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Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 09 Dec 2017 07:32 AM · [Report This]
Story:Hollow Wieners Chapter: Hollow Wieners

Is it bad that I'm kind of annoyed at Bram's mum for Bram's sake when she stops him going to the Halloween party at Garrett's?  I mean, I know theoretically that it could have changed the outcome of the emailing situation, but still.  Poor Bram doesn't get to see Simon's awesome Dementor costume!


I loved the little details in this, and the way that we get to see much more of Garrett's character than we do from Simon's point of view - we don't know much about him from the book except that he's Bram's best friend and knows about his crush on Simon.  Garrett texting Bram about Leah made me smile - the poor guy has such a bad crush on her, but I feel like he really doesn't know how to convey that.  The two end up arguing much more than Garrett would like :P


Bram staring at Simon's cat tail made me laugh - these two are so obvious to themselves, but nobody else even seems to pick up on it until they find out that Simon and Bram are gay (because default).  I love the little bits of attraction that are laced throughout the book (and that we get to see more of from Bram's perspective in these stories) which just seem to make Bram and Simon even more perfect for each other.


I have so many feelings again.


I love the way that Bram notices so much about Simon, from the little effort that he's putting into dressing up to how he stares at people a moment too long - and that Bram got to appreciate being the object of those stares, for once.  He probably owes Garrett for making him dress up now, right?


Sian :)

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