


RIGHT? I never even considered Nick/Nora to be a ship before Julie either, and once I read hers I fell in love.  Yeah, I was trying to address the drama that probably happened with the Nick/Abby thing, but without going too deep into it because I wanted to mostly focus on Nick and Nora.  And Nick's not exactly alone, he just feels like he is, y'know?


Yeah, Nora seemed like the right choice to make the first move here, so I'm glad it makes sense and that she came across as relatable and real.


Thanks for this great review!! <3 



Name: Libatius Borage (Anonymous) · Date: 24 Aug 2017 02:14 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Torn Chapter: Torn

I’m not at all surprised that you could write such a wonderful little snippet for one of my favorite books. You really seem to have a knack for taking scenes that most people would glaze over and bringing them to life in such vivid detail.

Honestly Nora is one of my favorite characters because I feel like she’s so overlooked. From the bit we get to see of her she’s cute, quick witted, and a really good person to have in your life. You really illustrate that here! She seems like she could be straight out of the book.

That like cool girl vibe really shines through with her own confidence while playing that song that exposes so much of her emotions. Like I would totally just get up and walk out.

Also minor low key squee for how cute the little smile exchange was. That totally counts as flirting. And also stare flirting. My favorite, 10/10 cuteness.

“it was almost too late for caffeine” It’s never too late for caffeine what is this blasphemy?

All of this dialogue just has me squeeing and I’m totally pressuring you to write more Nick/Nora. It needs to happen. This is the cutest.

I’m 100% here for Abby/Leah by the way.

Also I’m pleased we got to glaze right over the drama because sometimes fictional drama totally stresses me out. Especially when it’s with good friends. And there was sooo much Abby Leah drama that pairing them up seems to just deal with.

“It’s never too late for coffee, Nick,” “Most days I need coffee in an IV.” EXACTLY.

I did find going off to college intimidating too, but I also found it refreshing. Then again, I didn’t leave anyone behind. Shoutout to small towns for sticking together.

AH! What a cute, perfect kiss! And he went from stupid protective to stupid in zero point two seconds. GO GET THE GIRL, NICK WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING?!

Also Im pleased that you have freaking as his designated middle name because it’s a nice throwback to the book.

Nora does need to stop underestimating herself. Nick said it best.

So as expected, this was the perfectly cute story I was hoping it would be! Thank you for making this adorable piece of fluff!


Author's Response:

Hello again! 

I'm totally with you - I think Nora is so underrated and definitely deserves more love.  She's the coolest younger sister, and I'm glad she and Simon have such a close relationship in the books.  Aww, thanks! It's always so nerve-wracking to write new things, and characterization is always important to me. 

Yesss, it totally counts as flirting, and stare flirting is also my fave.

Yeah, I didn't really want to take the focus away from Nick and Nora in this piece, so I just sort of glossed over whatever might have happened with Abby and Leah. Things are still tense, because I think that's realistic, but everyone will get over it eventually.

And he went from stupid protective to stupid in zero point two seconds.  He really didn't, didn't he?! XD

It just seemed too perfect of an opportunity to not do that. 

Aww, thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Name: Crimson Quill (Signed) · Date: 06 Aug 2017 06:48 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Torn Chapter: Torn

Hello Jill,

I'm finally here for our review swap! yay! So I've never really read outside of the hp fandom before but here I am! I wouldn't have thought of this ship before Julie mentioned it but I was so excited to read this because I just loved the idea of it (along with Abby/Leah). So I basically just need to squee because this is so adorable! 


I think what I really enjoyed about this story is that I found it was very natural like I could totally see all of this happening in canon. It really did make sense as a story so much so that Becky could have written something like that. I just really love how you've characterised Nora, taking stuff we know about Nora from canon but really fleshing her out as a character and her thought process like the feelings of not being good enough was brilliant. I thought how you included music into this as a way of bonding as just perfect. How Nick had always liked her and stuff. it's so cute. 


I liked how you addressed the issue of Abby/Leah/Nick because obviously it probably would be a bit odd considering they dated first. I like that you worked that dynamic into the story to subtly give more information to get the context of the story properly. There are so many little lines that I really loved like simon talking about oreos and bieber eating nick haha. I love that oreos get a mention :P so many details that really make this story so amazing


"That's the thing about traditions," Nora replied, beaming at him.  "We can always make new ones." - I think this is my favourite line here. I love the way you've written the reactions from the other characters in the end scene. the look from Leah and the wink from Abby, the charactersation just all seems SO perfect. I've just such a good job at capturing these characters and making Nick/Nora's story so believable. I TOTALLY ship this now. 


- Abbi xo

Author's Response:

Hey, Abbi!

I'm the same as you: I definitely would not have thought about this ship if it weren't for Julie, but I love the idea behind it; it just makes so much sense and this way, everyone gets to be happy!

Oh my god, thank you! I like to try to do that with minor characters a lot; take what we know and build a story around there.  Music seemed like a natural thing for them to bond over, and not just because he gave her lessons but because they're musicians, so they can bond over their connections.

Aw, thanks! I threw that big group scene in after editing because I felt like the story needed more, so I'm glad everything filed into the context like that. 

I totally ship Nick/Nora too! Thank you so much for the awesome review! XD


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